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Done with developing the app? It’s time to showcase it through app demo videos. Here are top app demo video examples to inspire you for your demo video idea.

Developing an app requires ideas, energy, patience, and a lot of developing expertise. Suppose you are an app developer that has developed an app that can change the world for certain people, how can you grab your targeted audience’s attention toward your app? Or what communication medium will be adequate to excite your audience? Video is the best solution to introduce your invention to the world.

Video has taken over digital marketing and is now excessively used by companies to promote and market their product to their prospects.

The study has stated that video content is 1200% more effective than the rest of the content types and grab attention 60 times faster than conventional promotional practices.

According to 94% of marketers, video increases consumers’ comprehension of the product or service, and 8 out of 10 people buy or subscribe to an app or software after just watching a video that also.

Wow, that’s a lot of stats!

But what video style is suitable for an app launch? App demo video it is. This video style not just demonstrates the features of your product but delivers all the quality and technical information to your audience in an effective manner.

This read covers the top app demo video example that can inspire you for your app demo video or the next upcoming project.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Top 10 App Demo Videos

  • List
  • 1. Air Taxi
  • 2. F2X
  • 3. Salesforce Mobile App Demo
  • 4. Node Influencer App
  • 5. Smartiply
  • 6. Prenuvo App Demo
  • 7. Mobile App
  • 8. Divvy Mobile App Demo
  • 9. Golf Action
  • 10. TeampayGo Mobile App

1. Air Taxi

Do you want to travel the world in solitude with your friends & family? If the answer is yes, just grab your passport and book a trip with Air Taxi, an application that let you fly to your dream destination in style.

You can simply log in to your Air Taxi app through your phone, select the destination, pick a date, add passenger(s), choose the available aircraft, and just check in 15 minutes before the departure.

The app gives you the freedom to customize your trip according to your happiness and needs, and this app demo video demonstrates it perfectly.

Simple but captivating animation that explains to the users how to operate the application and how to book a flight without any hassle.

2. F2X

F2X is a fitness app for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for new workout courses and programs. This app let you follow your favorite fitness trainer(s) and channels.

You can create your own workout sessions, add music, include hashtags, and share them with your followers and fellows. The app demo creates the ambiance of energy and addresses the audience that prefers the energetic lifestyle.

This app demo video is a combination of live-action and animation, which engages the targeted audience and conveys the message effectively.

In this video, we clearly see the blend of marketing and demo. It intelligently explains all the features, operations, and UI through animation.

F2X app demo gives you the realistic experience of the app through video, which makes it exciting to watch for the targeted audience.

3. Salesforce Mobile App Demo

If you are a company that wants its employees to stay connected with the business all the time, then Salesforce is here for you.

The app turns your entire business is instantly mobile and intelligent so that you can run your business from anywhere. Even if your team is away from their desks, they can overview the dashboards and track the performance across the organization.

Salesforce Mobile App let your team do homework, and when they arrive at their workstation, they have all the insight about the client and what measure they should take to meet the objectives.

The app demo explains the features of map integrations, task board creation, and more. So, it’s time to make your business smart.

4. Node Influencer App

For any business or brand, user engagement is the first and vital step of marketing. And it becomes a lot easier if the most loved and followed influencer’s name gets attached to the brand.

We are living in a world where even businesses are operated through social media networks, which makes them the best platforms to engage your targeted audience.

Use Node Influencer, an app that helps you find the right influencers to market your brand to the world. Through the app, you can invite the local influencers to promote your business, and in return, you can offer some goodie points, reward cards, or special discounts to them.

You can even set the offer date (start and end of redeeming the offer), filter the influencer from the audience size & location, those who match your criteria will contact you.

The app allows you to add special instructions and hashtags that your want the influencer to follow and mention while promoting your brand.

Node Influencer tracks the influencer till the deal is completed and saves the mentioned post for the companies to review.

The app demo demonstrates how to create an offer board for the influencers and track them until the deal is completed.

No need to look for a promoter, the promoter will come to you!

