15 Best Marketing Video Production Companies To Pick In 2024

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Looking for a marketing video production company that helps to sell them too? Read our blog on top marketing video companies to find your right fit.

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The popularity of Video content is continuously rising among people as it is helpful in learning about brands and their products. A study found that video content is the priority of 91% of marketers now.  And obviously that is why marketing video production companies are also in demand these days.

You may use a superior video marketing software to make videos on the go, but we are afraid to say that the output must have been underwhelming. That is why professional companies that make marketing videos should be your choice.

For your convenience, we have created a list of the top video marketing companies to pick in 2024.

Top Marketing Video Production Companies

Well, if you are looking for best marketing video companies, we’re here to help. Following are the 15 marketing video production companies most likely to benefit your organization. Let’s check them out together.

1. BuzzFlick

As the name suggests, we make Buzz with our videos. BuzzFlick is one of the top-rated video animation studios in Houston. Back in 2016, we started our journey with the vision to help businesses reach their prospects through a new marketing medium of communication, and that is animated videos.

We found our first home in Houston, Texas. After a while, we expanded ourselves and found new homes in Dover, New York City, and soon in California. We started off with 3-4 services, and now we have become a full-fledged video marketing production company.

We just don’t create animated videos, but we also help businesses to share them with their audience in an easy way through brand marketing video production. We provide assistance to the brands who have no clue how to take advantage of this newly born marketing asset to its full potential.

We offer various video animation and production services, including 2D & 3D animation services, video editing services, video ads services, motion graphics services, etc.

It might be a surprise for you, but BuzzFlick has won several awards as one of the emerging best marketing video companies. Our top-notch quality work has been adored and appreciated by big platforms like Clutch and Manifest. We have worked with some of the esteemed clients of the industry, including Airacer, WeFeel, Nabu, Red Stone, SIS, and Vaccidating, to name a few.

The distinctiveness and originality of our agency’s content are what really make it one of the greatest marketing video companies you can work with. While we might have come across animated video creation nearly by mistake, our marketing video production team established a beautiful style to captivate viewers’ attention and give a memorable experience, something that’s clearly shown in our portfolio.

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2. Webdew

Webdew is the most recent one in the list of best video marketing companies. It is a relatively young participant in the industry of video production and digital marketing, but it has already had a considerable influence.

It began operations in 2016, and it has grown dramatically to serve multiple clients, including both small and major organizations. As a best marketing video production company, Website, Videos, Marketing, and HubSpot are its most specialized offerings.

Webdew’s well-known clients include Microsoft, Uber, Due, T-Mobile, and Calendar, among others. You can anticipate this company to develop videos employing numerous copywriting tricks that generate outcomes. Consider seeing one of their sample videos.

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3. Artie Media, LLC

The third marketing video company on the list is Artie Media, LLC of Boston, United States. It started its operations in 2012; due to the quality of its services, it has expanded substantially since its inception.

Artie Media collaborates effectively with legal firms, nonprofits, and financial services. However, they also provide their services to businesses in other industries. Their video production services include video FAQ series, financial videos, small business videos, and corporate marketing video production, among others.

if you’re among companies that use video marketing, your sole responsibility is to supply them with the essential information and your purpose; they will handle the research, story development, and filming.

4. Blue Barn Creative

Blue Barn Creative has become an industry leader in commercial and marketing video productions, branding videos, online videos, and micro-documentaries. All of their videos feature captivating storylines, themes, and designs that hold the audience’s interest.

You can purchase a variety of video styles, including animated videos, promotional videos, social media videos, brand videos, and event videography. Numerous consumers have been satisfied in the past, and many businesses entrust them with their videos. The following is a link to their portfolio.

5. Veracity Colab

Veracity Colab is a marketing video agency based in California, United States, with around 22 devoted people working towards the company’s objectives. All of the personnel have more than 10 years of industry experience, making them experts in their field.

VeracityColab has supported organizations of all sizes, including small businesses, mid-sized firms, and major enterprises, in areas such as consumer products, healthcare, business services, etc.

It assisted video promotion companies, and gaming firms with their branding by making and editing personalized videos per their specifications. Their personnel is experts in narrative development, scriptwriting, 2D/3D animation, and other aspects of video production. You would be thrilled to do business with this organization.

6. Oranje

Since 2011, Oranje is working as a Canada’s top video marketing company with clients of all sizes. It assists your business in communicating its vision and message to its target audience via an original video.

Oranje’s videos have helped several small, medium, and big businesses expand their reach and income. It specializes in video production and editing for manufacturing companies. They are also well-versed in producing excellent corporate videos for recruitment, training, customer education, and lead generation.

They have produced over a thousand videos so far, most of which have been viewed by a vast number of people all over the world online, and they are professionals in producing videos that online viewers like interacting with. Once you provide them with your requirements and any other pertinent information, they will manage everything from idea development through dissemination.

Oranje’s well-known customers include Elmwood, Anderson, Cabico, Canam, etc. They have serviced over 400 customers globally and continue to do an excellent job.

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7. BreadnBeyond

This company’s versatility is one of its fundamental characteristics. BreadnBeyond is a marketing video company that provides a variety of services, video formats, and payment systems.

