Animated Motion Graphics Video Examples

Top 15 Animated Motion Graphics Video Examples

Animated Motion Graphics Examples

Animated motion graphics videos were, are, and will remain famous for a very long time.

They’ve proven to be an effective strategy to attract more consumers, increase sales, and generate more profit.

Animated motion graphics are a combination of content that’s information and educational with colorful, attractive graphics. The animated motion graphics video style is commonly used to explain something complicated so that viewers take an interest in the topic.

When I think of “animated motion graphics,” I think of bright, colorful cartoons (like Frozen characters) delivering a message. What comes to your mind?

Other than marketing, most businesses also opt for animated videos to make explainer videos. Such graphic animation videos are great for employee training and team building. Animated motion graphics aren’t just meant for ads or training, they can be much more, and we’ll see how later in the article.

The best motion graphic videos are the ones that deliver their message effectively and fulfill their purpose.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to create your own animated video, I will commend you on that because social media videos generate about 1200% more shares. This means the more shares you receive, the more your brand recognition increases and boosts your brand’s image.

Anyway, here is a list of the best motion graphic videos that I absolutely enjoyed watching.

The Top 15 Cutting Edge Animated Motion Graphics Videos

Let me help you spark your creativity with some of the best motion graphics videos in 2021.

The videos will act as an inspiration for your next animated video project.

Let’s look at some examples of motion graphics videos:

#1) A Unique Communication Platform – Slack

My first pick is Slack. The communication tool is a cloud-based service provider that is widely popular in the business community.

The platform offers a unique set of features, where multiple teams and employees of a large corporation can come together to communicate, share, and work easily.

The Slack advertisements mainly focus on animations, making it one of the greatest motion graphics video examples.

What they simply do is combine common geometrical shapes, four basic colors (according to their logo), and one concept to create exciting animated motion graphics.

Their creativity lies in their simplicity, and I don’t think there’s any Slack animated video that I personally don’t like.

In the video, they effectively explain Slack and how it helps large or small organizations communicate, share documents, and find attachments quickly (they claim you can find them on Slack quicker than your email inbox).

They stay true to the bright colors of the logo, all the while getting the point across.

#2) A Handy SEO Tool – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a toolkit that SEO specialists love using for digital marketing. The toolset runs on Big Data, and the platform is best for keeping an eye on your competitors and their activities.

The tool is handy for drafting a digital marketing and SEO strategy. It offers various features that you can leverage to survive the competition.

The video below is created using 2D animation skills combined with compelling content meant to be informative and directional. They’ve taken the art of 2D animation to create characters, objects, and backgrounds that move in a two-dimensional space smoothly.

The video starts with the introduction to Ahrefs, a brief overview of its features, and how it benefits online businesses. In the end, they’ve strategically placed a CTA just by adding “start your free trial” to entice viewers into trying the free version.

Suppose you want to start the 2D animation process. In that case, the Ahrefs video is a great motion graphics sample for you; learn their strategy of creating an illusion of movement for still images in a two-dimensional space.

#3) The Virtual Photo And Video Album – Instagram

In 2021, who isn’t familiar with Instagram? The Facebook-owned social media platform is famous for being “a virtual photo and video album,” at least that’s what I like to call it.

The simple-to-use platform allows its users to post pictures and videos instantly, directly from their gallery. It also offers an in-app camera equipped with numerous filters that users can try with their friends and family members.

The latest feature is the in-app games that users can play with their followers on their Insta stories. Additionally, people can also send private messages and leverage group messaging to exchange content.

The simple video below shows what users can do on their Instagram account. The video is short and crisp.

It’s also one of the great motion graphics examples because it shows you don’t always need characters or a voiceover. For some videos, all you need are a handful of animated objects, limited and easy-to-read content, and the brand colors to make a compelling video.

I think anyone who sees the logo will immediately recognize it’s an Instagram promo video because the colors are easily recognizable and unique to the social media platform.

#4) Meditation For Peace Of Mind – Headspace

Meditation is the technique that helps people practice control over their anger, improves their sleeping routine, and helps them focus better on their present.

Headspace is a famous meditation app available to Android and iOS users for free – unless they decide to buy the premium version or make in-app purchases.

The goal of the app is to help users be healthier, happier, and stress-free.

