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platforms to share video
Post your marketing video on various platforms to engage prospects and escalate conversion. Enhance your business visibility with video sharing!

Looking for online places to share your video posts? Worry not because you are about to find some fantastic platforms where you can post your video content.

Video marketing for business once meant creating a video and posing it on a website, but today’s marketing has changed a lot.  One video cannot do enough in a single location. If you want to accelerate your business or brand promotion, various videos must be posted on multiple sites and locations.

In short, as many videos you make and as many platforms you cover, it will increase the chance of getting caught by the audience’s eye.

One video cannot do what a slew of videos can. However, the video content can be used or reused to attract a new audience, engage more visitors, nurture more prospects, and allure potential customers.

If you want to attract more eyes toward your brand, product, or service, then you have to put extra effort into searching for a platform where you can reach broader prospects through your video content.

We have gathered a list of 20 different platforms you might want to post your videos to increase viewing, build brand awareness, and drive more business.

So let’s not wait, we are here to assist you in deciding when and where to post the videos, depending on what stage of your marketing plan you strive to improve.

Platforms to post a video: no matter what the goal is

Following are the platforms where you can post your video content regardless of what your marketing goal is or what you want to achieve with this video.

1. Your Website

It doesn’t matter wherever your video is or how many platforms are covered with it, you must need to have your video on your website.

Having a video doesn’t mean one video on the Home or About Us page; spread different types of videos on other landing pages of your website.

It not only helps your audience see various video content on your website but increases SEO, escalates sales, and boosts brand awareness.

Some statistics will amaze you about having videos on the website:

  • If your website includes video content, there is a 53% more likely chance that Google will discover your website.
  • If you have video content on your website, the organic traffic will increase to 157%.

2. Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms are the best choice for brand marketing. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others are beneficial in video marketing and promotions.

According to Tubular Insights, 64% of social media users buy stuff after watching a brand video on social media platforms.

Platforms to post a video: to attract visitors

Previously, we have mentioned in this blog that you must have your video content featured, despite the goal. This section is for those who actually want to gather eyes over their business or product.

You can achieve your branding objectives through the following platforms:

3. Instagram & Facebook

Instagram & Facebook are the most popular platforms for users as well as brands. Posting videos on these platforms are a 100% game-changer for businesses.

You can engage the targeted audience on your page and redirect them to your landing or product pages. However, if you aim to reach a new audience and convert the current audience into potential customers, then Facebook & Instagram can be helpful tools for advertising.

4. Tumblr & Twitter

If you are more into hashtagging and trending, then Tumblr & Twitter are the platforms for you. Unlike Facebook & Instagram, Tumblr & Twitter works on attracting the audience with hashtags.

You can trend your video content using hashtags, GIFs, and memes, and people will automatically get attracted to your content.

P.S: If you really want to trend on Twitter & Tumblr, gain followers first. The number of followers can actually affect your trend.

5. Yelp

Yelp is a platform where people search for companies, brands, and businesses according to their needs. It is one of the first platforms where visitors come to learn more about related companies.

A product video can be a compelling element on your Yelp account, and it will let the visitors know that the company is an expert & confident in what they do.

6. Reddit

While we are talking about famous and trending websites, how can we forget Reddit – a social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website.

Subreddit is an excellent place to post your business video to catch more views. If you go industry-specific, the subreddit helps you find out search-related video content.

P.S: To grow views, you need to join some Reddit community and stay active on it regularly instead of posting videos occasionally. This will help you grow fast in the community as well as on Reddit.

7. TripAdvisor

If you are a travel agent or your business is travel-oriented, then TripAdvisor is the place where you definitely want to be found.

TripAdvisor works almost like Yelp, where you can post videos to attract investors and customers to your business. In TripAdvisor, your prime prospects are travelers, tourists, vacationists, and globetrotters.

You can attract those who are planning trips nationally or internationally and guide them with the best deals for hotels, restaurants, pubs, salons, and more.

8. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is another video-sharing and streaming platform that allows users to upload their video content on the channel, watch others’ content, like, share, and comment.

The website features content in different categories related to your region’s trending like entertainment, news, sports, music, and more.

Unlike YouTube, it is a free platform for marketers to showcase their business and has more user-benefiting copyright policies.

9. Imgur

Imgur is a video hosting website but is actually famous for its GIFs content. It exhibits your video content in front of other communities to increase video virality like Reddit. Imgur hosts most of the content published on Reddit.

10.  Mix

Mix is the preceding and organized version of StumbleUpon. Mix allows users to create content and make a collection board like Tumblr or Pinterest of their choice.

