How to Hire Freelance Animators – Step by Step Guide, Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelancers

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The freelance market has become an essential element of the corporate world. This article contains the best tips for hiring freelance animators.

Animated videos have become the most influential tool revolutionizing the learning landscape. Whether running a business or teaching your students, animated videos allow you to convey your message in an easy-to-digest way that helps viewers engage and memorize the content quickly. That is why animated videos have become the first preference of most people.

However, many businesses feel reluctant to incorporate animated videos into their marketing strategy.

The first step in this process is to find an animator who can nurture your idea into eye-catchy visuals. Animated videos are ideal for explaining complex ideas and concepts engagingly.

However, creating an animated video for a new audience unfamiliar with your organization is time-consuming and difficult. Some people hire freelancer animators for their video projects. However, it is not the perfect strategy to hire freelancers in every case.

Here in this blog, we will discuss how to hire a freelance animator and the pros and cons of hiring a freelance animator.

What is the Idea Behind Hiring Freelance Animators?

Nowadays, businesses outsource their projects to a contracted freelance worker that fulfills their tasks for a mutually decided fee. In short, a person with video animation skills you hire as a freelancer to complete your animation project is called a freelance animator.

You can pay your freelance animator for hourly and for a complete project. It is the beauty of freelancing: you can mutually decide payment terms before starting the project.

In the animation world, people usually hire freelancers at hourly rates. However, you can share your ideas for animation requirements with freelancers to avoid the hassle.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer

Hiring a freelance animator is ideal for organizations that don’t have expertise in animated video production. You can hire a freelancer for a small project as the freelancer will be responsible for completing the project within the deadline.

Businesses hire freelancers because they need to provide the salary and other benefits if they hire someone for a full-time job. People feel comfortable hiring freelancers because they rely on a single person for their project completion.

In addition, hiring freelancer gives you flexibility as you can change freelancers after completing a project if you are unsatisfied with their work.

Freelancers are experts in completing projects within the deadline. They will work with utmost effort to complete the animation project within the timeline if you hire them. The reason is that they have worked on multiple projects with various clients, which makes them capable of delivering the project timely.

They work with more focus which enhances the quality of their work, and they meet short deadlines.

How to Find a Freelance Animator

If you want to hire a freelance animator for your video, you’ll need to follow these steps to choose a suitable freelancer:

Analyze your Project Requirements

Firstly, you need to create your requirements for what you want in the animation. Think of the ideas and concepts you wish to incorporate in your animation and what you want from the freelance animator.

It will save your time, and you will get quotations according to your requirements. Create a complete requirement of your project for freelancers that help them know your project details.

Incorporate doodles, reference images, or scripts to make your animation more engaging and attractive. When hiring a freelancer, clearly share your timelines and budget for a specific project.

Know the Animator style for Work

Create the animation objectives you want to achieve for your brand. Animators have different styles of work, and you need to evaluate whether their way of work is appropriate for your project or not.

Hire Freelancers through Reputable Online Platforms

Hiring freelancers is a budget-friendly option for anim

Know the Animator style for Work

Create the animation objectives you want to achieve for your brand. Animators have different styles of work, and you need to evaluate whether their way of work is appropriate for your project or not.

Hire Freelancers through Reputable Online Platforms

Hiring freelancers is a budget-friendly option for animated video projects, but it has some risks. When we hire a freelancer, they are stranger, and we cannot check their previous work experience. But with the inception of the online freelancing platforms, it has become safe to hire freelancers from their websites. Moreover, you can check their completed projects’ reviews, ratings, and portfolios to check their skills.

Most Famous Freelancing Platforms

The following platforms are pretty famous nowadays:


UpWork is an online freelancing platform where you can easily connect with any freelance animator. You can sign up on it and list your job. Freelancers will send you a proposal so that you can hire them on hourly rates or for a complete project price.

You can use Upwork to outsource your projects to freelancers, assign them to work, and coordinate with them on video chat.


Freelancing platforms offer hourly or fixed-price project-based payments. PeoplePerHour, as the name indicates, provides the only hourly work payment option. It is one of the best platforms for freelancers and people who want to work on an hourly payment basis instead of a project basis.


The freelancing platforms allow freelancers and businesses to interact, and companies use them to find an animatorHowever, if you are comfortable with a local freelancer, you can post a job on local platforms.

