6 Brilliant Ideas for Product Launch Videos

ideas for product launch videos
6 ideas for the product launch video will help you get creative while making your product video. Add more creativity to your product launch videos.

Manufacturers spend money on the workforce and other resources to build the desired product. They start building the product, incubate it, and after a long hard work – an artifact comes out of it. This whole process is time-consuming and very challenging.

But do you know what is more challenging? The excellent presentation and a perfect launch!

The product is now ready to be used by its targeted consumers; now, the challenge strikes.

Companies make different launch campaigns and do promotional events to give their customers the essence of the product. They do press releases, sponsored reviews, critic reviews, or blogs to feature the specification, but video marketing is next-level.

Research has stated that compared to the last year’s synopsis, 71% of people prefer to watch videos instead of reading a written text block.

The product launch video is a video that elaborates the key features or specifications, and it can be a teaser, promo, or any video that explains the product thoroughly.

In addition, the product launch video can be an animated, explainer, branding, or marketing video. Thus, the product launch video not just communicates the product’s capabilities but can also catch your audience’s attention.

People usually get bored with the long videos and stale content. So the good practice is to keep video interactive with booming content.

To conquer the marketing challenge, you need to think through some points to have a perfect product launch video:

  • Make your content an ATTENTION-GRABBER.
  • Make sure the content must target the CUSTOMER’S NEEDS.
  • Try to keep the video content INTERESTING and SHORT.
  • DO NOT let your viewer get bored by your content.
  • Mention WHAT the product CAN DO?
  • WHY should the customer USE IT?
  • HIGHLIGHT the BENEFITS of the product.

Make Video Interesting

People connect themselves with the story and relate it with their lives. So try to keep that storytelling tone in your product video. The story can be a production process story, consumers’ experience story, or feature narration story.

Storytelling connects people emotionally, and it’s a feeling-evoking act that brings the audience closer to the company or product. Storytelling is the most powerful tool; it can easily change people’s perception of seeing the product.

Add Excitement

The product promotional hype is a pivotal point. Companies launch teasers to keep the excitement alive among the audience. They balance between showing enough to raise excitement and hiding enough to maintain curiosity – one of the cleverest marketing practices by brands.

Adidas is a clear example of this intelligent method of promotion. Take a look at this brilliant product launch video:

Attractive Music and Amusing View

When Window 8 was launched, it left the musical print in the head of people for a long time. No doubt creative and engaging music. Let’s watch it again!

Spread Like Vines

Need fast popularity? Post your product launch video on every social media platform. This will help you channel the most traffic on your website through product launch videos.

Contact influencers, unboxing video creators, social media idols, brand ambassadors, and your employees to share your video through their accounts to generate more engagement.

List of 6 Ideas for Product Launch Videos

These 6 ideas for the product launch video will help you get creative while making your product video.

#1) Explainer Video

An explainer video helps the audience learn and understand the product quickly. It is the best way to promote your product, service, or company. You can define the complex technical edge of your product innovatively.

The majority of the audience prefers to watch explainer videos of the product to learn fast.

The product video should be consist of three vital features:

  • It should be showcasing the customer’s needs and problems.
  • Presenting the product as the only solution to the problem.
  • The video must show the process of the product clearly

Add a powerful explainer video script to provide a solid foundation to your video content and drive customers through your product’s specs. As you know that it is a product launch video, so don’t reveal too much; otherwise, the video will be bulky.

#2) The Unboxing Video

People follow unboxing and review channels to get honest opinions before investing in a product. It is best exploring video to the viewers; more like unboxing is done by the watcher itself. Ahh! The feeling of satisfaction.

After YouTube revealed in 2017 that people watch unboxing videos more than just a regular video. Over 20 million times, people preferably watch these videos. It has become a marketing trend where the company actually provides products and sponsors the influencer’s video.

Let’s check this unboxing video of iPhone 12 by The Unboxing Therapy.

#3) Storytelling or Experience Video

Involve your team and employee experience while building the product. It adds the essence of openness of a company toward its customers.

Sometimes companies add their customer’s experience with the company and product’s older version to build a trusting image in the audience’s eye.

You can show the mindmap, the process of making, and features of the product to make it intellectual and technical.

#4) Live-video Streaming

Big companies like Apple and Samsung stream their live video session of the product launch. They discuss the features, past models, new addition, and cost.

Live-video streaming lets people know that how much the company is excited to talk about its product with the live audience.  People love when a company communicates with an audience and let them know more about the product one-on-one.

You can beat your competitor with your variation in the product launch video. You can use it as your product launch video to make your own customers’ market amongst your competitor –  an intelligent marketing strategy.

#5) Animated Product Launch Video

Animation is the style most astonishing video-making style—Color, art, illustration, and creativity.

An animation illustrates the product ideas and features in the form of figures, art, and drawings. The animated videos not only catch the attention of the kids but mesmerizes the adults too.

Animation is now a vital part of digital marketing. If you want to make your name popular in creative marketing strategy, then video animation will be the right choice for your product launch video. Successful marketing means a successful business.

Google, Amazon, Cisco, Walmart, Beats, and more invest in animated video to catch the viewers’ eyes.

Take a look at this Casper’s mattress illustrated their product launch video in animation:

You can choose studios that can make your product launch video in animations like BuzzFlick – an award-winning animation company famous for its 2D animation services.

The studio will be the right choice for your product launch video project. BuzzFlick has expertise in explainer, whiteboard, storytelling, and product launch videos.

If you like to know more about other animation companies, you can check out the best video animation company.

#6) Testimonial & Reviews

You can add customers reviews in your product launch video to increase the trust among the customer. Once your audience starts trusting you, you will have more customers than the audience.

Make reviews videos to increase the audience’s trust more in your product and services. Reviews are a powerful weapon that can build and destroy the image of companies in seconds.

Adopt review videos to give a boost to your marketing and sales.

Take a look at this HubSpot customer testimonial to get an idea how testimonial and reviews video looks like:

In the End

Hopefully, you have found this blog helpful and informative. Of course, there are plenty more product launch video styles, which can be explored and adopted, but the examples mentioned above are the perfect match for any business or company.

Before making a product launch video, you must do the survey, collect competitors’ work, create a road map of your video, write good content, and know your target audience.

Follow the tips and tricks, and there you have – An exemplary product launch video.

Sophiea Ank

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