Whiteboard Explainer Videos: Best Examples To Get Inspiration From

whiteboard explainer videos best examples
Explore the world of the best whiteboard explainer videos and their examples. Learn why they're effective and how brands have leveraged them in this blog.

Hey you. Yes, you. Are you looking for a cool and fun way to share your brand’s message? Do you want to get on new levels of creativity by producing a whiteboard explainer video in USA?

All your answers lie in whiteboard explainer videos. Check out how amazing whiteboard videos are! They’re like a teacher making complicated subjects easy to understand and fun to watch.

Whether you want to tell people about your newly launched product, explain something tricky, or just entertain, these videos will give your audience a visual experience they can’t forget.

There are lots of cool ideas to create whiteboard videos. From teaching things to selling stuff, we’ll show how awesome whiteboard drawings can be in grabbing attention and getting a message across.

We found the 6 best whiteboard video examples to get your ideas flowing. But first, we’ll give you a brief idea of what whiteboard videos are. So, grab a notepad and pen, and let’s get started!

What Is Whiteboard Animation Video?

Whiteboard animation is a popular video style that uses static images being drawn on the white screen giving a sense of whiteboards in schools or colleges.

Typically, whiteboard animation is used to create whiteboard explainer videos in which the illustrations are presented along with the narration in the background to tell a story through drawing and walking the audience through it.

The best thing about whiteboard videos is that you can use free and the best software for whiteboard animation and DIY it easily.

These explainer videos convert any complex idea into a simple, easy-to-understand, and consumable concept.

Why Whiteboard Explainer Videos Are Effective?

The reason why whiteboard explainer videos are effective is their simplicity. These explanatory videos simplify intricate ideas into easily understandable and digestible concepts. Whiteboard videos eliminate confusion by breaking down complicated topics into information that is digestible and eventually lets viewers get the key message effortlessly.

  • The effectiveness of whiteboard explainer videos lies in their simplicity.
  • They transform complex ideas into simple, easy-to-understand concepts.
  • Whiteboard videos make information more consumable for viewers.
  • Eliminate confusion by breaking down complicated topics.
  • Digestible content allows viewers to grasp the key message effortlessly.

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What Are Some Best Examples Of Whiteboard Explainer Videos To Get Inspiration?

Well, if you have not employed whiteboard animated videos in your marketing strategy, it’s high time to do it. We have some of the best whiteboard explainer videos here for you to get inspiration.

You can take them as a source of ideas and use whiteboard animation to create electrifying and visually appealing explainer videos for your brand.

1. Adobe Echo Sign. – Best Explainer Video With Smooth Transition

Although this whiteboard animated explainer video seems different from others, it is a great example to begin with all the way from Adobe. This video is actually the promotion of Adobe’s Echosign product and explains the features in depth.

Well, Adobe Sign lets the user manage, sign, send, and track signature processes through a web browser or mobile device. This video can be one of the best SaaS explainer videos we have ever come across.

What Sets This Video Apart?

  • This whiteboard video animation impresses us with smooth transitions and dynamic object transformations, creating a visually stunning dance of movements that adds a unique style to the animation.
  • This video is impressive due to its vibrancy
  • Noteworthy smooth and fluid transitions
  • Objects transform like a dance of movements
  • Rapid changes, creating new looks and shapes, making visualization more attractive and appealing
  • Beautiful visual effects enhance animation style and distinctiveness

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2. History Of Marriage- A Concept Explained Really Well

One of the many benefits of explainer videos is the simplification of prolonged subject matters. Like this whiteboard animation video explains the history of marriage in just 3 minutes. Only a whiteboard explainer video can achieve this level of perfection when it comes to explaining these types of concepts. This video is a great example of how narration and images make complex topics easy to understand.

The video proves that you can share a lot of information effectively if you choose the right approach.

What Sets This Video Apart?

  • It demonstrates a concise and effective approach to conveying information.
  • By utilizing a whiteboard explainer video approach, the video highlights the exclusive ability of this medium to explain complex concepts.
  • This video is the best example of the synergy between narration and images.
  • This whiteboard video illustrates how narration and images combine together to simplify complex topics to enhance understanding.
  • Not only does it serve as a great example of effective communication through visual storytelling but also emphasizes the potential of the chosen approach in making information accessible.

3. What Is Misinformation And Disinformation- An Awareness-Based Whiteboard Explainer

Do you know a custom whiteboard video animation can elevate the brand in no time? Take the example of this amazing video produced by Creamy Animations. It is among our favorite whiteboard explainer videos that skillfully tackle the issue of misinformation with a subtle touch and cleverly bring attention to the challenges we currently encounter in dealing with it.

The video’s captivating visuals immerse viewers in the narrative, and the script does a great job of explaining how to identify and manage misinformation on social media.

What Sets This Video Apart?

  • This whiteboard-style video is a masterclass and there is a hint of subtlety in it.
  •  The use of whiteboard animation in this video is amazingly addressing the subject of misinformation with finesse.
  • The video is short span highlights challenges and sheds light on the current challenges associated with misinformation efficiently and cleverly.
  • Talking about captivating visuals, they are breathtaking in it. The video uses whiteboard animation at the finest level that immerses viewers in its story.
  • The excellent script impresses us a lot. This is a great example of effectively explaining a sensitive subject with a compelling script.
  • Through amazing storytelling and animations, it efficiently educates users on spotting and managing misinformation on social media.

