The Top 10 Animation Studios In Melbourne

best animation studios in melbourne
List of the best animation studios in Melbourne, Australia that are specialized in animation services like 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, and many more.

Video animation is a perfect tactic to instantly convince the audience for a brand, product, or service. Video animation helps you demonstrate the story or ideas simply and easily to the targeted audience.

Content can deliver the story of a company, product, service, or anything. Content can be powerful to convince the reader and engage more audience. Now think you have the best content but poor delivery. Will it do good or generate traffic? No!

Animated videos are an effective strategy to take the business to the next level. It helps create an online visualized presence and beat the competitor in a better way.

By now, most businesses are using video animation techniques to elaborate their goals, brands, products, or services to the customer understandably and innovatively.

This blog will help you find the 10 Best Animation Studios in Melbourne to pull ahead of your competitors in business.

List Of The Animation Studios In Melbourne

Finding the right video animation studio is not an easy task; this blog will help you find the right animation company in Australia for your business with the best packages.

1. BuzzFlick – Animation Production Company Melbourne

BuzzFlick is an award-winning video animation studio, providing its animation services in Houston, New York, and Melbourne. And when it comes to facilitating the best 2D animation services, you can rely on BuzzFlick.

BuzzFlick has a team of highly experienced and professional animators who are always ready to provide the best video animation services to the client.

If you need an explainer video, corporate video, 2D & 3D animated video, or video editing, BuzzFlick is the hub of animation production and video editing.

BuzzFlick is one of the best video animation companies in Melbourne. So don’t waste your precious time, contact them now.

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2. 77 Production – Animation Studio Australia

77 Productions is an Australian animation studio based in Cheltenham, Melbourne. The studio has expertise in all sorts of animation, including high-quality 2D and 3D animation services, motion graphics, explainer videos, and more.

The studio produces corporate & business marketing videos, social media videos, Youtube videos, training & educational videos, and testimonial videos.

The company has been working with many brands, organizations, and start-ups. The studio gained their satisfaction by providing high-quality video animations.

3. Sona Studios

Sona Studios is one of the top 2D animation companies in Australia, providing its services in Sydney and Melbourne.

The studio creates promotional videos, brand videos, testimonial videos, how-to videos, animated videos, social media videos, recruitment videos, event videos, real-estate videos, product videos, and corporate videos.

Along with video production, Sona Studios also creates live-streaming videos, photographic projects, and marketing strategies for businesses.

Sona Studios has worked with famous names like Google, Screen Australia, Ronal McDonald, and Australia Post.

4. Jumbla – Animation Production Company Australia

Jumbla is one of the top animation studios in Australia, located in Melbourne and London. The studio specialized in 2D & 3D animation and motion graphics for marketing, web content, games, and broadcast.

Jumbla has worked with brands like Microsoft Studios, IO interactive, BBC, Amazon Prime, Axis Animation, ESPN, MTV, Netflix, Barclays, Toyota, Qantas Airways, RMIT University, and the Australian government department of health.

The studio has been awarded two Summit Creative Awards and one Bass Award for being the best creative animation studio.

5. Punchy Digital Media – Video Animation Company Australia

Punchy Digital Media is a video animation studio in Australia. The studio has branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

The studio has a team of professional and passionate animators who are experts in video animation and create explainer videos, infographics, whiteboard videos, television commercials, corporate videos, and motion graphics.

Punchy Digital Media has experience creating animated explainer videos for the finance sector, government, healthcare, IT, education, and start-ups.

You can invest in an explainer video to exponentially grow your business more with Punchy Digital Media.

The studio is the best animation company in Australia. Check out this animated explainer video by Punchy Digital Media.

6. Tim Bydders Video Production – Animation Studio Australia

Tim Bydder Video Production is one of the best animation production companies in Australia and has ranked 3rd on the The studio is in Melbourne.

Tim Bydders Video Production was founded by a film and television arts student, Tim, and Tim has made his identity in the industry by winning different awards.

The company provides services of explainer videos, live-action demonstrations, video consultancy, and motion graphics. Tim Bydders has been reviewed as one of the best animation studios in Melbourne.

