How Much Does a Whiteboard Animation Cost?

whiteboard animation cost
Understand the formula that works behind the cost of whiteboard animation and calculate the expected price of your next animation project.

To understand the whiteboard animation cost and the factors you should consider, before beginning whiteboard animation production, this article will be very fruitful for your research.

A Precap

In this article, we will be covering some important questions that users and clients frequently ask:

  • What will be the cost of a whiteboard animated video?
  • The factors to consider for cost calculation.
  • Online whiteboard animation software.
  • Do it yourself versus hiring a whiteboard animator.
  • Whiteboard animation studio versus a freelancer.
  • The hiring of a whiteboard animation production company.
  • The cost of a whiteboard animated video per minute.
  • Why pay for a high-quality video?

What will be the Whiteboard Animation Cost?

Here are the four possible ways to create a whiteboard animation project for your objective:

  • Online whiteboard animation software: $60-$600.
  • Hire a whiteboard animator (freelancer): The cost varies from artist to artist.
  • Hire an animation company: $600-$1400.
  • A DIY animation project: Might cost you less at the beginning, but later on, it will cost you time, resources, and money.

Factors to Consider for Cost Calculation

Whiteboard animation is similar to other animation production processes; it includes pre-production, production, and post-production. But here are some factors that you need to consider before beginning the whiteboard animation production:

  • Your budget: It is a must factor to be considered before starting the project. If you don’t have a budget, then create one with an activity timeline.
  • Information: What quality information do you want to deliver with the video?
  • Duration: How much time will be required to deliver the information with an audible & readable speed?
  • Style: What whiteboard animation video style do you want to incorporate into your project?
  • Platform: Where will you be posting your video? You must evaluate this question because different platforms require different video sizes and quality.
  • Edit: How do you want to see your video? What portion should be the part of the video, and what shouldn’t be?
  • Deadline: How soon do you want your video?
  • Marketing Strategy: Does your video require a marketing strategy?

If you evaluate these answers, then you will be able to calculate how much your whiteboard animation project will cost you.


Online Whiteboard Animation Software

Using online whiteboard animation software, the first option for whiteboard animation production is not a bad one, but it is a little constrained.

It is suitable for startups and entrepreneurs with limited resources, a tight budget, and plenty of time.

Why plenty of time? Because this option will require time, while you have access to animation tools and free video templates, you will still need to write a video script and develop ideas for how to put your message into action.

With an online whiteboard animation maker, you can produce a result that only seems professional to non-professional viewers, just like those birthday videos by Facebook that just adds some personal photographs, wishes, and a pre-made template.

While using an online and free video maker, you won’t find many features that can help you create a personalized video for your brand, company, or marketing campaign. However, you can adjust the video’s fonts, text animation, and color palettes to match the theme of your brand.

Here are some best online video animation tools that you can use anytime and anywhere to create some mindblowing whiteboard animation:

  • MySimpleShow
  • Animaker
  • Raw Shorts
  • Renderforest
  • PowToon

DIY Vs. Hire a Whiteboard Artist

The first question that strikes the mind is to hire a whiteboard animator or do it yourself. Let’s peek into this question deeply.

Suppose you begin with setting up the camera and creating whiteboard animation using video editing software. If you are not a professional artist and this is your first project, it will undoubtedly require weeks of perfection and cost you resources.

When we talk about whiteboard animation software, it minimum costs you $500-$600 with hardly a month of the free trial. If you prefer cheap software, you will get poor-quality animation and clipart. Most of the free animation software provides templates that can kill the uniqueness of your project.

On the other hand, if you pick professional software like Adobe Animate or Illustrator, it will cost you around $1500-$1600.

There are two possible ways to create whiteboard videos yourself:

  • Draw it with your own hand: If you begin with hand drawing, it is quite a time-consuming process and will not provide studio animation quality.
  • Use software: If you go for animation and use whiteboard animation software, you need to be skilled to operate the software and handle the criticality of animation.

With low-definition quality video, these practices will cost you time, effort, resources, and money, which is too much for any company, and you might end up with unsatisfying results.

Whiteboard Animation Studio Vs. A Freelancer Artist

Well, it is a topic of detailed discussion, long story short, whiteboard animation companies have complete production and post-production teams to work on your projects, but if you hire a freelancer, they might not be able to meet the quality standards of an explainer video production company.

You go for the freelancing option in a very rare scenario. Clients usually pick Freelancers when they require urgent and short video alteration (editing) or want to create a specific part of a video.

Freelancers are not the best option for the whole video production, as they charge you twice or thrice for the work compared to a video production company.

