7 Best Kickstarter Videos: How to Create an Engaging Kickstarter Video

best kickstarter video
Kickstarter videos have become one of the most effective mediums to attract investors. Read our blog to learn the best tips for creating crowdfunding videos.

The main objective of Kickstarter videos is to market the products to capture the investors’ attention and interest so that a business can launch its products on a large scale.

Thinking of innovative video ideas for crowdfunding campaigns is essential. You need to explain your passion for the project, share your story, and showcase the benefits of using your product. The ultimate objective of the kickstarter video is to attract investors.

 Throughout this blog, we’ll discuss the most impressive Kickstarter videos and the best tips to create an engaging crowdfunding video.

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Examples of Successful Kickstarter Videos

Let’s look at some of the most impressive crowdfunding videos that attract the audience and get investment.

1.    Cinera Edge

About the product:

Cinera Edge is a headphone and OLED that provides an amazing experience to the user. The headphones enhance your video by 2560×1440 pixels.

Cinera Edge provides the best 3D display with a unique cinematic experience.

About the Kickstarter video:

This video showed a person wearing the gadget in his home. When he wears the headphone and OLED, he feels that he is in the jungle and watching the real scene of the movie.

The video is recorded in excellent quality to showcase the headphone’s video quality they provide. Viewers love the idea of this video, and it is simple yet incredible.

2.    HUNU – The Coffee Cup

About the product:

HUNU is a beautifully designed foldable cup that people can use, fold, and keep in their pockets. These cups are foldable, so anyone can easily keep them in their pocket.

Moreover, HUNU cups are reusable and designed to prevent environmental pollution.

About the Kickstarter video:

They created this fantastic video that looks like a travel vlog. This crowdfunding video is pretty famous as it is engaging, and the team of HUNU cups uses excellent storytelling.

In this video, they share how they came up with this innovative idea of the HUNU cup and how they fill the gap by producing these cups. They compare the quality of conventional coffee cups with HUNU cups.

Ordinary cups are manufactured with materials that cannot be recycled, which increases environmental pollution. Many companies focus on eco-friendly production processes, and they beautifully incorporated this idea in their kickstarter video.

3.    Analog

About the product:

Analog is a unique tool that helps people complete their important tasks more effectively by prioritizing them. Each Analog Card Pack consists of 50 cards a user can use for one month. These cards are categorized into three categories: Someday Card, Next Cards, and Today Cards.

About the Kickstarter video:

It is another impressive example of kickstarter videos. The kickstarter video of Analog is simple, they didn’t use animation or appealing colors, but viewers have admired this video.

It guides how this tool functions, creating a meaningful impact and increasing productivity.

The unique thing about this kickstarter video is that it showcases how Analog is more effective than other digital tools. The video describes how users can utilize different cards to enhance their productivity.


About the product:

Lucky Flip is a game that beautifully blends the elements of luck, strategy, and memory. It is comprised of 6 dry markers, 6 scoreboards, 2 dices, 49 tokens, 100 deck cards, and Lucky Flip Board. This game is easy, and anyone can understand and play it easily.

About the Kickstarter video:

It is one of the best kickstarter videos I have ever seen. This video is comprised of 2 parts: first, it shows the game experience in a fun way, and the tactics, cards, game rules, and the explanation part.

The first part is created to attract the viewers’ attention, and the second part is shot in a style that educates the viewers through the rules.

The video explains the game’s rules to the viewers, who can learn it quickly with the help of the video. Moreover, the video contains a small interview with the founder at the end of the video.

It is one of the best examples of kickstarter videos that beautifully blend the essential elements of an excellent crowdfunding video.

I think they can make the video more appealing if they use animation in it, because their target audience is young people, who love to watch animated videos.

If you are looking for 2D animation services, you can search for the best video animation agencies and they will help you in creating an animated video.

5.    Segway-Ninebot KickScooter Air T15

About the product:

Segway-Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 is an electric scooter that helps people commute conveniently. The unique selling proposition of this scooter is its stylish and unique design.

The scooter is manufactured with high-quality material, and it is light in weight. Moreover, this scooter is easily folded into half size.

About the Kickstarter video:

It is one of the most successful kickstarter videos, and the concept is unique and engaging. The video beautifully showcases the product, and it highlights its features and benefits of the product.

In the video, they use the colors in impressive style. The unique thing about this video is that without telling a single word, it conveys the message beautifully.

6.    BIGSOFTI: Portable Soft Light

About the product:

Bigsofti is a LED soft panel designed to improve your videos and photos through its diffused lighting. The unique thing about Bigsofti is that you don’t need to place it on a flat surface or table.

You can easily fix it onto computer monitors, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Moreover, the user can adjust the brightness levels to, i.e., low, mid, and max.

About the Kickstarter video:

In this video, they beautifully compare the mobile phone flash with the Bigsofti lightning effect. It showcases how the Bigsofti feature of diffused light improves the camera result because it can focus on the object, which improves the picture quality.