5. Smartiply

Smartiply is an internet-boosting mobile app that amplifies the internet speed for users. Whether you are alone or with friends or family, the app let all the phones connect to Smartiply and boost the speed of the internet with high security for a better and smoother video streaming experience.

The demo video explains how you can register yourself to the Smartiply application, track the internet speed, connect the other mobile devices, review history, track statistics, set the data consumption limits, and maintain data privacy from the sharing users.

6. Prenuvo App Demo

Prenuvo is a medical diagnostic and imaging app that provides comprehensive and clinically accurate diagnoses that keep you up with your health status.

It allows you to keep and access all the medical reports and radiology scans for future references and appointments.

The app provides MRI scanning services to North American citizens in order to detect cancers stages and allow the users to download the scanned image along with the medical report.

Prenuvo intelligently studies the reports and even suggests effective measures to cure or prevent diseases. The app has medical articles and resources for users’ knowledge and guidance.

This app demo clearly demonstrates all the app features, along with data security and shareability.

7. Mobile App

This app is for all the medical students and physicians who are planning to appear for medical exams in Canada & worldwide. has a comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions for the preparation of exams like AMC CAT (Australia), MCCQE Part 1 & 2 (Canada), PLAB Part 1 (United Kingdom), SMLE (KSA), and USMLE Step 1 (USA).

In order to access the study materials, you need to register and subscribe to This app demo video is a brief walkthrough of the application, which begins with login, selection of question bank, progress tracking, creating & customization of tests, selection of fields, test attempt, and review of the previous test.

You can perform tests and progress analysis through the app and prepare yourself accordingly to your progress status. is accessible in 175 countries for quick and smart exam practices. You do not just attempt tests but also study various medical topics on the portal. The video explains each step making the portal easy to use for the users.

8. Divvy Mobile App Demo

Divvy mobile app demo video is a relatively short animated typographic app demo video that gives a brief demonstration of the app to the user.

The video begins with unlocking your phone, opening the Divvy app, clicking on a QR code, scanning the code at the entrance of the parking lot, and parking the car in the Divvy Bays. You have to follow the same procedure to exit the parking space.

This app demo has simple animation with calming colors that make screening easy for the audience. it displays all the instructions on the screen with simple and easy language so that audiences of every understanding level, easily get the idea of using the application.

9. Golf Action

Golf Action is an application for golf lovers who want to customize their matches in their preferred golf course.

You can simply sign up or log in to the application, create your profile, add your home golf course, enter the handicap index, find & invite friends, look for the golf course, select your Tee, add players, select the game, rearrange the opponents manually, set the bet value, and view the scorecard.

In Golf Action, only the keeper can enter the scores, and at the end of the game, the app automatically calculates the winner & loser of the game.

The app is available on iOS and Android devices. Check out this app demo video, you might like this idea for your next demo video.

10. TeampayGo Mobile App

TeampayGo mobile app is a payment transaction tracking application for companies. You can view the recent transactions, upload the billing receipts, add your TeampayGo cards to your digital wallets, request funds, and deactivate the stolen or lost card(s).

It also allows you to monitor the purchases and transactions status through the dashboard, whether paid from the virtual or physical cards.

You can register or log in to your TeampayGo app through your TeampayGo or Slack credentials. The app is available on the Apple and Play store.

The Editor’s Choice

App development requires proper demonstration to let your potential users know what big is coming. The real art is to create a perfect demo video that not just introduces the app but clearly describes the features as well.

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BuzzFlick, the NYC-based award-winning video animation agency, is an expert in 2D animation, 3D modeling, app demo videos, whiteboard animation, educational videos, promotional videos, video editing, and video post-production services.

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App demo video gives your marketing a new direction and increases the chance for your project to get successful. Here are top demo video style ideas that you can incorporate into your app demo and attract more fingers toward the download button.

Hopefully, you have found all information about the demo videos and are ready to create one for your upcoming project. If you still have questions related to animation or demo video, you can feel free to contact us.

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