Top 15 Video Marketing Agencies for 2024

topic top 15 video marketing agencies for 2024
To help you produce outstanding video content, this blog features the list of top 15 video marketing agencies you can choose to partner with in 2024. 

Each brand is producing videos, and it’s needless to say that, videos today are an integral part of every brand’s digital content strategy. It’s simple: high-quality videos are instrumental in your marketing success. So to help you produce outstanding video content, this blog features the list of top 15 video marketing agencies you can choose to partner with in 2024. 

That’s not me just making guesses. Here’s some insight from Wistia:

A survey of 2000 businesses shows that 40% of marketers leverage videos to achieve their marketing goals. 

And, here’s another one that’ll make you invest a great deal of time and resources to level up your video marketing efforts:

As per Wistia in 2023, the total watch time for videos hosted on the platform went up by a whopping 44 per cent

That’s impressive and shows the potential for growth of video content. 

I’m not going to say there’s an opportunity because you already know about it. In fact, brands are aggressively vying to grab the attention of the viewer by producing tons of creatives every month. 

And, if you’re not doing the same, I’m afraid you’re missing out. 

Top 15 Video Marketing Agencies for 2024

Partnering up with a video marketing agency will save you from the trouble of going through your creatives from scratch, and even setting up campaigns to maximize engagement, and return on your investment (ROI). Because trust me when I say this, it’s not a cakewalk. 

Plus, there’s a whole lot more. But before we get to that. I just wanted to make sure you’re able to scan through this list with an eye for quality check. So, I’m giving you five pro-level tips to find your ideal video advertising agency. 

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5 Pro-Level Tips to Find your Best Video Marketing Agency

Here are five tips you should not miss out when on the hunt for a video marketing agency. 

Invest in Video Marketing Expertise

Your goal should be to opt for video marketing expertise. Connect with a pool of agencies that have a versatile experience in campaign building. Ask them if they had set up campaigns that crashed goals for ROAS, and ROI for their respective clients?

If they didn’t do well, you’ve your answer. Expand your search, and get more video marketing agencies in your pool.  

There’s no excuse for quality experience, and results in marketing. 

Invest in experience that attracted not just views and engagement, but helped brands build and sustain profitable relationships. That’s what you should look for when searching your ideal marketing video agency. 

Check for Communication Skills and Knowledge

Besides experience and results, here’s one thing that is a key defining factor for the success of your video marketing campaigns. 

It’s high-level communication, and knowledge. 

Free demo and discovery sessions are your opportunity to learn extensively about the project team, their culture, and how the workflows will extend, and take your project towards completion. 

Find out if they’ve a more authoritative approach, or want you to invest your time to take things forward with a collaborative spirit. 

The experts need to be able to understand your product inside-out because the creatives they plan from there on, should certainly create the impact you desire to achieve. 

So, make a decision on a video marketing team that values knowledge and communication. 

Ask for Targeted Video Marketing strategy

Each product is unique, and each brand is different. Therefore, to manage your video marketing campaigns you need an agency that embraces uniqueness, and is appreciative of your distinct brand identity, and can go out of the way to delight your customers. 

It could be either through creation of video content, animated ads, some cool editing, or just inclusion of infographics that educate, and build trust. 

It’s better to know that the team of creatives are excited to devise a more targeted video marketing strategy to help you meet the set benchmark for KPIs. 

Gather Feedback from previous clients

Testimonials share what they didn’t tell you. Connecting with previous clients and getting to know their experiences with the company will help you in deciding whether or not you should sign them up. 

Ask permission to reach previous clients, and in most cases, companies would be pleased to pair you up with them. Good video marketing agencies are transparent in their communication, and would go a step further to win your trust, and quash any misconceptions with regard to the service. 

Key factors you should look at are customization with regard to videos, reliability in meeting deadlines, and staying available to make important changes at crucial moments, aligning the creative with brand’s style and tone, and optimizing the campaigns for a realistically desirable ROAS. 

See if prices justify the value

Last but not least, you want to have affordable pricing options. You want to work with a video marketing company that gets you the maximum value for every dollar you spend. Make sure to get quotes from a pool of video marketing agencies, and weigh the costs against benefits for each of the packages. 

