Psychology-based Hacks to Keep in Mind for Creating Engaging Videos

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos
Do you want to create engaging videos? Read our guide to explore the human psychology-based hacks for making interesting videos.

Do you know that one-minute-long Facebook videos usually receive more views when compared to longer videos?

What’s the mystery behind this? Any idea?

Before you jump to any conclusion, I want to tell you that there are some four or five-minute-long videos on Facebook that have received millions of views.

How come?

Well, the algorithm of Facebook works in a very distinctive manner. If a video deeply engages a viewer, it will boost its organic read dramatically.

This sums up. We need to create videos in a way that grips the attention of the audience from start to finish, especially if your videos are four minutes long.

So, creating a video and thinking you are off to the races, no, my friends.

You need to create highly captivating ones; otherwise, Facebook will squash its organic distribution mercilessly, and you might end up losing your A-game on social media.

But there’s a lot you can do to prevent this situation.

To maximize audience engagement, you can implement psychology-backed hacks throughout your videos.

Let’s learn about what psychological-based hacks you need to take into consideration to capture the attention of the viewer

Why Should You Create Engaging Videos for Your Brand?

The level of commitment shown by your audience to the content you provide can be measured by engagement. In most cases, it is assessed or monitored based on the activities that your audience performs while they are reading the material in question.

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos

Source: eLearning Industry

If someone watches your video on YouTube and then likes the video or writes a remark regarding the subject matter, this would indicate that they are engaged with the content.

It is possible that you may require your audience to commit to your video in a variety of different ways, depending on the situation. It’s possible that you want them to make a commitment to viewing the entire video or to engaging with the content.

However, in order for your audience to commit, you will need to convince them by producing videos that are interesting to watch.

In the end, your video is competing against a great number of other things for the attention of your viewers. People lead busy lives and are often distracted, which is why your video needs to be captivating enough to catch someone’s attention and keep it.

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What Makes a Video Engaging and Interesting?

“If your video isn’t relevant or interesting, people won’t watch” – Matt Pierce

There are a wide variety of approaches that may be taken to create videos that are more interesting to watch. But if you don’t include this one element, your video won’t be interesting to anyone who watches it.

Do you have any clue what it could be?


If a video is relevant to an audience in the sense that it offers a solution to a problem that the audience is experiencing, is related to the audience, or covers a topic that the audience is interested in, then the audience is far more likely to interact with the video.

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos

Source: The Posting Tree

However, if it is not pertinent to their situation, they may choose not to view the video at all, much alone watch the whole thing.

If the people viewing your video are not receiving the information they anticipated, or, to put it another way, information that is pertinent to them, there is a very good possibility that they will quit watching the video.

According to the findings of our study, 35% of individuals claim they would quit watching a video if it turned out to be irrelevant.

You may indicate to your audience whether or not the video is relevant to them by using elements such as video picture thumbnails, titles, and descriptions, among other things.

It is preferable to your viewers that you line these materials with what is happening in your video, so they know what information to expect from you rather than tricking them into viewing something they do not want to see.

According to the findings of this research, the second most essential aspect for audiences is their level of curiosity. 23% of participants responded that they would quit watching a video if it did not interest them enough to do so.

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos

Source: Point Visible

This is the entertaining aspect of the situation. It’s possible that your audience is interested in what you have to say because of the allure of the plot, the visuals, or something else that piques their interest.

Therefore, relevancy to the topic at hand and interest in the subject matter are the two most crucial aspects to consider while creating interesting videos.

If you want to maintain your audience’s interest, the videos you upload should either provide useful information or be entertaining to watch, or both.

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Psychology-based Hacks for Creating Engaging and Interesting Videos

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos

Source:The Academic Magazine

We all know human psychology is the science of the mind and human behavior. And every human behaves in a different way.

No, it doesn’t mean you have to create a thousand videos for every individual viewer. You need to understand how human psychology works and how you can play around with it to make your videos engaging.

Spark curiosity among your audience

To pique interest whenever it’s needed, Professor George Loewenstein of Carnegie Mellon University suggests capitalizing on the information gap hypothesis of curiosity.

According to this hypothesis, when you realize there is a gap in your knowledge between what you already know and what you want to know, it forces you to take action to fill the gap.

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos


You can arouse the interest of your audience by choosing a headline that was uncomplicated but nevertheless stimulating of thought.

The title should have the potential to elicit a number of inquiries from your audience because it can increase the likelihood that they will click on your video.

You can create a gap between what the reader already knows and what they want to learn by arousing their interest and failing to provide satisfactory answers to their inquiries.

Hook your audience in the beginning

Facebook conducted an analysis of the video viewing habits of its users in 2016, and one of the findings was that 45% of individuals who watch the opening three seconds of a video would continue to watch it for at least 30 seconds.

Because of this, you can see that it was not enough to only pique the interest of your audience in order to keep their attention.