You can easily hunt for a freelancer through various websites, but even the best ones consume months to get the project done, which a well-established production studio can do within weeks.

And the headaches that clients usually get from freelancers and prefer not to hire one are delays in deadlines and project delivery.

But most importantly, the most challenging part for clients is to keep all in one place at the same time when they hire multiple freelancers for a project. Here are some issues that pop out when it comes to assembling the team of freelancers:

  • Identifying and selecting talented freelancers: Picking the individuals that are perfect for the particular project.
  • Synchronize the schedule: Aligning the timetable of individual artists is quite an exhausting task because the best the artist is, the harder the appointment will be.
  • All on the Same Page: Keeping the entire team on the same page with your project is problematic because, most likely, they have never worked together before.

Hire A Whiteboard Animation Production Company

Whether it’s a startup, an enterprise, or an SMB, every company prefers a customized whiteboard animation video for the marketing and branding purpose that effectively conveys the message to the targeted audience.

That’s where you pick the option of getting the full-service production experience from an animation video production company.

As mentioned earlier, that how much it is difficult to recruit a group of freelancers and keep tabs on them in order to know your project’s progress. To address this challenge, there are several significant advantages of hiring a video production company instead of a bunch of freelancers:

  • You will have an entire team of experts with a lot of experience working together.
  • You will be able to see the quality of the work on the studio’s portfolio and know what result you will get at the end of the production.
  • Once you have hired 2D animation studio, you have to do a lot less work and deal with less stress.
  • You may feel confident that the chosen production house will create something outstanding for your brand representation.
  • You can talk to the project manager to communicate your project requirement and ask for alterations anytime.

Hiring an animation agency is the most reliable alternative for businesses regarding whiteboard animation production.


Whiteboard Animated Video – The Cost per Minute

In video animation, the thing that is considered necessary is the length of the video. And to understand how to calculate the cost according to the duration, here is a point that you must keep in mind to create some best but budget-efficient animation:

Longer the video, the lower the cost.

Either you create a 10-second video or a 1-minute video; you have to work on the animation style, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and concept building, but the cost per second of a longer whiteboard animated video will be cheaper than a short video.

How Much Does a 30-second Whiteboard Animated Explainer Video Cost?

A 30-second HD quality whiteboard animated explainer video production will cost around $900-$2000, but that depends on the requirements, animation style, and the number of revisions.

How Much Does a 60-second Whiteboard Animated Explainer Video Cost?

A 1-minute HD quality custom-made whiteboard animated video production will cost you $3500-$5500. It varies over the project type, style, size, and complexity.

We offer you the same 60-second HD quality video production at $1200 with a max of 5 revisions.

How Much Does a 90-second Whiteboard Animated Explainer Video Cost?

A customized 90-second whiteboard animated video will cost you around $4200-$6500. Generally, a longer video costs you less per second, but if the video is not tailored professionally, it might cost you more than calculated.

If you choose BuzzFlick, you will get unlimited revision with detailed whiteboard animation for just $1400.

Why Pay for HD Quality Animation?

Companies spend millions of dollars on animation to give HD-quality visual experience to their targeted audience and move their eyes from the competitors to their business.

Whiteboard animation is a simple but technical art. It requires weeks of perfection and quality editing. Suppose a company has invested $5000 on a whiteboard animated video production; what video quality will it prefer? 1080p or 360p – obviously, the 1080p, it is not bad to pay a little more for good video quality.

The Hidden charges

We are BuzzFlick – a video animation agency located in the USA and operating worldwide. For us, charging the extra and irrelevant fee is a Bad Business, and as a trustable animation production company, it is our duty to provide our clients the best services at the best price.

Usually, the extra fee that has been charged by any studio is due to the occurrence of the following events:

  • Revisions: The major or continuous modification can affect the price plan that you have signed for. Most video production companies offer a minimum of two revisions and charge extra for quick, massive, and repetitive revisions.
  • Alteration in VoiceOver: It is the 360-degree flip of a project; once the project is completed, many clients come with voice-over editing, which is not an impossible task but affects the cost and production timeline.
  • Strict Deadline: The tight deadline also makes the production companies charge extra for the “ Urgent “ fee.
  • Purchasing Assets: Buying premium footage, clips, images, or graphics to incorporate in the video.


We hope that you have found this article helpful and informative in the cost calculation. We have included all the vital information about the whiteboard animation and its cost; if you have any other questions or are ready to work on a whiteboard project, don’t hesitate to contact the consultants at BuzzFlick. We will be happy to help you!

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