Best Video Collage Apps Every iOS User Must Check Out

best video collage apps
Do you want to make a video collage to showcase all your memorable moments? Check out these best video collage apps for iPhone and iPad users.

We, humans, love capturing and recording our favorite moments. We record them and then share them on our social media profiles with our family and friends.

But at times, we don’t get the opportunity to share all our favorite moments together. If you’re in the same boat, we have got a solution for you.

If you’re an Apple user, then you have landed in the right place. As for this problem, Apple has a profound solution, video collage apps.

These video collage apps let you compile all your favorite videos in a single video. If you’re wondering you need to have a particular skillset to use an app for video collage, you’re mistaken.

These apps are very easy-to-use. So, don’t worry if you want to create a visually stunning video collage; you can do it in a flash using the following video collage-making apps.

If you search the AppStore of Apple, you’ll come across plenty of video collage apps and finding the right one can be a little daunting; it will feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

This blog will walk you through some of the top video collage apps for iPhones and iPads.

So, are you ready? Let’s begin!

Best Video And Picture Collage Apps For iPhone and iPad

When you’re choosing a video collage app for your iPad or iPhone, there are plenty of elements you need to keep in mind before making your final decision.

For this reason, it is important to review the app’s feature set and make sure that you can edit each clip individually or add music to your projects before deciding on it.

When deciding on a video collage tool, don’t forget to look at the preset options and border/background customization options. See which of the greatest video collage applications on the AppStore you can discover.

#1) PicPlayPost Movie Editor

One the first, we have the PickPlayPost video collage app. It’s not just a simple collage-making app, and you can do many things with it.

It gives the option to capture video in 4K and Full HD resolutions, even though the 4K video feature is only available in the latest models of iOS devices (iPad Pro and iPhoneXs).

Additionally, you can also merge multiple video collages into a single video and elevate it more. You can add different transition styles to ensure the flow of the video is as smooth as butter.

Installing PicPlayPost movie video editor on your iOS device gives you the ability to add text layers, record voiceovers, add multiple layers of text, create beautiful soundtracks for your video collages.

If creating a video collage is your everyday chore, we highly suggest you to for the Everything Pack, which will cost you around $24.99.

  • Compatibility: iOS 10.3 and above
  • Price: Free, but you can make in-app purchases to unlock advanced features

#2) Video Collage and Photo Grid

The name says it all. With Video Collage and Photo Grid app, you can create both types of collages using this iOS application.

You can either choose the existing content or use the video collage app to capture new content. It offers plenty of features for customization such as layouts, frame colors, and texture, etc.

It’s an excellent video collage app as it allows you to adjust the sizes of images (both moving and still) which you want to merge in your collage. Moreover, you can also crop the images as per your need.

Not only this, it gives you the freedom to adjust the volume of sound. However, if you want to use other astounding features like background music to add sparkles to your creation, you need to make an in-app purchase.

  • Compatibility: iOS 8 and above
  • Price: Free, but you can do in-app purchases to unlock advanced features.

#3) PicStitch

PicStich is a best video collage. PicStich’s ability to create over 300 unique layouts speaks eloquently about its capabilities. The majority of the app’s functions, on the other hand, are geared at assisting you in creating picture collages.

While you can still add music to a video collage to make it more fun to watch, PicStich does not allow you to apply transitions or modify the playback speed of the videos included in the collage.

By purchasing Borders and Frames packs, you can also quickly expand your options and improve the quality of the video collages you create.

The file-sharing features of the video collage app are excellent, as you can export your creations directly to Dropbox or Instagram, as well as share them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other prominent social networks.

To recapitulate, it’s an all-rounder app for a video collage.

  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0 and above.
  • Price: Free, but you can make in-app purchases to unlock advanced features.

Download Here.

#4) PhotoVideo Collage Maker

If you want to create a stunning collage without moving mountains, consider PhotoVideo Collage Maker. A video collage app that makes the collage-making process quick and straightforward.

All you need is to choose a layout, arrange all the selected videos using the drag&drop feature.

