17 Best 2D Animation Software (Paid & Free)

2d animation software (paid free)
Check out the 17 best 2D animation software for your video project (Paid & Free), which are quick to learn and easy to use.

Are you looking for the Beat 2D animation software, paid or free? Then this is the right blog for your search.

2D animation has become a part of our lives since 1908 when a French cartoonist named Emile Cohl created the first 75-seconds long animated live-action stick man called Fantasmagorie, consisting of 700 different drawings. Later, Walt Disney made his name in the market of 2D animation.

Not just cartoon movies, Animation is used in almost every field of life to demonstrate ideas and concepts attractively.

Animators create 2D objects in games to bring a lively look to the screen and gameplay. They draw characters, vehicles, buildings and reveal emotion, facial expressions, and attitude.

Companies are using 2d animation for their marketing campaign, awareness, image building, and employee training. And if you are thinking of marketing your brand to the world, then 2D animation is the best way to do it.

The companies hire animation studios to get their marketing campaign done, but most rising startups and new entrepreneurs cannot afford the high fare animation services.

List of the Top 2D Animation Software

We have shortlisted top 2D animation software which are easy to use and fast to learn. These software can come in handy for everyone, either any individual, an enterprise, a startup, or a newbie.

Let’s dive in!

Free 2d Animation Software

Open-source software has made it a lot easier to animate ideas and curve new opportunities for freelancers and beginners. Check the following software to get your experience started.

1. Synfig – An open-source software

Synfig is an open-source animation software released in 2005 and is used for both front-end and back-end design.

Animators can use Synfig to create design content and its front-end appearance rather than being limited to the code on the back-end.

It is open-source, free software for beginners to get going with their 2D animation videos.

2. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate, known as Adobe Flash Professional, is an animation software developed by Adobe.

Adobe Animate is used to design 2D animations and vector graphics. It is hailed as an industry standard for 2D video animation, television programs, video games.

This platform comes with support for raster graphics, audio, and video embedding.

As a 2D animation software, Adobe Animate help the animators and graphic designer to create professional-quality animated projects. However, the complexity of the platform might take some time to get hands-on.

This software is also super cost-effective, costing users $20.99/month if you buy an annual subscription or $31.49/month if you purchase it one month at a time.

3. Pencil2D

Pencil2D is a beginner-level 2D animation tool. This drawing and painting application lets you create traditional hand-drawn animations using both bitmap and vector styles for your animated video.

Pencil 2D is free-to-use software that is designed for amateur animators. This is a handy software that makes animation looks easier by eliminating the intimidating and non-essential features of 2D animation.

It’s simple to use with an easy-to-use User-Interface and allows beginners to draw and animate videos on a platform that ensures cross-platform compatibility.

4. OpenToonz

OpenToonz is a 2D animation software program that works incredibly to produce professional video content.

Most notably used in the movie Spirited Away and TV shows such as Steven Universe, OpenToonz provides a wide variety of video animation tools.

Version 7.0 comes with new features such as mesh deformation and drawing cleanup, making the animation team’s work easier.

As free, open-source software, there is a lot of room for improvement and upgrades to the platform, so for the years to come, this is definitely one to keep an eye on and try out if you’re looking for a new free 2D animation software.

5. PowToon

PowToon is a web-based animation platform that is free to use on a desktop. PowToon allows for sleek 2D animations with moving objects, scenery, and characters.

PowToon is a great platform to spice up your next content marketing strategy with a personalized video, primarily used for user-oriented engagement videos.

6. Animaker – 2D Animation Software for Beginners

Like PowToon, Animaker is also a web-based 2D animation platform used to create storyboards and add animations to props and characters.

Animaker can be used to create brand videos or advertisements, especially for beginners, to get the job done without wasting too much time learning how to use the software due to its user-friendly interface.

7. Plastic Animation Paper

Plastic Animation Paper is a decent platform for quick and easy 2D animation and is designed to deal with pencil art.

Draw your characters and use the software to add cool animations to create a visually stunning experience.

Add layers to your animation, make changes to all link layers in one go, elongate motions through a simple drag-motion on the UI. Plastic Animation Paper makes it all easy for you.

8. Pencil

As the name suggests, the Pencil is used primarily by people who have a nag for pencil drawing.

As a free-to-download software, it’s an excellent tool for casual users who want to bring their drawings to life. Create cartoons, add sound and voice and add image layers to enhance your drawings using Pencil is incredibly simple, so for those out there who are aspiring animators or just want to try it out, this platform can be a handy one.

Paid 2D Animation Software

Companies and expert animators use 2D animation premium software to get the project done in HD and professional quality for their clients. The following software are the top choice for mega animation studios.

1. Moho

Moho is a vector-based 2D animation software, an extensive tool for professional-quality animations with 30 days of the free trial.

Moho is an incredible platform for animators who are looking to excel in their field and take on mega and corporate-level projects and improve the quality of their work.

Though the platform can come across as overly-priced, especially for individual animators or first-timers, it is a great long-term investment if you can afford it.

2. CrazyTalk Animator

CrazyTalk Animator is a funky 2D animation software that brands itself as a “low-effort” platform for cool animations.

