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Discover the top animated video production companies in the world. See their work, ratings and testimonials.

To make ground as a brand, you need outstanding videos.

So, I guess it’s pretty simple. All you need is a creative agency. To fill out the creative brief and take your video project head-on from day one.


How do you know if you’ve just tapped the best one to do your job?

Well, you don’t. What if the company you hired doesn’t deliver up to its promises?

As unfortunate as it may sound, it’s very likely that you’ll end up like the Tweety below.

Tweety clearing snow

So, to save you the hurdle, we’ve complied the list of the best-animated video production companies. And frankly, the ones that have made it to the list are not just real quality ones, but are highly trusted.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. BuzzFlick – Animated Video Production Company

Team15-25 members
Top clientsEarthLink, Findify, Framework LTC, AVIA
Speciality2D and 3D animated videos
CountryUnited States

One of the best animated video production companies out there is BuzzFlick. The reason why we say so is because over the past five years, we’ve worked on some amazing projects and built great relationships.

Our clientele spans across multiple countries and we’re open to work with brands of all types and scale.

The team at BuzzFlick is a score of best-in-class artists, animators, and creatives who are passionate to tell a mesmerizing tale to unveil your brand in the most powerful fashion.

Here’s why we stand out among others and continue to be the best at our game;

  • We produce videos that are 100% customizable
  • Our videos are personalized, sounding and appearing natural to your brand
  • We offer the best price guarantee
  • We also offer video marketing consultancy to skyrocket video engagement
cta logo animation 2

2. YumYum Videos – Video Animation Studio

Team10-20 members
PricingStarts from $8000
Top clientsRed Bull, Vodafone, American Express, Walmart, McKesson Corporation
SpecialtyExplainer videos

YumYum videos is another big name on the list. They claim to have worked with hundreds of brands across 20 different countries. Plus, they are a full-service video studio.

Additionally, there are some salient features that make them a standout.

  • High-level of customization for a customer’s video
  • Premium quality of video
  • Highly-competitive pricing

Apart from this, they also offer video marketing consultancy for their prospects.

It makes more sense as they don’t just want their clients to have them produce brand videos, but also ensure that they turn out to be a big success for their business.

So, it’s a win-win!

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3. Motion Story – Creative Animation Agency

Team5-10 employees
PricingStarting from $5000
Top clientsBatNav, ACIAR, Cotton Australia, NSFW Government and United Nations
SpecialityMotion graphics

Motion Story is another creative motion design studio based in Australia. They take pride in the talent of their motion artists and can scale up tools and resources to meet the scope of any project.

As for the clientele, we can agree that they’re mostly working with Government and International NGOs.

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4. Explainify – Animated Video Company

Team10-50 members
PricingStarts from $10000
Top clientsPanasonic, Bayhealth, MGA Systems, DevSquad
SpecialtyExplainer videos
CountryUnited States

As the name implies, Explainify has branded them around explaining brand concepts with ease. Their tagline “Making the complex simple” tells a lot about how they perceive their everyday job of producing videos.

However, they’re not just limited to explainers. You can expect them do a lot more including landing page videos, brand specials as well product and app demo videos.

To them, brands in the B2B space need a story to turn complex information into simple and meaningful ideas.

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5. Yans Media – 2D Animated Video Production

Founded  2015
Team10-50 members
Top clientsTourbuds, The Watch Standard, DotShop and Buglab
Specialty2D and 3D animated videos

Based in Armenia, they’re not just one of the most successful studios in the region, but also a big name for producing explainer videos. The creative team is not a just score of animators or quality designers.

But it is spearheaded by brand strategists and creatives, who have solid marketing acumen. They’re able to guide you through various styles of animation after thoroughly analyzing your brand goals.

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6. Thinkmojo – Creative Video Agency

Team10-50 employees
Top clientsLattice, Linkedln, Fico and Jumbo
SpecialtyExplainers and motion graphics
CountryUnited States

Thinkmojo is another full-service animated video company.

Whether it’s explainer that can introduce your product to a cold or excited audience, or motion graphics to make your branding stand out from the crowd, Thinkmojo has it all!

