Awe-inspiring 2D Animated Business Video Examples for Marketers

2d animated business video examples
using animation in business is beneficial. Explore our list of best 2D animated business video examples from all around the world.

All day, every day, people from all over the world can access your content online.

Also, this is a great way to introduce people to your company, products, or services. What fantastic news!

Moreover, there are many useful tools available in the market which can help to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and drive conversions.

Among many other marketing tools and techniques, 2D animation is an amazing idea to go with.

But here comes a question: why go with 2D animation when plenty of modern and innovative video marketing techniques are available?

Because it never fails to excite, captivate, and save money. An animated explainer video can serve dual purposes of entertaining and informing viewers.

For customers to think about your business, it takes more than just familiarity with your brand, products, or services. The way your viewers feel about the brand after seeing your video is an important part of the message you want to send.

Here are 25 fantastic 2D animated business video examples that will help you to identify of what a great video should look like.

Impressive 2D Animated Business Video Examples

Well, there are many businesses that have already opt this style. However, if you have not jumped on this bandwagon and are still looking for ideas, then the animated business video examples mentioned below will help you a lot.

So, without any further ado, let’s explore them.

1.  Hive

For startups offering novel software-based solutions, success often hinges on how well those solutions are communicated to a target market.

The Hive’s business video is a fantastic example of how to employ 2D animation to illustrate complex ideas while simultaneously generating buzz about the promoted product or service.

Another takeaway is the need to include the company’s logo and other identifying elements in all promotional content. The producers created a vibrant and eye-catching 2D animated video using the platform’s original characters and color palette.

The video’s captivating animation and vivid colors will catch any viewer’s eye.

2.  MailChimp – Introducing Facebook Ads

A 2D animated explainer video is a startup’s most effective video marketing tool.

It won’t be wrong to say that everyone has heard of MailChimp and Facebook. So, the 2D explainer video’s goal isn’t to introduce those businesses to new clients.

Instead, they emphasized the cutting-edge capabilities of the newest version of the product. An incredible piece of animation production. I think the credit goes to the marketing team of MailChimp, being such wonderful collaborators, and creating such beautifully executed branding.

3.  Airbnb – Love

Airbnb’s global success has been phenomenal. App users and service users can reserve lodgings for their upcoming trips, whether they’re taking them across the globe or just down the street.

The company’s goal was to use this upbeat message to win over new and existing customers. The three narratives all feature heroic individuals from history. They are referred to as “hosts” in the video, but in reality, they are the innkeepers. When describing these items, the animation video production team uses friendly 2D human models, cool animation, and an appropriate soundtrack. The narration is also very professional.

4.  Slack – Work, Simplified

Slack’s chat, tools, files, and collaboration features are all accessible from a single interface, making it an ideal platform for streamlined communication. Watch as a man’s life gets simplified using Slack from the perspective of his animated avatar in this fantastic 2D video.

The studio’s creative choices on the optimal framerate are intriguing. The same can be said about the character animation. Furthermore, the narration in this riveting commercial isn’t there to explain the product’s functionality.

The video is so nicely made that viewers may learn everything they need to know from simply watching it.

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5.  Deloitte – Future of mobility

DELOITTE: Future of Mobility is an app that will greatly improve the quality of life for mobility managers, payment suppliers, and city planners. The software suggests the best routes for the user’s journey, maximizing comfort and efficiency.

One of our favorite kinds of 2D animation is this. Though it appears in 3D in space, the world is produced in 2D and 2.5D. Transitions between 2D and 3D animation are seamless and comprehensive.

In this CGI short, we see the kind of utopian future we all dream of. The voice acting is excellent, in addition to the eye-popping transitions. The video features two voiceovers: a male for the animated figure and a female for the story.

6.  Time2Match

Time2Match is a game-changing platform for amateur athletes. Users have complete control over their game schedules, stats, and rankings. The service provided here is useful for coordinating amateur tournaments. The animated video explains the new system.

7.  McDonald’s – Drive-Thru Car Free Day

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of McDonald’s. On September 22, one of the world’s largest fast-food franchises helped spread the word about the annual World Car-Free Day event this year.

McDonald’s restaurants in Brazil encouraged consumers to use the Drive-Thru despite the absence of automobiles. So, feel free to come on by your gigantic elephant, giant turtle, dinosaur, bicycle, or anything else you’ve got.

The fact that even multi-national corporations rely on 2D animation for their video marketing needs is a testament to the medium’s success. It goes without saying that the creative team at Le Cube has done an outstanding job, producing a work of art that can serve as a model for other animation studios.

8.  Microsoft Advantage

The future is here, and it is data. In this video, the animation studio emphasizes this catchy slogan. This video provides a taste of IDG Agency’s work for their Microsoft advertising campaign.

