How to Generate Impressive Ideas for 3D Animation Videos

how to generate impressive ideas for 3d animation videos
Struggling to come up with a powerful animation idea. Read our blog to explore the process of how to generate creative ideas for 3D animation.

Creating a 3D animation, particularly at a professional 3D animation studio, adheres to a specific technique involving numerous interconnected steps: the 3D animation production pipeline.

By examining this pipeline, you will discover that the “Idea Generation” phase is the starting point for every 3D animation.

The idea is the foundation upon which the plot, script, and, ultimately, the entire production will be built.

A 3D animated video must have a strong concept capable of driving the entire project forward and pleasing the audience to succeed.

The inspiration for the central concept of a 3D animated video can come from nearly anywhere and everything, including a single word, a sentence, a book, colors, smells, noises, conversations, actual events, tales, or philosophies.

The most important aspect is that it has the ability to spark a conversation inside yourself or with others. A bad or ineffective premise will result in a flawed narrative and undermine the entire attempt.

Creating Excellent 3D Animation Ideas: Where to Start From?

The Cambridge dictionary defines “idea” as “a recommendation or plan for doing something,” “an understanding, thinking, or image in mind,” and “a purpose or justification for doing anything.”

However, the concept of an idea in the 3D animation industry is slightly different.

how to generate impressive ideas for 3d animation videos

In general, a 3D animated video incorporates several concepts in the form of phrases, character designs, settings, backgrounds, camera location, colors, lighting, tempo, etc.

The directing crew does not spontaneously generate ideas; rather, they sift through a plethora of concepts to choose those that can be integrated into a cohesive whole. It is a constant inquiry in which you initially do not know what you are searching for.

To generate innovative concepts, 3D animation companies use a variety of methods based on their unique considerations: organization, mechanics, target audience, product kind, etc.

Typically, creative teams subject their undeveloped ideas or concepts to a stringent manufacturing process that results in a well-thought-out plan with helpful insights and sufficient specifics to move the project to the next phase: Story Creation.

How to Generate Creative Ideas for 3D Animation: Step-by-Step Process

At BuzzFlick, we often follow the three-step process shown below when generating concepts for 3D animated videos.

1.  Idea Generation

In general, “idea generation” refers to “the process of originating, developing, and transmitting abstract, tangible, or visual ideas.” It involves “the process of constructing through the idea, innovating the concept, developing the method, and realizing the concept.”

Practice is required for 3D animation concept generation. According to Linus Pauling,

“The greatest approach to having a good idea is to have many ideas. Therefore, the person or team responsible for generating ideas must be able to do it swiftly and intelligently.”

However, “idea generation for 3D animation” does not refer to “brainstorming” or the creation of a collection of random ideas. Idea generating for a 3D animated video is more about selecting the single concept with the most potential for subsequent development from among the alternatives.

Hundreds of bad ideas can be developed and eliminated for optimal flow to emerge. You might be eager to begin writing outlines and particular scenarios as soon as you have an idea, but too much content will limit future development; the fundamental concept is sufficient at this stage.

The idea must have sufficient room for development in the subsequent steps. At the end of this phase, you should understand the following characteristics of your main idea:

how to generate impressive ideas for 3d animation videos

2.  Idea Development

After you’ve figured out the basic logic of the idea you’ve chosen to explore, it’s time to put it into a narrative with the basic details you want to include in the story, such as the characters and major events.

What we are attempting to shape at this stage is not a formal tale, script, or screenplay; rather, it is a fundamental concept of the overall narrative arc.

During this important phase, the concept will be developed. The primary objective of development is to identify the idea’s potential limitations and propose methods to maximize its potential.

In other words, the purpose of this stage is to construct a convincing story and create a counterargument to the opposing ideas.

If the procedure is not as persuasive as anticipated, the idea will be discarded and replaced with one from the preceding round. If it works, your concept will be one step closer to becoming “the concept.”

These are the most important takeaways from this phase:

how to generate impressive ideas for 3d animation videos

3.  Idea Qualification

The third and final step of the journey to come up with a great idea for 3D animation production puts you in a more strategic position.

At this stage, the final idea will be pitched to studio executives with more details and must be actively defended in order to get approval.

If it succeeds in providing a compelling argument, it will be tossed into the next step of the 3D animation pipeline to transform into a full-fledged story.

Defending ideas is not easy, but handling criticism or obstacles with confidence is the key. If you and your team are perceived as a credible source of innovation, the idea will be more likely to gain approval and support.

The final idea should be capable of influencing people in a position of authority. If the decision-makers believe in the idea, it will most likely receive the green light.

At this stage, the executive details of your idea must be known:

  • The length of the 3D animation
  • The style of the 3D animation
  • The size of the production team
  • The budget for the project
  • The ROI of the 3D animation
how to generate impressive ideas for 3d animation videos

Idea development for a 3D animation is the initial phase in the 3D animation pipeline and a creative process involving many individuals with various abilities.

