Significance Of Doodle Videos In The Marketing World and How To Create One

what is a doodle video
Looking for new ways of marketing for your business? Read our blog to learn about doodle videos and their effectiveness in helping grow your business

A doodle video is a powerful tool if you are looking for innovative ways to promote your business. The best thing about doodle videos is that they are easy to create, and these videos drive conversions.

In 2009, Dropbox used a doodle video in its marketing campaign and spent $50,000 on the video. The return on investment was impressive because this marketing campaign was a huge success, and Dropbox earned $48,000,000.

It is one of the best examples of doodle videos, and many businesses have been using these videos for years. Marketing trends are constantly changing, but a doodle video is a powerful tool that assists people in promotional activities.

These videos are entertaining, and businesses use them for marketing or training their employees.

Here in this blog, we will discuss what doodle videos are and how these videos help in boosting marketing activities and how doodle videos can benefit your business. Let’s get started.

How is a Doodle Video Like? Let’s Find Out!

We create simple and small drawings in a doodle video. A doodle video consists of familiar shapes, random and abstract lines. People use doodle videos to explain their message through a specific style of animation or illustration.

Doodle Video

Doodle videos are also known as whiteboard animations, and these videos show hand-drawn illustrations. The unique thing about this animation style is that a hand sketches to explain the ideas. It helps viewers in memorizing the information quickly.

Thus, the beautiful blend of visual and audio significantly grab the audience’s interest and make the video story more appealing.

Video has become one of the most powerful marketing tools. Marketers use doodle videos to explain complicated concepts quickly. The best thing about doodle videos is that these videos are creative and simple.

You can use different types of doodle videos for your marketing campaigns. Let’s discuss the types of doodle videos and how you can use them in your marketing strategy.

Types of Doodle Videos

There are various doodle video types like whiteboard animated videos, blackboard, and other board videos. These videos have pros and cons, and businesses can use them in their marketing campaigns.

We will dwell on each in detail:

Blackboard Animation

The blackboard background has been in everyone’s mind since childhood. This animation style looks similar to the school board. People use a dark background to create a doodle video.

Blackboard animation videos help simplify complicated concepts and make them easy to understand for the viewer.

In blackboard animation, combining the props with the text, graphics, and characters is essential—choose music according to the topic or script. People can use this video style from software like Vyond, DoodleMaker, CreateStudio, etc.

Glassboard Animation

Glassboard is a video animation style in which we draw things on glass. Animators place characters and all objects on the glass surface. You can use this style in doodle videos to give a special effect. People use the following software to create Glassboard animation: DoodleMaker, Animaker, or Doodly.

Whiteboard Animation

As the name speaks for itself, whiteboard is an animation style created on a board-like design. Usually, in whiteboard animation, a sketch is drawn on a white background. Most doodle video software provides this typical style of whiteboard animation.

Moreover, many animation companies provide whiteboard animation in their education video services category. Educational institutes use these videos to explain complicated concepts to students.

Notepad Video

Notepad video is another beautiful type of doodle video in which we draw things in a notebook. It has become one of the most popular types because these videos provide a sense of the reality of the message to the audience.

Animaker is one of the best software that helps in creating notepad videos. In editors like Animaker, you can choose characters and items, and music.

Stitchboard Animation

Animaker allows users to use stitchboard style. The stitchboard animation background looks similar to sewing clothes, which gives a unique style. You can use this animation in your doodle video with any objects, movements, or characters that match the background.

So, use stitchboard animation for a stunning effect and impress your viewers. A marketing video can increase traffic by up to 300% and generate potential leads. It shows a creative video can do wonders for your business.

Why Use Doodle Videos: Pros & Cons of Using Them

Doodle videos are pretty much helpful for marketing purposes. Marketers prefer to use doodle videos to enhance their marketing efforts—doodle videos help to communicate with customers.

When creating a whiteboard animation, consider the following benefits and drawbacks:


  • People use doodles to deliver a specific message that helps them achieve their business goals. The beauty of these videos is that viewers can understand the topic quickly. Your audience can memorize simple and easy messages through doodles. It improves the conversions.
  • Doodle videos are popular because of their unique and visually appealing style. These videos are highly engaging, and people share them online.
  • Another benefit of doodle animation is that it simplifies complicated concepts and messages. Focus on the script because it enhances communication with the audience.
  • Doodle animation is cost-effective and easy to edit. It significantly reduces video production costs. You can also use different software to improve the animation quality and create videos.


  • Many people use doodle videos with black pictures and white backgrounds. If a script is not engaging and the video length is too long, it would be challenging to capture viewers interest. Use different techniques to build audience interest in the video.
  • Voice acting and script are two significant elements. The great script plays a vital role in making the doodle video more engaging. The voice acting and script bring emotions to the video.
  • Usually, in videos, we use characters to interact and communicate with the viewers. The unique thing of doodle videos is that we can create them without a clearly defined character.

