Brilliant Vlog Ideas That You Must Give a Try

thumbnail brilliant vlog ideas that you must give a try
Look for the vlog ideas for your channel. Gather more eyes on your content and increase your views. Check top ideas that can change the vlogging experience.

Are you bored with making and uploading vlogs with a consistent theme and confused about finding lightning ideas?

Don’t worry, this blog will help you find creative vlog ideas that will help you revamp your channel and serve something new on the audience’s plate.

It’s human nature to get bored and fed up with consistency, whether a daily routine, food, clothes, or video idea – Change is a part of life and nature!

We have collected 50 fantastic vlog ideas that you can use in your future vlogs. This list of ideas will help you create engaging content that will attract the audience to your channel.

Let’s not waste more time! Start the read!

List of 50 Awesome Vlog Ideas for Your Channel

With these excellent vlog ideas, you can create uniques playlists on your channel. Check out these outstanding ideas and start your project with them now!

Let’s Begin!

  • List
  • First Vlog
  • Personal Vlog
  • The Funny Vlogs
  • Informational Vlogs
  • Travel Vlogs
  • Fitness Vlog
  • Vlog For Couples
  • Friends & Family Vlog
  • Vlogs With Others
  • Trending Vlog
  • Miscellaneous Vlog

First Vlog

If you are diving into vlogging, keep these four questions in your mind:

  • From where should you start?
  • What do you vlog?
  • What should your first vlog be about?
  • How can you make it engaging?

Don’t get overwhelmed! Relax, we have selected four ideas that will provide you the answers to these questions.

1.  The Introduction

If you are creating your first vlog, start with the introduction. Tell your targeted audience who you are, what you do, what this channel is all about, and how your vlogs will benefit your audience’s interest.

There are thousands or millions of users surfing on the internet. The introductory vlog will act as a magnet to attract your potential audience toward your video.

P.S: tell the audience why subscribing to your channel can be rewarding to them. Offer them treats, tokens, or gratitude. If your channel cannot afford giveaways, start with giving credits by adding the names of new subscribers at the end of every vlog.

2.  The Reason

Tell your viewers why you have decided to become a vlogger. Storytelling is the best shot to engage the audience through your first vlog. You can cover a few points in your vlog.

  • You can enlighten your viewers with the points you have in mind when deciding to become a vlogger.
  • You can share behind the scene experience.
  • You can add memory or working on the vlog clip.
  • You can share your inspiration.

In short, you can talk about all the things that led you to become a vlogger.

3.  The Future

People admire those who think and plan about the future. Discuss your vision with your audience and tell them where do you see your channel in the coming time.

Tell them what type of video content you will make, when you upload it, and what you aim to achieve for your channel.

P.S: Sharing your vision can clear the viewer’s perspective of what they might see on your channel.

4.  A Personal Struggle

Share what problems you have faced reaching this point. It will build an inspirational environment for your audience.

There must be people facing the same problems you have faced, and your first vlog can inspire them to attain what they want to achieve.

P.S: quoting inspiration and stating your experience can help your audience connect more with your content.

Personal Vlog

Vlogs can be focused on some specific topics like fitness, food, travel, music, or beauty, which help you to exhibit your lifestyle.

Personal vlogs let your viewers know more about you as a person and what way of life you follow.

5.  Share Your Life Goals

Let your viewers know what you want to do with your life, what goals you have set to achieve in the future, what career or academic field you will pursue, or where you want to travel.

It is an excellent way to bond with your audience and let them know more about your life goals.

6.  The Bucketlist

Since childhood, people make a list of what they want or want to do in the coming year(s). You can create a vlog around your bucket list where you can complete the tasks you have listed.

Jakob Mihailo is a travel vlogger, and in this vlog, he has shared why he wanted to travel the whole world. You can see how he voice the entire video with heartwarming and aesthetic scenes from nature – what a magnificent and mystic vlog.

7.  Your Place Tour

If you often do face-on vlogging, then your viewers must have asked you to give them an online house tour. You can use a vlog to show your house, workplace, calming centers, and your most visited places.

If you are an online gamer or tech-talker, you can show your workstations, equipment, or set up in your vlogs.

Architectural Digest makes home tour vlogs in the Open Door series, where they visit the house of celebrities and show the furniture, architecture, and interior of the house.

Take a look at the beautiful home tour vlog of Hollywood actress Nina Dobrev – absolutely amazing.

8.  Daily Routine

Vloggers capture literally everything, how they woke up, how they sleep, what breakfast did they eat, or anything.

The daily routine usually includes complete detail of one’s everyday life but in broken pieces (highlighting the few segments of your day). Everyone has their own unique routine, and it is exciting to know about others.

9.  A Day In My Life

The vlog can be the compilation of different moments or segments of one’s daily routine, but you can show a whole uncut day through your vlogs.

All you can do is to try recording the complete footage from waking up to going to bed. It will be challenging, but this will give a more detailed view of your daily life than a daily routine vlog.

10.  Draw My Life

The draw my life is a video where you share your life experience in the form of a story and illustrate it with art or drawings.

