Key Benefits of Using Animation for Your Business

benefits of using animation
Benefit your business in various ways using animated videos. Learn how to create impactful videos to unlock these benefits.

Entertainment comes to our mind when we hear the word animation, but the corporate sector uses animation more than entertainment.

Animated videos have proven to be the best marketing tool in the digital marketing industry. Many companies are incorporating animation in their marketing and promotional videos to capture the attention of their targeted audience.

Marketers run animated marketing campaigns, which eventually boost the conversion and generate surprising revenue. Even Google’s algorithm prefers websites with animated videos to rank higher on the search engine.

If you are a businessman or a marketer and want to shoot your sales graph high, take a look at what you can do with animation!

P.S: If you want to learn where you can use animation to achieve your goals, then check out the article about what animation is used for (a brief guide).

So without any further delay, Let’s get started!

Animated Video and Business

Business is all about making and selling, and to sell effectively, you need to engage better. Animated video is a powerful medium to gather the eyes on the subject in an engaging manner.

Content has always been the spirit of the video and tells the story of a company, product, services, brand, or business. But what’s a spirit without a body? Here comes a video that uses the story to captivate, convince, persuade, and evoke your audience.

Benefits of Animated Videos

Animated videos benefit your business in various ways. Whether you are a manufacturing company, an educational institute, an advertising agency, or a presenter, animation serves you well in every possible way.

If you are new to digital marketing and want to know how animated videos benefit your objectives, then you are about to find out. Keep reading!

1. Bring Your Ideas to Life

Animation is all about creativity and imagination. Suppose you want a mascot for your company and create a promotional video around it; what will you do? Hire an actor? You can, but here are some drawbacks of hiring an actual human for a promotional video:

  • If the act does not act according to the script, your time will waste shooting the video.
  • You need to pay the actor hourly.
  • Actor means you need to shoot a video, which costs relatively higher than animated videos.
  • You will need to hire the actor(s) every time you create a new promotional video.

Now, let’s see how animation benefits us and bring our ideas to life:

  • You can create an engaging and compelling promotional video on a computer in a studio.
  • You don’t require heavy videography equipment or crew to create an animated video.
  • You can easily set the color tone, features, and expression of the character according to your need and wish.
  • You can make your character talk and walk according to your imagination.

In short, animation gives the freedom of customization and alteration, which a simple live-action video cannot provide.

2. Attract All

If we look at our childhood, we have all watched cartoons, and many of us still enjoy it. Animation is what cartoons are made of and are appealing to be watched by all age groups and countries.

Suppose you are a company that produces cereals for everyone, and you have a limited budget to invest in a marketing commercial; what will you do? You have two options:

  • Live-action commercial: If you create an awesome live-action commercial, you can grab the attention of the adult audience, but your young audience might not enjoy the commercial.
  • Animated commercial: If you create an animated commercial, it is a win-win game for you; along with adults, your younger audience will also enjoy the commercial and get attracted toward what you are selling.

We have an excellent example of an animated commercial that adults and kids simultaneously enjoy. Take a look at this 2014 Cheerios Cereal animated commercial.

3. Explain the Complex Ideas Easily

When it comes to animation, no concept is off-limits. As we have mentioned earlier, animation lets you bring ideas to life, just like that it let you explain any topic with any complexity easily.

Nowadays, institutes and organizations use animation in their training and educational videos to effectively educate their targeted audience (students and employees).

Some topics are hard to explain and impossible to portray through live-action videos, like how our dream works, how our brain responds to glitches, or how time works in a black hole. This is where animation shines the brightest; whatever the topic, subject, or issue is, animation makes the explanation easy and smooth.

Take a look at this video by TED-Ed where Fabio Pacucci is raising the question of can we harness the power of a black hole – highly informative and enjoyable!

4. Evoke Emotions

Every company aims to connect with its targeted audience on an emotional level. Animation can help you do that easily. It is a killer combination of storytelling and emotion.

You can engage your audience with captivating animation with influential stories. Animated characters play an important role in uplifting the spirit of the story.

The scriptwriters deliver the core message in the story and wrap it around the character. The editor merges visuals, sound, and special effects with the story to create eye candy for the audience.

The animated video is a powerful marketing tool for businesses that want to engage their prospects on a deeper level. You can highlight your audience’s pain points through animation, and at the right time, you can strike them with your sales pitch (your core objective).

Once your audience is emotionally connected and starts seeing their issues through your video, it will not be hard to lead them to your objective.

Here is an emotional animated branding video by Erste Group where they emotionally try to bond with their customer and audience through the story of a hedgehog. We personally love the concept and animation of this video. Must take a look!

