How to Create An Educational Vlog

Educational vlogs have become quite a popular way to make money. Learn how to create educational vlogs and teach your audience what you are a master on.

If you are eager to learn how to make an educational vlog, then keep reading. This blog post is full of the information you need for your Vlog.

One of the most popular ways to make money is vlogging. Vlogs are more like a video blog, but it’s visuals on the website instead of text.

Vlogs can be of different topics: travel vlogs, food vlogs, day-in-life vlogs, or educational animation videos.

Today we will be discussing educational video vlogs. So, keep reading!

Educational vlogs have become famous amongst the people who want to seek knowledge from all regions of the globe.

Just like watching a vlog is easy for a viewer, it is also a lot easier for a vlogger to make a video and earn from it.

Do you want to know how?

Read on!

What is an Educational Vlog?

An educational vlog is a video with general information and knowledge, helps you learn about certain things. These videos are made for educational and awareness purposes only.

The educational Vlog can cover any subject, topic, or concept to educate the audience and expand the knowledge and academic perspective of seeing things.

No matter what a person’s age is, they can seek help from these vlogs and learn different things.

If you are planning to make an educational vlog, then assess: what your capabilities are and at what subject you have command on.

Evaluate what topic you will be covering in your Vlog: technical, mathematical, fashion, religious, political, or elementary education. Once you know the answers, you are ready to educate people with the help of your educational Vlog.

If you are eager to learn more about vlogging, check out: 101 techniques to learn vlogging.

In this blog post, we will guide you on creating an educational vlog and discuss vital tips & tricks necessary for it.

How to Create an Educational Vlog?

Like the video, Vlog also has different styles, and you can create an educational video in 4 different ways.

Board Set up:

Classic! Most educators use this traditional way to teach in online classes. However, if you pick this style for your Vlog, all you need is a camera and tripod. Then, you will write and explain the topic on the board in front of the camera. Record the session, edit it accordingly, and upload it on the channel.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Another way of creating a vlog is by PowerPoint presentation. You will make the slides on the related software with pictures, charts, animation, content, and other essential things to better explain the topic.

Once you are done with the presentation, turn it into a video and add your voice-over to it. After the editing, your educational Vlog is ready to educate your viewers.

Pen & Tablet:

With digitalization, technology has also evolved and introduced high-tech ways of creating things. One of them is a digital pen and tablet, on which you can teach the audience the same as the board set up, but in a digital format.

You can record the working on the screen with a screen-recorder and add a voice-over to your Vlog. This technique has similarities to the conventional approach but can provide much more clarity.

Green Screen:

Green screen has more usage than using it behind the newscaster or in a sci-fi movie; it can be used to make an educational vlog.

You can use a green screen as a background while recording video through the camera, and display pictures, images, animation, text, charts, or videos on it.

In this technique, editing is the most crucial part and takes a bit longer than the rest. After editing, it is good to go.

You can choose the styles from above according to the genre and requirement of your Vlog. You can even use all of them in the same Vlog, but that’s all depends upon your educational vlog requirements.

If you want some professional assistance while vlog editing, then check out top video editing companies that can serve you with top-notch services.

Top 5 Educational Vloggers

Due to vlogs’ popularity, people have opted for it as a career and proved themselves as an influencer and social media sensation. However, there are some fantastic educational vloggers in the field whose inspirational work can be helpful for you to become a successful vlogger.

#1) TED-Ed

TED-Ed is one of the famous educational vlog creators and has daily increasing viewers on their own websites and YouTube channel.

The channel provides impressive knowledge and education about almost everything. TED-Ed uses animation in its educational vlogs to make them more engaging and exciting to watch.

TED-Ed uses collage animation, 2D animation, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and animated explainer videos that amplify the viewer’s interest in the video.

They collaborate with creative animators, best educators, and thoughtful bloggers to create these educational vlogs.

