12 Examples of Best Training Videos

Best Training Video Examples
Animations tend to make training videos engaging and easy to understand as compared to other training videos. Check these best training videos of all time.

So, let’s think about something today.

What’s a better way of learning, reading a book, or watching interactive training videos? (especially if they’re available).

I, for one, prefer watching and learning from training videos because they’re quicker, and sometimes I like increasing the speed to get through them quicker.

Did you know?

78% of viewers watch videos online weekly, and 55% watch videos online daily. (HubSpot)

I think the thrilling number is made more sense – great videos are just easy to remember!

However, not everyone can create an entertaining video, deliver the right message, and stay in the viewer’s mind (sometimes forever, which is one of the objectives).

What Are Training Videos?

The word “training” might seem confusing, but I’m sure you’ve almost guessed it.

Training videos are record-ahead videos that are created to offer certain types of training to the viewers.

They aid the audience in learning a skill to achieve something later.

They’re very versatile, which means the videos can be about any topic related to training, which can increase knowledge.

Training videos have a very powerful impact if they’re done right; the key is to be extremely creative.

Types Of Training Video

  1. Corporate videos – that are created as employment training videos for orientations, meetings, etc.
  2. Software explainer videos – are created to explain a certain software where a professional shows the software and explains it in detail.
  3. Health and safety – are video guides that help people in emergencies like a fire outbreak, sudden choking, CPR, etc.
  4. Exercise and workout are videos of trainers uploaded for people obsessed with health and staying fit.
  5. Interactive videos – the videos are based on real-life scenarios where the viewer’s decisions affect the video.
  6. Video guides – much like explainer videos, guiding videos are created as a “viewing” instruction manual to help viewers do something like cook pasta or visit a new place.
  7. Sports video – these are instruction guides and online sessions for people who love being sporty at home.
  8. Product videos – are created to discuss individual products, pros, cons, usage, price, etc. Basically, a video-based product description.

Top Training Video Examples

Okay, so, now that we know what training videos are and their types, in this part, I’ll be showing some examples of the best animated commercials, explainer videos, and more.

So, without any more discussion, let’s look at some examples.

#1) Coffee 101 – In-House Training

The famous Sage Appliances video is generally a guy talking about coffee, the stats, and its popularity around the world.

It’s a long video, but the name “Coffee 101” gives that away anyway.

Why is it a famous example? That’s because the video might be long but structured well, goes in a flow, and the professional keeps it to the point.

#2) How To Hand Toss Pizza Dough

What do women love? A short cooking video.

Nobody has the attention span to watch long videos, write down each recipe, and understand the method.

In fact, in the last few months, we’ve seen numerous short videos on cooking, making cooking an easy job.

Likewise, the pizza dough tossing video by Pagliacci Pizza aims to teach viewers how to roll out pizza dough quickly and easily.

#3) CityCare

Like I said before, the purpose of a training video is to educate and enlighten viewers with new information.

CityCare has done just that. They created a video to discuss the symptoms of back pain and offer a solution to fix it.

They’ve opted for an animated character to explain and make it look interesting.

#4) “Lightning Safety

Way to go, Training Magazine, for infusing humor in a safety matter.

The video sends the right message about lightning safety.

It shows a “cloud” talking about lightning and safety with a little touch of humor for added laughter, engaging the viewers. Some animations imply what not to do when lightning strikes.

#5) Dealing With Difficult Customers – Let Them Vent

Here’s the first example of one of the employment training videos.

Canity created the video using animations and an engaging voice actor who explains how to deal with angry customers every step of the way.

The videos are meant to teach employees the best way to deal with irritated customers, which will improve their customer service and brand image.

Because happy customers help boost business.

#6) Workplace Bullying, Australia, created another employee training video.

The video emphasizes a sensitive topic – Workplace Bullying. They start the video by highlighting some common workplace bullying practices.

Then it goes on the presenting four different solutions on how to tackle such situations.

#7) Burger King Training Video

Now, another tactic that companies use is hiring a celebrity.

That’s exactly what Burger King has done.

The famous fast-food chain hired Snoop Dogg – now who doesn’t know that famous rapper?

The celebrity is the first attraction for viewers because the rapper has a great way of delivering the right message.

