The 10 Best Training Video Production Companies

best training video production companies
Discover Top training video production companies for effective e-learning. Learn about services, and pricing. Find the best fit for your organization's needs.

Let’s think you have two options read a document or watch a video; what will you choose? If you want to learn something, what will be your preferred way of learning? If you are confused about choosing, then just keep reading this blog. It will help you to answer all of your questions related to interactive and productive learning.

What is a Training Video?

A training video is a video that teaches a skill or educates or passes the knowledge to the learners; in other words, it is a “how to do something” video?

Organizations create training videos to provide learning opportunities to their employees. Some institutes create training videos for students and teachers to make them learn techniques.

Create Training Video

Now, if you are a company and want to deliver technical information to your employees, but the document is long and monotonous. It will be challenging to understand, and at some point, due to being bulky and dry, learning will become boring.

Training video not only helps the audience get trained in specific skill but also help to learn fast. People learn more quicker from the visual representation of the concept, idea, or skill set than boring text blocks.

Why create a Training Video?

For every business, training is an important part. If you are an enterprise or a start-up business, training new or current employees are your foremost priority to bring them on the same page with the other competitors. This will increase your employee’s productivity, and they will be ready to compete.

Videos are the most effective medium for training employees as compared to textual content. Companies can make a fun and valuable learning experience for their employees through training videos and this would prove to be much more feasible because according to research, our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

You need to know a few things about why you should create training videos for your company.

  • Memorable: according to the research, people remember 95% of the messages delivered through videos and 10% through texts. So, creating a training video will help your employee to grow and retain more knowledge.
  • Cost: the training videos are very cost-effective. If you hire a trainer to teach your employees, you have to keep paying the trainer but once you have made the training video playlist, all you need to do is change a few things according to the situation, and you are good to go for years.
  • For All: your training video can be suitable for all. It can train a small bunch of people as well as hundreds of employees with the same quality and standard.
  • Easy to access: you can create a playlist of your training video, and your employees can access it anytime. They can resolve their confusion and prevent errors.

List of 10 Fantastic Training Video Production Companies

In this blog, you will learn about the 10 best training video production companies that can help you create your training video project. Take a look at the following companies.

#1) BuzzFlick – Training Video Production Company

BuzzFlick is an award-winning animation video production company providing corporate video services in New York, Houston, and Melbourne. The studio has a team of scriptwriters, voice-over artists, animators, and illustrators who create mind-blowing videos.

BuzzFlick has expertise in 2D animation, explainer videos, whiteboard animation, corporate videos, training videos, and video ads.

BuzzFlick always created masterpieces for its clients with requirements and creativity and put their best to make it remarkable. The studio has created numerous training videos and received trust from its clients and partners.

BuzzFlick aims to provide quality video work to its client and satisfies the need of the business. If you are looking forward to creating training videos for the company, you should consider BuzzFlick for your video project.

BuzzFlick keeps up with the following protocols while working on the video projects:

  • The video should be tailor-made and satisfies the marketing requirements of the client.
  • Video production will be up to the mark.
  • Quality work must be delivered to the client.
  • The requirements must be evaluated clearly to prevent ambiguity and defects.

BuzzFlick is 24/7 available to help you with your video project. Contact them now.

#2) Demo Duck

Demo Duck has been providing its services for a long time. Demo duck has a hardworking team of artists and directors who create amazing videos for business marketing, brand promotion, commercials, and training content.

The Demo Duck studio has worked with big names like Dropbox, Crazy Egg, Netflix, and others. They create impressive videos which deliver the information in an understandable and memorable way.

Visit their website to check the video content and style of work. Please take a look at the following video to see how creative they are.

#3) Epipheo

Epipheo is a US-based video production company founded in 2009. Epipheo has a skilled team that creates animated videos, educational videos, social ads, and training videos.

The studio has clients in the financial, medical, IT, and cybersecurity sectors. Several awards have been awarded to them for being the best in the business.

Epipheo works with all sorts of businesses, either its enterprise or an entrepreneur’s start-up, and the studio aims to boost the marketing and goals of the business. They have created countable training video projects for many companies.

#4) Switch Video

Switch Video is a Canadian video production company with mastery in video production. The studio has an expert team of animators, designers, and brilliant creators.

Switch video has been creating animated videos, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, and training videos. The company has made almost a thousand plus videos and has clients in more than ten countries.

Mega enterprises like Abbott, IBM, Amazon, CISCO, and HP, took video production services from Switch video. They follow the protocol of communication with clients and keep them updated about the progress of the project.

The Switch will be the right choice for your training video project. Contact them and get a quote.

#5) Wyzol

Since 2009, Wyzol has been providing its video production services in UK and all around the world. The Wyzol video company is known for its creative and unique approach of creating videos. The team at Wyzol is skilled in making training videos, animated explainer videos, corporate videos, and commercial videos.

Wyzol has worked with well-known brands like Dell, LG, TNT, Deloitte, Kodak, and more. The studio has clients from almost 40 countries, but most of them are from America. Wyzol has received many awards and participated in global competitions.

The team at Wyzol has claimed to have created 2500 videos, and it is the most significant achievement for them. You can definitely count on them for your training video production.

#6) Thinkmojo

Thinkmojo was established in San Francisco in 2011. The studio creates informative and attractive animated videos and has worked with Google, Slack, Twitter, and more.

Thinkmojo always tries to explain complex ideas through creative and fun videos. They are known for explainer videos, commercials, educational videos, training videos, and brand videos. The studio has experience in working with new, rising businesses and known companies.

The studio is one of the most popular video production companies and has received many awards for doing an incredible and fascinating job. Must give a shot to their services.

#7) Sandwich

The team at Sandwich video is highly skilled and creates engaging videos. The studio focuses on the clarity of complex subjects through its video production. Sandwich video creates live-action, animation videos, testimonials videos, explainer videos, and commercials.

The studio provides services from Los Angles to around the globe and worked with Facebook, Tik Tok, Good px, Figma, True car, Slack, Uber, Casper, Pitch, Zip car, CISCO, NBC News, Webflow, Mixpanel, and AWS.

They create attractive and attention-grabbing content for audience engagement. If you find their work fascinating, you can contact them.

#8) Skeleton Production

Skeleton Production is a video production agency in the United Kingdom. They have a skilled and passionate team that creates promotional, corporate, animated, and training videos.

Skeleton Production has worked with many renowned companies and has created many training and educational videos for awareness and marketing.

The skilled animator team adds their creativity and your requirement in the video to create interactive and innovative visualization.

If their portfolio fits your requirement, then must take a quote.

#9) Explainify

Explainify is the best video production company and has created thousands of videos for companies. The studio has expertise in creating 2D & 3D animation, training videos, motion graphics, and more.

They have worked with Pfizer, Mojo Power, Bosch, and more. Companies all around the globe have entrusted their faith in Explainify video production.

You can choose them for your training video project. Contact them and discuss your ideas to see them in a perfect visualization.

#10) Kasra Design

Kasra Design has been working in the video production market since 2011 and has produced more than 700 videos for brands and businesses. The studio is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and California.

The studio has an excellent team of animators that creates training videos, educational videos, explainer videos, short animated films, typography, and animated commercials.

Kasra Design creates training videos for companies to help them train employees effectively. It is an award-winning studio, and the list of top 10 training video production companies is incomplete without Kasra Design.

Wrapping it

The world is full of creative video production companies that claim to be the best at work, and the mentioned 10 training video production companies are exceptional in their work.

Hopefully, you have liked this blog and found it helpful. Keep your ideas in mind, contact the studios, discuss the requirements, take the quote, and create something informative.

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