You can arrange a contest to find the right freelancer for your animation project. If you are puzzled about where to start, you can check the showcase page to outsource the tasks to an experienced freelancer.

Cons of hiring a Freelancer

People prefer to hire freelancers for animated video production and animation, but it has some drawbacks. In freelancing, you are relying on a single person. However, hiring a freelancer is unsuitable if you work on a large-scale project.

A freelancer is not the right option if you want multiple animated videos. The reason is that if you wish to create numerous videos, it is not a task that a single freelancer can complete.

If you hire multiple freelancers, your work quality will suffer, making your manageability difficult. Every freelancer has a different working style and project files. Hiring many freelancers to boost the animation process makes your manageability more complex and creates a hassle in organizing the projects.

Should I Hire a Freelancer or Animation Agency for Video Animation?

Freelancers have good skills, and they are also master in their field. You can find a professional animator; however, the problem is that they are usually not proficient in storyboarding and scriptwriting. You need to provide them with a prototype so they can start working on the project.

Freelance animators might not be proficient in various video animation services such as explainer videos, whiteboard animation, and video ads. Moreover, if you are looking for multiple animated video projects, you need to hire different freelance animators. It will make things difficult for you to manage. So, it is better to hire a video animation agency.

Search for the best video animation company and hire the best animation agency. If you are still feeling puzzled, we recommend you to connect with BuzzFlick. BuzzFlick is a credible video animation company that has created hundreds of animated videos for large and medium-sized businesses.

They have revolutionized the animation world with their educational video production expertise. In the post-covid-19 era, these videos helped many educational institutes deliver their lectures to students. They have also assisted hundreds of clients with 2D animation services and motion graphics services and created engaging videos that made the complex ideas easy for viewers to understand.

Things to Consider when Hiring a Freelancer

If you are still feeling confused in deciding whether to hire a freelancer or not for a video animation project, consider the following points to choose the best option:

  • You can hire a freelancer if you want to create a few videos. Hiring freelancers is a cost-effective option; however, the problem is that sometimes they are not consistent with quality. It means that you cannot ensure quality work always with freelancers.
  • Hire a professional in-house animator. If you hire an animator for a full-time job, it gives you more control. Finding a professional animator is complex, and they also demand a good salary. If your organization needs animated videos regularly, hiring a full-time employee rather than a freelancer is ideal.
  • Hire a video animation agency. Video animation agencies are experts in creating bulk animated videos. Outsourcing your projects to an animation company is better than hiring freelancers.

Writer’s Choice for Animation

We have discussed how to find a freelance animator and the pros and cons of hiring a freelance animator. You can hire a freelance animator for video animation, but the problem comes when you want numerous videos, and you need to hire multiple freelancers. It makes manageability difficult.

You can read our animation outsourcing guide if you don’t know where to startIt gives you an idea of outsourcing your video animation projects to a suitable agency. Moreover, you can also search for the best animation outsourcing companies. Hire an animation production company who have completed successful animation projects.

Closing Remarks

Generally, people think that hiring a freelancer is the easiest way to outsource your video animation projects. After reading this article, you will understand the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a freelance animator.

Now you can decide which option is better for your business. Hiring an animated video agency is always the right option for your business if you don’t have budget constraints. Hiring multiple freelancers for various animation projects makes things more complicated, and you need to guide every freelancer about your project requirements.

Moreover, every freelancer has a different style of work which is why your work suffers when you hire more than one freelancer.

When it comes to video animation, video editing is one of the significant elements that can make your video successful in the eyes of viewers. So, don’t compromise on video editing. You might be wondering about the video editing pricing. You can get your video edited at a price ranging from $75 to $150 per hour.

How to Hire Freelance Animators – FAQs

Where to find animators?

You can find professional freelance animators on these platforms, Toptal, Upwork, Dribbble, Behance, Freelancer, AIGA, Krop, Guru, Folyo, and Twine.

How to hire an animator?

  • Think of the animation style you want
  • Allocate a budget
  • Research for animation agencies and freelancers
  • Create a pool of professional animators and call for the interview
  • Make a detailed brief
  • Coordinate every step with the animator

How much does it cost to hire an animator?

An expert animator will charge $75 to $150 hourly.

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