How Human Resources are Using 2D & 3D Animation

how human resources are using 2d & 3d animation
Learn how human resource departments utilize 2D & 3D animated videos in their employee training and onboarding procedures.

We all know that a company can not be run without human resources department. HR people do all the hiring, onboarding, and orientation of the newcomers.

The revolution of technologies and animation has helped the tech industry and is very beneficial for human resource departments as well.

The orientational documents, rules & regulations, company guidelines, and HR policies can be pretty much boring to remember. Still, animated presentations and videos can make the orientation process easier for HR and new employees.

The animation is useful for new employees’ onboarding and can also deliver various information and details to the old employees.

Human Resources And 2D & 3D Animation

We all know and have discussed it serval times that animated videos are the most powerful marketing tool in digital content marketing.

Just like computers and electrical machinery, animation has become a part of almost all sectors of life. Education, medical, forensics, pharma, military, e-commerce, agriculture, video gaming, automobiles, and many more are utilizing 2D & 3D animation in their own way.

Many HR departments have used animation to simplify working and learning for all the parties connected to it.

The HR responsibilities include:

  • Employee motivation.
  • Make employee training influential.
  • Work ethic promotion.
  • Work culture promotion.
  • Workplace safety.
  • Internal employee relations.

You can do all of it together with a bunch of 2D & 3D animated training videos. Animated videos are the best substitute for conventional training approaches.

2D & 3D animated explainer videos are a combination of compelling visuals and impactful audio content that impart information in an unforgettable manner. HR policies, guidelines, and presentations are a vital source of information for the employees, and to deliver it better, animation is the only way effective way.

Uses of Animated Videos in Human Resource Departments

There are so many duties that an HR person performs. Here are some major and critical responsibilities that can be performed using 2D & 3D animated videos. Let’s take a look:

1. Employee Training

Employee training is the most crucial and technical job, which should be done to boost productivity and constructiveness among the employees.

New employees always need training for complicated technical procedures, system operation, and work ethics to cope up with the workflow of the company and to adjust to the environment.

Animated videos break down complex technical procedures into small digestible chunks of information, making it efficient as a training tool.

Training videos can also be beneficial for the old employees as well. It can be used to help them enhance their productivity and introduce new methodologies to them.

Here is an animated training video for reference if you are going to dive into animated video production.

P.S: There are many training video production companies who can create employee training videos for you. If you cannot do it yourself, hiring them is a great idea.

2. Employee Orientation and Compliance

While employee onboarding, several points need to be raised and clarified on the spot, including employee rules and company standards.

Employees often find this procedure very dominating, but eventually, it is very important during employee orientation.

2D animated videos can help HR create engaging policy videos, making orientation and compliance less boring.

Take a look at this whiteboard-animated compliance video. This video will help you create an interesting compliance video.

3. Legal and Healthcare Policy Video

2D & 3D animated videos can help you address important topics like occupational hazards and internal employee relations. These subjects are very essential in creating a safe and secure work environment under the roof of a company.

It is an employee’s responsibility to keep the company’s information confidential and maintain workplace integrity.

Check out this static 2D animated video about workplace integrity – an excellent example of HR videos.

4. Policies

2D & 3D animated videos can be used to quickly share improvised HR or company policies with the entire company.

5. Internal Announcements

In a company, corporate events, meeting reminders, new HR policies, or changes in the functional procedures, whatever the subject is, animated videos are the best to deliver interestingly and engagingly.

6. Employee Motivation

Motivation is required to boost employee morale and productivity, and 2D animated videos can share motivational messages in a way that inspires the employees and motivate them to do better.

7. Presentation

Training and HR videos need to be available whenever and wherever people need them, which can be achieved through animated videos.

It is a versatile medium that can easily be shared, viewed, and accessed at their convenience and is very much liked by the audeince. Nobody wants dull PowerPoint presentations, so engage your employees with something captivating and compelling.

8. Tech Support

The training videos’ primary purpose is to familiarize the employee with internal software and other facets of a business to prevent confusion and errors.

Instead of constantly calling the IT team, human resources can create animated explainers or demo videos that efficiently explain how to troubleshoot technical issues.

The Benefits of Animated Videos for Human Resources

In any organization, communication and discussion are the keys to success.

The human resource people should ensure that any important communication or essential procedures are handled appropriately.

Animated videos have proven to be one of the most effective ways of delivering information and technical knowledge.

Many researchers have stated that people process and retain information more adequately through animated video.

Some of the procedures, regulations, and information can be challenging to understand and not easy to follow, often leading to neglect and violation of the rules.

This is where animated videos come to the rescue (to both HR and employees) that contain all the necessary and impactful information in a compelling manner.

If you use some good LMS, you can even keep track of the learning status of the employee by knowing the watching time of the videos, and you can identify those employees and send reminders.

PowerPoint presentations, wordy manuals, and tedious discussions have all become inferior in front of animated videos. Viewers are more captivated and educated with new information than other content mediums, thanks to an easy-to-follow and compelling narrative framework coupled with captivating animations and a concise format.

P.S: Many animation companies have a team dedicated to producing animated videos for businesses. You can always take their help from them if you need a similar video.

The Editor’s Choice

We all know creating animated videos does not lie in the human resource department’s responsibilities. So what to do? How to fulfill the animation requirement of the company and HR?

Hire an animation studio!

But who to hire? There are so many in the business. Who to trust?

Trust BuzzFlick – an animation studio in Houston. The studio has worked with numerous companies and created countless explainer videos, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, 2D animations, 3D animation, training videos, and educational videos.

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  • How much does animation cost?

A simple animated video price starts from $2,500. It can go up to $45,000, depending on the project’s complexity.

  • What animation studio is the best for 3D animation?

Here are the top 10 3D animation production companies that you can hire for your HR training videos:

  • BuzzFlick
  • Rip Media Group
  • The DVI Group
  • Veracity Colab
  • Indigo Production
  • Studio B Flims
  • Grumo Media
  • Yans Media
  • Kasra Design
  • Spin Creative

If you want to learn more about these studios, check out our blog: top 3D animation production companies.

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