#2) CrashCourse

Another top educational channel is CrashCourse which is enriched with outstanding educational video content.

CrashCourse talks about every subject of life like literature, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Astrology, Ecology, History, Geography, General Science, Physics, and more.

The spark that uplifts the knowledge’s spirit is animation, and they use expressive animated art and graphics to create their vlogs.

CrashCourse uses captivating animation that makes the learning experience exciting for the viewers and helps a lot to learn various things under the umbrella of one channel.

#3) PatrickJMT

if you are looking for separate channels that solve the queries and problems of different subjects, then PatrickJMT is one of them.

The channel is popular among teens who are eager to learn physics and mathematics better. PatrickJMT is one of the most inspirational, educational vloggers with more than a million subscribers on his channel.

PatrickJMT uses a green screen and digital pen to explain various topics to his viewers. He helps you solve mathematical equations and understand complicated physics concepts – undoubtedly, he is one of the best online educators.

#4) CGP Grey

Since 2010, CGP Grey has provided numerous educational vlogs on technology, politics, psychology, philosophy, and general science.

With 4 million subscribers, CGP Grey has become one of the leading educational channels and has been viewed by millions of viewers around the globe.

You can indeed take inspirational ideas from CGP Grey for your channel.

#5) Khan Academy

When we are talking about educational vlog channels & mediums, how can we forget about Khan Academy – a versatile non-profitable video education organization.

Khan Academy has proper academic courses and evaluation tests for its students. From second-grader to university students, Khan Academy has academic lessons for all.

The website has video lectures on chemistry, mathematics, physics, economics, general science, humanities & art, life skills, history, and more.

Khan Academy has the world’s best teachers and tutors who create lectures on blackboard with a digital pen and compelling visuals. It also has channels on various video websites to educate its viewers.

How Can You Make Money With Educational Vlogs?

The secondary purpose of the educational vlogs is to generate revenue. There are a few tips & tricks you can use to gather the eyes of your sponsors.

Marketing & Advertisement:

If you want to make money, then bring yourself in light – market your channel and advertise your content. Create attractive banner ads and post engaging titles & descriptions; this will help you increase the audience engagement at your video.

Investors & Sponsors:

Paid post and video sponsorship can also help you make money through vlogs. Most vloggers add a small segment of sponsor’s ads in their video, which promotes sponsor’s services, and in return, sponsors pay you money.

Sell Merchandise:

Vloggers and content creator design their merchandise to raise money. This is a fantastic way not just to monetize your channel but to make money separately.


You can ask your subscriber to donate some amount to your channel if they like to see more of the content you are making.

Equipment for Educational Vlog

Vlogging is more like recorded video and requires all the same equipment you use for video recording. The list of tools contains:


If you want to record a live-action educational vlog, then you need a camera for video recording. Make sure to place your camera at the correct angle to get better focus and good video quality.

Digital pen tablet:

To make the Vlog digitally attractive, use a digital pen & tabs. You look for some great digital gadgets in the market.


If you are going for a live-action vlog, you will need a quality microphone to record a clear voice. You don’t have to spend dollars on a microphone, you can get the job done with your smartphone’s earphones or earbuds. You can also find some best mics at a very affordable price.

Editing Software:

After recording, you need to edit your Vlog before posting it on the internet. You can cut, delete, crop, and add things through editing.

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  • What is an educational vlog?

Educational Vlog is a video blog where the host talks about educational, academic, and general knowledge topics to educate the audience.

  • What will be the cost of making an educational vlog?

The cost of the vlog depends upon how you are making it, whether it’s a DIY vlog or you took professional assistance to make it.  If you are making it all by own, then it might not cost you anything except time, but if you seek some professional help, then the cost depends on the vlog requirements.

  • How can BuzzFlick help you out in vlog production?

BuzzFlick is an award-winning video animation agency and has been serving the industry since 2016. It has skilled and qualified teams that create amazing videos, animation, logo design, and digital models.

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