Top 5 Impressive Examples Of School Video Marketing

top 5 impressive examples of school video marketing
Looking for new ways to advertise your School? Read our blog to learn about the most impressive examples of school video marketing influencing prospects.

The first rule of video marketing is “Show, don’t tell.” Writers and filmmakers learn this lesson when they start their careers. Focus on visual storytelling, character, thoughts, emotions, and visuals because they are more important than dialogue.

We need to consider similar guidelines for school promotional videos. Either create a homepage video, a day in your school video to show your school’s culture, parent and student testimonials, or whatever you wish to convey to your audience through your videos.

When creating a school video, you need to cover the following points:

  • Explain what a unique culture your school has
  • Showcase the steps your school is taking to assist students for the betterment of their future
  • Highlight your school’s contributions that help in improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the students

If you incorporate these three elements, it will make your high school promotional video more engaging. There is a slight difference between marketing videos explaining information and videos portraying fun.

5 Best School Marketing Videos

We will reveal the top-notch examples of school video marketing that beautifully manage this balance in their videos. In these videos, schools tell their stories.

These are the best Schools with powerful marketing video examples to help you create an effective video marketing strategy for your school.

  • Forman
  • Avon Old Farms
  • McCallie
  • Trinity-Pawling
  • Springfield School District

1. Forman

The most challenging thing for schools is to tell the audience how their school is different from other schools.

Forman has provided the answers to these questions in their school promotional video. The video has soothing music and soft narration influence the audience to learn more about the school.

The testimonials share staff and parents’ views that explain how Forman stands out from other schools.

Forman is one of the most credible schools that enhance students’ knowledge and skills. The video emphasizes on this stance. It attracts parents whose children struggle to learn because of traditional teaching methods.

When parents watch students having the same difficulties but overcome them with teachers’ guidance, it gives them a sense of comfort and creates an emotional attachment.

Forman’s video answers the question, “Can one school make a difference?”. The best thing about this video is that they focus on the stories of their students who enhance their knowledge and skills at Forman through parent testimonials.

The short testimonial videos are more engaging and easily convey the message. When they see that other parents are satisfied with their education standards, it builds their trust.

Keep your testimonial videos direct and concise and provide the essential information that clears all the doubts prospects might have in their minds.

You can use testimonial videos on your website homepage so parents will watch them. Schools use these videos to answer initial queries, give them confidence early on, and encourage prospects to make the right decision.

Many video production companies provide educational video production services for educational institutes. All you need to do is research the best video production companies and outsource your project to the most credible and experienced company.

2. Avon Old Farms

According to Avon Old Farms, they aim to become “the top elementary school and college for boys.” It is a challenging goal to achieve, and it is difficult to explain it. Avon has established its school in Connecticut that contributes to the education sector.

They conveyed their message beautifully in the video. The video highlights how the institute provides education to young men by promoting brotherhood, providing integrity and scholarship to students.

Avon students, teachers, and parents share their views in the video. It showcases how Avon is encouraging leadership skills that improve students’ confidence.

In the video, they share students’ testimonials to build their credibility in front of parents. In their video, students and teachers share their views about the school, encouraging prospective to apply.

3. McCallie

From program highlights and music videos to scholarship overviews and testimonials, this video of McCallie brilliantly answers all the questions a prospect can have in their minds. After watching this video, many prospects contacted them for admissions.

For instance, here is an example of the video titled “We Made it Boys.” 2020 was a challenging period for schools and students. Due to the Covid-19 spike, many educational institutes, including McCallie, started online classes for students.

McCallie’s video brilliantly highlights students’ challenges in 2020 and how they overcame them. McCallie’s students express their love for their friends and schools when they finally attended school.

McCallie has created videos that motivate students through a powerful message. The school uploaded some of the best videos with powerful storytelling on its web page.

People can watch the “We Are McCallie – Football Hype Video” on a similar page created to motivate the school’s soccer team.

In one of their videos, they share parents’ views on how they send all three kids to their school. Their trust in the school encourages parents to send their boys to the school. The video help in increasing the parents’ trust in school.

4. Trinity-Pawling

This sweet and short “Our Campus” video of Trinity-Pawling is one of the best and powerful marketing videos. Trinity-Pawling use this video to show the environment and their educational culture. Their video is created with impressive campus drone footage and beautiful background music and won the hearts of the audience.

Another stunning video they created is “We Call Ourselves the Pride,” which explains how their school contributes to the education system. They used a professional camera and student narration that explained more about the school. This brilliant video encourages students to apply for admission to the school.

The video outstandingly invokes the audience feeling and impresses the parents to choose the Trinity-Pawling school for their children.

5. Springfield School District

Schools are using video marketing to promote their educational services. Springfield School District created this excellent video which showcases how they are introducing innovative ways to teach students.

Springfield School District school uploaded a series of videos on their website.

They uploaded the first five videos with the same title, “Live Center Lesson Strategy,” which exhibits students participating in their learning exercises. One of their teachers produced video lessons to enhance their learning experience.

Video editing played a vital role in the success of their video marketing campaigns. Every marketer needs to focus on video editing to improve video quality.

Some people wrongly perceive that video editing cost is too high and ignore them. However, video editing is affordable and an essential element that can make your video successful.

Another video they used is “Kahoot,” in this video. A teacher explains how learning software “Kahoot enhances the classroom learning experience and increases the students’ engagement.”

The main focus of these school marketing videos is to show the audience that students are engaging and participating in educational activities.

The video shows students taking interest in discussions, answering questions, and enjoying learning at the school.

The unique thing in Springfield’s video is that they capture various footage of students studying and enjoying because of their modern educational system.

In a Nutshell

School video marketing is similar to filmmaking as we use both to show, not to tell. When it comes to the school’s video marketing main objective is to highlight educational standards to the prospects. Video is one of the most powerful mediums.

Schools can use video marketing to connect with families and influence their decision-making. Competition is growing among schools. Nowadays, schools need to create marketing videos that answer all the queries about their educational services.

Follow the same marketing techniques and allow your talented staff and students to share their views about school in front of the camera.

We hope after reading this article, you will get inspiration from these school marketing video examples. It will also help you create an educational video vlog that creates a meaningful impression in prospects’ minds.

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