Best Product Promotional Video Ideas & Examples

best product promotional videos
Boost your sales and generate maximum revenue with these brilliant product promotional videos examples. Promote your product in a creative and innovative way.

If you are a production company and want to learn how exhibiting a product can be helpful to your business and sales, then stop right here!

After the production of any good, item, or product, the next step is to sell it to increase revenue growth and raise brand awareness.

Gaining the attention of customers and consumers is the most essential part of any production company’s marketing goal, and product promotional videos are the appropriate way to launch it.

This blog post will be going to answer all of your questions and share inspiring product promotional ideas with video examples that will benefit your product promotion.

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Top Product Promotional Videos Ideas & Examples

Product promotional video has become a vital part of any marketing campaign, so eye-catching and attention-grabbing videos are required to fulfill the business goal.

We have collected the 16 best product promotional video ideas and examples for your inspiration.

#1) TUDOR Dive Watch

If we talk about Swiss watches, how can we not mention TUDOR – a watch brand master in making sophisticated and elite mechanical watches.

TUDOR is famous for its luxurious watches with quality and reliability. The brand has launched TUDOR Pelagos Dive watches feature a titanium bracelet with steel clasp and wrist-fit with the spring-loaded and self-adjustment mechanism.

The product promotional video displays how remarkably the bracelet adjusts while diving and allows comfort to the diver’s wrist when the diving suit expands and compresses under the water.

#2) Overture – A Product Promotional Video

Barco has introduced Overture, an A/V control arrangement that allows an organization’s system to sync with all A/V gadgets.

Overture is unlike other frameworks that run on complicated programming dialects and have overwhelming tool operations. It has easy-to-understand software and simple-to-operate hardware.

Check out this promotional video that explains how you can configure Overture software.

#3) CASIO Projector

CASIO is a brand known for its mechanical tools and gadgets. It has launched a projector characterized by its flawless tool operation, robust performance, and versatility, making it a perfect fit for every place.

Whether it’s an institute, organization, or enterprise, CASIO Projector is ideal for all workplaces. It presents the video and image content in 4K-UHD resolution.

This product video highlights all the features and working of the projector – a brilliant way to introduce your product to the world.

#4) Burberry Fragrance

Burberry is a renowned fashion brand and also famous for its iconic fragrance line. My Burberry is one of the best-selling perfume fragrances that has been created with the essence of trench coat and the scent of a wet meadow after rain – indeed, very soothing.

The brand allows you to customize your fragrance bottle with a monogram, which gives the customer the feeling of being valued – a great marketing strategy.

Check out this promotional video that displays the packaging of the fragrance and bottle styling with soft country music.

Harry Winston watches introduced a luxurious collection of limited-edition timepieces that have been made with delicate craftsmanship and demonstrate Winston’s pursuit of excellence in horological technology.

It is the fourth generation of the series Histoire de Tourbillon aims to make a remarkable tri-axial tourbillon impact and rank Harry Winston as one of the best timepieces manufacturers.

The brand used a 3D model demonstration in this product promotional video that actually exhibits every single watch component – an excellent and detailed promotional video ad.

#6) 3M Light Bulb’s Promotional Video

3M has always come up with innovative electronics ideas and marked its place as one of the best light management companies.

The brand has been delivering transformative solutions to various industries for years, ranging from household electronics to architectural projects.

This promotional video features the technology 3M has used in their new LED advanced light bulbs. The animation made it easy to understand the integrated design of the bulb.

You can also use animation in your product promotional video, and if you want to avail the excellent 3D animation services, you can always count on BuzzFlick.

#7) Xerox ConnectKey – A Printer Promotional Video

Xerox ConnectKey technology has delivered exemplary multifunctional printers and made them a vital need to every workplace.

The Workplace Assistant is the perfect fit for every organization, and don’t go on the size because they are the beast in the size of a cat.

The company used 2D animated explainer styles in this product promotional video to make it more engaging and attractive for the audience.

#8) Rolex Explorer

Talking about watches, let’s not forget the Rolex – the premium timepieces crafting brand.

The Explorer is one of the articles by Rolex that sparks the spirit of adventure in the wearer. Rolex has always been the best choice for elite businesspersons and enthusiastic athletes.

Rolex is the master of distinctive face dials, which give Explorer a look of a premium watch and make the visibility prominent.

This promotional video exhibits the complete range of the Explorer articles in a majestic way. You can adopt this video style for your product video too.

