Promotional Videos for Websites – Ideas & Examples

promotional videos for websites ideas & examples
Thinking of creating a promo video for your website? Must take a look at these top website promo video examples!

Whether it is the beginning of life, business, or year, it always brings something to look forward to. But some things are timeless. The same goes for these best website promotional videos that have always been successful and watched for inspiration.

In this article, we will go through the top website promo video examples for your website launch video inspiration.

Let’s Begin!

What are Website Promotional Videos?

A promo or promotional video for a website is a video that is used to launch, explain, demonstrate, and promote a website. The major use of promotional video is to get the audience into the sales funnel and to strengthen the business marketing.

It is a type of promotional video and is not very different from the rest of the promo videos. It is usually a short trailer or teaser video that is used to draw the audience’s attention toward the thing that has been promoted through the video and excite them to learn more about it.

Examples of Website Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are considered the most effective video style in video marketing. It can hook the potential customers within 1-2 minutes.

Here are some examples of website promo videos that can inspire you for your next project. So, without any further delay, let’s jump right into them!

1. The DotShop

Other than the promotional video, there is no better option to reach the targeted audience and boost engagement on your website.

If we talk about the successful example of website promotional videos, how can we not mention the DotShop? Its website promo shows that with just a video, how effectively we can reach and engage our targeted audience.

It is a 2D animated video that connects the brand with potential customers within 60 seconds. The point reflected in the video is that DotShop cares about e-commerce businesses worldwide and aims to build a global home for them.

Reading lengthy texts is quite boring for the website’s visitors; instead of that, if you post an introductory promo video on your website, it will create a trustable image of the business in the audience’s eye.

This promo video has elements that you can incorporate into your marketing strategies to uplift your campaign and visibility.

2. Product Hunt Launch

Internet and social media platforms have made promotion a lot easier for businesses. Posting videos on social media or video streaming platforms help companies grow and drive a massive audience toward their business. used the same video marketing strategy by creating a product hunt launch video for their website. This video helped its targeted audience hook into the company and explained how they could reach the peak through their products. has used kinetic typography in its website launch video, making the audience pay more attention to the core message. The video has electrifying background music with catchy video transitions that excite the audience to watch the video till the end.

3. How’s Your Head Today?

Once you have seen a promotional video on a website that explains things in a short but comprehensive manner, your mind will look for videos like this on every website you visit. Strange? But this is how our brain works.

Our brain prefers information from the source that stimulates our brain cells to focus, enjoy, or learn, and that source is video. It allows the viewer to catch the idea and understand the message more effectively than plain dull text blocks.

The Australian government department of health has created a short 30-second promo video that talks about mental health. The animator has intelligently used compelling animation to activate viewers’ audio and visual receptors.

It has engaging animation that helps the audience connect with the story and the sensitive issue the video owner aim to discuss. It highlights the feeling of empathy and raises mental health awareness among the audience.

This promo video gives the idea of addressing sensitive issues without hurting the emotions of the viewers. If you are an NGO or work to raise public awareness, then this video style and idea is ideal for addressing your targeted audience.

4. The Promo Video

In our promo video collection, this is the shortest but the best website promo video so far. The main objective that we have been pointing to is the viewer’s engagement, and this short promo video is an admirable example of it. is a real estate website that operates in Spain and aims to help those who are looking and offering properties for residential purposes. This 17-seconds video is quite engaging and evokes the viewer’s emotion to visit the website.

If you aim to create a short website promo video, then you should keep this video as inspiration and reference to your video.

5. The Matmatch

A promo video is not only useful to engage the audience to buy or subscribe to any of your products but can be helpful in delivering a story like a user, employee, or company’s journey.

It is an amazing tool that helps your website visitors to go through your story, bond with your business, understand their needs, and identify the solution you offer.

A balanced quantity of animation, a well-crafted script, and a perfect voice-over or background music is enough to hook the audience to your video and redirect them to the desired actions.

The website promo video by Matmatch is a true example of this blend. This video explains how Matmatch helps you find the desired materials for your project through its website. You can choose the material of your choice according to the need of your project.

Matmatch’s website promotional video is created with the right style of animation that matches the niche of the business and the message the company wants to deliver.

6. Rakuten Free Money

Do you ever imagine getting cashback from shopping? We know it sounds a little surprising, but it’s true, Rakuten helps its customer to get cashback from their purchase from all the top brands.

This website promo video includes the user’s journey, where the users are sharing their experience with Rakuten and the benefits they have received. This strategy helps the audience connect more with the business as it develops credibility and trust among its targeted audience.

Using different individuals with different shopping scenarios creates an emotional connection, which intrigues the audience to shop with Rakuten.

Since we have been looking at animated videos, this video is a live-action that not only engages but convinces the audience to perform certain actions.

If you are thinking of making a website promo video like this, you can add a CTA at the end of your video so that if any of your audience is hooked to what you are offering, they do not have to look for the portals to reach you out.

P.S: Do you not know much about CTAs? Give a read to our article about CTA videos. This will help you create powerful CTA strategies to track your audience down to your website or landing page.

7. The Scioto Properties

Other than business, there are various human beneficial initiatives that are working day and night to make our lives better; one of them is Scioto Properties, a caretaking and property services provider that aims to provide shelter to people with disabilities.

Since 1999, Scioto Properties have been working as a leader to make the life of gifted and elderly people easier.

The company has created a water-color painting animated (which basically is a 2D animation) website promo video to highlight how they have contributed to making society and its surroundings livable for people with disabilities.

The video follows a storytelling tone to make people understand the objective of how much the well-being of special people matters to Scioto Properties through a story. It creates a warmness among the audience and emotionally bonds them with the company.

8. Wood Turtles: A year in the life of a Species at Risk

You must have seen Disney animated movies with charming and mesmerizing narration. Have you ever thought about why it is always so calming to watch or hear the videos or movies like this? Let us tell you why.

It relaxes the senses and connects our minds with the story through mild music and animation. Biodiversity Landowner’s Guide has created an animated promo video about wood turtles where they explain why wood turtle’s lives are at risk in the spring season and what actions and prevention can help these little species live longer.

Animation is the best for sharing valuable information with the audience in the form of storytelling or narration. It helps you to deliver information and receive appreciation from the audience.

Biodiversity Landowner’s Guide has explained how framers’ some activities can cause trouble to the wood turtles. However, all viewers of this video are not related to the subject but still find it interesting to watch and enjoy.

If you are able to do that through your video, you surely have done an incredible job.

9. What’

Are you or anyone near your suffering from some personal injuries and don’t know what to do? Contact What’s My Claim Worth, a professional claim lawyer provider which helps you claim your compensation money for injuries.

The company has created a 2D animated website promotional video, which is an excellent example of how to promote your business efficiently. You can use this animation idea in your video & email marketing campaign.

10. Refinery 29

Are you a fashion freak? Refinery29 brings 29 Rooms which is a funhouse of art and creativity. The promo video highlights the happenings at the 29 Rooms fashion week.

It is a live-action video that compels the fashion audience toward the fun. You can showcase your business and events through a video like this.

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In this article, we have tried to cover all the amazing website promo video examples that can inspire you with video ideas to create captivating and compelling videos for your business.

We hope that you have found this article useful for your marketing campaign, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us through email, call, or our socials.

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