Crazy Talk Animator gives you the ability to add animation to logos, props, characters, and images quickly, with a user-oriented interface that is easy to navigate and use.

If you’re looking for a quick dive in and start animating, this platform could do wonders for you, both in terms of ease of use and quality of the video.

Crazy Talk Animator comes at three different prices but does have a free trial period.

  • $49.00 for Standard
  • $99.00 for Pro
  • $199.00 for Pipeline

3. Cartoon Animator 4

Cartoon Animator 4 is yet another tremendous 2D animation creation tool that enables you to create outstanding animations for any purpose. Whether your goal is to create animations for commercial, personal, entertainment, or any other use, the Cartoon Animator 4 is designed to match your requirements perfectly.

From creating animated characters to controlling them with your real-life expressions to creating 3D parallax scenes, the Cartoon Animator 4 is hardwired with some of the best tools designed to help you with your animation development.

Additionally, the software also allows sophisticated customization and content addition which further improves the effectiveness of your animated videos.

Cartoon Animator 4 comes at different prices and also has a free trial period.

  • $99.00 for Pro
  • $109.00 for Pro + 80 Content
  • $199.00 for Pipeline
  • $209.00 for Pipeline + 80 Content

4. Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is a powerful software for animation production designed for beginners. This animation platform provides a great intuitive user interface and offers a bunch of advanced animation features.

As a tool, you can leverage its features for top-notch professional 2D animation production. It allows animators to draw and paint detailed images, provide 2D/3D integration and pipeline integration.

The only problem with the software is that its complexity makes it hard to learn quickly, which means to get started, you need to invest ample time in mastering it.

In terms of pricing, the platform has a variety of packages

Annual Pricing

Harmony Premium: $75/month – billed annually as $935

Harmony Advanced: $63/month – billed annually as $490

Harmony Essentials: $15/month – billed annually as $205


Monthly Pricing

Harmony Premium: $115/month

Harmony Advanced: $63/month

Harmony Essentials: $25/month


Permanent License

Perpetual Premium: $2100/purchase
Perpetual Advanced: $1040/purchase
Perpetual Essentials: $405/purchase

5. CelAction2D

If you’re someone who is looking for state-of-the-art animation software, CelAction2D is one of the most used by professionals due to its quality.

It’s easy to use 2D animation software that is easy to learn, even if you’re just getting started with 2D animations.

On the downside, this is a very price-heavy platform, so you’re probably going to be shocked at this.


Studio Edition: $1350
Professional Edition: $949
PlusOne Module: $1599

Though the price is substantial, this software’s value is incredible and definitely worth the money due to its animation environment and sophisticated features.

6. Stop Motion Studio

Now, this is a platform that isn’t going to cost you a fortune. Stop Motion Studio is an animation app that works with iOS and macOS.

The feature list for the app is dynamic, giving animators the freedom to implement a wide variety of animation techniques for terrific results.

Here is the pricing for this app:

$4.99 on iOS
$9.99 for Mac

For the price, this is an app you should try using. It provides excellent value to the users that are looking to get into creating impact video content.

7. FlipBook

FlipBook is one of the most famous animation tools in the industry. It is way easy to use and a brilliant platform to learn animation on through experimentation.

For 2D animation, sketching, and animating, Flipbook is dynamic; it is user-friendly and a pretty cost-effective investment.

Read what Robb Pratt, a Disney animator, had to say about Flipbook:

I used Flipbook at Warner Bros. for “Looney Tunes: Back in Action” and loved it. It is the best traditional animation software I have used, and I want it for my home.”

The price range for its various modules is as such:


Lite: $19.99
Studio: $59.99
ProHD: $99.99

This is one that you should definitely try out if you’re looking for a professional 2D animation solution.

8. Toonz Premium

Toonz Premium is also a fantastic tool for animators who are more traditional and love using pencil drawings.

The Toonz Premium comes with a broad spectrum of tools, but one of the most recognized features is the autocorrecting software built inside it.

From Advanced scan and trace functionality and advanced compositing features, Toonz Premium 7.4 is a beneficial animation software for beginners and professionals.

Though there is a 15-day free trial to purchase the software, you can contact the sales team at Toonz for further details and pricing.

9. Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a very peculiar choice for 2D and 3D animation. Primarily motion graphics and visual effects software, the platforms break away from how the traditional pipeline works.

It allows animators to color correct and make edits in the same place where they animate their logos, characters, or objects. This non-traditional style can help save animation time, especially if you’re comfortable working in the Adobe environment.

In terms of pricing, Adobe AE is $20.99/month but also has a free trial available if you want to play around to check if it fits your requirements.

In a nutshell

2D animation tools and software help you to create stunning projects at a low cost. Instead of hiring professional assistance, you can create your own masterpiece. If you need help to understand more about 2D animation, Check this article:

What Is 2D Animation?

Using these software gives you complete freedom to create projects with your imagination and creativity.

It won’t cost you much to spend a few dollars and get it done on your terms. Learn how much creating an animated video costs and decide what is best for you, a DIY project, or hiring a professional to get it done for you.

But if you get stuck anywhere, you can seek help from BuzzFlick – a 2D animation company, which gives you affordable fares for animation projects. You can utilize their 2D animation services and get your video done by experts and qualified professionals.

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