The Top 12 Montreal Animation Studios

best animation studios in montreal
Here is a list of the best innovative animation studios in Montreal that can help you surpass your competition by leveraging aminations.

Over the years, animation studios have become the heart and soul of several industries. The results of leveraging animations for engaging the audience and conveying the message have made animations an integral part of the overall digital and physical corporate world.

Animations have proven time and time again that they’re super-result nurturing; however, the animations that have generated amazing results in recent times were created by some of the most iconic names in the industry.

Here’s a list of the most innovative and well-known brands that utilize animations to convey powerful meanings to their respective audience:

  1. Ford
  2. NHS
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. Red Bull
  5. Google
  6. United Airlines
  7. American Express
  8. Facebook
  9. PayPal
  10. Morton Salts

The above-mentioned brand has leveraged animations to tell stories to its audiences regarding its brand, services, or products, and the results were truly inspiring. In a nutshell, these brands leverage animation to the fullest, and that is what you should do for your brand too.

Wondering how to get started? Well, I believe that the team behind the animated videos of the above-mentioned brands was the one that made it all possible for them.

However, I know that hiring a super-expensive animation production team can cost you thousands of dollars. So, the best way to ensure the quality and effectiveness of your animation videos is by outsourcing your animated video production.

If you’re an entrepreneur living in Montreal and you’ve got an amazing brand, and you’re ready to leverage animations to convey the message to your audience – this article is going to unveil the top 10 animation studios in Montreal.

This article will also cover additional details that will help you along your journey of finding the best animation production studios in Montreal.

So, without any further ado – let’s start.

The List Montreal Animation Studios

We leveraged our years of experience and expertise in the animation world to select to cherry-pick the best animation companies in Montreal, and here are our picks:

  1. BuzzFlick
  2. Studio Makina
  3. Sens Concept
  4. Martini Promotions
  5. IND Films
  6. Studio 55 Productions
  7. Studio Visionic
  8. Video Productions Montreal
  9. Studio 109
  10. Unite Treize
  11. Baboon Creation
  12. Lane 4 Cinema

Being an animation company, we know how to evaluate and undermine the quality and skills of an animation company. The above-mentioned studios were selected after we did a comprehensive research on their work, portfolio, and experience in the field.

They are, without a doubt, one of the best animation production companies in Montreal.

Furthermore, you may have the list of the best Montreal animation production companies, but you still lack the expertise to conduct a qualitative analysis of them all by yourself. So, let us tell you how you can do that.

Use An Animation Production Studio

Animations have pretty much changed over the years. There’s a lot more effort that you have to put into your animation videos today to truly stand out and be the innovative one in your niche.

Where this aspect of being the “innovative one” has raised the competition bar, it has also provided several businesses with the opportunity to engage the audience by creating purpose-driven animations that are designed to boost customer experience.

Today, you need an exceptional Montreal animation studio by your side to create great animated videos.

Let it be for marketing, explaining a product, sparking interest in the audience, or any other purpose, you need to leverage the skills and expertise of a high-profile animation studio in Montreal to create animated videos for your brand.

Nowadays, there is an abundance of options available in the market when it comes to offering animation services to businesses. Numerous animation studios in Montreal are offering similar services, and due to better marketing, they’re getting business.

It all boils down to the fact that better marketing your business does give you more exposure and customer, but it doesn’t mean that you’re the best one in your niche. To gain new customers while retaining existing ones, an animation studio in Montreal needs to be skilled, professional, visionary, innovative, and much more.

The list of animation studios in Montreal at the top of this blog is selected while keeping various quality measures insight, which is why we’re fully confident that they won’t fail to impress you.

Why Should You Hire An Animation Studio?

Creativity is a gift, that’s for sure. Not everyone is creative, and neither does everyone have enough time to focus on creating astounding animation videos for his/her business, especially when it comes to entrepreneurs.

Making captivating animated videos take years of experience and expertise. It requires one to hone their skills to perfection by taking comprehensive classes and training.

Sure, we’re living in the digital world, and we’ve got several opportunities to learn the animation creation process for free, but that’s certainly not enough because you’ll be creating an animation video for the first time after learning it online. Whereas your competition has hired one of the best animation production companies in Montreal to create an animation video.

This is the main reason why I believe that hiring an animation production studio in Montreal is the best way to ensure digital success. Additionally, some perks and benefits of hiring the experts are mentioned below:

  • Leverage years of experience and expertise.
  • Get proficient storytelling skills at your disposal.
  • The videos are visually impeccable and entertaining.
  • The competitive professional touch.
  • Ensure the conveyance of the message to your audience.

Animation companies in Montreal are highly competitive, and they make sure that they hire the best talent to stand tall in the market. Therefore, when you select an animation company, you literally get a plethora of talent working hard to create a great animation video for your brand.

