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video production companies in newyork
Avial the top-notch video marketing services from the best video production companies in New York. It's time to revamp your marketing and boost your sales!

Let’s say if you are asked to market your brand, what option will you opt for? The conventional wordy brochure that people read and forget, or a captivating marketing video that can grasp your audience’s attention for a longer time?

If you are a savvy marketer, then you surely want to rule the minds & hearts of your prospects, and to achieve that, video marketing is the best option.

Within the past few years, marketing has changed entirely and shifted from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

This 360-degree shift in the marketing space has made brand promotion and advertising a lot easier but has raised the competition among companies higher.

60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 14% of marketers create videos on a daily basis. To justify this stat, if you are a company, look around at your competitors and see how they are promoting their business and company. I assure you that approximately 50% of them must use video marketing to reach their audience.

Companies worldwide are adopting video marketing and increasing user engagement on their websites and social media platforms. Along with the world, US-based companies are also moving toward digital video marketing.

And if you are interested in video production and are located in NYC, we have collected the top video production companies that can help you reshape your marketing.

So, without any further delay, let’s begin!

List of Finest Video Production Companies in NYC

  • New York Video Production Companies
  • 1. BuzzFlick
  • 2. Blue Chalk Media
  • 3. Indigo Productions
  • 4. The Top Notch Cinema
  • 5. Casual Films
  • 6. CRFT Video Animation Studio
  • 7. Five To Sixty
  • 8. Max Curious Productions
  • 9. Lemonlight
  • 10. Miller/Datri Entertainment
  • 11.  Highline Studios
  • 12. Luminous Studio Inc.
  • 13.  Prosper Digital TV
  • 14. MultiVision Digital Production

Video marketing products can be very fruitful for your business. A well-constructed HD-quality marketing video reflects the company’s image as a professional and up-to-date organization.

Video production is not a very tricky task and can easily be created by anyone, but the real challenge is to construct a marketing video that promises conversion and growth to the business, which is not a child’s play.

This is where you hire a credible video production studio that is a master in video marketing strategy and have knowledge of how to handle marketing for different businesses on different platforms.

Many video production studios claim to be the most professional and efficient in marketing video production, but you surely cannot trust everyone. Fortunately, NYC has some top marketing video production studios that you can hire for your video project.

After detailed research, we have enlisted the 14 best video production companies that are the top fit for all the video marketing requirements and budgets.

1. BuzzFlick

BuzzFlick is an award-winning US-based video animation agency that operates in New York, Houston, and Dover but provides top-notch video production services around the globe.

The studio was established in 2016 and worked with ginormous companies like Compt, Cydomedia, Gerli Wren, Starling Bank, Start Inc, Geriatric ToothFairy, RegenOMedix, and Imagineit Technologies, and has produced 900+ for over 800+ satisfied clients.

BuzzFlick has worked with startups and entrepreneurs that they feel proud to mention in their portfolio. The studio entertains all sorts of businesses. Whether you are a company, organization, hospital, institute, bank, or individual, BuzzFlick welcomes all.

The studio is a master in all types of animation and explainer videos. BuzzFlick has a team of animators, directors, and editors skilled in 2D & 3D animation, explainer videos, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, 3D modeling, promotional videos, marketing videos, corporate videos, educational videos, and video ads, and video editing services.

BuzzFlick entertains if you have a particular customization requirement related to voice-overs, scriptwriting, or video styles. It has a team of professional voice-over artists and scriptwriters who create videos in the required language, accent, and gender.

Create a striking marketing video and reach your prospects efficiently with BuzzFlick! Here is a fan-made Spiderman movie by M’Guphynn Media with whom BuzzFlick collaborated for a 3D animated Spiderman character. Let’s take a look.

2. Blue Chalk Media

Blue Chalk Media is a Brooklyn-Based video production company that has worked with renowned brands like Pearson, Nike, New Yorker, and Food Network.

The studio is famous for creating innovative cinematic video projects for its clients around the world. Blue Chalk Media was established in 2013, and since then, they have done 900+ projects and received various awards.

You can check their portfolio for better visualization, but if you want a glimpse of their work, Blue Chalk Media’s Graphic Reel is here.

3. Indigo Productions

When we are talking about video production companies, there is no possibility of not counting Indigo Production in. The studio has an extensive list of reputable clients, including the name of Salesforce.

Indigo Production has been located in New York since 1990 and was founded by Max Rosen. The slogan of the studio state that they are not in the business because of the creativity but to engage and persuade the audience.

The studio has also provided its services to Sony Picture, BBC Art, Ariel Investments, Ogilvy, and Deutsche Bank. It offers the services of video production, video editing, video graphics, social media videos, corporate videos, commercials, and pharmaceutical videos.

Indigo Production also covered the ABB Formula E Racing in the street of New York City in 2018. Let’s take a look at this amazingly energetic video.

4. The Top Notch Cinema

Top-Notch Cinema is one of the biggest names in top video production houses in the USA. It is an award-winning video animation and production company that provides its services from Los Angeles to New York.

The studio is specialized in video content for all sorts of businesses; whether you are a startup, SMB, or an enterprise, Top Notch Cinema is here to help you.

TNC is an expert in producing social media videos, How-to videos, training videos, promotional videos, explainer videos, video ads, and brand videos.

The trusted partners of TNC are Reese’s, T Mobile, Dollar Shave Club, Krispy Kream, and Four-Season Hotel. You can check out their work on their website, but here we have an explainer video that demonstrates why do your business need a video.

5. Casual Films

If you are looking for a production company that can create videos for your marketing, explaining, training, and recruiting purposes, then Casual Films is the right choice for you.

With the experience of 16 years, Causal Film has provided its video production services to renowned brands like Marriott, Facebook, Canon, Chanel, Rolls Royce, Red Bull, Capital One, BMW, Vodafone, and Google.