Also, there’s a new model that is very typical of video marketing companies today. It’s called creative-as-a-service (CAAS). Companies provide creative assets, and management to their clients on a monthly subscription plan. So, your job here is to see if the CAAS would be more beneficial to you, or if you’re better off working on a project-basis. 

Best Marketing Video Agencies to Partner with in 2024

Now that you know what to consider when selecting a video agency, without further ado, let’s check out our top fifteen. 

BuzzFlick – Video Marketing Agency

Founded in: 2016

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: (346) 738-1001

Hourly Rates: $50 – $99 / hr

Location: 4201 Main St Suite 200 Houston, TX 77002

Employee Size: 50-249

Minimum Project Size: $1,000

Clients: Prime Hydration Drink, Avia Shoes, Starstake, SwellSpace

BuzzFlick is one of the best video marketing agencies on this list. We’re a dedicated marketing video agency with a team of the finest marketing professionals, and creatives who can help you engineer the best campaign for your product. 

What makes BuzzFlick special from others is the fact that we’re not just offering full-service video production, but also embrace products that require a bold story. We help you do that with animated videos, explainer ads, and motion graphics

Besides, if you’re a brand competing in the tech industry, we help you steer through your competition with dedicated campaigns for SaaS video marketing. We can even help you with pre-production, and post-production as we do that for most of our clients. 

Additionally, if you’ve already shot your videos, or got them animated, you can always take your video marketing to the next level with our premium video editing services

Here’s what you’ll be getting when you sign up BuzzFlick as your video marketing partner:

  • Best price guarantee to get the job done
  • Dedicated video marketing campaigns for your social media
  • FREE consultation on graphic design, and video editing to hype up your launch
  • Review of your product ad or app demos by the finest video artists in the industry
  • Video marketing campaigns that arouse interest, and boom conversions
  • Video marketing strategy consultation to guide your path towards integrated video marketing 

Want to see more? Make sure to check out our awesome video marketing portfolio

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Epipheo – Video Marketing Companies

Founded: 2009

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 888-687-7620

Hourly Rates: $100 – $149 per hour

Location: 2692 Madison Rd Suite N1, #324 Cincinnati, OH 45208, 888.687.7620

Employee Size: 10-49

Minimum Project Size: >$10000

Clients: SAP, Dupont, Epson, and Deloitte

Creating epiphanies with outstanding animated videos is Epipheo. Primarily positioned as an animated explainer video company, the creatives at Epipheo vow to create your next aha moment, should you choose to sign them up for your next creative project. 

Besides, there are a variety of styles for animated videos to discover your brand’s ideal match. They’re a high-quality video marketing team that understands your demanding needs as you move up the marketing funnel. 

Whether it’s raising awareness, or helping you drive interest through social ad campaigns, or even better, boost your conversions with animated video, the team is fully capable of helping you reach your destination. 

ThinkMojo – Marketing Video Production Companies

Founded: 2012

Email: N/A

Phone: +1 866-730-6656

Hourly Rates: $100 – $149 per hour

Location: 100 W Rincon Ave, Campbell, CA 95008, United States

Employee Size: 10-49

Minimum Project Size: >$10000

Clients: Fico, Linkedin, Lattice and Jumbo

Here’s another award-winning video marketing agency to elevate your product to the next level. The marketing team at Think Mojo is passionate about working with both bootstrapped startups, and enterprises with some of the clients being from the Fortune 500 list. 

To help a brand catapult in this ever so competitive landscape, team Mojo creates stories that not only resonate with audiences around the globe, but essentially inspire them to build a profitable relationship with the brand. 

DemoDuck – Video Marketing Company

Founded: 2011

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 312-487-1414

Hourly Rates: $200-$300 per hour

Location: 2041 W Carroll Ave STE C227, Chicago, IL 60612, United States

Employee Size: 10-49

Minimum Project Value: >$10000

Top Clients: IMB, Zocdoc, and Weizmann Institute

Demo Duck is another elite video marketing agency on this list. 

With a collaborative approach, the team at Demo Duck ensures that your videos sync perfectly to the style and unique tone of your brand. Plus, Demo Duck is dedicated to enhancing the potential success of your videos with its video marketing expertise. 

