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Top 6 Best Whiteboard Animation Companies for your Business

The whiteboard video marketing has maintained its position as one of the most important tools that one could have in their advertisement arsenal. Being affordable and yet so powerful, whiteboard video production is definitely the choice of many business owners out there to promote their services.

However, finding the right whiteboard animation company to handle your whiteboard video production and bring in maximum results is still quite tricky.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to whiteboard video marketing, you simply get what you pay for unless you’ve made a wrong decision when hiring a whiteboard animation company.

To help you make a sensible decision, we’ll list down the top 6 best whiteboard animation companies that you can choose to handle your whiteboard ads. But first, let’s talk about how you can choose the right whiteboard animation company.

Let’s begin.

How To Choose The Right Whiteboard Animation Company

We all know how powerful videos are when it comes to advertisements. Whiteboard video marketing alone is responsible for some of the greatest success stories that you see today. A great example could be the whiteboard ads series of RedBull.

When you compare the pricing with other alternatives, you might assume that there’s not much that goes into whiteboard video production, but the case is quite different. Plenty of marketing techniques and details go into whiteboard video production to make it look clean, streamlined, and compelling at the same time.

To meet that purpose, you need to partner with a whiteboard animation studio that has the ability to deliver this level of detail. But how can you find such a company? Well, here are five traits of great whiteboard animation companies that distinguish them from the others. Consider these when looking for a company to handle your whiteboard video production.

Traits Of The Inventive Whiteboard Animation Companies

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  1. Quality Of the work.
  2. Communication skills.
  3. Positive customer feedbacks.
  4. Sensible pricing.
  5. Skills and expertise.

Quality Of The Work

First, you need to look for a whiteboard animation company that is offering quality work. You can check out the quality of their work by checking out their portfolio. This will help you determine whether the company is suited for your whiteboard advertisement needs.

Communication Skills

Whenever you partner with another business for any reason whatsoever, communication is the key to success. This is no contradictory in the case of whiteboard animation companies. Seamless communication between both parties would help them align with the goals and streamline their processes, resulting in a great product.

Positive Customer Feedback

A great company would proudly showcase its customer responses when planning to hire a whiteboard animation company for your project. Check out the company’s client testimonials to determine what their previous clients have to say about them. If you find a notable number of positive responses, you should go for such a company’s whiteboard animation services.

Sensible Pricing

Even though the budget is a significant factor that directly affects your whiteboard ads’ quality, having a sensible price is essential. However, this shouldn’t affect the overall quality of your product. Even though there are big names out there that might ask you too much for whiteboard video production, but you can always go for cheaper alternatives like templates.

Skills And Expertise

To outstand among the competition, the right skill set and expertise are essential. When hiring a whiteboard animation company, you need to determine whether the company can tailor your projects with your target audience and marketing goals.

Now you know the five distinctive traits of whiteboard animation companies, which brings us down to our final point – the six best whiteboard animation companies for your business.

Let’s dive into this.

6 Best Whiteboard Animation Companies For Your Business

  1. BuzzFlick
  2. Yum Yum Videos
  3. Cognitive
  4. Switch Videos
  5. YDraw
  6. VideoScribe

#1) BuzzFlick

BuzzFlick tops our list of best whiteboard animation services providers, which has a good reason behind it. Everything that we bring to the table is stuffed with creativity as it is not just our job but an utter passion.

Our whiteboard animation videos are utterly customized and tailored to the needs of our clients. That’s not all. With our flexible pricing, we guarantee a perfect price to quality ratio with 0 compromises. It is traits like these that make BuzzFlick one of the top whiteboard animation companies today.

#2) Yum Yum Videos

YumYum Videos is another great whiteboard animation company that you can go for when creating your project. The company is quite popular in the world of video marketing because it collaborates with giants like RedBull, Walmart, and Fox, etc., over the years. Moreover, the company offers great pricing for its stellar services, which will definitely attract many.

#3) Cognitive

Cognitive is a popular whiteboard production studio that is widely known for its expert animators. Their collaboration with the RSA (Royal Society of Arts) animated series helped them maintain their position as the most inventive whiteboard animation company out in the market. So if you’re looking for a team of experts, you know where to go.

#4) Switch Videos

The Canada-based company Switch Videos literally has a thing for challenges. It was one of those whiteboard animation companies that are highly known for their creative ideas. Whiteboard video production is not the only niche that this amazon company covers. From motion graphics to 2D animated videos, the company offers everything you expect from an animation company.

#5) Ydraw

When it comes to whiteboard video marketing, Ydraw is a very well-known company as it is one of the pioneer companies. Again, the company offers every service related to animation, including whiteboard animation services. The company works alongside a motto: “The only way to create great work is to love what you do.

Check out one of their amazing pieces of work in the following video.

#6) VideoScribe

Now VideoScribe is not specifically a whiteboard animation company but rather a tool. Why did we add it to this list? There’s a simple reason for this. VideoScribe is a whiteboard animation tool for companies or startups that’s really tight on the budget. Moreover, it’s easier to use, which means you wouldn’t need to hire an expert to handle your whiteboard video production. Even the people with average knowledge about animation can handle the job for you.

Even though using templates would directly affect the quality, but under the right circumstances, it could be a great choice. However, we’d still suggest not to use such tools for marketing unless necessary.

Choosing The Right Company For Whiteboard Video Production Is Necessary

We’ve already mentioned before that there’s more to whiteboard video production than just a clean design. Choosing the right whiteboard video services would not only get you a good-looking video but a video that can meet your marketing goals. Here’s what the right company would help you achieve.

  1. The connection between you and the audience
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Boost your trust among the audience
  4. Boost in conversion rate

Connection Between You And The Audience

Repeating the same generic scripts in a video won’t get you anywhere. There are chances people won’t even watch it. In contrast, when working with the pros, they’ll help you connect with your audience in a way that they can relate with video, ultimately increasing your chances of converting them into consumers.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is something you can never ignore when it comes to advertising. In simpler words, branding should be the center of your video. However, you need to make sure that you’re not spamming your video with branding. Instead, keep it balanced so that the audience can remember you well.

Boost Your Trust Among The Audience

People are always more likely to buy from people they trust. When your audience can relate to the situation explained in your video, they’re most likely to trust you because it represents a picture of who you are. You can help your audience relate with you by reflecting the essence of emotion in your video.

Boost In Conversion Rate

The biggest reason why you opt for partnering up with the best whiteboard animation companies lies in the fact that you need to boost your conversion rate. Being miser while hiring an animation studio would ultimately get you a confusing video and not fun to watch at all.

There you go. Now you know why you need to look for the best whiteboard animation company. It is equally important to remember that communication between you and the company is essential. This is because healthy communication between you and them would result in a product that outclasses.

Over To You

Choosing the perfect out of many whiteboard animation companies is not an easy task. However, things will be easier if you pay close attention to the aspects mentioned above.

Moreover, your budget plays a vital role in determining the quality of your final product. Therefore, it is important to choose a company that provides you the best results within your budget. It is always a good idea to ask for some free quotes before you realize your decision.

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