The website is a complete attraction for users of other platforms as well as fans of StumbleUpon, which allows the users to create a public-facing collection board where they can publish their video links.

Platforms to post a video: to engage more followers

Till now, we have discussed how you can bring eyes to your brands, but this list of platforms will help you convert the audience to permanent visitors.

11. YouTube

YouTube is not a new platform and is very famous among all age groups. It is the second-largest search engine after Google and one of the first video-hosting websites.

You can promote and market your brand on YouTube with channels and videos, but there is another effective way to boost your business – paid ads. You can run an ad campaign on YouTube to attract viewers.

For example, if you are a cosmetic brand and want to drag viewers from YouTube to your product pages, you ask the content creator to add your advertisement to its video. This short video can bring you long-term purchasing.

You can host your brand channel and post long/short videos consistently to maintain the viewer’s engagement on your channel.

The traffic on your channel and the views on your video can help your video trend on YouTube, and to maintain this traffic, you need to publish the content weekly or bi-monthly.

Note: If you want to explore more platforms to feature your brand video, check out the best video websites like YouTube, it got some workable platforms for your business.

13. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more of a networking and talent hunting social community, where companies look for employees, people look for job opportunities, and clients monitor the company’s happenings.

Since LinkedIn started video marketing campaigns, video has begun a vital part of your profile representation.

Video gives a boost to your publicity and promotes your business. For example, if you are a video production and animation studio and want your prospects to know about your work style, here the video marketing helps.

To attract clients, you can exhibit your video projects, production videos, workplace culture videos, or happenings videos.

P.S: If you are looking for an animation company for explainer video services, you can check out the top animated explainer video companies that are best in their animation productions.

14.  Vimeo

After YouTube, Vimeo is considered the best user-friendly video hosting website on the internet.

Vimeo is more like YouTube and Dailymotion, where you can publish your video and gather views, but Vimeo is not just easy to use for the viewers but also for the content creator.

You can take inspiration and be an inspiration for others, and not just accelerate your marketing but grow as a quality content creator.

P.S: If you are a video content creator and looking for a website to post your content, then check out the top video blogging websites and pick a website that suits your channel’s niche.

Platforms to post a video: to nurture potential prospects

15. Email Campaign

Because you’re marketing to warm prospects, email marketing is still one of the most powerful generators of sales conversions.

People usually get bored and irritated due to dull written emails. However, you can add extra value to your email marketing by including your video content. This will persuade your customers to say yes to your business and give your brand a chance.

Embedding videos in email is an efficient way to capture potential customers right through their inboxes.

16. IG Stories

Instagram Stories are a little different than posting to your main Instagram newsfeed, so it’s worth thinking about them a little differently.

Instagram Stories are more for nurturing relationships with your present followers than recruiting new viewers.

This is a terrific place to publish everyday video content, such as BTS (behind-the-scene) videos or brief tips and tricks that you can shoot on your smartphone and upload instantly, as well as previewing and sharing videos in short micro-snippets.

17. Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform where you can post a video as part of a curated content board that might help you grow your audience.

Suppose your business falls into categories such as DIY, beauty, fashion, food, travel, clothing, or crafting. In that case, your company or product can compel audiences interested in those categories and already use Pinterest frequently.

18. Medium

Including your video in a blog on Medium is a terrific approach to nurturing and encouraging readers to convert as customers.

While you may already have blogs and videos on your company’s website, incorporating and publishing them together on Medium, where the Medium community may see, comment, and clap can help you reach targeted prospects.

In addition, using video to embed in your blog is a terrific way to increase traffic to both the blog and the video. It also helps your content get crawled on all search engines.

19. Instructables

Instructables is the right platform to share your content with the world if you make instructional videos. The site publishes the content mostly from DIYers and those who handle the project from scratch.

Only a limited type of content is allowed on the site, but if yours does, it’s a terrific way to present your video to an interested audience, and the type of content allowed on Instructables is precisely the type of video content that will help you grow more potential consumers.

20.  LinkedIn Groups

Another method to take advantage of LinkedIn’s new video features is to post your film to a public or private LinkedIn Group.

Using LinkedIn Groups, in particular, to cultivate a network of potential consumers or brand alliances over time is a terrific method to acquire new leads.

It would help if you made a significant contribution to the groups, so make sure you’re commenting and communicating with the entire group, and any video you publish is helpful to the community rather than being promotionally exaggerated.

A Good-Bye

We have tried to make you aware of the platforms that can be useful to your video marketing through this article.

There are many platforms where you can post your video content, but the above list guides you:

  • What platform should be used and when?
  • What type of content should be posted on what platform.
  • How you can create specific content.
  • Which platform best suits the niche of your business.

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