The Top 10 Inspiring Company Introduction Videos

Are you looking to get inspiration from the best intro videos? Explore our list of the top 10 inspiring company introduction videos and get started today.

Company introduction videos are perhaps the most essential part of any business that is starting up. Creating a company intro video that defines your brand and conveys your message clearly, you’re ensuring the growth and following of your brand from the start.

Numerous brands have decided to create company introduction videos over the years. Still, only a few of them succeeded in making an impact on the audience.

Whether it’s a product launch or a business startup, you can use videos for any purpose. Also, because videos increase organic traffic by up to 157%, it is important to incorporate just the right amount of everything to ensure maximum effectiveness.

So, if you’re someone who is looking for introduction video ideas, then this blog is just for you. BuzzFlick has watched several company introduction videos, we’ve learned what makes them inspiring and engaging, and today – we’re here with the top 10 best company introduction videos.

Best Company Introduction Video Examples

The introduction videos on this list clearly explained what their brand was all about. Adding animations and visual effects to their introduction videos strengthened the video’s performance in the digital world.

Now that you know that company introduction videos are vital for your business let’s start exploring the top 10 best introduction videos.
Let’s start!

#1)  American Express

American Express is a well-reputable finance-related service provider globally. So, it is implied that they had to come up with an innovative way to tell their audience about their new service or product.

American Express choose to create a stunning animated corporate video. So, to create a creative introduction videothey worked alongside a 3D animation firm.

The end product was truly inspiring and very different from what American Express used to communicate with its B2B audience.

By showing the morphing of a gold business card into several uses by American Express in the company’s product introduction video.

With music that gives off a feeling of convenience combined with different gold card uses shown in the video, this video is one of the best product introduction videos out there.

#2)  Dot shop

What makes a company introduction video incredibly engaging?

The answer may sound something like this; convincing narration, stunning visuals, noteworthy information, and a strategic hook, right? But what would the answer look like? Well, just watch the company introduction video of Dot Shop.

Dot Shop capitalized on the fact that everyone around the globe loves to shop, and for businesses, they introduced the perfect domain names that suited the businesses amazingly well.

They explained their brand amazingly through an animated company intro video.

By incorporating all the necessary information, viewer’s hook, and examples of businesses that can leverage from their platform, Dot Shop gave a brief overview of their business in the fewest words but with the most engaging visuals.

#3)  108 Years of Herman Miller

The competition in the corporate world is intense. Several top brands are competing with each other to be the best.

Educating your audience, introducing them to your product or brand, and delighting them with engaging visuals are a few ways through which a business can maintain its legacy.

One such brand is Herman Miller, and they educated their audience about their legacy of 108 years. Their company overview video had everything, from history to milestones to the reason behind their passion for designing furniture.

Amazingly, their video is timed at 108 seconds, which matches perfectly with their age which is 108 years. With engaging animation, intuitive colors, and storytelling narrative – this marvelous company introduction video tops the list of animations.

#4)  Living A Richer Life

Video testimonials are a way to get your audience to trust you and Airbnb already knows this, which is why they create one of the best company videos.

Being one of the most recognizable companies globally, Airbnb never misses an opportunity to entice their audience into seeing their introduction videos.

With an innovative touch, compelling narrative, and an emotional connection, Airbnb built a positive brand image.

The creative approaches such as interviewing the users, evaluating their experience, and helping others discover new opportunities are just so innovative.

So, if your brand has a loyal customer base, having video testimonials morphed into a persuasive company business video is the best idea to engage your audience online.

#5)  The Story of GANT

Celebrating their 70th birthday, Gant came up with an innovative idea of introducing their Story to their audience in an animation video.

The founder of Gant, Bernard Gantmacher, was featured in the animated video. An elegant presentation guides the viewer to the video and uses subtitles to deliver the message.

Moreover, the video has amazing visuals and stunning characters. It is more like a short film than a company introduction example. The video takes the users through the 70 years long journey and explains clearly where their shirts come from.

In a nutshell, the video was really influential and received positive vibes from the audience. So, suppose you want to showcase how old your brand is and its journey. In that case, you can easily take this company intro example into consideration to get started.

#6)  BIC’s 75 Years

Bic is famous for its pens, lighters, and razors around the world. They are a 75-year-old brand, and they decided to tell this to their audience, thus marks the creation of yet another inspiring company introduction video.

The video revolves around the most famous products of Bic and showcases them through animation.

The Basic product video is more inclined towards educating the audience about the history of their product and their company.

The video is a perfect company introduction example for you if you’re willing to showcase your most successful products to your audience.

#7)  Story of Adidas

The Story of the man behind Adidas, Adolf Dassler, is spectacularly covered by Adidas in their company introduction video. Adidas is recognized around the world for its innovative sports shoes made for athletes.

The stop-motion video of Adidas explores the history of the person behind the brand. Adi Dassler’s motivation, will, goal, and vision are described in the video beautifully.

The video takes the user through narration and describes the first time Adolf created the iconic shoes for an athlete who went on to win 4 medals in his career.

The objective of the video was to guide the audience about the history of the brand. Adidas wanted its audience to get connected to the brand, and the video amazingly did just that.

This video is a perfect company introduction example for those who want to represent the brand’s people.

Moreover, the stop-motion animation style of the video is expensive. It may cost you, but the overall results will cover the cost for you by giving you more engagement and bridging the gap between you and your audience.

#8)  Drawnimal

If your business’s targeted audience is children, this company introduction video is the best video example. The video is small, to the point, easy to understand, and funny.

The elements incorporated within the video give a strong feeling of creativity and innovation. While using the app, children can create drawings of animals by their hands, increasing their creativity, which is perfectly covered within the company introduction video.

Moreover, the bubbly art experience, hand drawing, and narration make this the best corporate introduction video.

#9) Merck Intro Video

Merck’s lead capturing and managing tool is just amazing as the company introduction video they created to showcase it.

There are several features and specs of the iCapture, and the video easily and clearly covers all the aspects. The aim behind the creation of this video was to use iCapture extremely easy to understand.

With vibrant colors, bold narration, and amazing character development, the video’s Story easily convinces the audience to start using Merck’s lead capturing tool to manage and retain their customers.

The narration also tells the audience the problems they face without iCapture by Merck and Merck’s advantages once deployed in an organization.

So, the next time you want to demonstrate a solution to your audience, consider taking inspiration from iCapture’s best product introduction video.

#10)  Hubspot Culture

The HubSpot culture video is the best company introduction example for those who want to incorporate a bit of humor in their corporate introduction videos.

Since humor always attracts more audience and increases watch time, it is always good to have some in your corporate videos.

However, you need to be extremely careful about the humor part because too much humor would shift your audience’s attention away from the video’s purpose.

The HubSpot culture video is the perfect introduction video example with just the right amount of humor.

The big tech company that thought of changing the way businesses operate explained its history, motivation, and vision amazingly through their corporate video. This video is a perfect example of how your company intro video should be if you want to add humor to the storytelling.

That’s All, Folks

Finally, we’re down to the conclusion part. So, now you know all about the best company and product introduction videos out there.

Note that all of the videos we just told you about all innovative, creative, and have a certain flavor that adds value to the overall video.

You need to make your customers feel special and cared for through your videos. If you’re an established brand – you need to give them a history or Story of your brand to make them feel connected.

Know that your corporate video acts as an engagement magnet. If you do it right, it can literally get you an immense following and the ROI you’ve always dreamed of.

So, what do you think of the corporate introduction videos that we have on this list? Leave a comment below, and we’ll be more than happy to reply.

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