How To Select The Best Animation Studio In Montreal?

After thoroughly researching what you want in your project, you can go ahead and start searching for the best animation studio in Montreal that is fully capable of delivering what you want.

However, if you’re new to this and you’re having a little difficulty in selecting the best production company in Montreal, here’s what you should look for additionally for selecting the right company for your business:

Their Animation Style Expertise

We’re living in a world where being the “jack of all trades, master of none” is not considered the best attribute anymore. However, being the jack of all trades, master of one” is logical and the best trait of all.

Lost in translation? Let’s cut to the chase then. What I mean is that there are several video production companies in Montreal offering literally every service there is related to animations, and believe me, when I say this, offering quality-oriented services in all domains of animations is impossible.

There has to be a catch. Either the company is not good at delivering any of the mentioned services, or they truly shine when it comes to 2 or 3 services out of the 15 that they’ve mentioned on their website.

Look for the specialty of the company, and see what they’re capable of when it comes to creating an animation video catered to a specific style, for example, 2D animation, Stop-motion, or Explainer video.

Determine The Uniqueness Of Their Animations

Trust me, you don’t want a pathetic rip-off of some old animated video released by a well-known brand just to be remake years later in your brand’s image. And neither is getting a stock or templated-based animated video.

The digital world has no shortage of plagiarized content, and this is something that you should avoid under any circumstances. I say this because uploading a copied animated video could cause harm to your brand’s image, drive negative reviews and even compromise your sales or conversions.

So choose a studio wisely and check if they have any plagiarized content in their portfolio. Go through it carefully and compare it with the portfolio of other animation studios in Montreal that you’ve researched.

Know that original concepts tend to stand out and bring in innovation. Also, you need to watch out for templated or stock illustrations. There are some companies that simply download a template or pre-designed animated video, tweak it a little and send them your way for approval.

Are Animation Companies Budget-Friendly?

This is perhaps the most asked question on the internet, and the only honest answer to this is “it depends.” There are some studios that charge more for their services/animated videos, and then there are some that are just super-budget-friendly.

However, most of the time, animated videos cost a lot, and this is justifiable because it takes the creators/experts a considerable amount of time, workforce, and effort to create truly inspiring videos for businesses.

From paying attention to every last detail to ensuring the overall quality of the video, there’s a lot that animation studios do while creating a video for their clients.

If an animation studio in Montreal doesn’t follow the proper process of creating animated videos, it could result in rejection, revisions, poor results, and even money-back claims.

The point is that creating animated videos is quite challenging, and no matter how much experience an expert has in the field – it still feels difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, if you want to get animated videos for your brand, you need to make up your mind that you’ll be paying a lot of money.

Furthermore, speaking of the animation studios in Montreal that are on the cost-effective side, I recommend you check their portfolio, ask for samples and go through their digital presence (checking reviews and ratings) thoroughly before choosing them.

Nobody wants to compromise the quality of their animated videos in return for saving a few hundred dollars, right?

How Diverse is the Animation Studio’s Portfolio?

As mentioned earlier, portfolios are the best thing that you can check before hiring an animation studio. Just go through them in detail, ask for what you want in order to make the decision, take your time to review them, and get started with an animation studio with complete information about what they’re capable of.

Also, look out for what kind/type of animated videos they’ve been delivering over the years. This approach helps you in identifying their USP, which would ultimately result in you getting to learn more about the selected animation studio in Montreal.

Keep in mind that the goal of an animated video is to provide your audience with something new, innovative, and compelling. You just don’t want a regular everyday animated video to be out there doing nothing.

You want something energetic, compelling, and different so, just go for their portfolio and select the studio that you believe excels in creating the type of videos that you want for your brand.

Over To You

Here’s all you need to know about the best animation production companies in Montreal, along with comprehensive detail on how you can select the best animation studio for your business.

I know that finding an animation company in Montreal isn’t an easy task – the city is increasingly becoming a business hub, and the chances of finding an amazing animation service provider are decreasing as we speak.

So, what you need to do is follow our guide on selecting the best animation studio, or you can just take our word for it and go for the Montreal animation studio list mentioned at the start of this blog.

In Search For An Animation Studio?

Since you’re searching for the best animation studios in Montreal, we thought why not eliminate the search for you? Meet us; we’re BuzzFlick, an animation video production company that leverages modern technology, tools, processes, and methodologies to create awe-inspiring animated videos for businesses.

From integrating a storytelling approach to creating the best explainer videos, product demo videos, and 2D animated videos, we know the alchemy of creating great animated videos for brands.

Additionally, our years of experience and expertise have led us to build a captivating portfolio that you can check out anytime to choose the type of video that you want for your business.

Let’s start working together to create a story-driven animated video that connects with your audience on a personal level and brings amazing results.

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