Top 15 3D Animation Production Companies

top 3d animation production companies
Get detailed insights on the top 10 3D animation video production companies and hire the one that understands your requirement in a better way.

The human attention span rate has decreased to 8.4 seconds, less than a tiny goldfish. This drastic decline has turned the tables for many.

Why so? Because as the human attention span rate is decreasing, so is the number of opportunities to get your message across.

These days, marketers are highly investing in video content creation because it’s a medium of communication that can hold the attention of the audience for long.

With this, the importance of video has increased as it helps to explain complex ideas in a simple and fast way. It saves plenty of time when you’re trying to learn, teach, demonstrate, or explain something.

For this reason, this tool has become most powerful for education, promotion, and onboarding.

Suppose you are a teacher, business person, or communicator who wants to deliver ideas or vision to others. In that scenario, you need to make a video to grab attention and demonstrate objectives. Digital marketing is the key to business growth, and 3D animation is the best solution to engage people in your business cause.

3D Animation companies were established to simplify the statements of the complex working of products/services to make people understand the concept quickly and effectively.

3D animation agencies create attractive and informative videos for its client, which fulfill the requirements of marketing and display the ideas in motion.

These companies aim to increase the extended stay of the customer on the client page/website and decrease the bounce-back ratio.

In this blog, we will be assisting you in picking the best 3D animation production service from the 15 best 3D animation production companies.

So, let’s get started.

List of Best 3D Animation Companies

We believe by now, you have understood why companies are now using 3D animation videos. If you’re ready to jump on this bandwagon, let’s take a closer look at the 15 best 3D animation production companies.

#1) BuzzFlick

BuzzFlick is a Houston-based 3D animation company located in Houston. We are an animated video content production studio that believes in crafting enchanting videos that tell soul-stirring stories about businesses and brands.

Each morning we get out of bed looking forward to meeting new people and finding innovative ways to solve their problems.

Our team is fueled by creativity, and they use their unique style of storytelling through videos. Our goal? To deliver a story that reveals the depth, authenticity, and value of what our clients do.

In the past 6 years, we have won several awards for our amazing 3D animation services. We have served some of the industry giants, including Avia Shoes, NABU, Airacer, Food Nature and Climate, Air Clenz, Start Inc., RegenOMedix, and Geriatric ToothFairy.

We produce quality 2D and 3D animated videos by gathering the requirements, studying the project, scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustration, animation, voice-over, and styling. The expert team of animators offers a wide range of 3D animation.

We provide the platform to skilled and competent animators and let their creative masterpiece speaks their mind.

BuzzFlick has a complete team of voice-over artists who can do your required accent, language, and gender. So, if you are looking for a reliable 3D animation services provider, BuzzFlick is the right choice.

To view our work, take a look at our extensive animation portfolio.

#2) Rip Media Group

Rip Media Group has been in the 3D animation video business for so long, located in Los Angles, California. They have an award-winning team with professionals best at their storytelling and animation, producing incredible client videos.

Rip Media Group has a long list of clients and brands they have served. Cisco, Ben and Jerry’s, and Comcast are the popular brands Rip Media Group worked with.

Rip Media Group has a ginormous team of professionals, including the Writer Guild, Producers Guild of America, Screen Actor Guild, animators, illustrators, voice-over artists, and artists from Hollywood.

Rip Media Group’s 2D and 3D animation videos are the results of the production process and animation styles, 2D animation, 3D motion graphics, character animation, and whiteboard animation. The team creates amazing hybrids through experiments and creativity.

#3) Veracity Colab

VeracityColab is a Newport Beach, California-based animated video production studio that has provided services for decades with masterpieces in a video animation. The studio is renowned for its creative and original animation styles, which help the client boost their marketing.

VeracityColab has been ranked among the top animation production companies in different forums. The studio has a team of innovative storytellers who effectively passes the client’s vision to its targeted audience.

Since 2008, VeracityColab has been providing services of mind-blowing 3D animation videos from entrepreneurs to enterprises and some big brands like Microsoft, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tender Greens, Adidas, EPSON, AT&T, Adobe, HJC Eventbrite, TGR Foundation, and more.

