Tips To Create Engaging Pitch Videos That Help Your Business Get Investment

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Pitch video helps entrepreneurs in presenting their business ideas to investors. This article will help you in creating the most engaging pitch video.

Pitch video is tool business owners use to attract potential investors to invest in their company. A pitch video is a technique in which people present a video to clients and investors to build a business relationship with them.

A pitch video is like a presentation, but it is not formal, and we don’t use PowerPoint in it. The key objective of pitch videos is to explain the qualities of your business by incorporating slides with sound and motion effects to viewers with a visually appealing experience.

Video pitching is one of the most effective tools that help business owners get investment from potential investors. The video pitch is an ideal way that helps businesses in capturing the Investors’ attention quickly.

Here in this blog, we will discuss how pitching videos help you in raising investment from potential investors and the best tips to enhance your pitch video.

What is a Pitch Video?

A pitch video is a type of video people use in marketing. Business owners use various strategies to highlight their products’ benefits and present their ideas.

People use the mobile app, website, or a demo video of their product or video presentation to enrich their marketing activities.

Undoubtedly, a pitch video is one of the most effective techniques people use to explain their product or service to clients, audience, and potential investors. It helps businesses explain their business ideas and their organization’s vision to the audience.

You can use various strategies and choose one that helps you achieve your business objectives and ultimately save your budget and time.

Make Your Video Pitch Easy And Simple

Firstly, when creating a pitch video for your business, you need to keep your video pitch easy to digest for the viewers. New businesses are stepping into the market globally, and investors have various investment opportunities.

It means the competition is tough, and you need to impress the investors at the right time and present your business ideas with a concise video pitch. Use video pitch to share your vision and business objectives with the investors and clients.

You can highlight the pain points of your target consumers and how your business can fulfill their needs and help solve them. Remember not to go into excessive details because it might confuse and fail to build investors’ interest in your business.

If you want to email the pitch to the investor, it should be engaging and concise, influencing them for a business meeting.

Your Video Pitch Should Be To The Point

Create a concise video pitch that is short, simple, and yet very engaging. Long-duration videos frustrate the viewers. It is suitable to set a video duration according to the time availability of the investors.

If you don’t have any time limitation issues, it is ideal for creating a pitch video of fewer than 5 minutes. If you want to make your video engaging, keep it concise.

You can slow down the video on the key subjects to emphasize them and speed up it on the unimportant parts; it will help investors understand your point of view.

Present The Story of Your Business

You can use infographics and spreadsheets in the pitch video, but excessive use can make your viewers bored. You can miss the investment opportunity and investors’ attention if you use too many facts and figures in your video pitch.

Use video pitching to tell your business story, how your organization is different from the competitors, and the main idea behind your business. When you tell your business story, it will make your pitch engaging and creative, influencing the investors’ decision-making.

Consider the following points when you present your business story to the investors:

  • Talk about the facts and be more sincere and professional.
  • You can use a few jokes but focus on presenting your story.
  • Explain to your investors the USP (unique selling proposition). It highlights the factors that give your business a competitive edge.

Set Your Main Objectives

When creating a pitch video, emphasize the key objective and convince your investors to invest in your business. It is essential to value the time of investors. You should incorporate all the necessary details to help them understand your business and decide to invest in it.

If your pitch confuses the investors or you don’t present the key information, they might not invest in your business.

Show How Much You Are Passionate About Your Business

Investors usually have a short time, and they hear many pitches daily. When creating your video pitching, you should first engage the investors by telling them about your passion for your business idea.

Present your video pitch with devotion, passion, and dedication. It shows the investors how much you are committed to your business. You can tell about the business idea at the beginning of the pitch – Why do you want to start the project? Why should investors invest in it? How much return on investment can an investor expect from your business?

If you provide answers to these questions at the beginning of the video pitch, it will capture the investors’ attention, and they will focus on your video pitch.

Reveal Your Business Statistics

Statistics are one of the essential elements of creating a business pitch. However, nobody wants to disclose to their investors all the numbers about the new and comprehensive business idea.

You cannot hide the crucial stats about your business; otherwise, investors will not take an interest in your pitch. Instead, you can highlight the specific statistics and numbers, which can help build investors’ trust in your business.

Incorporate metrics that give investors a clear idea about sales, revenue, customer acquisition, and growth rate.

After watching your video pitch, investors should feel that you are fully prepared to establish your business and know how to make the business profitable.

Focus on The Closing Part Of Your Pitch

The ending part of your pitch significantly impacts the investors. You should use the last 60 seconds of your pitch to convince the investor to invest in your business.

Investors will only invest in your business if they like your business idea and trust your capabilities to manage the business.

Investors are not just investing in your business, but they also like your ability to implement the business strategy.

So, focus on the closing part of your video pitch. You need to convince the investors that you are capable enough to run your business.

Moreover, you can also highlight the best strategies and efforts you have used for your business and show your commitment and dedication to your business.

Startup Explainer Video as An Alternative to Pitch Video

A startup explainer video is the best alternative for a pitch video. You can use an explainer video to explain your business idea to the investors in a simple, quick, and influential way.

You can use simple language, visually appealing images, and animations to present your ideas to the audience.

It helps in presenting the information to the viewers. You can tell your organization’s objectives, how your company is solving consumer problems, and explain how your company is providing the best solution to fulfill customer needs.

You might be wondering how much does a startup video production cost?. Most video production companies charge between $3500 to $5500 for a startup video production.

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Closing Remarks

Technology is evolving rapidly, and it opens the door for entrepreneurs for various opportunities. Pitch video is one of the most effective tools that help businesspersons present their business ideas to potential investors with the help of a video.

Video pitch has helped many entrepreneurs in raising investment for their businesses. You can present your concept to potential investors if you have a business plan but don’t have enough budget to execute the idea. It will help you in getting investment for your business.

Pitching videos have helped a large number of business owners globally in establishing their companies. It created employment and business opportunities and contributed to the global economy.

Pitch Video – FAQs

  1. What is a pitch video?

It is a short video that helps present business ideas to investors and clients through creative visuals and engaging narration. A pitch video helps convey your message to the audience convincingly and engagingly.

  1. What is the duration of a pitch video should be?

It is ideal for creating a pitch video between three to five minutes duration.

  1. Can I use video to pitch to clients and investors?

You can use video pitching to explain your points to the clients. It will help in increasing the sales. Moreover, it is an ideal way to present your business concepts to potential investors.

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