Whether you want to create a video post for your landing page or socials, the team listens to your needs carefully. You can even have a complete explainer or animated style video, or even ask them to do hybrid, live-action videos to humanize the brand even more. 

Demo Duck presents itself as a fine option for your video marketing needs along with bringing great expertise in producing thought-provoking educational videos to ensure that your product is easily understood. 

Very True Story – Video Marketing Services

Founded: 2012

Email: [email protected]

Phone: N/A

Hourly Rates: $200-$300 per hour

Location: N/A

Employee Size: 10-49

Minimum Project Value: >$10000

Clients: Adobe, Linkedin and Gusto

Very True Story is one of the best video marketing agencies to work with in 2024. The creative team is versatile. They’re not a score of aggressive marketers, who would go all-in to drive engagement, and impact. 

Instead, the Very True Story presents itself with a unique USP. It’s a video advertising agency with keen interest in producing powerful animations, and graphic illustrations. They might even do short animated videos to help you get the buzz you need on your socials.

Nice Shit Studio – Video Ad Agency

Founded: 2015

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +34 665 05 14 65

Hourly Rates: $200-$300 per hour

Location: C/ de Pere IV, 29, 6-4, Sant Martí, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Employee Size: 10-49

Minimum Project Value: >$10000

Top Clients: Upper Hands, Chateau Ste. Michelle, and X-view

Nice Shit Studio is another commendable brand in the space of marketing video production. Similar to Very True Story, Nice Shit Studio relies on animation and eye-catching illustrations to help brands discover their own distinct identity, style, and tone. 

Campaigns they create are brought to life with stories including adorable animated characters, colorful designs, and a tone that helps the client stand out from the crowd. Plus, what truly makes them a distinct choice on the list of video marketing agencies is the humorous narrative delved into each work of art they produce. 

This video marketing company has multiple agents around the globe who are helping it to increase its footsteps in the business. 

Kasra Design – Video Advertising Agency

Founded: 2011

Email: [email protected]

Phone: N/A

Hourly Rates: $200-$300 per hour

Location: 201 E Center St Ste 112 PMB 277 Anaheim, CA 92805 United States

Employee Size: 10-49

Minimum Project Value: >$10000

Top Clients: Salt Lending, PayPro Global, and Mega Grass

Here’s another name that has a versatile experience in creating animated marketing videos. Their line-up of artists, and motion art creatives is absolutely top-notch. 

Kasra Design is another special mention as one of the finest video marketing companies in the world. 

The team is known for assisting brands in navigating their ideal customer, and creating thought-provoking explainer videos that tick-off all slots for a perfectly warm, and message-driven marketing campaign. 

Besides, when it comes to video marketing, Kasra Design hones its craft, as they’re offering full-service video marketing. 

You can have 2D animated explainers for sales to motion art for social ads, and even 3D animated stuff for your YouTube pre-roll ads. 

Sandwich Video – Video Advertising Companies

Founded: 2009

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (323) 776-9351

Hourly Rates: $200-$500 per hour

Location: 923 E 3rd St. #304, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Employee Size: 11-20

Minimum Project Value: >$10000

Clients: Descript, Stitch Fix, and Rothy’s

Sandwich Video is another remarkable team in the world of video marketing production. What makes them a class apart from the rest of the industry is their filmmaking prowess. The creatives at Sandwich are unmatched for their jingles and touching narratives. 

Be it a colorful TV spot, or a campaign that is meant to shake up social media, the film team at Sandwich gets your story better than anyone. You can also expect cinematic quality level of editing, and detailing for your videos. 

Not only can you stand out from the crowd, but your brand poses value that can be internalized by the viewer in the most intuitive way possible, leaving you room to build rapport, and onboard new customers. It all can happen with great ease.

Colormatics – Creative Video Agency

Founded: N/A

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (866) 256-3763

Hourly Rates: $200-$500 per hour

Location: 1178 Broadway Third Floor, Suite 35, New York NY 10001

Employee Size: 11-20

Minimum Project Value: >$10000

Top Clients: PrizePicks, Hello Heart, and Jubilant Pharma

Colormatics is one of the best video marketing agencies with a presence all over the globe. What makes them special is the fact that the creative team has experience of producing attractive marketing campaigns that are laser-focused with your product messaging. 