The company Microsoft is a huge name in history. In this video, Microsoft’s character and true advantages are presented through the use of fantastic character animation and immersive environments. The same is true for this 2D animated video; it must leave a deep impression on its target audience.

9.  Google Cloud – Navigating AI

It’s been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s a common English idiom that’s just as relevant today as it ever was. It’s also the most accurate interpretation of the point of this 2D animation.

The production team uses solely 2D motion graphics techniques to inform and delight viewers without any voiceover.

The fundamentals of the Google Cloud Platform may be conveyed to viewers in a video that clocks in at under a minute in length. The aim is to make the sentences and words easier to understand by Using beautiful patterns and illustrations.

10.  Miinto

Miinto is a retail platform that helps brick-and-mortar stores more easily connect with internet clients. Miinto centralizes hundreds to thousands of brick-and-mortar shops to make shopping and selling a breeze for both vendors and buyers.

In approximately one minute, this vintage 2D animation video does a fantastic job of explaining the organization and its services. If your boutique is going to have an online presence, an animated explainer like this is a must.

11.  Price & Cost

Project-based enterprises can benefit greatly from the usage of Price & Cost, a web-based tool that provides accurate cost estimates. Users will have complete command over all aspects of their organization, including finances, options, and outcomes. The video provides an overview of the tool and its benefits.

Incredibly impressive design and motion graphics production in Illo. Whether it’s a user interface or a 2D animated animation, they always manage to come up with something new and exciting in terms of visuals.

Take a look at how interesting this video is: the characters, the funny art, and the wonderful music will keep everyone watching. The design studio did a fantastic job with the circular interfaces and attention to detail on the accompanying diagram.

12.  Tempo

Tempo is a system that facilitates the swift and simple conversion between cryptocurrency and conventional currency. A 2D animated video introducing the blockchain company and its product is used to spread the word about it.

This video demonstrates how an explainer video can pique viewers’ curiosity while providing them with enjoyable visual content. The 2D motion graphics animation fits in perfectly with the artwork and resources of Tempo. Wonderful animated people and objects occupy the brief video.

13.  Etsy Plus

Excellent use of 2D animation to describe Etsy’s newest feature, Etsy Plus. Users will have a much better time selling thanks to this service, and their sales will increase as a result. The video does a great job of illustrating the features’ key elements.

There is a lot of texture work put into each transition, and it all looks great. The animation studio did a great job with the animated characters and items. The excellent narration serves to keep listeners engaged. The video’s soundtrack, meanwhile, is excellent.

14.  Uber

“Uber Digital Rider Snooze” is the name of this short 2D animated video. The video depicts a man getting ready for the day. The cat’s interactions with the man make the video more entertaining. The 2D motion visuals help make the video’s message clear and concise.

Because of the lack of complexity, viewers won’t be diverted from the storyline. It’s a straightforward video, and it functions as such. And the cat is a great, unconventional suggestion, too.

15.  LittleFund

The goal of LittleFund is to make it easier for parents to put money aside for future kid-related items. The site lets users’ friends and relatives pitch in for their children’s ambitions. Furthermore, it aids individuals in controlling their finances and saving for the future.

The LittleFund website’s brand assets were to good use by the 2D animation studio, which produced high-quality videos that were consistent with the company’s overall aesthetic. This video has a nice, breezy, and revitalizing aesthetic.

Attractive and engrossing sound effects draw listeners in. The script was expertly written, guaranteeing that the plot would hold the audience’s interest.

16.  Doctors in Italy

Travelers and tourists who need medical care while in Italy have a new savior: doctors in Italy. The website is useful for people who need to visit a doctor in Italy but prefer to communicate in English. The video encourages Italian medical professionals to join.

This short 2D animated video’s purpose is to recruit all of Italy’s English-speaking medical professionals and form a group called “Doctors in Italy.” The team behind the explainer video did an excellent job of illustrating the points they wanted to make.

Moreover, 2D motion graphics have been proven to effectively engage and inform audiences in a compressed time period. Prioritize the message over the logo. In this video, the startup is not presented right away. The brand is then shown to be the answer to the problem.

17.  TraQtion

Manufacturing companies can benefit from TraQtion. It is a platform that allows users to track and manage compliance for their suppliers, products, and locations. Customers can exchange information with vendors and pass along any new developments.

Not a single motion designer or animator that I know of has not seen this. This is a fantastic illustration of the power of 2D animation in describing the platform’s capabilities and functionality.

Because of the seamless transitions, the audience can learn everything they need to know about the company and its products or services. It’s a great illustration of a 2D animated explainer video, complete with entertaining character animations.

18.  Swiss Fin Lab

The Swiss Fin Lab presents its product ZOA in this video. The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides security for private information.