The video also highlights the various uses of the light and reveals the idea of producing this product.

7.    PICO: A garden in your palm

About the product:

Growing plants indoors is no more a challenging hobby with Pico. Pico is a container where you can place a plant, equipped with a system that supplies water to the plant.

The container also shows how much water is remaining for the plant. It has a unique feature of telescopic LED, which is a substitute for sunlight.

About the Kickstarter video:

Another example of the best kickstarter video is the PICO crowdfunding video. Pico encourages people to bring nature home. The video portrays the same message that helps people do plantation at home using their unique container.

The video is created with creative visual effects and animations that beautifully explain how people can do plantation at home easily by using Pico. The animation and background music they used in the video played a vital role in attracting the audience.

Pro Tip: you can use animation in your videos to make your message easy to understand for the audience. If you are looking for 3D animation services, consult BuzzFlick, which stands out among the best 3D animation agencies with a proven track record of serving clients with excellent quality videos.

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Actionable Tips to Create the Best Kickstarter Videos

When creating a kickstarted video, it is essential to learn the tips that will help you convey your message more effectively. Many online blogs are available, but I advise you to learn from the best kickstarter video examples. Creating a top-notch kickstarter video is simple.

Consider the following tips before creating kickstarter campaign videos to achieve your objectives.

Organize your video elements

Successful kickstarter videos include a similar pattern and structure:

The Introduction Part: Provide a brief introduction in a few lines.

The Problem: Explain your audience, what sort of product you sell to solve the consumer’s problem, and why you are different from your competitors.

The Solution: It is the video part where you can reveal your inspiration to launch your product. Every consumer wants a product that solves their problem with the best outcome.

You need to describe why you want to provide the solution to solve the problem and how your product is best for them.

The Characters: Introduce your team to the audience. It shows the professionalism and capability of your workforce. It will build viewers’ trust in your company.

The Features: Tell your audience the beneficial features of your product and how they will help solve their problem. Be honest with your viewers and try to make things transparent.

The Call to Action: One of the best kickstarter video tips is to use a call to action (CTA) in the video. You need to show the viewers that they are like your team members to feel valued. Capture your audience’s interest with storytelling and finish it with a compelling CTA—it encourages potential prospects to act immediately.

Be realistic

Showing something is more effective than telling—a video beautifully conveys a message because people prefer to watch a video instead of reading textual content.

So, if you don’t have budget constrain, you can search for the best corporate video production companies and choose the best company for your crowdfunding video.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you can record your video yourself with your mobile phone camera.

You might wonder how it affects your video quality, but you can use an iPad, iPhone, or any modern smartphone to create a high-quality video.

Engage your audience

Create your crowdfunding video with an innovative idea to give your viewers a personal experience. Viewers love to hear stories, so tell them your story.

Introduce your audience about your background, who you are, and what inspires you to start working on your project.

Be honest with your investors; it will build their interest in your story and support your campaign. People invest in people, not for projects, ideas, or missions. So, you need to attract them; otherwise, they won’t invest in your business.

If you are camera shy or think you are not likable, it is better to take help from a friend or hire actors who portray you and your team. Focus on your script and build your audience’s interest around a character.

The first thing that appeals to the audience is the emotions, and the character plays a vital role in creating that attraction.

Keep It Concise

People prefer to watch short and to-the-point videos. They want to learn about your idea within a few minutes. The ideal time duration for kickstarter videos is to wrap your videos in five minutes.

When it comes to short videos, animated explainer videos are an ideal option to convey your message in few minutes.

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Don’t ask for help

Try to impress your audience instead of requesting “donations” or “help.” Give them the confidence that together, you can bring real change. You can ask them to become a partner by investing and contributing to your project.

Use appealing video splash

A video splash is like a thumbnail of a video. It is the first thing viewers will see before playing a video. It is vital as it encourages the audience to play a video, so use an attention-grabbing image in the first frame of your video.

Use animation in your crowdfunding video

Animation has become a hot trend, and many video creators use animation to make their messages visually appealing and easy to digest. It is in human psychology that people emotionally connect with animated videos and characters.

You can connect with any video animation agency if you want to outsource your video projects. Many video animation companies are providing 2D animation services, motion graphics services, and 3D animation services to their clients.

Choose music to impress the audience

Use beautiful music in the background of your crowdfunding video as it influences the viewer. Many people feel more engaged with a video if it has beautiful background music.

All the successful kickstarter campaign videos have music that provides positive vibes to the viewers. But ensure the music should be in slow volume and add it where needed so that it won’t dominate the video and your audience can easily understand the message.

In a Nutshell

This blog discussed crowdfunding videos and how you can create one for your business. Moreover, we have also discussed the examples of the best kickstarter videos that the audience loves.

Creating a kickstarter video aims to attract investors to invest in your idea and business. Creating a crowdfunding video is one of the most challenging tasks because you need to convey your message creatively so the viewer feels motivated and invests in your business idea.

After reading this article, you can create a highly engaging crowdfunding video that will help attract investors.

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