#4) The DVI Group

The DVI Group has established its reputation as a 3D animation video production company. The studio has been in business for the past 20 years and began its journey from a 3D video production studio to a strategic communication firm that creates mind-blowing animated videos and digital content.

Muse Awards have awarded the DVI Group for TV ads and animation, and The Telly Awards awarded them for Videography. The studio provides services of live-action filming, motion graphics, statics banners, campaign printing, instructional design, and 2D & 3D video animation.

The DVI Group’s portfolio speaks for itself about how many great companies are linked with them, including Mercedes-Benz USA, Kodak Alaris, Doosan, Hansgrohe, Newell Brands, AT&T, and International Hotel Group.

#5) Indigo Productions

Since 1991, Indigo Production has been working in New York City and has designed numerous animated videos and live-motion animations for renowned brands and companies.

Indigo Production has teams that create captivating visual content for business groups, advertisements for the commercial sector, and videos for the entertainment industry. They are the most dedicated and creative in the 3D animation video production business.

Indigo Production’s portfolio validates their work and popularity among mega brands and companies who trusted Indigo Production with their work and content like Samsung, Givenchy, The New York Times, Harvard, Columbia University, Vice Media, IBM, the United Nations, CitiBank, Viacom, McGraw-Hill, Rolling Stone, Sony Pictures, Newsweek, Anheuser-Busch, and Vice Media.

#6) Studio B Films

In 1992, Studio B Films was founded in Berkeley, California. Studio B Films is a 3D animation studio that started its work with long video production and now also facilitates motion graphics, animation, event videos, and explainer video services to its clients. This studio has made its name in flexibility and adaptation in work as well as in client dealing.

Studio B Films always tries to connect the audience with its clients through the best animation and graphic visualization. They prioritize creator-client relations: listen to all of your requirements and build a masterpiece for your business.

#7) Grumo Media

Grumo Media is located in Toronto, Canada, and has set an example of being the best in the production of explainer videos. They have experience of working with big names like Walmart, Microsoft, and many others. Grumu Media has a vision of encouraging start-ups and helping them to make their space in the business.

Gromu Media is full of amazing artists and talented animators who create explainer videos, and short animated videos for promotion/marketing.

They keenly evaluate your business requirements and create an explainer video that catches the audience’s attention and helps you make customers and clients. Not just 3D animation Video Company but also makes 2D animation videos for projects.

#8) Yans Media

An Armenian studio Yans Media made its clients with their unique and fascinating explainer videos, animation production services, and motion graphics for enterprises. The studio focuses on 2D and 3D animation video production because they believe that excellent animated motion graphics can change the tone of the business.

Yans Media assures clients that their animation can raise their sales and engage more audiences and customers. They are known for their technique of delivering complex ideas in an understandable format to the audience.

#9) Kasra Design

Kasra Design is a Malaysia-based company established in 2011 with 700+ videos for different causes. They have the best team of 2D and 3D animators and illustrators. Kasra Design consists of marvelous artists who create explainer videos, motion graphics, and marketing videos for corporates. They have animated visual content for the medical field, IT, and sports.

Kasra Design is an award-winning studio among the top 3D animation studios that aims to accelerate your business to the sky. Your ideas and their creativity can bring significant business change. Increase your sales and customers with Kasra Design.

#10) Spin Creative

Spin Creative is located in Seattle and is one of the top 3D animation Production Studios. This studio not just offers motion video production services but provides the services of brand marketing strategies for your business.

Spin Creative always conduct a deep analysis of your brand, gather the requirement, and plan a strategy to create fantastic eye-catching videos that will help you raise sales and help you gain popularity among customers.

Spin Creative has been working with big names in the business, like Amazon, GAP, Treehouse, Microsoft, and more. Build something unique with Spin Creative to establish your name among successful companies.

#11) Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja is a Poland-based 3D animation production company that has been producing animated videos to help companies and brands deliver their message to the audience, jazz up their digital presence, and stand out from the competition.

