How Much Does Startup Video Production Cost?

how much does startup video production cost
Ready to create a startup video for your business? Let’s calculate how much it will cost you to create an effective startup explainer video.

Beginning with a startup? Short on budget, yet optimistic about creating a startup video? Great initiative! Keep reading this article, and you will know how to calculate the startup video production cost for your upcoming project.

When you are tight on your budget, showcasing or launching your business, product, or services to the world can be challenging. This challenge becomes more crucial when you start explaining elements related to them like:

  • As a company, what do you have to offer?
  • How is your company the best among the competitors?
  • How does your product or service bring change to the consumer’s life?
  • How do you aim to resolve your audience’s problem?

People these days prefer a medium that delivers quality information in digestible chunks instead of reading bulky whitepapers. Smart marketers have introduced videos that made the exchange of information relatively easy and efficient.

Videos have different styles, and every style serves a certain objective. Here is a quick view of some video styles:

  • A promotional video is used to promote a company, product, or service.
  • A demo video is used to demonstrate a product, system, app, or software.
  • An explainer video is used to explain something in detail but in an engaging and understanding way.

For a startup launch, an explainer video is the video style that suits the objective in all forms.

What Are Startup Explainer Videos?

A startup explainer video is a short video that explains your startup to your targeted audience in a compelling and captivating manner.

Startup explainer videos streamline the brand’s objective by highlighting the consumer’s pain point and proposing the solution within 30-90 seconds.

Here are some points that you must keep in mind while creating a startup video:

  • Address the audience’s pain points.
  • Explain why your brand can bring change.
  • Suggest your solution.
  • Demonstrate how your product works.
  • And what benefits the consumer can enjoy.

If you are interested in creating startup explainers and need ideas, give read to our article about sta

rtup explainer video examples.

Why Are Startup Videos Popular?

As a company, you invest in a project to get a return on investment. A startup explainer video (if crafted professionally) is a 100% payback and brings business to the company.

Some studies have stated that around 89% of consumers believe that decision-making becomes a lot easier after watching a product video.

64% of users like to buy products online after watching a product video about it. Companies have reported that explainer videos can help business to increase conversion by up to 80%.

The thing that must be striking your mind is the cost of startup video production. We suggest f

our cost options for your startup video production.

Note: The production result varies in different cost options, but if you want to create some cost-efficient startup videos, check out our article about the best startup videos that are incredibly cost-friendly.

So, without any further ado, let’s see which option suits your business best.


The Four Cost Options for Startup Explainer Video Production

We have categorized the pricing option into four different plans that you can choose according to your business and budget convenience.

· An Online Video Maker ($40-$500)

If you are not ready to invest an enormous amount in video production and thinking of something extremely reasonable, then online video makers are the best choice for you.

There are so many online video creation platforms that allow you to create videos on the available templates. These platforms do not allow any customization but are highly recommended when you are tight on the budget.

Online video makers are the tools that just set the sequence of the images on the chosen template, so the feel of originality cannot be achieved through them.

These platforms are quite easy to use; you have to enter the keyword, pick a template, type the text, choose special effects, and start processing within minutes you have your video ready.

Since these platforms deal with free templates, it has the chance to find videos similar to yours on the internet. This element kills the project’s uniqueness, indirectly damaging the company’s image.

Best Online Animation Makers

  • Renderforest
  • Biteable
  • Moovly
  • Animaker
  • Toonator
  • PowToon
  • GoAnimate

· Hire A Freelancer ($600-$1600)

The Internet is full of talented freelancers that can create video projects for you at a fair amount. The result of this option will be pretty much similar to the first one. The only difference will be that you will pay someone to use the free templates for your video.

There are several great freelancers who are experts in video animation and production, but they charge your time and money way higher. And if you are new to hiring a freelancer, it will be a little tricky for you to deal with them.

Many freelancers and video production companies claim to be the best in the business, but you have to be smart while evaluating them because most of them are not what they claim.

So, whenever you are hiring a freelancer, evaluate them thoroughly.

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· Hire An Explainer Video Production Studio ($2000-$9000)

Hiring an explainer video production is the most reliable and trustable pricing option among the rest. The video production companies understand your business’s vision, marketing goal, and identify your audience.

Video production studios have working experience with various companies and businesses and understand what a company aims to share with its targeted audience.

The studios have teams of animators, illustrators, storyboard designers, graphic designers, editors, and directors, who follow a complete video production procedure in order to create something extraordinary for your business.

Working with an explainer video production company, you will not only save time but also save resources and get the project done efficiently. The company makes sure that your video speaks about your requirements out loud and your audience perfectly understands your objectives.

And if you are interested in creating an explainer video for your business, here are the top animated explainer video companies that can help you create a top-notch explainer video(s) for your business.

· Hire A Video Production Agency

If you have a good budget and can afford video production costs up to $250K, then hire a video production agency for your project.

The agencies are best at video production as well as video marketing strategies. They have marketing strategists, who analyze your business, create a marketing strategy that enhances the ROI, and forward it to the production department to follow the plan and execute the production respectively.

This option is for those who want to create a bunch of videos or are ready to run a video marketing campaign. Hiring an entire agency will cost you a lot if you are more into creating a video.

For example, hiring an agency will be beneficial for your business if you are planning to promote your product for a complete season. The agency will handle your project from scratch.

Of course, they can help you to make better cost-oriented decisions and prevent any costly damage to your business.

P.S: It is not the best option for the companies in their struggling phase or a startup because it will cost a lot.

What is the Best Price for A Startup Video Production?

Most of all, the factor that varies the cost of video production is the requirements. If you add or delete something from the requirement, it will automatically bring changes to the price.

The cost mainly depends upon your marketing budget, and startup companies usually have a small budget, making video production challenging.

A startup explainer video costs you $3500$5000 approx., which is still a high figure for companies, but if you invest it smartly with a reliable video production company, the results will be magnificent.


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