6 Best Case Study Video Examples You Should Watch To Seek Inspiration

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Tell your brand story in a more interesting and authentic way. Check out the best case study video examples and why they stand out.

Suppose you’re a customer, and in this instance, we ask you to describe your favorite brand. How would you do that?

You might start off by highlighting their core products or services. You can also talk about your experience with them. That’s all you can do.

But have you ever thought that you leave a lot of things behind you and nobody, including you, pays attention to those?

And we honestly don’t blame you or others for it.

In this era, when almost all businesses look and feel the same, it becomes a necessity to shape your brand in a way that it gets instantly recognized by your potential customers in order to succeed.

For some of you, this might be a challenging task, but believe us; it’s not!

To do this, you first need to comprehend how you can make an emotional connection with your target audience.

One of the best and the easiest way to do this is narrating a tale, or you can call it storytelling.

From our childhood, we have loved reading and listening to stories.

This is the one habit that stays with us forever, and you can take leverage of it to succeed.

When you tell stories of your brand, it helps in plenty of areas like:

  • Understanding the origin of your company/brand.
  • What motivated you to provide this specific solution?
  • What sets you apart from your competitors?

As you know, many businesses are turning towards this new emerging content marketing strategy -Video.

It is becoming increasingly popular among organizations as a means to tell their company’s narrative and promote their core values.

To provide more insights, now that they’ve started using case study videos to showcase how their brand stands out from the crowd as something truly exceptional, one that customers feel a part of and proud to support with every purchase.

And guess what? This strategy is working pretty well.

In one of our blogs on video marketing, we stated that videos can easily boost conversions by as much as 134% on websites and bring in more targeted visitors on social media at a lesser cost.

Pretty impressive, right?

So, how would you apply this new marketing tactic to bring in similar results?

Don’t think too much because we are here to help.

Let’s dive in together to take a deeper look.

What is a Case Study Video? – An Irresistible Introduction

To begin, the purpose of a case study video is to provide a platform for a business to introduce itself to a wider audience in a more personable and genuine manner.

You let people go behind the scenes of your business and uncover the human aspect of your organization in a superb case study video.

The video tone should be raw and unedited, and the ultimate aim should be to evoke strong feelings.

Rather than making a safe, generic business statement, you should want to stand out.

You’ll hit closer to home if you’re vulnerable and open up about your flaws with honesty in front of your audience – after we all have some flaws, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Indeed, the more you relax and reveal your struggles, the more people will identify with you and view you as more than just another faceless corporation.

Bear in mind that a case study is not always an advertisement.

Although both might share elements, advertisements are often more financially motivated and designed to compel the audience to act immediately.

The purpose of a case study is more like that of a branding exercise, in which the audience’s impression of the firm or product is shaped.

Here, you want to create trust gradually and not pressure the audience to take any kind of instant action.

A marketing firm, for instance, may like to provide a case study on its website outlining its process of working with clients, praising the strong relationships they establish with its partners, and lauding the successful outcomes they achieve.

Unfortunately, there was no encouragement to take any action.

The perfect case study would leave a lasting impact on the reader and persuade them of the agency’s superior quality.

When the moment is perfect, the customer won’t need much persuading because the agency will become the clear favorite.

The Elements of an Incredible Case Study Video Should Encompass

Well, a case study video should persuade the audience that your company is the best option for a certain service or product by altering their initial impression of it.

How can you make it happen?

Start off by establishing rapport with the audience first.

Your video should not have a “business” or “bland” vibe but rather a personal one so that viewers can identify and connect with you on a personal note.

If you want to help people with an issue, you can’t act like a faceless company. You’re not looking to make a quick buck but rather establish a long-term working relationship.

I guess I have made my point.

Next, it should go without saying that your video should be interesting to the viewer.

Don’t use tired expressions – we have enough negative in our lives, and we are dealing with it, so no more, please.

Be irreverent and make up spontaneous bits that shock and entertain your viewers.

Is your company’s CEO, once again, making a budget speech to the press in his office? If you want to showcase that your firm is more than simply accountancy, why not perform the same thing while surrounded by employees or while wandering around your factory?

You know everything, and anything is possible. The only limit is in one’s imagination.

Moreover, for your video to be successful, it must persuade its intended viewers. Furthermore, nothing is more persuasive than testimonials from actual consumers.

Instead of praising yourself, have your clients do it for you by telling the tale from their perspective. If a business were to do all the talking, most consumers would tune out, but they would likely pay close attention if the same message were provided by actual customers.

So, after reading a thousand reviews, which do you think gives a more accurate portrayal of the product?

Creating a video case study also gives you the chance to speak directly to each of your niche markets.

Indeed, it is crucial to tailor your messaging, so it corresponds to the unique pain concerns of your various customer categories (students, families, homeowners, retirees, etc.).