#9) Christie Digital

Christie Digital offers the ultimate video, audio, and presentation equipment that are applicable for every work experience.

From the conference room to kindergarten, Christie Digital electronics are the best choice for 3D demonstration, 4k HD video quality, cinema-quality sound systems.

The product promotional video by Christie Digital demonstrates how Float4 can turn public spaces into a boom-bastic digital world.

It is a brilliant way to summarize the company information and product details in the same video.

#10) ASUS VivoStick

ASUS is one of the leading companies, who has proven its name in innovative digital gadgets and solutions making.

VivoStick is one of the inventions of ASUS and the most popular gadget in the world. Intel Atom processor powers VivoStick to turn any peripheral devices like monitor display, HDMI TV, or projector into a temporary PC.

The company used a 3D product demo video to explain how the product opens the computing possibilities and opportunities for home, school, or office.

Check out this mind-blowing product video for inspiration.

#11) Istabai

If you live in a cold region of the world, then this product is undoubtedly for you! Istabai is an intelligent place heating system that makes your surroundings cozy in winter and cold environments.

You can set the appropriate thermostat with just the touch of a button. It is a smart heating solution, which allows you to operate the temperature of every room through a phone or PC.

With creative 2D animation, the video explains how Istabai helps you save money and facilitate maintaining the desired climate around your surroundings.

If you want to demonstrate your services, then this example is perfect for the implementation on to your video marketing.

#12) Oakley

Oakley eye-wears redefines the styles with technology which makes them appealing to wear. Their interchangeable crosslink design lets you add creativity to your style.

The interchangeable temple comes in two sets:

  • The first set gives the look of light and professionalism for the office.
  • The second set that sparks and unleashes the funky styles for parties.

This animated promotional video demonstrates the difference between regular frames and Oakley’s crosslink frames.

Check out this creativity by Oakley.

#13) PivLock – Promotional Video

If we are talking about eye-wears, then the list won’t be complete without Maximum optics. The brand has launched PivLock V2 Elite constructed with the FreeFloat lens technology.

The PivLock V2 Elite reflects the UV radiation rays from the sun instead of absorbing them. Its light-weighted and frameless protective eye shield increases the lifted vision and helps you keep your eyes on the target.

It has the features of an adjustable nosepiece in three different positions with interchangeable lenses. Maximum optics displayed the features in this animated promotional video and explained the working of PivLock.

#14) Kohler Aquifer

Kohler Aquifer’s water-filtration system under your kitchen sink delivers you pure and hygienic water from the faucet.

It has replaceable filters and cartridges, which you can change whenever you like. This 3D product demo video explains how your Kohler water-filtration system will work and ensure you clean drinking water.

#15) AccelaHeat

AccelaHeat System introduces a Kenmore PRO oven that cooks your food 40% faster than the other heating systems.

Kenmore PRO uses sensors that control the two separate fans and divide the heat evenly to the food.

This promo video portrays how AccelaHeat cooking ranges have improved the food experience for the customer.

#16) Lavit

If you want to drink healthy, Lavit offers a cold beverage system that allows the user to insert a flavored capsule in the drink dispenser and get a variety of healthy and chilled beverages.

Enjoy the great taste of ice tea, lemonades, energy drinks, and flavored water.

This product promotional video explains how the dispenser works and in what ways it’s best for the health. 2D animation makes it more attractive to watch.

Product Promotional Video – FAQs

  1. What is a product promotional video?

Product promotional videos are the visual representation of the product to the audience. These videos explain what a product does, how it works, and what it aims to serve.

  1. What will be the expected cost of a promotional video?

The expected cost of a product promotional video depends upon the video’s requirements, types, and duration.

  1. How will it be beneficial to my business?

The product promotional video helps you showcase your product, which will grab the potential customer’s attention and drag more sales.

  1. What company is the best for video production?

Numerous companies claim to be the best video production company, but BuzzFlick is an award-winning animation video production agency that can help you portray your business goals & product features clearly.


The companies are integrating product promotional videos in their marketing campaign, which have helped them gain more business and customers.

If you are planning to incorporate this promotional video style, then you can choose your favorite type from the above and exhibit your brand to the world.

Must understand the tone of the content and genre of your brand; for more ideas, you can check out the best animated product video examples. If you want to evaluate more video styles, give a read to inspiring styles of videos.

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