Companies seeking to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation will find this platform invaluable. What’s more, ZOA grants people unfettered access to any information they’ve shared with businesses, government agencies, or nonprofits.

The 2D motion graphics and expert video editing in this short-animated video are impressive. The great voice actor did a fantastic job as well of holding the audience’s attention.

19.  Audius

Audius is a massive, decentralized community for creators and listeners of music. Users with creative skills can now leverage the Audius network by uploading their assets to the decentralized platform and earning from their audience.

Since Audius may be unfamiliar to some viewers, we made this entertaining and informative 2D animation to fill them in. Artists such as disc jockeys, guitarists, singers, and others from today’s popular music scenes are depicted in vibrant colors, and the animation style reflects this.

20.  Torrebio

Torrebio is a decentralized system that facilitates establishing and maintaining a positive online identity in the business world. Those who are already familiar with LinkedIn’s endorsement system and its ancillary features will find the Torrebio method to be intuitive.

While other platforms may not be able to provide the solutions that Torrebio does, this animated 2D video does just that. The explainer video team displayed originality and intelligence in producing such captivating content.

The video’s music, artwork, animations, settings, special effects, and script interpretation all contribute to the overall success of the piece.

21.  Amazon Smart Home

Amazon has always been on the cutting edge, and that includes making people’s daily lives easier. The Amazon Smart Home system is designed to provide an intelligent layer of functionality to the user’s existing home environment.

As part of the Internet of Things, a “Smart Home” can connect to the electronics and systems in the home. Since only a select few may be familiar with the Smart Home system, Amazon has produced this video to introduce the concept to potential new customers.

The narration in this 2D animated video about Amazon’s Smart Home features is what really makes the material stand out and feel like an immersive experience. I have no doubt that anyone watching this incredible video is engrossed from beginning to end.

Note: If you want a similar video and you’re living in Texas, then take a look at our list of best Texas animation studios, to find the best agency offering quality animation service.

22.  Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an advanced system for managing social media. Users can have all their social media accounts in one place, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Cats can be found just about anywhere you look. As shown in the Uber video, we used as an example of the 14th most popular type of 2D animated video, whimsical mascots or animated characters appear to be the current trend.

These extras definitely improve the video’s tone and vibe. This video’s vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics make it impossible to look away.

23.  Beam Wallet

Among UAE residents, Beam Wallet is the most popular mobile payment solution. The developers of Beam Wallet are now hoping to get the word out globally.

Beam Wallet provides a 2D animated video to introduce the app’s capabilities and benefits to potential users. This video is fantastic using the Beam Wallet brand’s visual identity and assets.

Clear, high-quality audio is paired with stunning visuals in this. Those familiar with the development of mobile wallets may find this 2D video about Beam Wallet to be informative and engaging.

24.  PatientMD

When patients sign up for PatientMD, they’ll have access to their medical professionals from any location. Patients can schedule appointments with their preferred doctors from anywhere in the world using mobile phones, computers, or laptops. The video considers global health challenges today and proposes strategies to overcome them.

Rather than having to wade through dry text or lifeless presentations, the PatientMD platform’s messages are given in a clear and concise manner with the aid of 2D animation.

2D Animated Business Video Examples – FAQs

What are some common examples of 2D animation?

Some of the popular 2D animation examples are Looney Tunes (Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny), Disney Classics (The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book, Snow White), and popular TV shows (Rick and Morty, South Park, Family Guy, and The Simpsons).

What is the primary difference between 2D and 3D animation?

In 2D animation, the objects and characters are two-dimensional (height and width). Whereas in 3d animation, the objects are three-dimension (height, width, and depth).

How can 2D animation be used in business for marketing?

You can easily use animated videos in your email marketing campaigns, embed them in your website’s landing pages, or use them in your social media campaigns.

Are 2D animated videos costly?

2D animation is assumed to be a costlier video style. But it’s not because a simple animated video price starts from $2,500. This can go up to $10,000, depending upon the project and requirements.

Read in detail: 2D Animation Cost

The Final Verdict

An animated 2D video’s best result is not more views but rather brand recall. The tone and character of the brand should be communicated through video to the intended audience. That way, the next time the target audience member has a need for the advertised goods or services, they’ll think of the advertised brand.

Whether your strategy involves business-to-business or business-to-consumer interactions, video marketing can serve as a connecting medium.

When you’ve established that rapport, you’ll have an advantage over the competition because you’ll already know how to increase sales and boost your return on investment. In fact, sales can be made with animated videos.

Overall, a successful video will have an interesting gimmick and a powerful message and leave a lasting impression of your brand on viewers. Be yourself, and don’t worry about what other people think. Use your imagination, and the video will do the rest.

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