Besides operating as a video marketing company, Colormatics also benefits from its prowess in video production. The team is of the view that visual content holds the potential to create impact of the largest magnitude, be it for a spot created for a product or a promotional marketing video made to create buzz over social media. They see impact!

Their clientele for video marketing is not just limited to mega enterprises, but the team embraces innovation, and is always curious to see how they can present value created by startups, and revolutionary entrepreneurs with their creative spark. 

StoryFarm – Creative Marketing Agency

Founded: 2010

Phone: 888-415-0415

Hourly Rates: $100 – $150 per hour

Location: 506 S. Dallas StreetBaltimore, MD, United States 21231

Employee Size: 10-20

Minimum Project Size: >$10000

Clients:, Eversense, Youngstown, and Blue-Emu.

Known for engineering masterful video marketing campaigns for social media, StoryFarm is another top video marketing agency on this list. The creative team at StoryFarm believes that each brand needs a story to win a special place in the heart and minds of its customers. 

And they’re here to help each brand set that story that will not just create magic in the shape of views, and engagement, but ultimately enhance awareness, and optimize conversions from videos. 

Plus to help you elevate your video marketing campaigns, they offer full-service video production, including 2D, 3D animation, and even explainer video decks, so your brand’s content can achieve versatility, and a distinct level of presentation. 

Vidico – Video Advertising Company

Founded: 2015

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +61 1300 127 186

Hourly Rates: $100 – $150 per hour

Location: 77 Argyle Street Fitzroy, Australia 3065

Employee Size: 10-20

Minimum Project Size: $5000

Clients: UberEats, Digital Ocean, and Airtable

We just mentioned some of the best video marketing firms, but let’s not conclude here because there are five more names we would like to introduce to you. Vidico is a creative marketing agency offering full-service marketing video production for all your needs. 

If you’re stuck with what kind of video content works, don’t fret, the team at Vidico hone their chops with social video marketing, and the videos are bound to get you the ROAS you’ve been craving for long. 

Besides, they offer end-to-end video production services, so there’s literally nothing you need to worry about. 

Vidico is known for its fun narrative for brands as well as painting stories that are magnetic, swooping in viewers and mesmerizing them with magic. In addition, you can even expect them to do crowdfunding videos. 

Yum Yum Videos – Video Marketing Company

Founded: 2012


Phone: +1 315-642-4152

Hourly Rates: $50 – $150 per hour

Location: 1900 N Bayshore Dr., Suite 1A #136-1246 Miami, Florida, United States

Employee Size: 10-49

Minimum Project Size: >$10000

Top Clients: McKesson, Spigit, and Phelps

Primarily positioned as an explainer video company, Yum Yum Videos is also offering top-notch video marketing consultancy for its clientele. 

With over 12 years of experience in video production, and creative storytelling, the team at Yum Yum has an excellent marketing acumen. They like to experiment and test out new concepts, even for the most challenging, and complex products. 

Yum Yum videos offers you a high degree of customization with your video marketing campaigns. 

And with eye-catching, and smooth animations, your videos appear nothing short of fantastic on your prospects’ social feed. The team’s even better with managing deadlines, ensuring you’re one step ahead of time for each stage of your project. 

Black Madre – Marketing Video Company

Founded: N/A

Contact: [email protected]

Phone: +55 11 3608-4128

Hourly Rates: $50 – $150 per hour

Location: R. Teodoro Sampaio, 1563 – Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP, 05405-150, Brazil

Employee Size: 10-49

Minimum Project Size: >$10000

Top Video Marketing Campaigns: Adidas Summer Bash, Rock on the Rocks, and Kibon

Our next video marketing agency that can skyrocket your brand growth is Black Madre. 

Based in Sau Paulo, this video marketing company is known for producing truly amazing animations, and most of them turn out to be completely hand-drawn. 

Meet the creative studio behind some of the most famous ad campaigns that infused hand-drawn animation. This video agency has always been touted for its great skill, and artwork to help brands improvise their messaging with bold designs, and animations that are unmatched, yet mesmerizing for every single viewer. 

