18 Inspiring Bank Ads That Every Marketer Should Watch

9 excellent bank ads that give a lesson in marketing
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The marketers’ job is challenging in Banks. They need to create best bank ads that help in winning the viewer’s hearts. In recent years we have seen various creative bank ads that created emotional attachment with the customers.

Banks offer financial services that differ from restaurants and hotels, so we need to produce ads uniquely. It is an entirely different industry because we invest and deposit our money in banks. When it comes to the marketing of banks, ads play a vital role in building a client’s trust in a bank.

Marketing experts in the banking industry are trying to add an emotional element to their ads to attract viewer’s attention. We have rounded up some of the best bank ads created with brilliant marketing techniques to promote their banking services.

Let’s get started.

1. Bank of America – Can’t Stop Banking

One of the most challenging jobs is to use humor in bank video ads. The reason is that it is complicated to add humor because the bank is a mere necessity.

The video is entertaining, and they use fun elements to tell about their services. We can say that this video is a beautiful blend of banking and comedy. You can create this kind of video ad, but it requires a heavy budget and a cinematic approach.

2. Citi Bank – AAdvantage Platinum Select Card

In this short-form video ad of Citi bank, they use a question “Do you know where is your passport right now” as hook to engage audience. The ad excellently portrays the stories of different people want to vacation and explains the USPs Platinum Select Card of Citi Bank.

It is one of the best bank ads that showcase services and add a unique touch to their marketing.

3. Wells Fargo Active Cash Credit Card Ad Featuring Regina King

Wells Fargo and Regina King got featured in the ad. In this ad, Ms. King can be seen spending worry-freely on shopping using her Visa Card, highlighting its benefits.

This is among the best band ads as it is relatable because many people use a Visa Card for shopping. For banks, relatability is a challenge, but this ad is relatable and inspires marketers.

4.  Marcus by Goldman Sachs – Personal Loans with No Fees

In this ad of Goldman Sachs, they casted Rosamund Pike. She brilliantly explains the personal loans program of Marcus bank. The producers have magnificently used the charismatic personality of Rosamund Pike in the ad to promote their financial services.

5.  E*TRADE Baby “Off The Grid” – Morgan Stanley

This 30 seconds ad is full of action-pack scenes that catch the viewers’ attention and persuades them to watch the complete ad. The ad quality, helicopter, and talking babies made it more appealing to the viewers.

The story is written superbly, and excellent direction is another critical element that made it one of the best video ads. We cannot deny that they have invested a significant budget in this ad. However, it’s not only the money that made it successful. It is the story that won the audience’s hearts.

6. U.S. Bank – Tiny Pies

The U.S. Bank released this ad, and Wes Andersonian acted in it to promote financial services. They use a unique concept that advertises their loan schemes and shows the bank as a helping hand.

The ad emphasizes that the bank is helping businesses in their most challenging moments. The cast has acted professionally and created an emotional attachment with the customers.

7. Startling Bank – Set yourself free

It is one of the most excellent bank ads we have ever watched. Startling Bank’s new ad has impressed the viewers. You can’t skip this ad because it creatively presents the Bank’s message. From direction to acting, it showcases how they assist customers and provide them queue-free banking.

8.  Truist – Care is coming to banking

Truist ad is weird, but they uniquely conveyed their message. Truist, in their ad, showed everyday troubles, such as a broken tire, and introduced a character that solves the problem. It is difficult to explain the character, it is a rolling ball. The ad has made its place on the list of themost effective bank ads.

9.  Capital One – Christmas Ad

John Travolta acted as Santa in this excellent bank ad. Samuel L. Jackson also appeared in this ad which made it more engaging. Their acting and perfect execution played a vital role in the success of this ad. Undoubtedly it is one of the best bank ads ever produced in the banking industry.

One common thing in all of these ads is that they focus on video editing, which makes these ads more appealing to the audience. Video editing is one of the essential elements of the video post-production phase of video creation.

Nowadays, many video editing companies are providing video editing services. So, you can research the best companies and hire the one with extensive experience in the field.

10.  JPMorgan Chase & Co. Commercial

In the video ad of JPMorgan Chase & Co., Kevin Hart acted. He was fueling the car, getting a haircut, shopping, and buying donuts. The ad is relatable because we all do these activities regularly. The producers have brilliantly assigned roles to the actor in this funny ad that impressed everyone.

11.  Wells Fargo – Lulu and Lobo

The marketing team of Wells Fargo played an impressive move, and they cast animals in the ad. They cast two dogs in the ad for their home mortgage program. Undoubtedly, the video has become a breakthrough for their marketing efforts.

In this video ad, the dog Lobo discussed his dream of a new home. As this is a video ad for the home mortgage, they superbly conveyed their message using an animal emotional appeal.

12.  Bank of America – The Power to Be Me

This ad of “Bank of America” is created with a unique idea. The ad shows how people are starting their day and commuting to their workplace (Bank of America). Every element in this video is well-organized and highlights the bank’s corporate values. Black Puma’s background music keeps the audience engaged during the video.

13.  Citi: The Moment – It’s About Time

Citibank created this ad that increased audience awareness about an important issue. They highlight the two issues like leadership gap and gender pay. The ad format is unique, and spread awareness about the gap stats.

When watching the video, we can easily check whether the video is controversial or not by checking the YouTube counter.

14.  U.S. Bank – Hard work works: Say it, do it

Marketers opt for a cinema approach in banking ads to make them more appealing. The U.S. Bank released this ad that reflects the story of a girl who wanted to be a ballerina and opened her juice store with the help of the bank. The ad magnificently flashes her story in 30 seconds.

15.  TIAA – Birdwatcher

This video ad of TIAA is one of the hilarious ads in the list of banking ads. In this ad, a birdwatcher was about to capture a picture of a woodpecker. However, he failed to capture the picture when things went wrong. The bank ad nicely explains how they provide guaranteed monthly income to their customers.

16.  American Express small business ad

Not every brand can afford to cast Lin-Manuel and Miranda in their ads. American Express casted him in the video ad. Miranda acted as a down-to-earth kind of a guy. Lin-Manuel sings a song to explain his point. The audience has praised the bank ad because it highlights small things through celebrity endorsement.

17.  Fifth Third Bank – Nachos

Marketers at Fifth Third Bank did an outstanding job. They created this ad and used nachos to explain their point. The ad is a beautiful example of a financial explainer ad. The audience can easily relate to Fifth Third Bank’s ad, and it is created with humor.

18.  Citizens Bank – Ding Ding

Highlighting the benefit and ease to the user, Citizens Bank’s Ding Ding ad is worth it to include in the list of best bank ads. The music in this ad increase audience engagement and marketers have done their job brilliantly by creating this top-notch banking ad.

Citizens came up with an innovative idea, and portrayed real life scenarios where people face challenges while paying. One Ding, And You’re Done…. The tagline says it all.

In a Nutshell

Creating a banking ad is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. We have discussed some of the best banking ads that have become an inspiration for marketers.

In these ads, the marketing gurus have blended the emotional and fun elements together and used unique ways of storytelling to promote their banking services.

If you want to create an ad for any financial institution, you need to align your corporate goals with your marketing strategy.

We hope this article will give you a comprehensive idea of bank advertisements. It will help you produce banking ads that motivate the audience to choose your institution over others.

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