6 Inspiring Website Homepage Videos That Attract the Audience

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Homepage videos have become the most effective tool for marketing. This blog is about the most inspiring homepage video examples that inspire the audience.

Your homepage is the first thing visitor see on your website, and it creates the first impression on them – so obviously, it should be attractive. Marketers and businesses use videos on their homepages to attract the audience’s attention.

According to a study internet, users spend 88% additional time on a website if they find a video. Audience attention spans have become shorter than ever. It is ideal to use homepage videos to grab customers’ attention.

That 88% can be a game changer for your business. Moreover, a website homepage video is vital in enhancing your website design.

Add a video to your homepage; it allows you to create an appealing impression about your business, what products or services you offer, and how your company is fulfilling the needs of prospective customers.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the most inspiring homepage videos businesses use to attract the audience’s attention.

Video – The Most Effective Marketing Tool

Before we discuss the most impressive website videos, I want to highlight some facts that show the significance of using a video marketing strategy.

In this digital era, video is the most effective medium to consume content. Over a billion internet users use YouTube, and collectively they spend more than 500 million hours on the platform daily.

The majority of internet users prefer to watch videos. It allows businesses to enhance their marketing activities with productive communication with the target audience.

After looking at the stats, it gives you an idea of why businesses use website videos on their homepage.

You can also use a video on your website homepage. We will guide you if you are puzzled about where to start. All you need to do is search for the best video animation companies and outsource the projects to an agency that has a vast portfolio in video animation.

How did I Choose a Website Homepage video for this Blog?

Firstly, it was a challenging task to find the videos for this blog. Many websites incorporate video on the homepagebut it doesn’t reflect a story. Moreover, many websites I checked didn’t use a video on the website.

Why do Businesses Hesitate to Add a Video to Their Homepage?

Some companies don’t have extensive experience in video marketing, and because a homepage video creates the first impression to prospects, they feel reluctant to use a video for the website.

Video content creators generally miss the opportunity to convey the brand’s message to prospects due to the inefficiency of the script.

If you are looking for 2D animation servicesmotion graphics services, and 3D animation services. We recommend you hire BuzzFlick video animation agency, as they have a proven record of serving renowned brands with top-notch animated videos.

Homepage Video Examples that Created a Buzz!

Let’s dig deeper!

1. Purple Mattress Video

Purple is a mattress manufacturing company that used this video reflecting the steps involved in manufacturing their mattress technology.

Firstly, their brand image, social media, and website content are consistent, reflecting their content’s uniformity.

Their video shows that they are committed to delivering the best solution for their customers. It explains to the viewer different aspects of how they manufacture mattresses in goofy and fun ways that make the video more engaging.

This video tells us exciting information and also includes personality and character. It is why it caught the audience’s attention.

2. Liberty Safe Homepage Video

Liberty Safe is a safe manufacturing company, and its website video highlights its lockers’ quality and safety.

It beautifully explains the technology, safety, and company standards they follow to maintain the quality of their products.

Their video shows the process of manufacturing and quality checking of their safes; they gain the audience’s trust and ensure that their product is the best solution for their needs. Moreover, they also beautifully humanize their brand by showing their employees.

3. Polaris – Think Outside

The first thing that comes to mind when we watch this video of Polaris is an adventure. People love to travel and explore new places, and this video is for travel and adventure enthusiasts. This video beautifully explains the need to use vehicles where cars can’t go.

They highlight the adventuring aspect of these vehicles, product information, and some manufacturing processes.

This video entertains viewers with its adventurous theme, and they can understand what they can experience if they choose their products.

4. Interact Revolution – Homepage Video

This video is one of my favorite homepage videos I have ever watched. And this brand incorporated it beautifully on their website. This video demonstrates the product in action – an innovative video that educates the viewers on how to select the appropriate option according to their video needs.

5. Water’s Edge Dermatology – Video for their Website

This video may not be produced with high quality, but it attracts the audience because of the content. This video showcases the behind-the-scenes of the doctors. They follow this practice where forefront doctors of the field share their ideas and recommend the best treatment for patients according to their scenarios.

This video beautifully shares the doctors’ valuable understandings about treatments on their website, creating a trust bond with people.

6. Calendly – Video Campaign

Creating a video with costly production is not essential to achieving your business objectives. This video proves my point. This video of Calendly portrays a simple message – it shows that Calendly assists people in arranging meetings with coworkers.

They use this simple video to pinpoint the problem of scheduling, then recommend a solution and explain the additional features that people can use to coordinate with teams.

What are the Common Elements in these Video Examples?

We have discussed various homepage videos, but it is significant to recognize what makes these videos successful: they talk about problems and offer the solution uniquely, show their brand values, and showcase the consumers’ experience and feel when they use the product.

Businesses nowadays use startup videos to deliver their message to the audience. A startup video is an animated video that has a short duration, but it is highly effective in compellingly delivering the business idea. You might be wondering about the Startup Video Production Cost? You can get it done in around $3500-$5500.

Writer’s Choice for Animation

Now you have learned about compelling homepage videos and how you can add them to your website. It is time to think out of the box for an innovative animated video that promotes your products or services and increases brand awareness.

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Closing Remarks

We have discussed the most impressive homepage videos businesses use to grab the audience’s attention. Now think about everything we discussed, and brainstorm ideas about what you can incorporate in your homepage video to appeal to the audience.

You can get an idea from these videos and use the same elements to create your video. The best thing about a homepage video is that it can engagingly represent your brand and explain to your customers how your brand is different from other competitors.

Focus on customers in your video and make it less about your company. It influences the buying behavior of your audience.

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