Casual Films has created over 1000+ video projects for enormous companies, businesses, and brands. The studio has launched a brand-named Ariel that aims to generate quality content for businesses in a refined and scaled manner.

Here we have the showreel of Casual Films, which will help you understand the style and quality of their work. Let’s watch.

6. CRFT Video Animation Studio

This studio is for those who are interested in animation, we introduce you to CRFT Video animation studio, which is a master in explainer videos, 2D & 3D animation, whiteboard animation, tutorial videos, video ads, and educational videos.

CRFT Video has been recognized with various awards and is celebrated as the best animation studio in NYC. The studio has served companies like Cisco, Liebherr, Grohe, Renault, Toyota, Yandex, Visa, Slack, and Team Viewer.

The team at CRFT is specialized in customized animation and tailors the product according to the niche of the brand.

If you are interested in animated video, you should definitely consider CRFT Videos for animation production. Here is an animated video of Team Viewer by CRFT; let’s check it out.

7. Five To Sixty

Are you into Super Bowl? If yes, then you indeed have seen this Pepsi commercial.

Five To Sixty is an NYC-based production studio that is an expert in video commercials, marketing videos, brand videos, and web series production.

If you are into their work, you can book a meeting with them through their website.

8. Max Curious Productions

Max Curious Production was founded in 2000, and since then, they have managed to mark their name in the list of top video production companies worldwide.

The company has specialized in video production for televisions, the web, and businesses. Max Curious Production produces commercials, animation, company videos, promotional videos, and brand content.

Sheraton Hotel and Sundance TV are Max Curious’s top clients and have availed various video production and editing services from them.

9. Lemonlight

Just like their name, their work is also catchy and unique. Lemonlight is an NYC-based video production company that has been operating in Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, San Jose, and San Francisco but provides video production services worldwide.

It serves software & tech, education, retail, e-commerce, beauty, fashion, corporate, medical, travel, hospitality, healthcare, and fitness industries.

Lemonlight has been awarded several awards because of its outstanding and compelling video ads, product videos, introduction videos, testimonial videos, event videos, tutorial videos, explainer videos, and promotional videos.

The studio has created a product video for 3M Thinsulate, which is highly informative and aesthetically appealing to watch. Take a look.

10. Miller/Datri Entertainment

Miller/Datri Entertainment is a video production studio that was founded as an advertising and film agency by the collaboration of Forbes and the American Advertising Federation.

The studio is located in NYC and LA. Its focus on creating compelling and captivating videos that inspire, engages, and attract the audience. It has worked with many entertainment giants and advertising companies and is more focused on entertainment videos than corporate videos.

Miller/Datri Entertainment partnered with Dutch ReBelle in order to produce her music single “Tonight” from the album “Bang Bang”. Check it out:

11.  Highline Studios

Highline Studios is an LA-based video production studio founded in 2004 and provide video solution to all. The studio has worked with Vanity Fair and other big names from all over the world.

If you are thinking about revamping your brand and making a stunning sales announcement to your audience, then you should consult Highline Studios.

The studio has been creating video ads, commercials, brand videos, live-event videos, promotional videos, and corporate live-action videos. Their videos have helped numerous companies to gain more eyes toward their businesses and generate remarkable revenue.

Here is the branded content reel of Highline Studio that might inspire you to avail of their video production services.

12. Luminous Studio Inc.

Do you know where do Polaroid and StoryCorps go for their marketing video production? They both have trusted Luminoustudios with their video production skill. Luminousstudios is an LA-based agency expert in explainer videos, crowdfunding videos, social media content, video ads, social-benefiting videos, and testimonial videos.

The studio has worked with companies like Google Plus, UCI Rvine, and Fiverr. They create awesome live-action videos for brands, companies, and various organizations.

13.  Prosper Digital TV

Many business-oriented clients count on Prosper Digital TV due to its outclass video production services, and no wonder why the company has secured its place among the best video production companies. With years of experience in video production and the advertising industry, this NYC-based studio has made an impactful change for many businesses.

Prosper Digital TV has been awarded various awards like DIFF, The Communicator Awards, Skywalker sound, Boston IFF, and more.

Over the years, Prosper Digital TV has become popular in the corporate industry. They have been providing focused and broad-reaching services to customers and worldwide known business tycoons.This encompasses user experience design, user interface design, overall brand presence and aesthetics, and more.

14. MultiVision Digital Production

Since 2011, MutliVision Digital Production has been providing marketing video solutions to businesses in the USA and other regions of the world.

Multinational companies and entrepreneurs hire MutliVision for marketing strategies and animations. The studio has provided its services to huge names like Eisner Amper and other renowned brands.

MultiVision is an NYC-based video production and animation company that aims to provide quality projects to clients that don’t break the bank account but generate a handsome revenue that helps the client invest more.

Harlem Tinius Olsen is also one MultiVision’s reputable clients, who consulted MutliVision for marketing strategy reshaping. MultiVision reconstructed its marketing which eventually helped them boost user engagement and sales.

The Bonus

It sometimes becomes very challenging when it’s time to choose the right video production companies for your project. You think about your budget, video quality, required service(s), and deadlines, but this can easily be done if you know what you are looking for and what you want.

First of all, you should know your brand, your targeted audience, and how you want to represent it. Once you know your requirements, the second step is to calculate your budget because it will help you understand what service you can afford and what company can do it for you.

We have provided you with the list of the best video production companies in New York, and you can see that all of them are the finest in every sense. All of the studios consist of skilled teams that have produced numerous successful video projects for various clients.

You can pick one from these top video production studios or keep on searching until you find the right match for your business. Now, you have enough information to help you compare the quality and services of video production companies.

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