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Mobile app introduction video market your app in an engaging manner. Here are the 10 best mobile app introduction videos you can draw inspiration from.

When it comes to marketing, videos are perhaps the greatest tool that one could have in their marketing toolbox. The same is with your mobile apps. If you want to introduce it with a blast, the app introduction video is your way to go.

Why do we say that? Well, more than 85% of marketers use videos as a marketing tool. That’s not all. More than 50% of the consumers want to see a video about products and brands they prefer.

Looking at these numbers, you can quickly tell how beneficial videos could be for introducing your app to potential consumers.

Note that app introduction is only an introduction of your mobile app to the consumers. If you plan to leverage them for your next project, here are examples of the ten best mobile app introduction videos for you to draw inspiration.

Let’s begin.

10 Best Mobile App Intro Videos

Under this section we will highlight some of the most creative and compelling mobile app introduction videos plus, we will provide a detailed analysis of each video and explains what makes them effective. By showcasing these videos, this blog aims to inspire app developers and marketers to create engaging and memorable introductions for their own apps.

Whether you’re a startup looking to make a splash or an established brand trying to differentiate yourself from the competition, this blog is a valuable resource for anyone looking to create a standout app introduction video.

#1) Varpet

When leveraging videos for introducing your app, always keep in mind that nobody cares about how office or workplace looks like or how many awards you’ve won. What they care about is how you’re going to make their lives easier, and that’s what you need to focus on.

The introduction video of Varpet exactly does that. In the initial seconds, the video is all about the daily hassle we go through for finding experts for different tasks.

The video successfully evoked the viewers’ emotions, making them feel relatable to the video’s ongoing situation. Then they quickly tell convenient things could become with the use of Varpet app.

The video is a great example for explaining to your audience how to use your app for betterment.

#2) Airbnb

Airbnb’s introduction video is another great example of how you can address your audience’s problem to hook them. The video starts with warm colors and a friendly voiceover explaining how troublesome it is to choose the right cuisines during travel.

The video then explains the positive impacts their app has on the consumers. It identifies how you can find any restaurant from locals to award winners and spend your time enjoying it instead of searching for good food.

Suppose you want to tell an engaging story about your app and motivate users to leverage it. In that case, Airbnb’s app intro video could be a great inspiration for you because it is harmonic, minimal, and motivating.

#3) QuizUp’s

Unlike the other apps that offer different services, QuizUp is an educational gaming app. The game lets you choose between 1200 different topics to challenge your friends or new people to a quiz.

The video has uniquely introduced this app as it combines both live-action and animation. What’s the best part? The actors have done a great job making use of humor and justifying their roles.

The video is a perfect example of using the simplest ideas to create a more engaging and compelling story.

If you plan to use humor in your app video, this video is the one for you to draw inspiration.

#4) Unroll.Me’s

When was the last time you enjoyed reading an email? At least for me, notifications for different emails throughout the day is perhaps the most annoying experience I have with a smartphone.

Unroll. Me’s video introduction has effectively addressed this problem using four different episodes of actual characters. The video clearly explains how annoying it is to find the usually hidden unsubscribe button in the emails. Once the audience is connected emotionally, it conveys how this app helps you unsubscribe from spammy emails and get rid of annoying notifications.

If you want to create an introduction video using customer experience only, refer to this video when creating your project.

#5) Parts Detect

Parts detect is a mobile app that helps that offers great advantages to automotive parts dealers.

Their introduction starts with beautiful animations of a garage and a great voiceover explaining how automotive parts dealers can find aftermarket parts. That’s not all; it clearly explains how the app works in just 1 minute.

Moreover, videos explain how they help dealers showcase their products, warranty, and location to the consumers. This video explains how their app can easily accomplish the daunting objective of finding aftermarket parts for the vehicles in simpler words.

If you want to introduce your app engagingly and showcase its functionality, refer to this video to better understand.

#6) Amazon AR View

You know how disheartening it is to bring in new furniture to your home, and it doesn’t fit your room the way you wanted it. Well, not anymore because Amazon AR lets you visualize how different items would look in your home before you even purchase them.

In their 50-second intro video, Amazon has explained how beneficial their app is when shopping. The video starts with a customer trying to visualize different items in their home using the Amazon AR View application, ultimately explaining how they’ve enhanced their shopping experience.

With this short video, you can tell that this is a perfect example of using customer experience to introduce your app to the market.

#7) Wanna Kick App

Wanna Kick is another great AR app like Amazon AR View that allows you to try on different sneakers using your smartphone’s camera.

The video is full of emojis and animated stickers that make it quite energetic, engaging, and totally fun to watch. The most important part of the video is to get your customers hooked, and this video is a perfect example to follow.

Not to mention the music, which is no less than icing to the cake when engaging. The intro video of Wanna Kick is mostly popular because of that.

If you try to make an energetic intro video for your app just like this one, you’re sure to grab some real attention.

#8) Reddit’s New Mobile App

Who doesn’t know about Reddit? Perhaps one of the biggest social media networks for people looking for information on different topics. Their intro video is all about their app release on Android and iOS devices.

What’s the highlight of this video? Use of minimalistic graphics and vibrant colors to build a compelling and engaging story around them.

The entire video revolves around the app’s branding alongside a clear explanation of how great Reddit is when finding the topics of your interest.

If you want to showcase your app’s branding in an intro video, then, believe me, this video is a masterclass.

#9) Dropbox Mobile App

Dropbox’s mobile app introduction is also one of the most popular videos out there on the internet. The brand was among the very first ones who started leveraging videos as a marketing tool. Also, they’re the ones who’re still doing a great job creating marketing videos.

In this video, producers have done a great job using an office environment and animations to clearly explain how Dropbox is an utter solution to your workspace needs.

Let me explain it in simpler words. The entire idea around this video is that Dropbox is a workspace where you can communicate and conduct most of your office activities. It is a perfect example of using real-life scenes and animations for perfect app branding.

#10) Thumbtack

This one is perhaps the best on this list when using animations and voiceover to create a compelling and fun-to-watch story. Within a minute, this video explains the problem of how daunting it becomes to find local professionals for services in their daily lives.

Once the audience gets hooked, they’ve shown the working of Thumbtack and clearly explained how easy it becomes finding local professionals through their mobile app for almost every service you need.

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