They have a team of award-winning creative heads, illustrators, animators, directors, and producers. Moreover, their individual approach to each video project is what sets them apart. Their expert team will help you to choose the ideal style, format, visuals, and music for your video.

#12) Webdew

Founded by Danish Wadhwa, Webdew started its operations back in 2016. By providing high-quality work at affordable prices, the firm has achieved phenomenal expansion and built a loyal client base.

They have a competent workforce of Graphic Designers, Managers, and Motion Artists that work together to produce exceptional videos. With over 3000 minutes of production time and 1000+ explainer videos made in the previous years, Webdew has helped its clients reach their business goals.

#13) Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse stands among the most trusted 3D animation service providers. Since the beginning, the creative heads at the company have been focusing on creating captivating and wildly diverse videos that can help businesses to accomplish their goals and increase productivity.

The versatile and flexible team working at the firm has successfully completed many different video projects. Their creative process is pretty streamlined and optimized, which facilitates them to deliver high-quality results.

#14) BluBlu Studios

BluBlu Studios is a design-driven animation production house that has won several awards for its remarkable animation services. It is a home for all the innovative people who’re all set to unleash their creative talent.

The prime goal of the company is to help its clients in achieving new heights of success. Their unique technique of storytelling and compelling designs are propelling forces they use to create video content that can bring a significant change.

#15) Epipheo

Epipheo is another reliable 3D animation company known for delivering incredible video solutions since 2009. They are an animation studio that uses the power of animated video to spark epiphanies.

They firmly believe animated video helps in delivering ideas and messages with clarity and people love that. They have a talented and skillful team of creatives who help them to create those a-ha moments and bring your epiphanies to life.

3D Animation Production Companies – FAQs

We hope this list we have created above will be of great help to you. Before we conclude this blog post, we thought to tackle a few frequently asked questions in order to provide you with a better experience and make this decision easier for you.

1. What are 3D animation videos, and who uses them?

3D animation is the graphical approach to using motion to design characters, props, or objects that give a livelier look. Companies use this technique to create short films, business marketing, gaming ads, demonstrative videos, educational lectures, and more.

This is the most effective way to gain traffic and reduce the bounce-back ratio. 3D animation helps you to deepen your roots in the industry.

2. What will be the average cost of hiring a 3D animation studio?

Business needs visual content for the marketing of their brand/product, and in the present time, the best way of marketing is Digital Content. 3D and 2D animation video is the new digital content for marketing that shoots the scale of the sales to the sky.

The average 3D pricing that the best 3D animation production companies can offer is approximately around $8,000 to $9,000. However, in the case of additional requirements, you can always take a quote from animation production companies.

3. How long should be a 3D animated video?

The length of your 3D animated video will rely on its purpose and the quantity of information you need to communicate. You may always consult a 3D video animation studio to discuss the specifics if you are uncertain.

Nonetheless, the average length of an explanation video is two to three minutes. It is essential to hold the audience’s interest, thus avoiding making it lengthier. Every 3D animation video production firm will tell you that the typical client’s attention span is around three minutes.

4. Should you outsource your video project to a 3D animation production company?

Outsourcing the creation of your 3D videos to the top video production company is a smart move if you want to conserve resources and concentrate on running your business. The organization will employ skilled workers that provide excellent results for reasonable fees.

5. Which factors should you consider when hiring a 3D video animation company?

Hiring a 3D animation studio is not an easy decision as it seems. You need to stay conscious of some specific factors. Here are a couple of important factors you need to take into consideration before you outsource your video project:

  • Years of experience
  • Product Quality
  • Creative team
  • Production process
  • Customer support
  • Clientele
  • Feedback and reviews

Looking for a Reliable Animation Partner? We are Here to Help

This article features the top animation studios in the world, many of which specialize in creating 3D animated videos. We hope you find this blog post beneficial and use it to choose the finest service provider for your needs from those we’ve listed.

And if you need any further assistance, the BuzzFlick team is here to support you. Send us an email or give us a call and feel free to ask any questions or make any recommendations.

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