The one thing I love about Headspace is the animations and the color palette that they use to help people meditate.

When we think about meditation, we think of peace, calm, and serenity – that’s what the color palette reflects because they choose to incorporate pastel colors.

The pastel colors are pleasing to the eyes, which makes the videos compelling and fun to watch.

The video example below is one of their best motion graphics video that shows how Headspace works using a voiceover actor with a soothing voice.

It’s important to know the perfect balance between the characters, components, colors, voiceover acting, and message to make an amazing video. That’s exactly what Headspace makes sure to cover in all their advertisements.

#5) Cloud Security Service Video – Gemalto

Cloud services have become increasingly popular, and businesses leverage their services for storing and protecting user data.

Gemalto is a technology service provider to large businesses, government organizations, etc., that revolutionizes data protection with the SafeNet two-factor authentication.

The technology transforms a cloud environment into a dependable and trustworthy compliant environment for user data storage.

One of their motion graphic examples is an ad where they explain the platform in detail.

The brand leverages animation and explainer video styles to deliver the right message explaining what SafeNet is.

The use of dynamic animated objects combined with bold colors showcases the service beautifully.

#6) A Skype Tool – Skype for Business

Skype. Skype. Skype.

Who isn’t familiar with the famous communication platform by now? The communication channel was launched as a free-calling software in August 2003 and then acquired by the Microsoft Corporation in October 2011.

The platform has to be the biggest and a widely used channel in companies, large corporations, and individuals.

However, regardless of its popularity, some people are still unfamiliar with its use (hint: it’s the silent sand boomer generation, but we can’t blame them for not having technology back then).

For such users, Skype has invested in an effective, colorful, and informative video that shows how to use the platform.

The video shows how Skype makes communication easy in a large or small organization for free most of the time!

Skype for Business is a handy tool that will increase efficiency while saving costs.

The aspect I like about the video is the fact that they use “expression-less characters.” Notice how none of the characters have any facial features, yet they can express themselves using their body language.

I like to think the strategy implies that with Skype, you don’t have to make communication complicated when you have Skype for Business.

#7) Silent: A Short Film

If you go back to the intro of this blog, I said, “animated videos aren’t just meant for ads; they can be much more.” That’s exactly what one of the next motion graphics video examples is going to showcase.

I’ll agree, I took too much time to bring this animated video to the table, but I have a good reason for that.

I wanted to explain the “advertisement side” of animated video and then show one of my favorite motion graphic video examples.

I’m head over heels in love with animated movies, and Big Hero 6 is my all-time favorite, which is why Silent by Dolby is on this list.

Up till now, the examples you’ve seen show a different animation style, unlike this short film.

The short film: Silent starts in black and white, where a little girl is trying to make a few cents with her father until she walks into a cinema, and the whole theme changes.

The short film is beautifully made, even though it has no dialogs. It’s kind of like the “Skype for Business” example but less corporate.

The short film is truly a masterpiece that shows you can do a lot with just characters, a storyline, and colors even if there aren’t any dialogs involved.

And when I say short…I mean short, as in it’s under three minutes, which is another reason I love it. Dolby has managed to show a complete story in under three minutes, which is very inspirational.

#8) The Einstein100 – General Relativity Animated Video

Who isn’t familiar with the great scientist with wild hair who revolutionized the way we think about space, time, gravity, and the entire universe?

And who doesn’t know his theory of relativity (the one he’s famous for)?

I’m sure most people (hint: science geeks) are well aware of the theory; however, if you’re someone who doesn’t entirely get the concept (like me, and it’s okay), then the next sample is for you.

This video has to be one of the most easy-to-understand motion graphics samples I have ever come across. Why? Because they made the theory sound so easy.

Eoin Duffy made sure to use the right colors, a great voiceover actor, attractive characters, and some humor to convey the message.

I’m sure non-scientific geeks like me will agree that when science concepts are paired with humor, cute characters, and colors – Science becomes fun to learn!

If someone told me they were going to make more Science videos like the one below, I’d consider changing my career and learning Science the fun way!

#9) The Apple Timeline

Okay, this has to be one of my favorite animated motion graphics videos because I just love a good flashback.

Apple is one of the biggest manufacturers of electronics globally, and more importantly, they’re known for their hottest selling item – the iPhone.

