Inspiring Examples of 30-Second Explainer Videos

inspiring examples of 30 seconds explainer videos
Accelerate your business and improve user engagement with top inspiring 30-seconds explainer videos. Incorporate them into your marketing campaign now!

If you are looking for some outstanding 30-second explainer video examples, then my dear, you have landed on the right article! In this article, we will discuss some top 30-seconds explainer video ideas that you can incorporate into your marketing video campaigns.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump into it!

Explainer videos are the top choice of companies to showcase their business to the world and are highly used in marketing campaigns. However, 30-second explainer videos work best if you craft them correctly.

We have picked all-time favorite 30-second explainer videos that help you with the idea of your next or first explainer video.

Examples of the Best 30-Seconds Explainer Videos

Here are some of the best 30-second explainer videos that help you think out of the box while creating an explainer video. Along with those examples, we will highlight why they are great for your business and how they help you engage more.

1. Mentor Tech Group

It is a 2D animated 30-second explainer video by Mentor Tech Group that begins with an animated company logo.

The video revolves around how the Mentor Tech Group helps you find the training and HR vendors for your company.

It tells that companies need experts who can handle the employee training and HR departments and excel as a successful company, you need specialized professionals & decision-makers to structure the business in a game-changing manner.

The video has simple 2D animation, and within 30 seconds, it has delivered all the quality information that the targeted audience is looking for. The best thing about this video is that it talks about the pain points, suggests the solution, and introduces the company simultaneously.

The Reasons for Inspiration

  • Simple and captivating animation.
  • Short but highly informative.
  • Video reusability.
  • Talks about the customer, solution, and company.

2. Hayward Property Management

If you are ready to sell, rent, or buy a property, you don’t need a property manager. Instead, you can do everything all by yourself with the help of Hayward Property Management, a property management system that guides you with free rent market analysis & property consultation.

This 30-second 2D animated explainer video is for those who are ready to dive into the water of real estate. To market your property, follow the loss rent, deal with legal requirements, and manage property maintenance, you don’t require a property manager.

Hayward Property Management provides you the services of local professionals that perform data analysis and suggest the best solution to your property queries.

It is one of the easiest and most simple designs to create a quick 30-second explainer. Companies of all sorts can incorporate this example style into their upcoming explainer video.

The Reasons for Inspiration

  • Compelling animation.
  • A quick explanation of the features.
  • Customer empowerment.
  • Address the customer challenges and propose the solution.

3. Statdash

Are you tired of asking your team members about their daily task status? Start using Statdash, a cloud-based status-tracking dashboard that you can use throughout your company or specific departments.

Statdash is not just for employees or team members, you can even add contractors and vendors to it for project updates and tasks status.

You can create multiple dashboards, assign tasks priority & status, generate the dashboard template to duplicate it for new projects, customize the priority of the critical project to prevent negligence, and more.

Statdash sent a scheduled grouped email to all the members of the dashboard and reminded them to update their task status. You can even provide access to the dashboard to your clients and project stakeholders so that they will stay updated about the team and project’s progress.

It is a captivating and simple whiteboard-animated 30-seconds explainer video and is quite an inspirational example for explainer video production.

The Reasons for Inspiration

  • Effective and simple.
  • Compelling to watch and easy to understand.
  • Explain the system operation.

4. Ving

Ving is a safety training and compliance monitoring station, that helps your employees to train effectively in order to enhance productivity.

With the help of Ving, you can track and record the employee’s compliance and engagement with company policies, culture, and training. In addition, it tracks when and where the training has taken place and adds a layer of accountability to your staff.

Ving features a library of thousands of topics across many diverse industries, and you can find the appropriate training course for your employees and business. The ultimate goal is to keep your employees safe and productive.

It helps you to endure your company’s culture, productivity, and employee betterment to build a productive workforce to uplift the company.

The best thing about this video is that it delivers a complete message. So you can use this video idea in your next explainer video.

The Reasons for Inspiration

  • Straightforward and effective message delivery.
  • Delivers quality information in a limited time.
  • Suits all business styles.

5. VocalEyes

Ready to collaborate and co-create something innovative? Join VocalEyes, a community organizing platform that helps you connect with various creative minds like you.

Simply begins with creating a group, posting a topic of conversation, promoting your (business) community, and asking members to start a conversation & share ideas about the topic.