We know not everyone is the Picasso or Van Gogh, so don’t worry, the drawing part is just for entertainment and fun only.

You can use a whiteboard or canvas and a marker to draw.

P.S: you can use whiteboard animation for this vlog idea. There are the 6 best whiteboard animation companies that can help seek help from.

11.  Facts or Fun Facts

You can create a vlog where you let your viewers know some facts about you. It can be fun or scary, like what food you are allergic to, what thing you are phobic to, or what animal scares you.

12.  Storytelling

You can share an interesting story or a lifetime experience. You can tell how you met your best friend or soul mate, how you started your career, your experience in college/university, trip moments, or anything. You can even share the experience of your friend or family.

13.  Favorite Topic or Activity

Dedicate a vlog to your favorite topic or activity. You can talk about movies, music, sports, products, food, or anything.

An excellent way to create this vlog is to make a list video explaining why you like it. For example, you can make a list of 5 to 10 items (can be the products from the same brand or different brands for a similar product).

14.  Critical Review

In this vlog idea, you pick or make a list of worst or least favorites and talk about it. These two ideas can be helpful for many people before trying new things.

The viewers can watch your video before trying new products, food, electronics, or more. They can learn from your experience.

Most of the beauticians or tech experts make these list videos to share honest reviews about the products and gadgets.

15.  Show Your Talent to The World

It is best for those who have a secret talent or skill. It doesn’t require to be unique but needs to be the best.

You can play a musical instrument, do a funny imitation, juggle the balls, make a quilt, cook a dish, paint a canvas, decore the house, do pottery, or anything.

16.  The BTS

Not a Korean pop music band, BTS – Behind The Scene!

Usually, your viewer sees the final result of the recording, but you can share the editing moment or all the work behind the final cut.

You can dedicate a playlist on your channel where you can add the BTS videos/vlogs and share the whole production procedure.

17.  Showcase An Event

If you are attending an event, concert, part, or festival, this is a great chance to share it with those not around.

Share your experience with your audience and let them see what they are missing.

The Funny Vlogs

Do you want to make your audience laugh? Consider this idea for your vlog.

18.  Play Pranks

You must have seen, the prank videos are famous on YouTube. Even the famous celebrities crack them on each other.

The prank videos help your content get viral and gather more audiences. Riceman is a YouTuber and famous for his prank videos. In this video, he is pulling chairs behind the people to make them fall – haha, really funny.

Note: This prank is undoubtedly funny, but make sure the participant or people should not get hurt with your tricks. Stay safe and keep your surroundings safe too.

19.  Challenges

If no ideas come to your mind, you can always make a trending challenge vlog. Challenges are easy and quick o record.

You can use your friends or family in this vlog and set a challenge to perform some activities. You can set:

  • Food challenge.
  • Running challenge.
  • Creativity challenge.
  • Puzzle challenge.
  • And more.

Check out this challenge video by Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai, where she is doing the Bean Boozed Challenge.

Alert: it can be gross to watch, but it is just for an idea reference.

20.  Reaction video

In the past few years, reaction videos have gained popularity among the audience of the world. Reaction videos can be hilarious to watch and have the tendency to get viral.

In reaction video, you perform screencasting and record your screen with the “screen” you want to give the reaction of. You can even react to your old videos. These reactions can be funny or entertaining.

Glamour has a playlist where they post the reaction by celebrities, check out this video of Billie Eilish where she is reacting to the fan covers of her songs.

21.  Parody

Parody is an evergreen and popular act, whether you are in school or a professional vlogger. Although it is pretty challenging to do right, but with some practice, you can.

You can perform the parody of a music video, a scene from the novel/story, or even a video by another creator.

It can be entertaining and damn hilarious to watch.

Informational Vlogs

In this world, you know something that other don’t and something they know that you don’t. Informational vlogs let you share your knowledge with your audience.

22.  The How-To Video

If you are a technical content creator, a how-to vlog can be the best way to teach people to handle stuff. You can create how-to tutorial videos for your targeted audience.

YouTube has always been the foremost choice of internet users to search and find information about something. People follow the YouTuber who helps them with knowledge.

Visuals are the easiest way to learn new things instead of reading wordy documents. So, you can share the treasure of knowledge through YouTube with the billions of people out there.

23.  Review

You can review things like television series, movies, games, or products on your channel and share your experience with the audience.

24.  Teach a Topic or Subject

Due to the pandemic situation, with other things, education has also become online. Teachers post online video lectures on YouTube. Just like them, you can teach your audience about some specific topics or subjects.

You can look at this Khan Academy educational video for inspiration.

P.S: if you know some good information, share it with others. Sharing knowledge can help the world to become a better place.

If you want to learn more about educational vlogging, you learn how to create an educational vlog.

Travel Vlogs

If you are a traveler, don’t miss filming your trip and sharing it with the audience. Here are some incredible travel vlog ideas that you can use in your video.

25.  What is in My Bag?

Help people pack their luggage efficiently for long and short trips. You can teach them how to pack through your vlog.

You can even show them your baggage and tell them what to keep where and what not to keep.

Here is a video [] that might be helpful to catch the idea.