You have just three seconds to grab the attention of your audience immediately and effectively. The average human’s attention span isn’t sufficient for being engaged by stuff that moves slowly.

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos

But what keeps people interested? A successful video hook, in the opinion of Buffer, visually hooks viewers and provides a preview of the video’s primary content.

Hooks are extremely effective since they have the ability to pique the curiosity of viewers while also capturing their attention for the duration of the video.

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Show, don’t tell

When we were young, we depended on our eyesight to link certain things with actions, such as associating a ball with the opportunity to play. The only method to acquire knowledge about the world was through sight.

Because of this, you are able to comprehend visual information in just 250 milliseconds, which is almost twice as quick as the blink of an eye.

This is also the reason why your visual system engages more than half of your brain. Observation has always been considered the most effective method of education.

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos

Source: No Film School

You should opt for supplementing the text and narration of a video with dynamic visuals, popular video sequences, and footage of actual people since we know that visual storytelling makes it easier for people to understand complex ideas and pieces of information.

In this way, viewers are able to listen to the content and then observe a graphic depiction of it whenever our narrator elaborates on a topic or some facts. Because of this, you can construct a more solid comprehension of the video’s primary concept.

Narrate a unique story

When someone shares a tale with you, they have the opportunity to implant their own thoughts and ideas as well as their own personal experiences right into your head. You start experiencing the same emotions that others do.

Strong tales have the ability to arouse feelings of empathy because they stimulate regions of the brain that would be active if the events described in the story were truly experienced.

Your sensory brain will light up if someone recounts eating a platter of lobster mac & cheese to you. Your motor cortex will become more active if someone describes the first touchdown they ever scored.

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos

Source: Adobe Support

You may make the events in the narrative your own notion and experience by drawing on your own recollections to re-create the sensory nuances of the story.

If a video is going to tell a story about entrepreneurship, then it should also talk about the history of entrepreneurship, the economic advantages of entrepreneurship, and the reasons for its recent troubled past, its present comeback, and its optimistic future.

Our audience members will be able to experience what it is like to think like a contemporary entrepreneur if we weave these facts into a story.

The viewers are able to empathize with the lack of satisfaction that is provided by the “work to live” attitude and the influence that their future entrepreneurial endeavors may have on both themselves and the world.

Add some inspiring content

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos

Source: Canyon Themes

According to an article published in Psychology Today, choosing a preferred brand is primarily an emotional decision. People tend to give companies and products the same personality attributes that they ascribe to other individuals.

Choosing your favorite brand is similar to selecting your closest friend, and just as we spend time with those individuals who make us feel good, we likewise connect with those companies that make us feel good.

If you want your videos to have an impact on your audience, then they should be able to stir up some pleasant sensations in them. In point of fact, information that generates happiness, optimism, and excitement are some of the most prevalent feelings that spread online.

Add some credibility

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos

Source: ShoutMeLoud

In the realm of inbound marketing, trust is an essential component. If the people who watch our videos didn’t believe in us, they would never watch anything we put online.

Additionally, you can add your brand logo to your video to show its legitimacy. Moreover, you can feature well-known and authoritative individuals.

When you feature famous people in your video then, the credibility of your video content increases which in turn helps to increase the audience’s trust in the information that we provide.

Be energetic and evoke emotions

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos

Source: Sliced Bread Animation

Adding excitement to your videos, even if they are only screencasts, may have a significant influence on how engaging they are for the audience.

Your viewers will know that this video is something to get enthusiastic about if you demonstrate that you are excited to talk about a topic by stressing your voice and body language and showing that you are happy to talk about the issue.

You may, for example, play on people’s feelings of excitement inside your video. Advertisements, for instance, frequently attempt to elicit an emotional response from us by playing on our sentimentality or by appealing to our sense of empathy.

This tactic is utilized because it renders the information more interesting and easier to recall.

However, much like narrating a tale, there is an appropriate moment and setting for creating specific feelings in your videos. Therefore, before you make your next how-to video a tearjerker, you should think about the context.

Use some humor and sass

It might be challenging to include humor in your videos, but if there are methods to integrate it effectively into the content you create, it can have a significant impact on the people who watch them.

psychology based hacks to keep in mind for creating engaging videos

Source: Mynd

You can conclude your video with a blooper reel, incorporate some relevant jokes into the screenplay, or splice your video with humorous B-roll footage. All of these options are available to you.

If you have never used comedy in your videos before, you should definitely practice with them first before publishing them online. Because of this, people’s perceptions of what is humorous can vary widely from person to person, and what you may find hilarious may not be shared by others.

The Bottom Line

On Facebook, video isn’t king. Engaging video is king. In addition, in order to make captivating videos, you need to be able to comprehend and anticipate the preferences and actions of humans.

In today’s world, psychology is more than simply a requirement for college. It’s the fundamental principle of marketing.

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