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Do you want to make a dynamic impact on your prospects' minds? Then, check out these 10 best animation marketing videos and make your business a success.

Video marketing is a dynamic tool of marketing strategy. It makes a tremendous impact on the minds of the target audience. Moreover, it’s also cost-effective. That’s why most business enterprises adopt this marketing technique.

There are various types of video marketing technique that works in the overall marketing strategy. And one of them is 2D animation marketing videos.

Nonetheless, if you have just started a business or have a small business enterprise, you must have at least basic knowledge of your business if you want to invest in video marketing. In that way, you will able to make your business a success.

Why Brands Use Animation Marketing Videos?

There are numerous reasons why you should leverage animation marketing videos in your marketing strategy. One of them is that they can easily understand and make a compelling statement of the brand and shareable on multiple platforms. The shareability of content has enhanced significantly due to social media.

Moreover, animation marketing videos are also a unique way to showcase your value proposition from your rivals who are still utilizing traditional advertisement methods. Animated marketing videos are a great way to create a lasting impression in your target audience’s minds.

When you incorporate aesthetic visuals, calligraphy, and compelling voiceover, they are more likely to gain traction and even get viral on the internet and share on social media. That probably is the main purpose of investing in an animated marketing video in the first place.

When it comes to cost, animation marketing videos always come under your budget compared to investing in live-action videos. This is mainly because you need to hire a cast, crew, and a location for shooting a video on live-action video.

On the other hand, you need to get in touch with the best explainer video production company that will do all the heavy lifting of explaining your complex brand’s message to your target audience in a simple manner.

That, in turn, helps in increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and hopefully conversions. According to one of the numerous animation video statistics, animation marketing videos have a 30% higher engagement than a live-action video.

Learning The Basic Concepts

What Really Animation Marketing Videos Are?

An animation marketing video at its core consists of audio and visual elements along with characters and texts to transform complex information into a simpler form.

It’s a marketing tool that helps build brand awareness and makes a deeper connection with potential customers.

So, why do you need animation marketing videos?

They have:

  • Aesthetically pleasing visuals
  • Well-thought storyline
  • Compelling Voiceover

Animation Marketing Videos

Technique Used By Major Brands

There is a misconception that animation marketing videos are only effective for big brands to promote their product or service. However, that’s not the case. As a matter of fact, they can be utilized by small and medium business enterprises as well to increase their brand awareness.

Moreover, due to its rise in popularity, many small businesses are now harnessing the power of animated explainer videos to effectively explain their highly complicated product or service to their target audience.

9 Best Animation Marketing Videos

We’ve put together the 9 best animation marketing videos to better explain the sheer importance in the digital world.

#1) Intercom

Intercom has a dynamic messaging app to streamline communication within and outside the organization. The video has informed the lack of personal relationship that was once a norm before the digital age.

The video explains the latest Intercom messaging app that has once again given rise to personal relationships with customers and everyone within the organization.

With the Intercom messaging app, individuals are able to send and receive messages and get in touch with prospects in real-time.

Intercom has been widely used across the globe to better connect with their prospects. In this animation marketing video, animal characters are utilized instead of live-action to make the video fun and engaging.

#2) Zendesk

Zendesk is a solution for better customer service. That can be either in the form of email, tweets, messages, or even a simple phone call.

An organization can Zendesk and streamline their processes of connecting with their prospects.

Moreover, Zendesk offers a wide range of tools to solve issues and complaints in real-time.

In the marketing video, Zendesk leveraged a brilliant combination of live-action and animation to effectively their product’s message in a simple manner.

#3) Hubstaff

Keeping track of your employees’ work progress is one of the challenging tasks for an employer. But with Hubstaff, you can easily manage and assign tasks along with time to complete them. That helps tremendously for the employers who have a lot on their plate already and easily track the task completion time.

With Hubstaff, they will stay on top of your employees’ work progress without spending thousands of dollars for the fees.

Hubstaff utilizes an animation explainer video that easily explains their product to their target audience.

#4) Meetedgar

Handling social media accounts and keep track of every social media is quite a hassle. Moreover, a lot of social media posts go to waste due to being buried under thousands of new posts uploaded every second.

So, how would you manage your social media? The answer is Meetedgar.

With Meetedgar, you can easily post, manage, and schedule your social media posts. With scheduling, you’d be able to reuse your old content on social media. In this way, your every social media post is reached out to your target audience, making a dynamic impact on their minds.

#5) Getresponse

Getresponse is a dynamic app for boosting emails and build a lasting relationship with your prospects. Most businesses tend to only focus on paid advertising to generate traffic and leads.

However, they tend to generate traffic; if prospects don’t like what you offer, it will increase your bounce rate.

With Getresponse, you would be able to create custom emails, landing pages for your subscribers on any device in under five minutes. It will help you generate leads and capitalize on your investment.

#6) Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular file hosting service provider. Within 68 seconds, it grabs the attention of its target audience. With Dropbox, you have the option to send files to your friends, office colleagues, and family members without them even to sign-up for a Dropbox account.

Dropbox utilizes simple cartoon marketing videos for the audience to easily understand their brand’s message. The video has gained over 12 million views on YouTube, and it’s not stopping any time soon.

#7) Agros

Agro’s animation marketing videos have further continued the tales of their alien family living in the modern world of today.

In this small animated commercial, the alien family members make preps for Christmas and wreaking havoc in the kitchen. The commercial informs the audience about the essential kitchen appliances they can shop online to provide an easier way to cook on special occasions.

This animated advertising video is known for its unique animation style, CGI, and compelling storyline that engages the audience for the video’s whole 30-seconds.

#8) Crazy Egg

One of the major challenges of online businesses is to get to the bottom of why their users aren’t converting. Crazy Egg has a dynamic tool called the heat map tool that showcases all the heated areas where the users mostly click and don’t.

This marketing animated video is made for those marketers who are willing to capitalize on a more viable yet easy medium of engaging the audience.

It’s the perfect example of best-animated explainer videos with the prime focus on simplifying highly complex information into the simplest form.

#9) Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the dynamic apps that helps you send and receive business calls and easily connect with your customers.

Grasshopper utilizes animation marketing videos to inform about their business, which starts with a simple phone call. All you need to do is sign-up, select a toll-free or your existing phone number and start getting calls from your prospects.

Moreover, you can also set up extensions, see the Call-ID, send voicemail, conduct conference calls, and even transcribe voicemail into text. In other words, you don’t need to have an office or a landline to run your business. It can all be done with a tap on your smartphone.


Well, these are some of the best-animated marketing videos that will surely inspire you to create your own.

These marketing videos help build trust and confidence in the minds of your potential customers.

That, in turn, increase web traffic, generate leads, and hopefully converts into sales.

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