The company came into being back in 1976, and since then, it has won the hearts of many. Apple fans just can’t get enough of the brand.

So, the reason why I love this video is that it’s a tap into the history of Apple. Now, I’m someone who absolutely despises history because I had a hard time remembering details.

However, this video has convinced me to think otherwise.

It kicks off from the 1976 Apple PC and goes down the entire timeline.

There aren’t any animated characters involved in the video, but the way of deliverance and the exciting music makes this video amazing!

#10) PayPal

PayPal is a USA-based company that’s operating worldwide and offering an online payment system.

It offers users to make online transfers, which replaces the traditional method of paper methods and cash handling.

The video ad below explains the use of PayPal in an effective yet crisp way.

The online money handling platform has combined attractive colors and minimal animation to explain why a user needs to get a PayPal right away.

Pretty compelling, if you ask me.

#11) Reddit Mobile App

Reddit is a famous “discussion” website where users come together to have heated, detailed, or fun discussions on generic topics.

However, recently the website launched its own mobile application, a quicker medium through which users can instantly access Reddit.

The app offers regular updates on ongoing discussions or new topics.

The video below is an exemplar of how you make a great combination between attractive motion graphics and light-hearted humor.

To be concise, the video might be short, but it’s delightful with straightforward illustrations. If you want to add a touch of humor to your video ads, then this is a great reference.

#12) The Economy Of Coca Cola

Ever wondered what goes on inside the famous beverage company Coca-Cola? I bet this video has the answer.

The animated motion graphics is a video used as an advertisement on the Bloom berg Television.

The video has no characters, and yet it’s fun to watch. The voiceover actor has done a great job of delivering the message. I think I was sold at the idea they chose to talk about in the video.

The video talks about “buying the world a Coke” and effectively mentions how much coke is consumed in a year. It’s a hidden selling strategy that makes new coke customers think, “if so much is consumed, then why not give it a shot?”

If the idea is to sell and celebrate your wins, this video is a great example of it.

#13) The HubSpot CMS

HubSpot is a virtual platform that offers assistance in marketing, sales, and customer service support to businesses around the world.

HubSpot has been famous for being an all-rounder platform to find a solution to all business aspects.

Now, HubSpot has released a CMS software known as the HubSpot CMS.

A CMS is a content management system tool that allows businesses to build their own website.

Now, watch the video and notice how they address the issues currently faced by businesses using other CMS and then offer a solution.

They use a voiceover actor who explains why businesses need the HubSpot CMS and how to use it.

#14) is an India-based website that allows people to search for real estate properties to rent, buy, or sell in approximately 40 cities in India.

India has some famous brands that have launched great marketing videos online and on TV.

The video is about is how offers a splendid experience. It gives you a look at the entire journey and what to expect when choosing for property-related business.

Another thing I love about the video is the way they represent the script using a storyboard. The entire animation has a natural flow to it, which is appealing to watch.

The video is a great example of how you can entice your customers to engage with your business – a truly inspiring piece.

#15) Saniswiss

Saniswiss is a state-of-the-art and eco-friendly range of sanitizing and cleaning devices. The hardware product, Saniswiss, is kind of a disinfectant product that helps household and office spaces fight harmful germs.

The selling point of Saniswiss is that the device sanitizes a space automatically and keeps everyone safe.

The animated motion graphics video uses a simple yet appealing illustration that explains how the device works in a closed space.

As the video shows, the device is a mix of gray, red, and white colors, which is why the entire video uses colors from the same palette. Such marketing tactics help people remember the color and associate with the device whenever they see gray or white anywhere.

The product video is easy-to-understand for the viewers and explains the idea of owning a Saniswiss. An excellent and clear video to watch.

In Conclusion

I guess you could say there are many other videos out there that are worthy of being on this list, and I agree, but this is a list of video examples that I think are exceptional.

Each video is different from the next, and the diversity of each video will give you the inspiration to create your own videos.

If you liked any of the videos I’ve mentioned above, don’t thank me for it – I think the real unsung heroes are the video makers. They pour their time, effort, and skills into every video they create to make a masterpiece.

At BuzzFlick, we take pride in our animators and designers who dedicate their time and efforts to create amazing animated motion graphics videos for our prestigious clients. Drop us a message to get a quote, and let’s get buzzing!

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