He uses a convincing voice to introduce and talk about hotdogs. It’s almost like he’s rapping throughout the video.

People would remember Burger King hotdogs because of Snoop “Dogg” and hotdogs – get it? He even refers to the video!

#8) Doctoroo

Doctoroo is a famous mobile app that “delivers” healthcare.

That’s exactly what they talk about in the video.

They emphasize how important healthcare is, how some people have trouble going to the doctor, and how they can use Doctoroo to solve it.

The video has colorful animations that make the video interesting to watch for all age groups.

#9) Natural History

Whiteboard Animations are done on a white surface, and that’s what Natural History has created.

The museum used the whiteboard technique to talk about the history of humans.

They created a comparison between the history and present to deliver a compelling message which is easy to understand.

The ad explains some history and invites viewers to visit the museum.

#10) Visme – The All-In-One Design And Content Creation Tool

“Unleash Your Creativity”

Visme is a famous brand that offers software to create engaging content, so it only makes sense that their video is one example.

They explain the software, how it assists, and why you need it with an animated character, making it appealing and interesting to watch.

#11)  Explainer Video In Live-Action Hybrid For Codemeet

What is the best way to present corporate software to the masses? Using an appealing video to promote the product.

Codemeet has managed to do just that, which is why they’re on my list.

The video uses real-life actors, presenting the problem and using the software, while a voice actor walks the viewers through the software and explains each feature.

If that’s not enough, the background music appeals to the viewers, making them watch the video till the end.

#12)  Air New Zealand Hilarious Flight Safety Video

When you’re in the air, it’s important to know your safety rules.

Most people would ignore the rules when the attendants tell them; however, Air New Zealand has managed to fight that.

They created a hilarious video with live actors to explain all the safety rules and keep it light.

The Characteristics Of Good Training Videos

You can’t just create a video and hope for it to work – you have to do what it needs!

Before you start creating training videos, you should know the characteristics of the videos.

The characteristics are what make the training videos the best and give them the edge.

Here are some characteristics that your training videos should have:

Be Memorable

Do you remember Wendy’s coffee video that went something like “hot drinks really get you going, warm you up when you feel you slowing?”

Don’t know which video I’m talking about? My point exactly…

The video jingle was so long and difficult for people to memorize that it didn’t stick with them.

Unlike that commercial, the best quality of a training video is to be memorable and rhythmic.

Videos that have a nice rhythm and a natural flow and easier to remember as compared to long videos.

Educational videos need to be memorable so that people can absorb the message.

Relatable For The Viewers

Why do you need a smartphone? To stay in touch with your friends and family.

Having a smartphone solves the problem of being out of touch with your loved ones.

Likewise, when you create videos, the best strategy is to try and relate to your audience.

How can you do that?

It’s simple, just present a problem and then provide a solution.

The problem at the beginning of the video will ignite their interest to watch it till the end.

If you do a good job at presenting both parts of the video, you might even encourage them to buy from you – which is a plus for you and a definite increase in sales.


Okay, this one is a no-brainer.

Would you ever want to watch a video that lacks colors, a great trainer, or the right material?

I know I wouldn’t!

This is why your video needs to fill all the gaps that can be why it’s disliked by your viewers.

Follow a proper theme, pick one subject at a time, do your research, and then create a video that can relate to their problem to feel like they need the solution.

An engaged customer is halfway to making a sale.

Well-Organized And Perfectly Structured

The ultimate selling point of a training video is the structure and organization of the information.

You can’t hope to deliver the right message if the information is flustered, jumbled up, and presented in an unorganized way.

Avoid jumping from topic to topic in a single video because that can make it difficult for your viewers to understand the message and, eventually, abandon the video.

Thus, you must align all your information and take it in a consistent direction. The information should be in flow and easy to understand.

If you need a reference, corporate video examples are usually to the point and explained really well. Start there.

In Conclusion

I hope the list I presented has helped you ignite your creative side to create a great video.

I chose these videos because they’re different and emphasize different styles of videos and content.

To create a great training video, you need to be creative and think of an innovative idea that isn’t always easy.

Do you know of any videos? Let me know below; I would love to discuss them!

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