Overall, Creamy Animations did a great job with this whiteboard explainer through captivating visuals, and the script effectively guides on identifying and managing social media misinformation.

4. Axe And Dove Men Care Body Wash Whiteboard Explainer Videos By Unilever + NCCA

Watch the Unilever and NCAA Football collaborative whiteboard explainer video presented as part of the Dove Men+Care campaign. The video explores the thoughtful significance of care within the framework of male strength and resilience.

Cool animations, real-life situations, interesting content, that’s what this video is all about. By telling a relatable story, “Unilever NCAA Football” explains to people why care is important for guys and makes them understand and feel for others.

What Sets This Video Apart?

  • This whiteboard explainer video has amazing and engaging animation. The video uses these captivating animations cleverly to depict the diverse real-life experiences of different men types.
  • This explainer video is a wholesome lifestyle insight. It provides insights into the lives of men by illustrating how caring for others positively influences their well-being.
  • What is great about this video is that it challenges stereotypes like traditional notions of masculinity.
  • It highlights the inherent strength found in being caring, showcasing a new perspective on masculinity.
  • This video has a relatable story. Unilever NCAA Football did a great job by fostering empathy, helping viewers connect with the characters, and understanding the importance of care in men’s lives.

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5. AFEX – Risk Management – Whiteboard Corporate Explainer Video

AFEX does something different with a brief 30-second whiteboard video, unlike many other brands.

In their explainer video production about Risk Management, AFEX goes beyond the usual whiteboard animation style by using real things like a car and road markings.

The narration is excellent because it works well with the stop-motion animation. It not only tells you about AFEX but also explains how they can do the tough work for you.

What Sets This Video Apart?

  • AFEX’s unique approach makes this video stand out among whiteboard explainer video examples.
  • It is a short 30-second whiteboard video, yet has all the information presented effectively.
  • This video has some innovative use of props and presents dry subjects like Risk Management distinctively.
  • It incorporates effective narration highlighted as excellent, seamlessly complementing the stop motion animation.
  • As an explainer video, it has comprehensive information that not only introduces viewers to AFEX but also provides an explanation of their role in handling the challenging aspects of risk management on behalf of the audience.

6. Cisco- Employee Training Whiteboard Explainer Video

Cisco’s whiteboard video for employee training is although a bit longer than usual whiteboard animation videos, but it is as effective as it should be.

The narrative effectively inspires Cisco’s sales team to secure a significant market share and understand the underlying reasons behind the solution’s design.

The video is well thought and the use of brand colors is subtle throughout it. This video is the best example of maintaining balance throughout the narrative.

What Sets This Video Apart?

  • The best thing that sets this video apart from all whiteboard explainer video examples is the precision of hand movements.
  • Although the duration of around 3 minutes is slightly extended, it captivates the audience really well.
  • The primary goal of the narrative is to inspire Cisco’s sales team and encourage them to secure a substantial market share which is well, quite impressively achieved through this video.
  • The narrative aims to deepen the team’s understanding of the reasons behind the design of the presented solution which is presented really well.
  • Subtle brand color integration is really well thought out in the whiteboard video.
  • The incorporation of brand colors is done in a way that maintains balance throughout the video’s compositions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are whiteboard explainer videos?

Typically, whiteboard explainer videos feature a background with whiteboard creation accompanied by a real person’s hand holding a marker. As the voice-over talent narrates, the hand visually illustrates pertinent images and writes out words to enhance the storytelling.

What are the benefits of whiteboard explainer videos?

There are a lot of benefits of whiteboard explainer videos. By bringing concepts to life through universal symbols and images, the drawings reinforce and emphasize the core message of a script. These videos provide a multisensory experience, stimulating audio, visual, and kinesthetic senses. This combination contributes to their psychological satisfaction and engaging nature.

How do you make a whiteboard explainer video?

Follow these steps to make a whiteboard explainer video:

  • Develop an outline for your whiteboard animation video.
  • Plan and design storyboards, choosing an animation style.
  • Assemble the necessary tools for the project.
  • Illustrate and film your whiteboard video content.
  • Record voice-over narration and incorporate sound effects.
  • Complete the final production by combining all elements in post-production.

Are whiteboard videos effective?

Whiteboard videos seamlessly blend visual thinking, storytelling, and information mapping, ensuring that information becomes engaging, comprehensible, and memorable. This synthesis makes whiteboard animations highly effective, serving as a powerful tool for conveying messages, introducing products or services, and simplifying intricate concepts.

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Wrapping It Up

Whiteboard videos are great when it comes to simplifying any concept and explaining it in digestible form. We have put forward six of the best examples of whiteboard explainer videos in this blog. All of them were curated through different sources with different themes and goals and a combination of whiteboard and digital animation. We hope you have gone through them and find them interesting in every aspect. Do let us know if you have any queries in the comments section.

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