Antimatter – Video Ad Agency

Founded: 2016

Contact: [email protected]

Phone: 0039 339 85 21 598

Hourly Rates: $50 – $150 per hour

Location: Via Cesare Brivio 15, 20158 Milan

Employee Size: 1-10

Minimum Project Size: >$10000

Clients:, BeamWallet and YouTube

Antimatter is another big name in the space of video marketing. This video marketing firm is known for producing highly engaging, story-driven content, and videos that tick off all engagement metrics, making sure you get the maximum ROAS for your video marketing campaigns. 

Besides, Antimatter also offers animation, illustration and nostalgic designing to make your brand appear a true standout among others. 

From designing GIFs, to helping you with end-to-end production for both TV spots, and digital videos, this team has come a long way to prove its prowess in video marketing production. They also offer services to both enterprises and non-profits. 

PsyOp – Video Marketing Company

Founded in: 2000

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: 212-533-9055

Hourly Rates: $150 – $199 / hr

Location: 45 HOWARD ST 5TH FLOOR New York, NY, United States 10013

Employee Size: 75-100

Minimum Project Size: $10,000

Top Clients: Duolingo, Camify, and Marriot Bomvoy

Last but not least, we’ve another award-winning name in the domain of video marketing. It’s PsyOp, a partner firm of LeCube. 

PsyOp specifically operates in the US market. However, the team is gifted with the line-up of the most talented creatives from all over the world. So, it’s a team that embraces art made with multicultural minds.  

That’s one reason why their video marketing campaigns continue to be stellar in quality, and intrigue viewers. Taking inspiration from urban culture, photography, filming and cartoon animation, and the retro era, this creative team knows no leaps and bounds. Product ads made by PsyOp are truly one-of-a-kind. 

Wrap up

Let’s wrap this one up. Above we gave you fifteen of the finest video marketing agencies that are making waves in the world of video advertising. Each agency has its own approach towards creative development, and marketing. On top of that, the names mentioned on this list features some of the finest art teams of the world, who have cracked the code of producing creatives that outsell all competitors. So, these are results-driven marketing teams, which also make them the finest in the industry. I’ve also walked you through the tips and tricks to decide on a video marketing agency that could be your ideal match. 

So, now the ball is in your court.

Good luck!

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FAQs – Hiring a Video Marketing Agency

What is a video marketing strategy?

Video marketing strategy is the plan of action to leverage video to educate the audience about a market offering or an organization. Brands benefit from video marketing by producing targeted videos for both digital channels, and social media platforms, websites and more. 

How much does it cost to partner with a video marketing agency?

The cost of partnering with a video marketing agency can vary depending upon duration of videos, scope, quality, and complexity of animation. However, you can keep a monthly budget between $500 and $1500. For high quality video production, video marketing companies may even charge up to $10000 per month. This also includes PPC, and other forms of campaign management. 

What are the most typically used types of marketing videos?

Following are the most typically used types of marketing videos. 

  1. Explainer videos – Made to inform or educate about a product/service
  2. Testimonial videos – Made to share experiences of happy clients
  3. Product Demos – Demos showcasing features of a product
  4. Corporate Videos – Video capturing important company highlights
  5. Story Videos – Videos directed with the help of a story
  6. Animated Videos – Videos made with the theme of animated characters
  7. Social Media Reels – Short-form videos made to draw viewers to the channel

Is a Caas model good for video marketing?

Creative as a service (CAAS) is a relatively new model for marketing agencies. It allows brands to benefit from a range of creative marketing services by only paying a small subscription. This can be a reasonable option for small brands who don’t have the budget for in-house teams, and want to experience full-service creative development for projects bearing tight deadlines. 

Why do businesses need a digital marketing agency?

A big reason why businesses may be served well by a video marketing agency is the fact that outsourcing campaign management and creative development saves business owners a lot of time to attend to customers. They’ve a team that’s results-driven, and knows that the only reason a business owner would continue with their service is great results. 

What are the benefits of hiring a video marketing company?

Following are five important benefits of hiring a video marketing company:

  • It helps you to scale video content, and develop creatives that are trending
  • It helps you to increase website traffic, and improve SEO ranking
  • It helps you draw more qualified leads, and increase your chances of conversion
  • It saves you more time so you can attend to customers
  • It helps you elevate your branding with pro-level video editing

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