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startup explainer video examples
Launch your company, or offerings using startup explainer videos. Check out the best ideas and examples you can incorporate into your next explainer project.

Once every company was a startup, we know how challenging it is for a company to make its mark in the early stages.

Collecting funds, gathering attention, and creating prospects, is quite tough for a company that has just entered the business.

Here come explainer videos for the rescue!

Many companies use animated explainer videos to share their brand values, the essence of the products, or the features of the services they are providing. It is a very effective way to communicate with your targeted audience.

Animated explainer videos give more of a cartoonish look that is enjoyable and attractive to many people, and you can explain your objectives to your viewers in a playful manner. You can do so many things with animated explainer videos, like:

  • Demonstrate how your company serves the audience better.
  • Explain what product or service can benefit your audience better than others.
  • Explain what makes you the best in the business.
  • Explain why your company is trustworthy.
  • Show how you care and cater to your customer’s needs.

We have collected some impressive ideas and examples of explainer videos that you can use to launch your startup business.

Let’s skip the delay and jump right into it!

Ideas & Examples of Startup Explainer Videos

We know that you are new to marketing and confused about choosing the right video style according to the niche of your business. Here are some mind-blowing examples of explainer videos for a startup that can be used as a reference.

Let’s take a look!

1. Uber

An American mobility service that is currently providing its services in nearly 85 countries around the globe.

You can easily book your car ride using a mobile application, and the Uber driver will pick you or your loved ones up from the exact location you have entered and drops you anywhere you like.

If you are leaving a pub at night and need a ride home because you cannot drive while you are drunk, here you can book an Uber to drop you home safely – an extreme but legit scenario!

Anyways, you can even pre-book your ride with Uber if you have a flight to catch, a meeting to attend, or an appointment to visit.

Here is Uber’s 2D animated explainer video, which is very simple, compelling, and effectively communicates the idea to its audience. It addresses the transport problems that a consumer faces and how Uber offers a solution to them. Let’s take a look.

2. PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer is a global corporation that is a specialist in the business areas of scientific research, diagnostics, food, climate, and industrial testing machinery and equipment.

The organization was founded in 1937, and since then, they have been trying to help explorers uncover all the secrets that nature holds.

The company has created an animated explainer video that demonstrates its solution and equipment for Covid-19 detection in a compelling manner. However, the video used a very simple 2D animation style but did a great work of communicating the idea effectively.

PerkinElmer’s diagnostic solutions and machinery for Covid-19 clinical evaluation are amazingly demonstrated in this animated video.

3. Cree

Cree is a LED lighting and semiconductor manufacturer that provides solutions for wireless applications and appliances.

The company created this animated video to tell the story of lighting and what difference it brings to various facets of life.

The video portrays the company as a benefactor who works day and night to provide better light and lighten up the whole world with it.

The core objective of the Cree revolves around this marketing explainer and demonstrates how the world, workplaces, homes, and communities can be benefited from the “Better Light”.

Cree lightning is bringing a better change by saving 70% energy with the help of their LEDs, which is a highly appreciatable initiative.

With 2D animation and simply created captivating characters, the video evokes the viewer’s emotion and involves them more into the story. Let’s check out Cree’s explainer video.

4. Recommind

Recommind is a data management solution company that helps all sorts of businesses manage their data effectively.

When we talk about a company, we know how many and various data are handled daily, which is apparently a challenging task for an ordinary human brain. Recommind provides businesses a strategical-based data reporting and visualization through the data management system.

Recommind allows you to manage countless data, from websites, social media, emails, databases to presentations. This typographic explainer video explains what is the importance of big data and what opportunities it holds in the future for us.

The video includes 2D typography that narrates the daily life data management issues in an effective manner. This explainer video is the best reference for all data management startups.

5. CrabCAD

Are you looking for a 3D printing ecosystem? Here is CrabCad making 3D printing a lot easier. The CrabCAD community has over 3 million engineers to collaborate, share innovative ideas, knowledge, and CAD Fund.

CrabCAD allows the users to print the 3D CAD files directly without converting STL files. It let you view and create some necessary changes to your 3D model before printing.

3D animation was never a short procedure, but with CrabCAD, it has become as easy as a snap of a finger. Now you can easily create and collaborate with the 3D animation projects and print your files anytime, anywhere from any device.

This 2D animated startup explainer video has demonstrated the whole printing procedure in a very minimal, straightforward, and easy-to-use software. Take a look & inspiration from this video.

In a Nutshell

Explainer videos are beneficial for all businesses and every field of life. And if you are thinking of growing from a startup company to a world-known organization, then these examples are quite advantageous and considerable for the video references.

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  • What is a Startup explainer animation?

A startup explainer or startup animated explainer is a video that explains the business ideas and concepts in an engaging and informative manner. These videos are relatively short and cover the whole subject within  1-2 minutes.

  • What will be the cost of an animated explainer video?

The cost of an animated explainer project or video mainly depends upon two factors:

  • The Requirements: Higher the requirement, the higher the price will be.
  • The Production Companies: The cost at most production companies is the combination of animation production and other extra expenses like office rent, employee salary, power & internet cost.

But if you want to calculate your actual animation expense, check out our article about the cost of animation videos.

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