How can Doodle Videos Enrich your Marketing?

Nowadays, people prefer to watch visual content because it helps in understanding things quickly. But at the same time, it made the marketers job challenging because every brand uses visual content, and competition is intense.

Many businesses try to capture viewers’ interest with boring images. Businesses can opt for the doodle video style to create exciting and engaging videos in different styles. If you have established your startup and looking for innovative ways to promote your business, you can also use a startup doodle video.

The best thing about startup video is that the startup video production cost is budget-friendly. Video production companies charge between $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 for startup videos.

Businesses need to invest in visual content to compete in the market.

Let’s dig deeper.

Doodle Video is a Perfect Solution for your Marketing

Whatever your industry or area of business, these videos help explain any information. You can use doodle videos to achieve your business objectives like advertising, branding, training, marketing, and more.

Marketers can create doodle videos with software without hiring a professional illustrator.

Doodle Videos Can Make Viewers Curios

Add doodles to your marketing activities if your video content strategy is not providing desired results. Doodle videos exhibit a hand drawing or writing on the board.

Viewers take more interest in the video when they watch a hand writing something. It makes them curious about what will happen next. So, the doodle video improves engagement and increases views.

How to Create a Doodle Video?

You can create doodle videos in three ways for your business. Companies outsource their video projects to animated video agencies, freelance animators, and create by themselves. Every video production option has it’s positive and negative, which we will discuss in detail. Let’s get started:

Hire a Professional Animated Video Agency

Video animation agency are specialized in creating animated videos for businesses. These agencies have a team of video experts. If your organization wants to create an animated video, hiring a video production company is ideal.


  • Agency provides you top-notch quality videos
  • Professional video experts create your video


  • We cannot expect multiple revisions or editing from a video agency
  • It requires a budget, so it is an expensive option
  • Video production can take more time

Hire Freelancer Animator

Businesses nowadays hire freelancers from online websites. You can hire freelance animators for projects, and they can create animated videos for your business.

They usually charge on hourly or project basis. Every freelancer is like a mini-agency, so the process is similar: you share your ideas and requirements, and they create a video for you.


  • It is a cost-effective option than hiring an agency
  • You can outsource your project to any experienced professional
  • High-quality results of the final video


  • You need to pay more costs for extra hours of editing and revisions
  • If you want to create multiple videos, you need to hire different freelancers because one freelancer cannot create several videos simultaneously
  • Usually, freelancers choose their desired work schedule. For instance, if you are in the U.S and the freelancer you hired is in any other region, you might face difficulty in coordination.

Create Doodle Videos by Software

Many software provides doodle video creation services, and you can create doodle animation yourself.


  • You don’t need to have experience in designing
  • Software cost is affordable
  • Users can control the production process by themselves


  • It requires experience in storytelling
  • There is a possibility that you and your competitors have the same video style
  • You need to have some experience with software
  • The quality of the video is not guaranteed

Top-notch Doodle Video Examples that Fired Up the Scene

We will look at some of the most impressive examples of doodle videos:

How To Save Energy & Money with Elevations Energy Loans

  1. This beautiful whiteboard video from Elevations Credit Union beautifully explains the subject of rising energy costs. The video helps homeowners understand the topic.

Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

  1. A video brilliantly explains where good ideas come from. This video has a bit longer duration, but the beautiful idea of the video captures the audience’s attention.

It is an excellent example of how a longer video can influence the viewers.

What is PadMapper?

  1. Finding a new place to live in big cities is one of the most challenging things. This explainer video encourages customers to visit a housing search site. The video’s message is clearly and interestingly conveyed in a unique style.

Solar Hybrid Technology

  1. Usually, people use white and black colors in doodle videos. This animated video is an excellent example of how we can use different colors in doodle videos for branding. Despite using multiple colors, the video remains easy and clear.

Born to Learn

  1. This video is long but interestingly conveys information about how people learn. This doodle video provided thought-provoking information. The video has over a million views, which means people like doodle style, even in long videos.

You can hire an animation studio if you want to create this kind of top-notch doodle video. If you live in Texas, all you need to do is look for the best Texas based animation studios and outsource your projects to the most credible and experienced studio.

In a Nutshell

The beauty of doodle videos is that people can easily understand even complicated topics when watching them.

These videos play a vital role in explaining the message to the viewers. You can draw different drawings in these videos to create a meaningful impact on the audience’s mind.

We hope after reading this article, you will be able to learn about the benefits of using doodle videos in marketing.

If you have never used doodle videos in your marketing campaign, it is the right time to invest in it.

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