Animation For Education – How to Use 2D & 3D Animated Videos

animation for education how to use 2d & 3d animated videos
Animation for education isn't just cool - it can help students understand complex concepts more easily. Discover how 2D and 3D animation can enhance learning.

As time passes, education and styles of teaching are also evolving. Sometimes these evolutions occur due to the competition and need of the situation.

Education has become a tool that is used to nurture the future of a person and the world around him, and to foster this thought, you would need to think out of the orthodox box of the education system.

There are so many techniques that are currently used by educational institutes and organizations like:

  • Textbooks
  • Online PDF documents
  • Written notes
  • Presentations
  • Videos (simple & animated)
  • Animation

But, in the above, animation and animated videos are the most impactful learning material for all ages. Whether for entertainment or education, 2D & 3D animated videos are best for everything.

You can explain complicated topics and subjects through animation, making learning interesting and exciting.

Many companies and educational institutes use animated training and educational videos to train & teach their employees and students. You can allure your audience and drag them to education with attractive narration and captivating animation.

Lately, due to the pandemic, the education sector has shifted from campus study to e-learning. Keeping all the students on the same page is quite a challenging task for the teachers; here come animated videos for the rescue.

Teachers can use animated educational videos containing motion graphics, typography, and texts (if needed) and create a whole playlist of lessons, which not just help the student learn but stay focused.

2D & 3D Animation & Learning

Most animated videos use narration and storytelling styles, which help the audience stay connected to the subject throughout the video.

People learn and absorb new information fast when presented in the form of a story. Even some educational YouTube channels use this approach to educate their audience. Take a look at this animated educational video by Ted-ED – interesting information in a captivating narration.

In short, the animation in the video attracts the audience’s eyes – food to entertainment, and the story draws the mind of the viewers – food to intellect, a complete package for the lazy learners.

It simultaneously delivers the information to the viewer in a fun way.

Animated video has proven its coin as a powerful business and digital marketing resource, and the same techniques can be used in the education sector.

Numerous research has demonstrated that visualization increases the retention of new information and activates brain cells that coordinate with the eyes to help the viewer learn and process the information fast.

The Benefits of 2D & 3D Animation

Educational videos don’t mean only to be used in academia or corporate training. You can use animated educational videos for various purposes and has multiple styles like:

  • Tutorial videos (to teach the audience how to do something correctly)
  • How-To videos (to demonstrate audience how to do something)
  • Training video (to train the audience how to execute some task in a certain way)
  • Technical Training video (to elaborate the audience how to handle particular equipment)
  • Presentational video (to showcase informative data)

You can use 2D & 3D animated videos to drive lead to your business and makes your brand stand out among your competitors. Google ranks those websites high, which has video content on their landing pages, so animated videos can help you increase the organic traffic on your website and help your potential customers reach to you.

Here are some benefits of animated educational videos:

  • Generate the traffic to your website.
  • Engage more eyes toward your brand.
  • Invest less in creating a video and make hundreds more with it.
  • Help you boost the SEO.

If you are looking for efficient but professional assistance in animation, then BuzzFlick – a video animation agency – is here to help you out in producing outclass and compelling animated educational videos.

Where to Use Animated Educational Videos

Animated videos are the same as any other videos on the internet, and you can easily post those videos on various video-sharing and hosting platforms like:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Vimeo
  • Tumblr
  • Dailymotion

Animated Videos – A New Method for Learning

We are living in the age of viral videos and fast media, where we need a new method for learning to make it fun and engaging.

In order to make boring and dull lectures productive and attention-grabbing, animated videos are the only possible and best way to do that.

2D & 3D animated videos capture the focus of the students keep them connected to the topic for a longer time, and elevate the concentration.

Those teachers who have incorporated animated videos in their study material agreed that using animation with the lessons has benefited their students as well as themselves. It has become a necessity and vital for education and awareness.

Animated video is the way to go if you want to educate your clients, prospective prospects, inform your team on various complicated systems, or just want to impart knowledge and information in the most efficient way possible.

Educational Videos that are Excessively Used

As mentioned earlier, you can use animated educational videos for various purposes, and here are some ways to use educational videos:

1. Videos for Public/Marketing Campaigns

If you are a brand or company and ready to launch a product in the market, release software, or feature some processes of a service, here you can use educational videos.

Educational videos are not meant for marketing or promotion, but if you execute or construct the campaign in the right direction, then you might going to get fruitful benefits from the educational videos. Take a look at this animated by Room Speculator.

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2. Videos for Public Awareness/Education

The medical industry and organizations can use educational videos to raise public health and hygiene awareness. You can engage a massive audience and communicate your message on a bigger scale.

Animated videos are easy to view and fast to share and help you reach the maximum eyes. Check out this animated public service ad by World Food Program USA.

3. Videos for Educational Institutes

An animated video is excellent for covering data, graphs, and anything with a lot of numbers, dates, and information. It brings the information to life and allows it to reach a wider audience – the students.

This is a sure approach to attract the kids’ attention and teach them in a fun and effective way, regardless of the subject. Here is a short animated educational video for kids about Photosynthesis – quite informative and impressive.

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How is animation used for education?

Animation is primarily used to help students visualize complex objects with a lot of ease. Concepts in geometry and science might be well understood, if paired up with visual aids.

What is the best animation software for educationalists?

There’s no one particularly best because software is most used for presentations. You might not be satisfied with the quality of render and features on offer if you want full-blown animated videos.

Software includes; Adobe character animator, Cartoon Animator 4, Stop Motion Studio,

How animation can enhance e-learning?

It is so since e-learning experience has to be immersive to keep the learners engaged and enthused. Inculcating animations in your presentations can help you achieve that exactly. Not only are visuals easier to recall, but they can cover so much content in just seconds.

Are there specific animations for students?

Yes, just like films and shows, kids enjoy watching animated videos on educational content. You can help them navigate through historic timeline with animations, as well as understand the geography of a region and much more.

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