15 Inspiring Web Animation Techniques to Enhance Your Web Designing

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Incorporating web animation techniques is essential to make the website more appealing. This article discusses the inspiring web animation techniques to make the users' experience memorable.

Website design plays a vital role in capturing visitors’ attention. Technological advancements inspire web developers to introduce innovative web designs.

Web designers incorporate unique animation techniques to make website layouts more visually appealing. In recent years, animated web design has helped many businesses capture the audience’s attention.

Animation styles have made the user experience more exciting. Web animation design makes your website visitors’ experience memorable by incorporating movements and visually appealing colors.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the fifteen best animation techniques and the most famous web animations you should use.

1. Hover Animation for Desktop

hover animation for desktop

Most companies use hovering animation on their website. You can use JavaScript to create CSS web animations, and it gives feedback on website visitors’ actions. Hover animations enhance the website visitor experience by making things simple for them.

People use elevation animation because it gives the same user experience to mobile users. With a single tap, you can get information about an interaction instantly.

It helps the user understand that they have initiated a specific option on the website. However, the drawback of hover animation is that mobile devices are incompatible with it.

2. Navigation


Navigation is one of the widely used website animation effects. A user clicks on the icon and goes to the next web page. Most web developers use hidden navigation to make the website visitor experience smoother.

Web developers incorporate this method to save space on the web page. The objective of using animations for a website is to keep the website visitors focused on the main area of a website.

It gives the following advantages:

  • It splits your website into categories
  • Navigation animation manages UX architecture
  • It saves website visitors time in searching for their desired options on a website.
  • Navigation animation assists users in finding the content on the website
  • Increase the accessibility of pages

Another benefit of using navigation is that it engages the users, so they spend more time on your website and know about your company and its products.

3. Capture Users Attention

capture users attention

Incorporate animation into your website and attract the website visitors’ attention. Animation is one of the best ways to influence the audience to perform the desired action.

You can use website animations such as shake and nod. You can use animations in various elements of the website to capture the users’ attention, including:

  • CTA
  • Forms
  • Feedback
  • Menus

4. Transition without Hard-cuts

transition without hard cuts

Website transition should be smooth, and it indicates the state change. Sometimes users face difficulties because of the state changes in the user interface due to hard cuts. Users feel frustrated when hard-cut transitions are fast.

You can use various animation techniques to overcome this situation. This feature allows website visitors to open a link and check the other sections without leaving the same page.

5. Skeleton Screens

skeleton screens

Companies can use skeleton screens to increase the interaction with the audience from the website.

Web designers use empty sectioned pages, and the content appears gradually on skeleton screens. You can use animations when information and content are loaded on the website.

The objective of using website animation here is to increase user engagement.

However, if your website lacks animations, it will create a negative impact, as the user feels the website is slow and the information loading time is too much.

6. Use Creative Effects

The ultimate objective of every organization is to create a website that presents its information to the user and gives them the best user experience. Creative effects enable web developers to incorporate unique features to keep your website better than others. You can use these features to make your users’ experience memorable.

7. Visual Feedback

It is ideal to use website animation that helps users understand their previous action’s response. Websites that contain excessive decorations make users feel confused, and navigation becomes challenging for the viewer. It can increase the bounce rate of the website.

Web developers should create interactions that users can understand easily. It is essential to provide users with information about interaction to improve their website experience.

Visual feedback includes elements that you can use to demonstrate a response to website visitors’ actions. It can contain the following things:

  • For button states
  • For link states
  • Helpful error messages
  • To form elements

8. Eye-catchy Dynamic Backgrounds

You can make your user experience memorable by incorporating animated webpage design. Another widely used website animation technique is dynamic background. It creates a brand image, and users feel connected with your company.

Businesses use animations to enrich their website content, and they also help in capturing audiences’ attention. However, it is essential to incorporate dynamic background rightly. Your overall UX and UI shouldn’t look heavier.

9. Scrolling

The beauty of website animation effects is that you can improve your user’s scrolling experience with visually appealing animations. You can use this approach to influence your user to view the content you want to showcase to the viewers.

It helps in providing users with a better experience and increases audience engagement.

People use scrolling on websites to create viewers’ interest. You can use it to divide the content into sections and incorporate website animations to make the user experience exciting.

10. Galleries and Slideshows

Many websites incorporate slideshows. The beauty of this effect is that the user can view multiple images without disturbing the viewers’ experience. However, it gives the option to users to view various pictures at a time or they can open other web pages.

When you use this animation technique, you need to decide the number of images you want to incorporate and set the appropriate speed to move the pictures. Consider these factors as they can make your user experience unpleasant.

11. Cost Effective

Another technique you can use to make your website visually appealing is to incorporate video animation on your website. Animated videos are ideal for use on websites because these videos explain the concepts in easy-to-understand messages with creative visuals.

Animated video has become one of the widely used tools for marketing. Most businesses use animated videos to enrich their marketing. You might be wondering what is the price of an animated video? Animation companies charge from $10,000 to $15,000 for a 90 seconds video.

12. Whole Page Motion

In whole page animation, web developers use some movements in the website background. The whole page motion should be designed in a way that it would be unobtrusive and invisible. It is used to excite the users with an appealing website design.

It gives the website a fresh look due to its layout and increases user engagement with a business.

13. Dynamic Menus

Another example of web animation design is dynamic menus. It provides website visitors with an exciting experience. Undoubtedly, navigation is an essential factor that can impact your website UX design.

However, sometimes it isn’t easy to access the navigation. Users scroll up and down to access the navigation. When we use dynamic menus, you don’t need to do this action. The menu moves with users’ scroll, which helps access the navigation.

14. Welcoming Animations

dribble perfect

When users visit your website, the first impression they get plays a vital role in building your brand image. Incorporate welcoming animation to increase viewers’ engagement with your brand.

Welcoming animations are used to give users a positive experience, and they build brand identity in front of website visitors. This animation technique makes users interested in your brand and influences them to purchase your product or service.

15. Storytelling

Marketers nowadays use animated storytelling techniques to promote their products or services. It has become one of the most effective types of web animation. This way, you can build your brand association between website visitors and your company.

Generally, people use these animation effects because it is ideal for telling an engaging and comprehensive story.

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Closing Remarks

In this blog, we have learned the fifteen techniques to incorporate animation in website design. The ultimate objective of every business is to convey the marketing message to the audience in an engaging way that boosts its sales.

These techniques help businesses to engage their audience and deliver their message more effectively. Incorporating these techniques into your website builds viewers’ interest in your product or services.

So, if you are not using these website animation techniques, you are missing an excellent opportunity to increase your customer base. Incorporating animation design on the website gives your brand a competitive edge.

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