You can visit their website and consult them for your video project.

7. Creativa – Video Animation Company Melbourne

Creative is a 2D animation video production company in Melbourne.

The studio helps companies by creating brand content videos, corporate videos, educational videos, promotional videos, social media videos, and tv commercials.

Creative has specialized and skilled animators who created 2D & 3D animated videos, explainer videos, and motion graphics.

The studio also creates interactive videos like 360-Degree videos, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

The company personalizes the video according to the need and wishes of the client. So, if you have found the studio exciting and perfect for your video animation project, contact them and get a quote about their services.

8. Monster and Bear – Animation Studio Australia

Monster and Bear is a film and video animation company in Australia. The studio has experience in creating informative videos like educational videos, e-learning videos, explainer videos, branding videos, and animated marketing videos.

The company is one of the best 3D animation companies in Australia. The team has experience in working with big names like MYER, Disney, Klook, Deakin University, DDB, McCann, Publicis Groupe, Beyond Blue, Telstra, the University of Melbourne, and Ecosa.

If this is the studio you have been looking for: contact them, discuss your idea, and create something unique.

9. Indimax Production – Animation Production Company Melbourne

Indimax productions is an animation studio in Australia, working as Melbourne’s brand storytelling agency and video animation studio.

The animator’s team at Indimax Production has been creating brand storytelling, explainer videos, corporate videos, educational videos, product shoots, and marketing videos.

The studio has created corporate videos for renowned companies like Toll, Eastern Health, Epilepsy, Deakin, Coles, SDN, Yamaha, Starlight foundation, Ikea, Monash hospital, City of Sydney, MCG, Covau energy, Natures Organics, and AHPRA.

10. Milkable – Video Animation Studio Melbourne

Milkable is a 3D animation production company in Australia and is known for its creativity in video production.

The studio provides the service of brand strategy, brand design, campaign development, and more. In addition, Milkable has a team of skilled animators who creates animated explainer videos, brand video, product video, marketing video, and demo video.

Milkable is working in Melbourne and Perth but provides its services all around the globe. The studio is one of the award-winning video animation companies and has been awarded The Webby Awards, B&T, CSS Design Awards, and Australian Web Awards.

What Is The Cost Of Animation Production In Melbourne

The cost of animation production in Melbourne, Australia varies. It depends on the project’s complexity, animation style, and the studio’s experience in animated video production. However, on an average, it starts from $7,000 and can exceed up to $50,000 for a good quality 60 seconds animated video.

Cost of 3D Animation Studio

The cost for every 3D animation company varies. On an average, 3D animation can range between $10,000 to $30,000 per Minute. It all depends on art styles and level of complexities. This pricing is categorized as following:

  • Average quality 3D animation per minute with props and backgrounds ranges from $10,000 up to $20,000
  • High-quality 3D animation per minute with complex characters, and assets starts from $20,000 up to $50,000.

Who to hire?

There are two types of professionals who can do the same job for you: a freelancer and an animation studio. If we talk about a freelancer:

  • Easy to hire from any online freelancing workspace.
  • Charge you $100 per minute approx.
  • Will delay your projects.
  • Getting project updates is a little difficult.
  • 50% possibility of getting the project done on up to the mark.

Now about the studio:

  • Direct contact from the website or official contact details.
  • Visible client details and portfolio.
  • Continuous project procedure updates.
  • Charge you up to $3000 – $5000
  • 100% possibility of quality work.
  • Project delivery on time.

Now it’s your work to think about the figures in pricing or the satisfying quality project.

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Wrapping Up

To bring change in your business marketing strategies and to create an identity for your product in business, then must create an animation video.

In Melbourne, the top 10 video animation studios are providing their video animation services in Australia and around the globe. Those, as mentioned earlier, are the 10 best animation companies that have provided their services for a long time and made their place in the top leading studios. You can choose the studio with an appropriate project plan according to your budget and video project.

Hopefully, this blog has answered all of your unasked questions and has cleared the clouds for you. If you still have questions, contact the team of BuzzFlick, who are always ready to respond to your queries.

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