You can outsource projects with your group members and provide services in your capacities. It allows you to share your completed project for discovery, adaptation, and replication.

VocalEyes is a platform for those who see their ideas into action. This platform is best for communities like education, charity, e-commerce businesses, housing associations, humanity groups, and others.

This video is a motion graphics 30-second explainer video, which is different from the examples we have seen so far. It is a great idea to create an explainer video with the styling of motion graphics.

The Reason for Inspiration

  • Allure the audience to work on their dream projects.
  • Empower ambitious minds to collab to create innovative solutions.
  • Minimal animation but compelling to watch.
  • Deliver the ideas effectively.

6. Sphere WMS

If you are a manufacturing company, then inventory control and shipment must be crucial to your business, and if you are looking for a solution to it, Sphere WMS is here to help you.

Sphere WMS is a warehouse management system that provides the services of efficient package pick up & delivery, package tracking through the web & smartphones, inbound & outbound inventory scanning support, automatic shipping to the courier, lading bills creation, shipping & receiving labels, user control reporting generation, and more.

If you are a company that provides warehouse management services or any other management services, then you can take inspiration from this 30-second explainer video example.

The Reasons for Inspiration

  • Full of information.
  • Clear and straightforward message.
  • Easy for the audience to understand.
  • Enhance the brand credibility.

7. EmployU

EmployU is nonprofitable employment empowering service that helps people find jobs with knowledge, potential, and skillsets. It is a one-stop solution offering adult employment, youth career, employment training, and assessments.

The company is located in Florida but provides its services throughout the USA. It serves customers with virtual assistance, adult employment services, transition youth programs, vocational & psychological evaluations, and ticket-to-work & C-WIP.

If you need an electrifying idea for your business video, you can surely use this one for marketing.

The Reasons for Inspiration

  • Captivating typographic explainer video.
  • Explains the complete program.
  • Engaging content and visuals.

8. Key Ring

Want to keep all of your reward cards together? Start using Key Ring, coupons, and reward cards holder. It keeps all of your digital rewards together, so you don’t have to dig in every time into your purse to search.

You can link Key Ring to other digital wallets and keep your grocery store bonus cards, gym cards, pet store rewards, and other coupons together.

This video is a combination of live-action and animation, which makes it attractive to watch and follow. It is a creative idea that you can use to hook your customer through visuals.

The Reasons for Inspiration

  • Innovative visuals.
  • Clear idea demonstrations.
  • Different from regular live-action and animated videos.
  • Suitable for all businesses.

9. Ryan Webb

Have you ever thought of reconstructing your house, building an extension, or a loft conversion? If yes, contact Ryan Webb, a construction design and building service that help you build the architecture of your dreams.

Hiring a contractor, engineer, architect, or builder and submitting a design to local real estate construction authorities can be challenging for you. Moreover, keeping a balanced communication between all can also be tricky.

So, to set you free from all the headaches, Ryan Webb is here to do it all for you. You only have to pay only for the build cost, and Ryan and his team will take care of the rest.

It is a short 30-seconds explainer video that gave ideas to create interactive and innovative videos like this for our business.

You can create explainer videos like this for your brand, product launch, sales video, and email marketing campaigns. It is a short video that provides all the vital information to its audience.

The Reasons for Inspiration

  • Simple, captivating, and short.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Deliver the core object of the business.
  • It tells how the business will facilitate the consumers.

10. Care N Assist

Suppose you are or have an elderly family member who needs care and assistance with food, medicine, and daily activities. In that case, you should definitely need Care N Assist. An in-home caring service specialized in caring for grown and handicapped with illness & injury.

The agency will send you a caretaker to assist you with bathing, dressing, toileting, medication, prepping meals, housekeeping, running errands, and more.

The video has creatively demonstrated the agency’s motto, and it is a great example for the home service provider to create a promotional explainer video for their business.

The Reasons for Inspiration

  • Convincing and short.
  • Talk about the services.
  • Targeting pain points of the consumers.

The Editor’s Choice

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The Goodbye

We hope that this read has helped you out in choosing video your 30-second explainer video style and picking the right animation company for your business.

In today’s time, an explainer video is the new marketing tool in the world of digital marketing. As a result, companies are adopting this video style and incorporating it into their marketing campaigns.

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