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History Of Animation
Here is an overview of the history of animation and the 14 interesting facts about animations for animation lovers, Enhance your animation knowledge instantly.

Animations have been around for more than a century now. Today, with a little research on Google, we can easily compile an overview of the historical animations facts and determine where it all started.

Animations were created to invoke emotions and entertain the audience. They were designed to be a new and more effective medium of storytelling.

The early animators found a way to create animated movies without cameras or recording technology, which enabled them to create animations.

The first-ever animation was created by a French cartoonist Émile Cohl. He named it Fantasmagorie (1908). The one-minute and seventeen seconds video laid the foundation of animations.

Check out the first-ever animated video below;

So, since we’re always covering the ultra-modern animations and their interesting facts all the time today, we’re going to do something different. This time, we’re going to list down the historical facts about animations.

We’re going to explore the fascinating roots of animations. And by the end of the blog, you’ll be amazed that animations are so much more than just moving cartoons.

So, without any further ado – let’s start discussing some interesting facts about animations.

How Old Animations Really Are?

People of ancient times were smart. No, really, they were ‘smart,’ specially the Egyptians. These people understood the importance of moving images and started creating illusions of a motion picture.

Animation History Blog Image

Image Source: Timpanagos

Did you know that the above image belongs to a  5,200 years old pottery discovered in Iran that actually had a series of images that depicted a moving goat?

Additionally, take a look at the images below from an Egyptian mural showcasing a wrestling match through a series of images:

Animation History Blog Image2.png

Image Source: Sutori

This pictorial representation of a wrestling match is taken from Beni Hasan’s 15th tomb, and it is thousands of years old. The point is that animations are way older than you can imagine. Nobody knew these interesting facts about animations until the truth was uncovered.

The Early Adaptors of Animation

Fast forward to the 19th century, many pioneers of the animation world started adapting animation technology to create films.

The most notable and influential example among these short-animated clips became “Gertie The Dinosaur (1914),” directed by Winsor McCay. This animated film also became the first-ever animated movie to be commercially profitable.

Here’s a preview of the movie;

We researched and extracted the most interesting animation facts that’ll make you reimagine some of the most iconic animated movies and their facts.

These facts about animation are more like the turning points in the history of the animation world and represent all the animations we have till now.

14 Interesting Facts About Animation

Facts About Animation Blogimage (1)
  • The first-ever commercial film to be released with stereophonic sound was Fantasia.
  • The creator of the film “Snow White,” Walt Disney, was given eight Oscars in 1938. One normal-sized, and the other seven were small sized. These Oscars represented the characters of the movie. The big Oscar that was Snow White and seven little Oscars that were the seven Dwarves.
  • The original name of Tom and Jerry were decided to be Jasper and Jinx by the creators.
  • The singers “Simon and Garfunkel” were recorded under the name “Tom & Jerry” when they performed together back in the late 1950s.
  • Tangled stands as the most expensive animated movie globally, with a budget of $260 million over six years in production.
  • Only four animators were working with Walt Disney when he created Steamboat Willie back in 1928.
  • The film “Snow White” took three years to produce from 1934 to 1937.
  • Walt Disney had to mortgage his home to finance the production of “Snow White,” an animated film that cost him $1.5 million.
  • It took 32 animators, 1032 assistants, 107 inbetweeners, 10 layout artists, 25 BG artists, 65 special effects animators, and countless other staff for Snow White’s production.
  • The animated movie “Three Little Pigs” cost $22,000 to produce in 1933.
  • The scene in Shrek where Princess Fiona burps were written after a recording session in which Cameron Diaz burped after drinking Coca-Cola.
  • The magic carpet ride that Aladdin made through the Cave of Wonders was made possible with computer-generated images (CGI).
  • Beauty and the Beast was the first film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.
  • Toy Story was the first-ever completely CGI-based animated film.

Here are all the interesting animation facts that you never knew. Note that the above-listed animation facts belong to the most iconic animated movies of all time.

Without inspiration from Walt Disney, John Lasseter, Max Fleischer, and several others, the animation world would never have prospered as it did.

Moreover, there are several other questions that pop up in mind whenever an individual dive into the world of animations. So, here are some of the frequently asked questions and their precise answers.

FAQs About Animation History

What was the very first animation?

The first-ever animated film was “Fantasmagorie,” and it was released on 17 August 1908. The film consisted of moving imagery and gave people the experience of watching a real movie. The movie also had the traditional hand-drawn animation style.

Who is the most famous animator?

It is quite difficult to comprehend the first-ever animator; however, several researchers predict Stuart Blackton was the first-ever animator. He also launched a successful series of animated movies for a New York’s Vitagraph company.

Who is the father of animation?

A French animator, “Émile Cohl,” is often called the father of animation. It is rumored that in 1907, Cohl was walking down a street when he saw a movie poster that was stolen from his comic strips.

What are the types of animations?

There are several types of animations; however, the most common ones are:

Who invented anime?

A Japanese man “Tezuka Osamu” invented anime. Tezuka Osamu was born on 3 November 1928, and he passed away on 9 February 1989. He was an artist, animator, and cartoonist.

Who gave the principle of animation?

The 12 principles of animation were introduced by two animators, “Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas.” The principles are mentioned in their book “The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation.” The book was released back in 1981.

What was the first cartoon character?

The first cartoon character was “Mickey Mouse,” and he was created in 1927.

Why do cartoons have 4 fingers?

To put it simply, a four-fingered hand is much easier to draw than a five-fingered hand. This is the most probable reason why several cartoons have four fingers.

How fast do animators draw?

An animator with an experience of 15 years is capable of drawing 100 frames per day. The faster an animator, the faster he/she will churn out the frames. This would lead to quicker production of animation.

What is realistic animatronics called?

Building realistic humanoid robots by combining robotics with animation software is called animatronics. Mesmer Animatronics is a tool that is designed to create lifelike depictions of humanoid characters.

Who is the oldest Disney character?

Pete is said to be the oldest Disney character, older than even Mickey Mouse. Pete is the oldest because he debuted 3 years earlier than Mickey Mouse in the cartoon “Alice Solves the Puzzle (1925).”

What makes animation unique?

Generally, it is the innovation and fascinating visuals that make an animation unique. Animations should be engaging and funny. The characters should be meaningful and intuitive. The presentation should have a happy or purposeful demeanor. These are just some of the reason that in our perspective makes an animation compelling.

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