15 Amazing Curated Collage Animations

top curated collage animations
Many companies are using Collage Animation approach to break the typical marketing video trends. Check out the Top 15 curated collage animations.

Collage animation is a type of animation which is a combination of real photos, animated illustrations, and motion figures. It is an animated video consist of photographs and illustrated art. The animators arrange photos and illustrations according to the theme and vision of the video.

To create collage animation, the animator first selects images to trim them to fit in the scene, then assembles the animation software and starts to animate them separately with illustration, adding texture, setting of color, cel animation, and typography.

The artist uses different animation and illustration software in the making of collage animation. This illustration gives aesthetic and abstract visual style to images & art collage, then animates them in compliance with the original’s form and motion.

When was Collage Animation invented?

In 1917, the first collage animation made by Quirino Cristiani was inspired by the silhouette animation by Lotte Reiniger and came into view in a 70-minutes cutout animated film “El Apostol.” After Quirino, Terry Gilliam created a splendid piece of art called “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” which was also a collage animation film.

The collage animation was an enchanting and fascinating invention that made it so famous that now we can see collage animation in many song videos, commercials, short films, and awareness videos.

What is happening in Collage Animation today?

If we look at the past, collage animation was a very tough and time-consuming art for an artist, but now after the evolution of technologies and the development of various software, collage animation has become easier and quicker.

Animators now use various software that makes animation easier for them and helps them generate more ideas to deliver visions, thoughts, concepts, and imagination in the form of animated videos.

Best Collage Animations Examples (2024)

We have collected the top 15 collage animations from all over the globe. Most of them are made in the form of explainer videos but are still magnificent to watch and enjoy. These collage animation examples are genuinely the work of art with the attention-grabbing illustration that holds the audience’s eyes.

So let’s get started!

#1) Reality – A Collage Animaton by Amier Firdaus

Reality – artist Amier Firdaus made a collage animation, Amier illustrated the impact of the society of this age to the coming generation.

The artist has illustrated how history and leaders have shaped today and how today’s society will change tomorrow.

Amier used Adobe Photoshop, After Effect, and Premiere Pro for illustration. He used artistic and mesmerizing themes to portrays the message correctly. Color combination, music, and animation have been showcased in a very brilliant way.

#2) Fever – Animation by Naja

Naja Meeks is an animator who creates illustrative animation and tells the story through her freestyle art. Fever is an animated collage video in which she elaborates the love of red color for women in a very different and partying style.

The fever animation collage is a story of red color to celebrate the mood of women. Meeks used a Srilankan song Pem Rasa Wahena to give a lovely and soft-party-adventure look to the animation.

Must take a look.

#3) Boney M – Rasputin a Collage Animation

Joud Tanta created this video for his university Video Art Class 2018. He cut out and animated the images from vintage and old magazines to give this picture-in-motion look to the video.

He selected random images and uniquely to create animated photo collage. He added background music and adjusted the motion of the images accordingly.

This video is a simple yet impressive piece of collage animation. Take a look at this outstanding animation down below.

#4) The Chordettes – Lollipop(Collage Animation)

Another musical collage animation is Lollipop by The Chordettes. The animator Mastavee has animated the pop music video Lollipop into a collage animation.

The Chordettes were the longest-lived vocal group of the 1940s and 1950s. Mastavee used a bright color theme and image motion to make it more vibrant to demonstrate the story of lollipops.

#5) Travel Vertical – 3D Animado

Artist Fernando Reyes has made Travel Vertical – a collage animation video. The video is about life in a vertical motion that how life is different on the different levels of earth and space. The animator put the images and animated them in a vintage way.

Fernando used Photoshop, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro X. The 3D animation look made it different from typical collage animations.

There are some best 3D animation software (paid & free) that you can use to make 3D animated videos, and the top 3D animation services around the globe are available to create for you.

#6) à la fin…

A collage animation is a tool that you can use to provoke and evoke the audience’s emotions and connect them with your animation. Nicolas has used this technique to connect the audience’s emotion with his art and message.

The artist tried to grab the attention of the audience by putting topics like global warming and pollution.

Nicolas used keyed-out scenes instead of cut-out images. He used a unique approach to point out a severe topic in a very innovative way.

#7) Black is a Beautiful Struggle

Tony Browne, a motion designer from the UK, created this beautiful animation of collage motion graphics to celebrate the Black History month in the United Kingdom. This animation depicts the story of the struggles and happy moments of a black person.

Animated images and textured graphics in an abstract style give this video a bold and catchy look, making it worth watching.

#8) Cuba: Architecture

Cuba is full of stunning land views. With the blend of African music and vibrant animation, the artist has demonstrated the architecture in Cuba. PRAND is an animation company in Moscow, who made this brilliant architectural tour.

#9) The College Travel – College Animation

A Spanish video production studio Tigrelab has made this collage animation video, a tour to all cultures and lifestyles worldwide.

In every scene of this collage style animation, the images are put together in a way that speaks about the scene.

#10) Munn, After Loosing

Munn, After loosing is a handmade animated collage video from The Drawing Room studio. Nol Honig is the artist who used newspaper and magazine pieces to create this paper collage animation. The music and images create a classical antique look.

#11) Dwayne Johnson – Back Against the Wall

This collage animation tells the real-life story of known Hollywood actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. The animator used strong and expletive language audio clip by Johnson himself to give a more narrative look to this animated video.

P.S: don’t show to your kids.

#12) Mamos Beer

Mr. Petros Mamos founded Mamos Beer in 1876. This oldest brand used the collage animation technique to create a marketing video that elaborates the whole journey of Mamos Beer. The stunning transition has been used in the movement of the images that make this video entertaining.

#13) GE: An Apollo 11 story

The GE company made a collage animation video to tell the story of an employee who read a letter to her late father, who worked with NASA and GE. This is not a sale-generating video, but this collage animation portrays a narrating touchy video.

DRESS CODE is an award-winning studio that created this masterpiece for General Electric.

#14) Project Ellis

Project Ellis is an awareness video to educate the citizen of the USA about their rights and constitution. The animator used the color code of the American flag in the whole video. Collage animation made it more effectual to bring light to the topic.

#15) Space Sex is a Serious Business

This collage animation video has narrated the serious topic of sex in space. It is collage film that has been made with 3D animation and images with vibrant color combinations.

The animated typography has been used in this video to demonstrate the text in a catchy formation. Not just text but the sequence of images and photos has made this mind-blowing.

Frequently Asked Questions- Collage Animations

What is collage animation?

Collage animation is an animation type that consists of illustrations, and photographs mixture. There may be more photos or there may be more illustrations in usage, but it is the combination of both.

What is motion collage?

Motion collage animation is actually a moving photo collage animation that combines images in collage motion graphics, animations, and photographs. It is like a video with an animated collage created with different pictures and drawings. An animator organizes photographs, images, and drawings and illustrations with a purpose in mind of the video.

What are the 4 types of collage?

Collage animation is actually a creative puzzle. Artists combine different content to come up with an amazing art work. There are 4 basic types of it; paper, digital, mixed media, and photomontage. Collage was initiated by famous artists Hannah Höch, and Picasso to name a few.

Why do you need collage animation?

The collage animation is a different approach to make creative and attractive animation. This video can be used for brand promotion and marketing. Collage animation helps to connect your audience to your marketing goal. You can use this animation technique to create an informative as well as entertaining video.

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