Effective Ways to Embed Explainer Videos in Emails

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Learn effective ways to embed explainer videos in email campaigns to increase engagement and boost conversion. Enhance your email marketing strategy now!

Running a promotional campaign for your company?  Having trouble making your email sequence more captivating?

My friend, you have reached the right spot!

With the rapidly evolving marketing trends, videos are not just a part of the open campaigns (website, social media platforms, or forums), but they’re also facilitating the business with the enclosed campaigns (email sequence).

This blog post will drive you to all the effective ways you need to know how to embed explainer videos in emails and make them as beneficial as any other marketing activity.

Now the improvised HTML components help you embed the videos straight into the emails. This practice implements the “click & play” mechanism, so you don’t have to surf video somewhere else for the preview.

Embedding videos in your email campaign will benefit you by boosting your conversion and giving an impactful look to your marketing with a competitive edge.

A Prep Before The Action

Embed correctly!

We have already discussed that embedded videos can be compelling, so try to incorporate them correctly.

Try to perform a test email before sending it to the actual recipient. It is a safe practice to prevent any bad experience.

Before getting into action, ensure that you have created a high-performing video email. It can be a space rocket for your business or a destructive tornado.

So, implement carefully!

The Advantages of Embedding Videos in Email

Let’s put a question on the table: why would we embed the videos in email?

Sometimes the newsletters are unable to address the reader’s pain point, which turned out a complete turn-off for the reader.

But, the video showcases everything!

  • The pain points.
  • The solution.
  • The benefit.
  • The audience connectivity.

Videos let your audience understand how your brand, service, or product will benefit them and what is better in you than the others.

The research has stated that a video embedded email increases the click rates by 300%, which reduces the unsubscribing rate up to 26%.

The facts above justify that videos are the backbone of digital marketing and can uplift your email campaign.

P.S: make your video copiable and shareable so that the recipients can share it with their contacts. It can be the free marketing of your business. So, think big!

The After-Effect

The embedded videos in your email can help you improve the user experience and build a considerate image of the company in the reader’s eyes.

After digitalization, people have shifted from computers to smartphones and prefer one-click access to the content, and instead of roaming on the internet page to page, they want everything on the same screen.

Video and email together can do that for you and attract the audience’s attention toward your promotion.

P.S: you know your audience better; evaluate what they prefer better: an autoplay video or optional play.

Your aim from the video embedded email is to escalate the conversion and raise your brand awareness instead of pushing your audience away from the startling autoplay videos.

Why are Some Email Clients Unable to Play Videos?

Some email service providers haven’t started video embedded emails, so their prospects cannot play video inside the email.

Interesting Fact: Google owns 40% percent of the email market but doesn’t provide an embedded video play service to its customers & clients.

Programmers have tried to replicate this practice by adding a clickable thumbnail, but if your recipient uses the service of an email provider that doesn’t support video embedding, then they might be seeing a static image or URL to the video.

The best thing is that some email service providers have plug-ins & tools for users that fix the broken image error.

Explainer Videos, Best for Email Campaigns

Explainer videos are an excellent way to connect your audience to your brand and generate leads. In addition, it can convey the business idea to its targeted audience.

It is one of the compelling marketing video styles that breaks down complicated information into digestible chunks for the audience to understand the message efficiently.

Explainer videos likely convert 64% of the visitor than the plain block of text and increase the lead generation up to 403% – that are some massive facts!

Explainer videos are the all-rounder; learn how to do user onboard with explainer videos and how the animated sales video (explainer) are best for your business.

Essential Steps to Embed Video in Sales Email

Although explainer videos can improve the conversion rates, but alone they cannot generate leads or sales – A sales pitch is also required to escalate the action.

There are various ways to encourage your audience to take action. Videos are one of them, but they will not be effective until you pitch the audience in a way that triggers the business benefit actions.

We have divided the “pitch-perfect sales email strategy” into five steps:

Step One: A Captivating Thumbnail

Try to create an intriguing thumbnail for the embedded video in your email campaign. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose an appropriate frame from the video that resembles the topic of the video. For example, in the explainer video, pick a frame that shows the genre and main elements of the video.
  • The more, the better – the more attractive or relevant it will be, the more people will be attracted toward watching it.
  • The audience hates waiting – resize the image and reduce it to the smallest size possible. However, it will help the image load faster and won’t let the attention get distracted.

P.S: even the slightest delay can affect the interest of the audience. So, as a marketer, keep the latency low.

  • Must add the play button on the top of the frame. So, the audience will know it is a video.

Step Two: Set the Landing Page Up

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing and hosting site, but you should avoid embedding your explainer video from YouTube. Your primary goal is to drive the traffic on your website, not on YouTube.

You must be thinking, why not on your YouTube channel? There is a reason why!

If you embed a video from your YouTube channel, it will surely redirect the audience to your channel, but the other content can easily distract them, and they might forget why they were here in the first place.

So, preventive measures are important!

Here are some points that how you should prepare your explainer video landing page for the viewers:

  • Make it explainer-oriented: set up the landing page just for the explainer videos.
  • Optimize SEO: while embedding the video, use keyword-dense content on the landing page to increase the chances of visibility on the search engine.

P.S: be careful with keywords. Increased density will not affect the quality, but the stuffing can. So, abstain from keyword stuffing.

  • Use the same thumbnail that you have used on your email sequence.

Step Three: The CTAs (Call-To-Action)

Must add a CTA at the end of the video to catch the potential customers right away. You can also add a closing message or ask the viewer to sign up, donate, enroll in the lucky draw, or more.

Wistia let you customize CTAs for your video, email, landing pages, or websites to turn viewers into subscribers.

Almost all video-sharing websites allow the users to embed CTAs, which direct the viewer to the signup pop-up or page.

Step Four: Add The Pop-ups

If you are hosting the video on your website, adjust the pop-up at the end of the video. This might sound difficult, but it will help you capture some subscribers right after the video.

You can ask your website developers to construct a pop-up in the time just after the video ends.

Step Five:  Email It Away

Once your landing page is ready, and emails are set, send it to your targeted recipients.

  • With the help of an email marketing tool, create an email template, insert the video thumbnail, and write greetings.
  • Link the thumbnail with your landing page. Make sure the link must open in the new tab, so that later, after watching the video, the viewer can reply to your email.
  • If you are rich on time, try to write multiple email subjects, use various thumbnails and different email copies, and send them to evaluate which suits you best.


  • Make your subject line creative and catchy. For example, use words like Sale, New, Video, Free, Grand, and Discount.
  • Don’t set the video on autoplay. Same point: evaluate the priority of your audience first and then set auto or no-auto.
  • A personalized tone can be engaging, so use an email address with a name in it to send emails. For example, use [email protected] instead of sales or [email protected].

In A Nutshell

Explainer videos are an excellent method to maximize the effectiveness of your email video marketing.

Not all email service providers support video embedding, so using your explainer video in your email campaign can be tricky.

You can simply get around this by posting a static image that links to the explainer video instead of embedding the entire video.

This approach has a lot of advantages:

  • Since your email doesn’t have to load a video player or content, it loads much faster.
  • You have the option of selecting and customizing the most appealing thumbnail for your video.
  • It has a higher click-through rate than an in-line link to the video.

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