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Boost your conversion and make your audience admire your business with compelling About Us videos. Check out the 7 best examples of the About Us video to seek inspiration!

Most people think that the coming lead or the targeted audience knows everything, so instead of a comprehend introduction, let’s talk business to them.

This is where people are wrong!

You need to introduce your business, product, team, and initiatives to your audience because likability and emotional attachment increase when you clearly explain what problem you or your product will address.

Customers buy products from the brands they understand better and have trust on. In short, if a company effectively convinces its targeted audience to like its products or services, it surely has a chance that the targeted audience will turn into potential customers.

You never know at what stage of the marketing funnel your audience is in, so it is vital to introduce them to mega minds behind the whole creation of your brand to build an image of authenticity and communicate the message of what you do and why you do.

This is where you need the About Us videos. It gives you the freedom to communicate your ideas, present your company, and introduce your team to your targeted audience.

Instead of reading a lengthy biography or about us page, the viewer will be pleased to watch a video that talks about your company, employees, and initiatives.

You can use various video styles to create an About Us video to capture the everyday life of your team and showcase the work culture at your company, which benefits you in conversion and is also helpful in recruitment.

What Elements Make a Compelling About Us Video?

Before jumping into the examples, you need to understand the essential elements that can make your About Us video look best.

1. An Emotional Connectivity

Your video must need to express the core emotion and story behind your brand, company, product, or business. The emotional connectivity in the video will help your audience emotionally connect with your brand and relate to you.

2. Humanizes The Feel

People connect with companies that demonstrate their business with human vibes. You can use live-action videos to showcase your team behind the work. You are aware that your company is built by the efforts of actual people, but your audience doesn’t. Show them that there are human faces behind the success and the production.

3. Tell What You Do

It is vital to tell your potential customers why your business exists and what/who your business serves. Your About Us video need to be impactful and informative enough that after watching it, your audience should know what do you aim for as a company.

4. Build The Trust

The About Us video gives you a chance to prove what you claim through visuals and explained brand values. You can portray your struggle story, the core motive of the business, the solution your company offers, or customer testimonials to make your audience trust you as an authentic company.

5. The BTS (Behind the Scene)

Sometimes even the simplest things inspire more than the extra glamorous splashy descriptions. If your audience doesn’t have any understanding about the production, then demonstrating it will be of no use.

You can show the “behind the scene” clips of the product or service production phase that will help you explain what you do and how you do it.

Inspiring About Us Videos to Include in Your Marketing Plan

While searching about the About Us videos, we came across to few statistics that have blown our minds; let’s take a look:

  • A study has stated that over 69% of people prefer to watch videos when they aim to learn about new services or products.
  • A landing page with a video on it has a more likely 53% chance to appear on the first page of the Search Engine Result.
  • 85% of marketers believe that video is an effective way to seek attention from online users.
  • 94% of marketers have reported that videos have improved consumer comprehension about their product, service, or business.

These massive statistics show that posting videos on websites or anywhere on the internet can help your business grow and ultimately increase sales.

So, here are the seven all-time favorites About Us video examples that you can incorporate into your next marketing campaign or long-term marketing strategic plan.

1. Working at Dropbox

Our first example of the About Us video is from Dropbox, where the video creator has used puppets to relate to the main faces of the company and to explain why do they like Dropbox. To understand the video better, let’s take a look at the video.

This video by Dropbox does not show any real faces, but it is highly entertaining and yummy to watch. Video demonstrates what these people do in Dropbox and why they are working there with cute voices and puppets, which gives a different look to the video from the conventional About Us videos.

2. Founders Brewing Co.: The Story

Sometimes the brand has more interesting processes, methodologies, and behind the scenes than the actual produced product to show. We consider Founders Brewing Co. among them.

Founders Brewing Co. is a beer manufacturing company, and they choose to inspire people with their success stories through the About Us video. Let’s take a look.

Live-action footage gives more of a reliable look to the company. The video shows the beer brewing, storage, and pouring process and highlights the energy the team shares between them – quite inspiring!

3. HubSpot: About Us

Till now, we have shared examples of employee-oriented About Us videos, but here is a video by HubSpot which shows that the driving force (owners, CEO, CTO, etc.) is the one who keeps the whole team on the same page and plays an important role in uplifting the company.

If we talk about the video, it includes the interview and the b-roll footage from the HubSpot offices and events. It has creative animation, making the statistics look more promising and catchier for the audience.

Video clears that HubSpot believes in helping people learn and create better things for themselves, and the founders have passed this goal to everyone in the company. In short, the video gives a comprehensive summary of the company and what it aims to serve.

4. This is Zendesk

The humorous video makes the watch-time entertaining and helps the audience understand the video’s objective clearly – this is a very clever but effective approach.

Zendesk is a CRM company that builds software to improve the company-customer relationship. The company has integrated a humorous tone throughout its About Us video, making it amusing to watch. Check it out.

About Us videos are not only for the customers only but help the people understand the company’s culture who want to be a part of the company.

It is an excellent example to incorporate into your marketing campaign, not just to demonstrate the work culture but to introduce the product as well.

5. Work/Life Balance at BambooHR

We have mentioned this example in our various articles due to its energetic workplace vibe that is hard to see in other companies.

BambooHR is a company that has made its workplace the hub of happiness not just for the clients but also for the employees. This video has broken the conventional tone of the About Us video by sharing the happy non-work-related footage of employees and showcasing them in the video.

Instead of showing what employees do in their eight hours of office timing, BambooHR chose to share real-life footage of employees doing swimming, running, eating, and playing.

It is surely a brilliant way to engage people to not just work with your company but join them instead because people look for places that are more than just a workplace.

6. Apple – Inclusion & Diversity – Open

When we talk about company and workplace culture, how can we forget about Apple. Here is an employee portrait video where the employees are revealing who they are and what they believe as Apple employees.

This is what Apple did in its video, where it talks about the diversity among the employees and what makes them one as a company.

Apple has created a touchy video where 68 employees of different cultures, religions, personalities, and ideologies have come together to serve humanity.

In short, Apple has built a community across the globe to make their company more inclusive and gather ideas from everyone and everywhere. It is a heartwarming video that not just inspire people to buy Apple product but join the Apple community to serve better.

7. Welcome to Atlassian

So far, we have discussed examples from renowned companies who have put unique ideas into their About Us videos to mark themselves best in the business, and somehow, they have proved to be the One in their own way.

While discussing companies that have achieved so much, how can we not discuss Atlassian. The company has released this video where it talks about what different they are offering and what is unique about their employees.

“Don’t F*ck the Customer” is one of the prime values of Atlassian. The fact that the company is confident enough to discuss this extensively and how it affects their daily operations goes a long way toward establishing trust in potential customers. This demonstrates that values are meaningless unless and until you can showcase how they can impact your business.

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