In contrast, video animation companies create thousands of 3D animated videos for a range of objectives. Therefore, a reliable system must be in place in order to consistently generate excellent ideas.

People generally compress 3D animations to a single concept: an animation about love, friendship, toys, nature, etc. Therefore, a mediocre idea is either improved or discarded in our video animation studio and replaced with a better one.

Are you interested in learning more about “effective” ideas? The good news is that there are some features of worthwhile 3D animation concepts that have the ability to perform miracles.

These consistent characteristics can be used in any 3D animation and developed into a fantastic plot for any 3D animation. Defining these characteristics before the ideation procedure aids in guiding the procedure toward the optimal end.

What are the Common Characteristics Shared by Good 3D Animation Ideas?

At BuzzFlick, we believe the first and most important is to identify why you should choose 3D animation. Every day many clients come to us to avail our 3D animation services.

But we first explain to them what 3D animation is and help them determine if it’s a good fit for their project.

This brings us to the first characteristic that a creative 3D animation should have:

1.  The idea should be a valid response to the question, “Why 3D animation?”

The end of the phase of concept generation will be a 3D animation. Consequently, something in your concept must call for the distinctive qualities of 3D animations, such as exaggeration, caricature, etc.

how to generate impressive ideas for 3d animation videos

Why are you using 3D animation if your concept can be delivered more easily, cheaply, quickly, and effectively in the form of a video, play, book, or comic book? Utilize it, liberate your imagination, and let it dream.

2.  The idea should be enticing and catchy

This may seem inconsequential, but it is not. Remember that we are discussing the production crew, not simply you or your closest pals. A likable concept is much simpler to advance than an unlikable concept.

3.  The idea should be original and creative

A worn-out concept, character, symbol, or plot that has lost its uniqueness can significantly diminish the quality of your 3D animation concept.

In general, you should avoid clichés, but if you choose to use them nonetheless, you should at least find a way to make them appear fresh. How? Proceed to the subsequent point.

how to generate impressive ideas for 3d animation videos

4.  The idea should be ‘distinctive’ or ‘improved’

Your idea must be substantially distinct from previous efforts. It must offer at least some degree of improvement. Otherwise, it is a mediocre or even poor idea that you should not pursue.

5.  The idea is shareable in nature

An idea that people are willing to share is significantly more valuable than one that they are not. By considering this early on, you can incorporate additional elements to make your concept more shared.

6.  The idea should be cost-effective

A 3D animated video concept shouldn’t cost more than it can offer. If developing a 3D animation is not going to be profitable in terms of time, money, and resources, it is not a good idea.

how to generate impressive ideas for 3d animation videos

7.  The idea should have memorable characters

Every 3D animation that is successful has at least one memorable character. Memorable characters are distinct and approachable; their design and personality make them unique and irreplaceable.

If you can switch characters without hurting the plot, then your characters are not well-developed. Eliminating the correct individuals from your story will diminish the overall concept.

8.  The idea should have a well-developed conflict

The difficulty your major 3D animated characters must overcome to reach their objectives affects the story’s narrative arc and plays a significant influence in holding the audience’s attention. There are three fundamental sorts of conflict; you should include at least one.

  • Man against nature
  • Man against man
  • Man against himself
  • Man against society
how to generate impressive ideas for 3d animation videos

9.  The idea should have a thoughtful conclusion

The conclusion is a critical component of any 3D animation concept. A well-considered finale must transform either the protagonist, audience, or both. Sometimes the concept you’re working on can be the conclusion.

10.  The idea should provoke emotions

Audience retention is determined by how the character feels and reacts based on that sensation. The outcome of thinking and emotion is action. A fault exists when conflicts are created regardless of the emotional changes in the character.

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The Bottom Line

People tend to compress complex things like 3D animation into a single concept. Although many other variables contribute to the success of a 3D animation, the importance of a strong concept cannot be overstated.

A 3D animation concept can have a variety of features. However, certain aspects might be viewed as “strong” and can help prepare the concept for success.

Professional 3D animation studios must have an established strategy for generating innovative product concepts.

Before the idea-generating phase of the 3D animation pipeline, defining the criteria of a fantastic concept aids in guiding the process toward a dazzling outcome.

3D Animation Idea Generation – FAQs

  1. How much do 30 seconds of 3D animation cost?

A 30-second 3D animated video can cost you around $2000 to $5000. However, the price of 3D animation can vary depending on the number of characters you add in and the revision process.

  1. What makes a good 3D animation?

As per our experience, every 3D animation always has at least one memorable character. A memorable character is accessible and unique. Something about them, like their features, characteristics, design, and personality, makes them distinctive from the rest.

  1. Which is the easiest 3D animation software to use?

Cartoon Animator 4 is considered one of the beginner-friendly animation software that 3D animators can use to create 3D animated videos.

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