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Make your audience learn about your product through compelling and informative how-to videos. Here are some best and inspiring examples you can watch and adapt.

With the help of the internet, have you ever learned how to do something in a certain way and found it helpful?

If you ask me, then yes, I have learned so many things. Recently I have learned how to play chess like pro play with the help of the video by Bright Side.

Not just in business, but the video has helped people in practical ways. Videos can teach the audience, raise awareness, build connections, and more.

Videos are now the most favorable and preferable medium for learning new things. Most of the customers watch product videos instead of reading a document.

If you are a company and thinking of adding video content to your next marketing strategy, then my dear, great success and valuable things are coming on your way.

Many companies use videos in their marketing campaigns to boost their audience engagement and gain light in the industry.

Before buying or subscribing, people search for video content to learn about the product and services, and 54% of the customers want their trusted brands to put more videos.

In this article, you can explore and learn how the “How-To” videos can help the audience connect more to the brand and learn new things.

So, Let’s Begin!

Why How-To Videos Are Popular

How-to videos are very popular among all age groups. People visit YouTube and different search engines to look for videos that help them understand things or concepts easily.

How-to videos provide opportunities for brands to secure potential customers from the audience. Companies and marketers use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and many other video-sharing platforms to market their businesses.

Customers visit these platforms to discover more about their favorite brands and products because they provide product videos.

List of Inspirational How-To Videos

I have gathered some amazing how-to videos that help the audience learn and create. For brands, these videos are inspirational.

So let’s get started!

1. Learn to Play Chess Today in Less Than 10 Minutes

Bright Side launched a tutorial video to learn chess. This learning includes basic rules of chess: get the King!

The board is divided into 64 black & white squares with two teams on it, and every team aims to checkmate the King of the opponent team.

Seems easy but still challenging! You have to pass all of his loyal subjects to get him. Then, while playing, you have to capture as many pieces as possible of the opponent team to assure victory (the same goes with opponents).

In this video, Bright Side is explaining some win tricks and techniques to their audience. You can keep this video as a guide to win a chess match.

With animation and voice-over, video imposes a learning impact on the audience and makes their learning journey exciting and effective.

Even marketers and brands can adopt this video style in their next product or how-to videos to understand and learn the product better.

2. How To Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time

If you are a newbie to cooking and have moved to someplace where you cannot be served cooked food, don’t worry, Tasty has a wide range of How-To make food tutorials for you!

One of the basic cooking recipes is to make eggs for breakfast, and if you don’t take a good start in the morning, it might affect your whole day.

Tasty launched a how-to video series named Tasty 101, with a video to teach newbies how to make perfect eggs. The chef elaborates on the difference between various eggs and styles you can make for your breakfast in this video.

This video is perfect for learning some egg-ish cooking with visuals and complete recipes!

If you are a tech or software development firm, you can use this video style to teach how your software work and what different things you can do with it.

3. How To Make A T-Shirt in Roblox

Gamers, let’s gear up! This video is for you!

Roblox is an online video gaming platform where you can customize your gameplay according to your choice.

The games have been coded in object-oriented programming, where players can purchase items as the game passes or microtransactions.

In this video of Tech Insider, you can learn how to customize one of the game passes – a T-shirt. With a complete demonstration of the Roblox interface and step-to-step instruction, customization of a t-shirt in Roblox is no more challenging to the players.

Companies can use this video as a reference to their service or product demo videos and teach the audience how to use the app or service correctly.

4. How To Straighten Curly Hair Without Frizz

Manes By Mell is a beauty influencer on YouTube, and every day she comes up with new and helpful beauty techniques for her subscriber.

In this video, she talks about straightening curly hair without frizz step-by-step. In addition, she has shown how to partition the hair, what beauty product to be used, and what electrical tools are best for the task execution.

If you have curly hair and want some help, you can surely check out her channel for further videos.

5. How To Design A Flyer

Flyers are the best way to drive engagement and build brand awareness. They are the all-time usable marketing tool for all businesses.

A well-designed flyer can help your business stand different from the rest of the competitors. You can use flyers in hardcopy as well as a softcopy.

In this video, Design Pickle teaches the art of creating an outstanding flyer design in detail. He teaches how to design a flyer and what one should put on it according to the business’s niche.

This video is fruitful for companies who want to market their business differently.

6. How To Asana: Planning with Asana Calendar

Asana’s how-to video series is titled “How to Asana,” and each video in the series covers various subjects.

The videos in this series are all under two minutes long, hosted by the same individual, and have a bright yellow background.

The main content of the video is a screencast of someone using the Asana calendar tool, and the branding has brightened up the video otherwise, it looks pretty dull and boring.

If you are a company and planning a how-to video series, spend additional effort making it memorable and identifiable. These efforts will make videos appear more professional, and viewers will want to tune in for more informative videos if they know there will be more.

How To Make A How-To Video

Start thinking about how to develop helpful content for your audience now that you have gotten some inspiration from legit how-to videos from various brands and influencers.

Make buyer personas and utilize them to guide your marketing strategy and cover questions like:

  • What queries does your target market have regarding your product?
  • What kinds of questions do they ask regarding your field?
  • What challenges your solution solves that you could show in a video?

And to understand the types of searches your audience is making and what content you may create to answer those questions, use tools like Google Trends, Ahrefs, and HubSpot’s Keywords tool.

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  • What is a How-To video?

A video that provides information in an instructional format is known as a how-to video. It helps you learn things step-by-step.

  • How can it help me gain customers?

Audience support those brands and channels that help them understand things. How-to videos allow you to build the image as a considerate company that cares about its customer’s learning and understanding.

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