Don’t be afraid to tailor your message to different groups of people by creating several case study videos; the more specific your videos are, the more likely they are to pique people’s interest and ultimately win them over.

Last but not least, while thinking about how to organize your case study, there’s no need to start from scratch when you have the whole flowchart in your hand.

The tried-and-true method of Problem > Solution > Outcome is usually effective. You start by outlining the problems your customers are experiencing.

Once you’ve found the key to the problem, you have to prove it. To wrap things up, you stress the enhanced quality of life your product or service has brought to the consumer. It’s as simple as that.

Okay, enough of the procedure.

We believe when we are writing about a how-to blog, it’s necessary to show real-life experiences.

So, let’s move to that.

Case Study Video Examples That Will Put You in Trance

Well, if you search on YouTube, you’ll find innumerable case study videos. However, not every video met the standards we had set. Plus, we wanted to set the benchmark up high so you can achieve your goals faster.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best case study videos created by industry giants for their businesses.

1. Paypal

Do you have any idea why this case video works so well?

Even though PayPal is a million-dollar enterprise, still it’s supporting small businesses and helping them to succeed.

Pretty amazing, right? After all, who does that today?

Moreover, it’s not them who tell tales of their success. They let their customers do the talking and praising – a great tactic to prove your credibility.

This video does a great job of summing up the difficulties encountered by the company and showing how Paypal’s payment services provided a simple solution.

2. Go Pro

When we were watching the video on YouTube, we saw comments saying good things about it.

The opening scene is riveting and effective in setting the tone for the GoPro narrative to follow. The audience is taken on a trip down memory lane through flashbacks as several workers discuss the significance of GoPro and its effects.

The viewers of this video can be inspired to follow in the footsteps of the company by realizing that their own consumers are at the heart of its success.

3. LaunchHub

In order to ensure the success of your mobile app’s marketing strategy and take it to the next level, you need to know what you’re doing.

The future success of your app is very important, given the current climate of uncertainty. This is why you need LaunchHub

LaunchHub opted for an animated video style to explain its product. They take a narrative approach and their expertise in the field to choose the most effective means of explaining their work to others.

The LaunchHub crew knows their stuff, and it shows in the animated video case study they created to present their predictive mobile analytics technology to mobile marketers.

If you want to create a video like this, get in touch with any of the video animation studios we have listed in our blog, top-rated Houston-based animation studios, you should hire for your animated video projects.

4.  Hyatt

Probably, this is one video that’s entertaining apart from being informative.

In this video, Hyatt takes the safe route while yet sending a powerful statement. Watch how the video pivots to talking about Google and their new video ad distribution option at the midway point.

Google sees this strategy as a wonderful method to establish trust before introducing its own brand narrative to the world.

5.  Slack

Why it works: Pretend to be interested in your goods if you can’t (or won’t) use genuine ones.

Here, Slack has gone above and above in terms of imagination by providing a completely made-up scenario to show what can be expected when a tech business begins using Slack.

You can also show in great detail how to utilize the product and how it helps with a variety of difficulties while still being witty and irreverent in this approach.

6.  Cool Paal Flex

It’s pretty surprising to see how pharmaceutical product manufacturers are now investing in animated case study videos to connect with their potential customers and build the credibility of their brand.

The case study video narrates the story of how MissionPharma was requested to deliver insulins to their warehouse in Goma Democratic.

Due to some circumstances, they had to change their destination, which brought the issue of keeping the products at the right temperature while they were transported.

It was a pretty challenging task, but Cool Paal Flex stepped to the rescue – arrange high-performing bulk shippers.

The video showcases how the solution the company proposed to their client helped them in safely delivering their products.

This video has a great storyline, great use of color, and is visually appealing, which is why we thought it deserves a spot in our blog.

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Creating Case Study Videos – Hiring the Video Experts

Well, the heading says it all.

Video production is not an easy task at all. You might not know or have a clue about the fact that a video goes through three processes (pre-production, production, and post-production), then you get the final results.

No matter what video style you choose, like live-action or animation, the process is the same.

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Or, if you like the animated video style more, which is pretty evident why you can also hire video animation experts.

Animation is something that not everyone can do. If you find a company that offers video production services, it’s not necessary that they can offer animation services, too, like cel-animation 2D animation or 3D animation services.

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Go One Step Ahead with Case Study Videos

As you know, using case studies for marketing is a common practice in the digital world because it’s proven case studies help in spreading awareness and building credibility.

If you already have a massive number of loyal customers in your hand, you can ask them out to join hands with you, stand in front of the camera and tell the world how amazing you are.

If they truly value and trust you, you’ll get an unbelievable response.

If you’re camera shy and not ready to do it yourself, then, BuzzFlick is here all set to jump in and help you produce impeccable case study videos.

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