The free video collage app has a large selection of frames and textures, and you can even utilize frames with curved corners to help your creation stand out.

PhotoVideo Collage Maker allows you to add songs from your iTunes library, adjust the level of the movies, and apply fade-in and fade-out effects.

Additionally, you can specify whether you want all videos to play concurrently or sequentially.

While unlocking the app’s premium capabilities will cost you $1.99, this is a worthwhile investment if you want to professionally use the PhotoVideo Collage Maker.

  • Compatibility: iOS 9.2 or above
  • Price: Free, but you can do in-app purchases to unlock advanced features.

#5) PhotoGrid – Pic Collage Maker

If you’re searching for a video and picture collage app for iPhone that enables you to make breathtaking video collages in a matter of seconds, you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing the PhotoGrid app that combines many videos into a single frame and includes a slew of video editing features for enhancing each video in the collage.

Additionally, the app has a robust typeface collection, stickers, filters, and transitions that you can use to improve the authenticity of each video collage.

There are plenty of stunning layouts available that allow you to combine up to fifteen independent video clips, as well as over 400 backdrops that match practically every kind of video collage. The app’s picture editing capabilities are awe-inspiring, which means you edit the videos and images in any manner you desire.

  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0 and above
  • Price: Free, but you can do in-app purchases to unlock advanced features.

#6) VidStitch Frames for Instagram

For iPhones and iPads, VidsStitch is the finest option for emerging together video clips taken on these devices.

You can easily create a new video collage in just a few simple steps.

Choosing one of the pre-designed frames is the first step, then importing and arranging your selected videos within the frame and determining whether to broadcast the video collage on social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

To create visually appealing social media content, VidStich users should purchase the Pro pack and add borders and frames in order to remove the watermarks from their creations and add music to their video collages.

  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0
  • Price: Free, but you can make in-app purchases to unlock advanced features.

#7) PicCollage Grid & Video Editor

The PicCollage Grid & Movie Editor app is a must-have for iPhone and iPad users looking for a video collage app with excellent picture editing features.

If you want to amaze your social media acquaintances, you can create a grid on yourself or choose from the available grid options.

Cutout mode is a time-saving feature that helps you eliminate the backdrop from your images in a matter of seconds with only a few taps.

You can also do video animations with PicCollage Grid and Video Editor in addition to video collages. The only drawback of using the free version of the video collage app is that all of your photo and video collages will be watermarked.

  • Compatibility: iOS 10.3 or above
  • Price: Free, but you can make in-app purchases to unlock advanced features.

Download Here.

#8) Picsart Photo & Video Editor

Picsart is a popular picture effect and filter app that extends to collage-making. You have access to an extensive number of pre-designed frames, grids, artsy templates, and scrapbooks.

The good thing about Piscart is you can edit individual shots or the entire collage using various effects and tools. You can also extend, change perspective, clone areas and dispersion, remove objects and people, and adjust saturation and color.

Additionally, you can take advantage of features like text, brushes, filters, stickers, lens flare, masks, doodles, and callout.

In short, you now have some professional-level tools at your disposal to transform your collage into a masterpiece.

Picsart features a wonderful community and an equally fantastic Replay tool. It enables you to browse other users’ artwork, seek inspiration, and adapt the style to your creation.

  • Price: Free (PicsArt Gold for $4.66/month)
  • Compatibility: iOS 5.0 or above

Download Here.

Start Creating Stunning Video Collages Today!

The presentation of a video collage equally matters, just like the quality of the image or video you shot from your iPhone and iPad.

All these video collage apps we have listed above offers outstanding tools you’ll be needing to create a visually dynamic, attention-grabbing, and entertaining video collage that your followers will fall in love with.

If you’re looking for a stellar video editing company for your next project, check out top video editing companies. But, we highly recommend you to consider BuzzFlick, a video production company that offers plenty of video editing services without burning a hole in your pocket.

We hope this blog will help you and wish you good luck with your next project.

Happy Collaging!

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