The team is more inclined to work with startups especially those that are making ground in the tech space. So, there is more effort to make more personalized videos for clients.

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7. Dot – Animated Video Production Services

Team1-10 members
Pricing$ 5,000+
Top clientsGreat Dane, Coldwell Banker, Weber, Konnect
SpecialtyCorporate video production
CountryUnited States

Dot has been producing some spell-binding animated videos for almost a decade now. Their specialty is with corporate videos.

Having worked with some big names in the tech and automotive industry, the team is not just offering quality, but also claiming a reasonable price offering.

Interestingly, corporate videos are not the only thing they do. You can have them produce music videos, social ads as well as explainer videos.

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8. Switch Video – Animation Production Service

Team10-50 employees
PricingStarts from $10000
Top clientsAmazon, Cisco, Nespresso, and HP
Specialty2D animation and motion graphics

Switch Video is another big name on this list. They’re well-known for their motion graphics and 2D animation services. Plus, you can also have them do some cool whiteboard animation stuff.

The team at Switch Video identifies client correspondence as a competency that gives them an edge over others.

To them, client involvement is not just actively engaging with them, and setting reasonable deadlines for various stages of the project.

But, more importantly, they want to have clarity in communication, ensuring that clients don’t need to mention anything twice. So, it won’t be wrong to say that the team is very much aligned with their client’s goals from the get go. 

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9. Vidico – Video Animation Company

Team10-50 employees
PricingStarts from $10000
Top clientsUberEats, Spotify, Square and AirTable
SpecialtySaaS video production

Vidico is another animated video production company based in Australia.  Unlike others on this list, they’re not just limited to animated video production, but also offer live-action filming.

Additionally, they’re a company with a bunch of talented creatives who’re excited and passionate to reveal brands with compelling narratives. And, they seemed to be doing that perfectly for SaaS and tech brands.

They’ve expanded with multiple locations, which also reflects their success and rapid growth in the video production space. 

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10. Dinos and Teacups – Video Animation Services

TeamSingle-person video agency
Top clientsAlfa Systems, E-Butler, Vmarkt and Vegan Society
SpecialtyFull-service animation

Dinos and Teacups is a vegan animation and illustration studio. It’s a one-woman show. It’s owned by a vegan freelancer who hails from Canada. She specializes in full-service animation and creating loops.

She’s inspired by ecology and veganism. So, her works depict her unique values as she educates people around ecology and veganism with her creativity.

Plus, she would happily collaborate with any startup or brand that has the same values and can synergize with her.

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11. Demo Duck – 2D Animated Video Production

Team size20-30 people
PricingStarts above $25,000
Top clientsIMB, Zocdoc, GEICO, Weizmann Institute
Specialty2D and motion graphics

Demo Duck is one of the finest names when it comes to 2D animated video production. They’ve been in business for over a decade now and has bagged some of the top clients. On their website, you can find their portfolio.

According to them their creative edge is their scripting process. It involves brainstorming sessions that guides the creative brief. For them it is an integral aspect of the video production process.

Creatives are continuously trying to up their game by watching videos and movies that inspire them.

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12. Epipheo Studios – Video Animation Company

Team10-50 Employees
PricingStarts from $15000
Top clientsDupont, Epson, SAP, and Deloitte
SpecialtyExplainer videos

Epipheo is not just one of the best when it comes to animated video production, but also one of the oldest in the business. They’ve partnered with some of the top clients including Microsoft, Epson as well as Deloitte.

They’re a full-service video production agency with tons of experience you can count on for your project needs.

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Wrapping Up

Let’s wrap this one up. Above we gave you a list of the best animated video production companies. To make sure you are able to collect all the useful info easily, we have compiled all necessary information in a table for each respective agency.

Next, we’ve expanded on the specialty of each animated video company and their team’s unique competencies that help them standout from the rest.

Now, the ball is in your court. You’ve to pick which one suits your needs and can take your project to the finish line while ensuring that you achieve your brand goals successfully.

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