Renowned Video Production Companies in London

best video production companies in london
London is home of some of the best video production studios. Read our blog to explore the reputed video production companies in London.

London video production companies exert extra effort to establish their reputation. So many organizations, brands, and individuals are searching for a company that can effectively communicate their message… How to distinguish oneself from the competition?

Each of these businesses accomplishes this by employing industry-standard methods and by including a piece of their own creative vision for us and you to admire!

Full-service London Video Production Companies

London is known for its double-decker buses, world-class museums, red phone booths, financial districts, huge lush parks, rich history, and cosmopolitan vibes.

But today, this swinging city is the home of some of the top-rated video production service providers. Let’s explore them together:

1.  Rolling Rogues

Founded: 2017

Specialty: Video Production

Rating: 4.6

We adore the outdoorsy, adventurous, and military-themed shows that Rolling Rogues prefers to create. This enables them to collaborate with companies, brands, and individuals such as Garmin, Contact Coffee, and S Bomb.

From documentaries to advertisements, Rolling Rogues maintains a commitment to its theme, which is always intense due to its dramatic color grading, intimate captures, and topic selection.

In addition, their film and video production team have military experience, allowing them to create a perspective that fits the theme perfectly.

2.  BuzzFlick

Founded: 2016

Specialty: Video Animation, Video Production & Marketing

Rating: 4.6

Back in 2016, BuzzFlick started its operations and serving clients from different regions and industries. We are an award-winning video production and marketing agency that is dedicated to offering result-driven services.

Be it an animated explainer or a live-action corporate video, we make it all. Previously, we were only serving clients in the US, but now we have opened our doors to the UK audience as well.

 We have bagged many awards for our peculiar video production services from big platforms. Airacer, NABU, Softwriters, and Avia Shoes are some of the popular clients we have served to date.

3.  BEAST London

best video production companies in london

Founded: 2014

Specialty: Video Production and Film Production

Rating: 4.4

BEAST is a leading London video production firm that provides footage of television quality without working with a limited number of producers and creative visions.

BEAST cultivates an approach oriented on engagement in the digital domain, where the vast bulk of the information is now encountered.

It was founded by Creative Director Victoria Taylor and Film Director Lawrence Jacomelli, who have subsequently recruited the most talented writers, photographers, and directors in London.

4.  Bold Content

Founded: 2010

Specialty: Video Animation and Video Production

Rating: 4.8

The mission of Bold Content is to produce just this type of bold content focusing on authenticity and human interest. They value creative techniques and originality to distinguish themselves from other London video production firms!

Bold Content is the organization to contact if you want creative, important contributions to be made to the notion you have in mind. As you will be happy to discover, their collection includes both live-action and animation videos.

5.  Dragonfly Video

Founded: 2005

Specialty: Video Animation and Video Production

Rating: 4.4

Dragonfly Video best explains its methodology in its own words:

“Video should elevate your brand beyond the mundane by enticing prospective customers, generating leads, and converting them.”

And they deliver regardless of the topic, including explainer videos, promotional works, commercials, talking head videos, and other methods of communicating brand message! In addition, they acknowledge the significance of adapting their video to a web-centric society and do so by creating interesting content from the outset

6.  Casual Films

Founded: 2010

Specialty: Video Animation and Video Production

Rating: 4.3

Casual Films delivers fourteen years of experience in video production to the London market. Over the years, they have teamed with international brands such as Marriott, Adobe, Rolls Royce, and others seeking creative input and professional polish!

Casual Films has been recruited to create promotional videos that assist viewers in understanding a company’s beliefs and practices, as well as charity videos highlighting the significance of a given initiative, among other things.

In addition, their worldwide crew, which is dispersed across London, New York City, and Los Angeles, all share the same objective of transforming business messaging into an engaging and effective video.

7.  Kartoffel Films

Founded: 2012

Specialty: Video Production

Rating: 4.5

Kartoffel Films has mastered virtually every aspect of the video production industry, including medical and business footage, training videos, and social media videos.

As a full-service video production company in London, they offer the entire spectrum of services, from pre-production to post-production. King’s College London, the National Health Service, and Virgin Atlantic have been clients in the past. Kartoffel also provides an abundance of free instructional content on its site, with an emphasis on videography and social media involvement.

8.  Shoot You

best video production companies in london

Founded: 2000

Specialty: Corporate Video Production

Rating: 4.5

Shoot You offers almost two decades of video production experience in London! This company was founded by two former BBC producers, Quint Boa and Matt Giles, who have assembled a team of exceptionally gifted editors, animators, camera operators, and other team members.

In addition to live-action videos, they also add animated footage. They employ 2D, 3D, hand-drawn, and stop-motion techniques, whichever animation style best matches a given creative topic.

Shoot You have won multiple accolades throughout the years, including the Hermes Creative Awards and the Vega Digital Awards in 2021!

9.  TopLine Film

Founded: 2010

Specialty: Video Animation and Video Production

Rating: 4.3

TopLine Film has produced HR videos, brand animations, crowdfunding introductions, and YouTube marketing. They have collaborated with clients such as Shell, Siemens, American Express, and Sony to produce fascinating material that effectively communicates the brand’s message to television and internet audiences.

Due to their competence in strategy formulation, audience analysis, and other areas, TopLine Films is involved in every phase.

We appreciate the depth of TopLine’s experience and the entertaining, vibrant quality of all of their video!

10.  Hocus Pocus Studio

Founded: 2019

Specialty: Video Animation and Video Production

Rating: 4.8

Unlike another widely distributed generalist London video production company, Hocus Pocus Studio specializes in animated video. Their videos combine vibrant hues and captivating subjects to tell stories that captivate and make us grin.

This portfolio contains 2D animation, 3D animation, live-action, and a combination of all three techniques. And their work demonstrates that animation is for everyone!

Hocus Pocus develops children’s videos on a variety of topics, including Lego play suggestions and the utility of Amex cards for adults.

11.  Spin Creative

Founded: 2010

Specialty: Video Production

Rating: 4.4

Spin Creative, with offices in Seattle, London, and San Francisco, specializes in brand planning and innovative videography techniques for audience engagement. Their work has appeared on television, the internet, and social media pages for Microsoft, GAP, and Amazon, among others.

In addition, their collection contains a vast variety of video styles, ranging from energetic and promotional to quiet and documentary. The approach of Spin Creative in terms of grading, content, and involvement is always well-suited to the topic at hand!

In a Nutshell

So, this was our exclusive list of reputable video production companies in London. We created this list while keeping in mind the quality services these production studios offer and how you can benefit from them.

If you’re residing outside the UK, then do check out our lists of popular video production and animation studios in the USA:

London Video Production Companies – FAQs

  1. How many video production companies are there in the UK?

There are almost 16.24 thousand video production studios operating in the UK dedicated to television production, film production, video production, and post-production.

  1. Which is the best video production company in London?

There are plentiful of the best video production agencies in London. Each one of them offers different services.

  1. How much do video production studios in London charge?

The cost of corporate videos starts from £5,000 – £50,000. Most of the video production companies in London charge almost the same depending on the complexity of the project, video length, and time frame.

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