5. Boost the Conversion Rate

For every company, more than views conversion rate is important. No company creates marketing videos just for entertainment or fun, the basic logic and aim behind these videos are to convert the audience to potential customers.

Research has shown that using videos on the landing page and website is highly beneficial for the business, as it drags the audience and increases the conversion up to 86%. Now just imagine how much boost you will get if you post a captivating and interesting animated video on your landing page? – umm, minimum a boost of 10%.

Animated marketing videos are the total gamer changer in digital marketing, so utilizing them for your sales and conversion can be fruitful for your business.

You should also know: Hiring a video animation studio that offers 2D animation services is not enough. You should look for a company that also helps you in marketing your videos on different platforms.

6. Cost-Effective Production

Marketing video production is a very expensive procedure: pricey equipment, actors, location, weather, and editing, but if you go for animated marketing videos, it cuts out 50% of the production cost.

Animation production is a very cost-effective procedure; here is why :

  • No actor required: zero actor cost.
  • No actor means no location: zero location cost.
  • No live-action video: zero equipment cost.

To produce an effective plus efficient marketing video, go for animation. You just need an animator, a director, a scriptwriter, a voice-over artist (maybe; depends upon the project), and an editor, and you have your personalized marketing video.

7. Improve Your SEO

We all know how much SEO these days is important and beneficial. If you are running your business through a digital platform, optimizing SEO will boost your business’s digital appearance.

You must be thinking that we can enhance our website SEO through optimized textual content then why do we need videos? Well, Google looks for websites with more visual content than text blocks – strange? But that’s how Google algo works.

It picks up the website and ranks it high on the result of the search engine, which increases the chances of getting caught by the sight of your targeted viewer.

People prefer seeing videos to gather knowledge about the product more than reading lengthy manuals. So, if your landing page has video content, it will automatically increase the stay-time of your viewer on the website.

This practice will help Google redirect the traffic to the most viewed and longer visited websites.

8. Make Your Business Stand Out

With the evolution of digital marketing and the speed at which companies embrace video marketing strategy, the time is not far when the internet will be overloaded with video content, and finding your business in that chaos will be a lot challenging for Google too.

What to do? Start creating engaging and exciting visual content that will last long. Hire a good animation company that can make a top-notch marketing video for good and ever.

The internet is full of studios that claim to be the best in animation services, but we have choice the best video animation company that are the best in the field. You can hire them for your animation production and post-production.

9. Expand Your Reach

We are living in the era of social media, and reaching new people with it is as easy as a snap of your finger! The transfer of media and information has become relatively easy than a few decades back.

Social media platforms let your thoughts flow and reach as much as eyes as possible on the internet, and if you have strategically created your content, it increases the chance of getting viral.

P.S: If your goal is to create a viral video, just check out our article on how to make a video go viral for techniques and inspiration.

A study in 2018 has proved that there are two activities that people enjoy doing most on the internet: surfing on social media and watching videos – a million-dollar idea for marketers! How? Keep reading!

As a marketer, it is your prime priority to capture the attention of your targeted audience as much as possible. With social media and the craze of people watching videos, you can do it very smoothly.

You can post your animated promotional videos on your social media account that redirect your prospect to your product and landing pages.

10. Build A Rapport with Your Prospects

As a company, it is everyone’s dream to build a reliable relationship with their prospects. But this dream is not a piece of cake to achieve.

Create relavent videos! Here is why you need videos for trust building:

  • Most customers and followers look for product videos portfolio before making a purchase. If you are a company that deals with production, you should create some compelling product videos that explain everything your prospects need to know.
  • People trust those companies who target their pain points and provide effective solutions. You can create a marketing video that tells your audience how your product will ease their life.
  • Internet users always search for a better option than you, but if you create a detailed product demo video that explains why you are best than others, it will increase the chance of getting you picked over others.

The Takeaway

Hopefully, this read has benefited you in various ways and made you look at the business opportunities you can get through making animated videos.

Animated videos are very viable in growing your business and achieving more as a company. And this approach has proven to be quite feasible for organizations over the years for both service-based and product-based companies.

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Benefits of Using Animation for Your Business – FAQs

How much-animated videos cost?

The cost of animated video vary project to project. However, a simple animated video price starts from $2,500 and it can go up to $25,000.

What is the importance of animation in this industry?

Animation has great significance in the digital realm. It can help you in multiple ways. It allows you to communicate complex ideas quickly and easily. Animation is considered to be a cost-effective communication strategy. Apart from entertaining your audience it engages and educates your audience. It helps your audience to connect with you through creating real-life scenarios.

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