This firm strives to generate aesthetically engaging animations and designs, regardless of the intricacy of the issue at hand, because its employees are adept at dealing with startups. Trustifi, Mender, Digivante, and Zeux are some of their popular clientele.

8. GKV

GKV is a digital marketing video production company formed in Baltimore, United States, in 1981. Since its inception, it has been able to significantly expand its business. Currently, GKV employs more than 200 people that produce exceptional outcomes for its clients.

According to the study, viewers recall around 95% of the information they observe in a video, compared to only 10% while reading text. In addition to video creation, it offers services such as digital strategy development, branding, public relations, and social media marketing, among others.

GKV has supplied its services to businesses in areas such as telecommunications, healthcare, food items, etc. It is now under contract with a food-producing firm. The link to the example video is provided below.

9. Nice Shit Studio

Pretty interesting name, right? This video marketing company was founded back in 2015. Nice Shit Studio is based in Barcelona, Spain. An independent company headquartered in Barcelona with a bright and unique animation style is likely to attract your attention.

This company’s brilliant crew is always experimenting with new animation styles and methods, but their concentration is on message’s underlying emotion. This way, they’re able to develop remarkable artwork for corporations and charities from all around the world.

They have worked with some of the best customers, such as Chateau Ste. Michelle, X-view and Upper Hands.

10. BluBlu Studios

BluBlu Studio is an award-winning, United Kingdom-based video production firm (UK). It stresses producing complicated animated tales and reducing them to basic concepts in the form of video that the audience would find simple to comprehend, so achieving its objective.

It has been able to form partnerships with reputable advertising agencies, businesses, and publication houses throughout the globe. BluBlu Studios has assisted both large corporations and small groups in achieving outstanding video outcomes.

IKEA, TEDx, Agora, Microsoft, Mentos, Panasonic, etc., are among its most prestigious clientele. In addition to the company I’ve mentioned, BluBlu Studios has worked with a large number of companies with a valuation of over a billion dollars.

11. Bayside Entertainment

In Seattle, United States, Bayside Entertainment is a well-known marketing video company. They are skilled in combining creativity and technological competence to produce world-class videos. Their videos have yielded fantastic outcomes for their clients, which has earned them several prestigious accolades.

Bayside Entertainment can assist with the production of a variety of videos kinds, including motion graphics, PR videos, game trailers, online videos, and event videos. Walmart, SEGA, Disney, and UBISOFT are just a few of its well-known clientele.

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12.  YumYum Videos

YumYum videos was founded in 2010 by a team of artists, marketers, and creatives who think that distinctive and captivating video content that makes an impression is a key to bringing your message to life and establishing a connection with your audience.

With more than a decade of expertise, they are delighted to have worked with both tiny startups and Fortune 500 corporations from across the globe. They are professionals in creating aesthetically appealing content for a wide variety of sectors and marketing goals, as seen by their large portfolio.

13. Thinkmojo

ThinkMojo, a prominent digital marketing video production company, operates globally from San Francisco, California. Certainly, one of the greatest video marketing businesses around.

Thinkmojo seeks to assist other businesses in enhancing their customer and brand experiences via the use of magnificent videos. Since 2011, this best marketing video production company has been streamlining its production process in order to provide marketing-relevant content that is also beautifully simplified and aesthetically pleasing.

14. Demo Duck

Demo Duck, a Chicago, Illinois-based video marketing business, is a group of marketers, advertisers, animators, and creatives dedicated to the global humanization of companies. 2011 marked the beginning of the company’s operations.

They create videos in 2D, motion graphics, and other formats to educate customers, advertise products, and ultimately achieve the client’s goals. You can rely on these men to manage whatever job you have in mind since they are always ready for new challenges and put your business’s requirements first.

Demo Duck has collaborated with industry leaders such as IMB, Weizmann Institute, Zocdoc, and GEICO.

15. Antimatter

Antimatter is a Milan, Italy-based video animation agency that provides a comprehensive range of company video marketing services, from GIFs to TV ads, all created with high-quality animations and matched with engaging tales.

They have created content for both large corporations and nonprofit organizations with the goal of evoking emotion and engaging the audience. Among its prominent clients include YouTube, UEFA, BeamWallet, and

Frequently Asked Questions-Marketing Video Production Companies

How much does marketing video production cost?

A professional brand marketing video production varies on several factors. However, a small marketing video production companies can charge from $1,500 to $3,000 for one minute video. Best video marketing company provides one minute video with charges $5,000 to $20,000.

What does a video marketing agency do?

A video marketing agency creates top-notch and captivating video content for various businesses and brands to narrate their stories, draw in a larger customer base, boost audience engagement, and convert audience within their specified target demographics.

How effective is video marketing?

Video marketing is an effective strategy, with 86% of professionals in the field incorporating it into their campaigns. Short-form videos, favored by 66% of consumers, stand out as the most engaging content on social media. Impressively, 92% of video marketers report achieving a favorable return on investment (ROI) from their video marketing efforts. Additionally, video marketers secure 66% more qualified leads annually, showcasing the effectiveness of video in driving audience engagement and generating valuable leads.

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Our Final Thoughts

There are several marketing video production companies in the world. Our list that we have shared above are among the most reputable.

There is no guarantee that video production businesses will always produce high-quality video, and there can be times when you need to inform them of the adjustments you want to be made to the video.

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