26.  Re- and Pre-cap of the Trip

You can tell the viewers about your trip through a vlog, where you can sit, record a face-on video, and share the moments of the previous trip with clips and visuals.

Share pro tips with your audience and teach them what they should know about the place, culture, or food.

You can give the details about your next trip or destination in your vlog.

27.  Budget Talk

Travelling can be expensive, you can teach your audience how to manage money while planning a trip with how much should be spent on necessities.

P.S: you can do cheap and expensive fare videos, where you can share the most affordable way to travel according to the budget of the audience.

28.  The Travel Tip

What-to-do & what-not-to-do are the questions in every first traveler’s mind. If you are a frequent traveler, do share the traveling tip with your audience to save them from mishaps and troubles.

Fitness Vlog

If you are a fitness freak, share your enthusiasm with your viewers.

29.  Teach the Technique

Show your audience how to work out and get their body in shape. You can teach some fantastic exercises and warm-ups.

30.  What Should I Eat?

If you want to achieve an ideal shape, then with workout, eating also matters. Tell your audience what they should eat to maintain or get a body they desire.

31.  For Athletes

Even the sportsperson and athletes need to know what they should do and maintain their shape. Teach them to warm up and tip to prevent injuries.

32.  Transformation Video

Inspire your audience with a before and after transformation video. It will boost their morale to reach their goal fast.

Vlog For Couples

If you have partners in your life, you can involve them in your vlog.

33.  How You Guy Met?

There are always some interesting stories of any relationship, which makes it different from the others. Sometimes it can be romantic, adventurous, or funny. Share it with all.

34.  Relationship Advice

Inspire your audience with your story and advice them on how to handle their relationship delicately. Tell them how you managed your relationship in good and bad times.

35.  Swap Your Activity

It is the most trending video, where the boyfriend is trying acrylic nails, doing makeup, wearing heels/wigs, or cooking.

These vlogs are incredibly hilarious and fun to watch.

36.  A YouTube Challenge

YouTube challenges are exciting to do and get thrilling when you do them with your partner. Jules & Saud did the You Won’t Do It challenge, take a look at this video – very funny.

Friends & Family Vlog

Frame your family and friends in the vlog, which gives the idea to your viewers how to spend quality time with family.

37.  Tag Video

Write questions about your sibling or parents and answer them in front of the camera. If you don’t have siblings or parents available, you can do it with your friends.

You can make a list of questions like:

  • What are their likes and dislikes?
  • What do they do?
  • What are their fears?
  • What are their proud or embarrassing moments?
  • And else.

P.S:  run your brain for more questions.

38.  How You Guys Met? – Friends Edition

Friendship is the most powerful bond after family, and you can value your friends and their existence in your life through recalling how you guys met memories.

39.  The Quiz Round

The quiz video is more like a tag video, but you can add some general knowledge questions and ask your friends the answers.

Vlogs With Others

You can add random people in your vlogs too. Here are some ways how to implement this idea.

40.  Q&A Video

You can go live with your channel or social media account and do a Q&A session. You can read the questions from the comments and answer them live.

If you don’t want to do a live video, you can gather questions from the comment section or ask your audience to send them to you directly, and then you can build the whole vlog around it – a better way to know each other better.

41.  Ideas, Ideas, and Ideas

Appreciate the feedback and ideas that you get from your audience. You can ask your viewers for vlog ideas and what they want to see next on your channel.

42.  Make a Giveaway

You can start a competition on your channel that will reward your audience through giveaway treats. It can be anything:

  • Phone (if you can afford it)
  • Cosmetic product.
  • Gift cards.
  • Gift vouchers.
  • Discount codes.

Trending Vlog

Like fashion and gadgets, YouTube also has trends (in videos, obviously). If you keep up with those trends, it will likely trend you on the top 10 or most watched videos on YouTube.

43.  Trending Videos

If you are up for idea hunting, best is to look at the YouTuber’s content similar to yours. You can see what they are doing on their channel.

You can make videos and recommend them to others to watch. Check YouTube feed for catching trending videos.

44.  Roasting

If you are good with humor and can hilariously insult someone, then roasting is what you have been looking for.

You can look for the content on the internet, create a script, hit the record button, and start roasting. It is one of the most popular video trends on YouTube.

Just like a reaction video, you can do a roasting video. The difference will be – you know it better, hehe.

P.S: try to be polite with your content. Don’t hurt somebody’s feelings. Keep is hilarious but not deadly.

Important: You must take the consent from the person you are about to roast. Otherwise, your channel might get a notice or get sued.

Miscellaneous Vlog

We have some vlog ideas that don’t fit in any above categories but are still helpful.

45.  Game Streaming

If you already have a gaming channel, then this idea isn’t new for you, but if you are thinking of adding multiple flavors to your channel, then why not game streaming?

You can not just stream the gameplay but can also review new games, equipment, gadgets, or setups. Ask your audience what game they want to see you play and:

  • Get the game
  • Gaming console/PC
  • And GO GO GO!

46.  Compilation

You can compile the different video clips from the other videos on your channel. You can make a bloopers compilation to recall the moment of production.

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