The Most Common Types of YouTube Videos in 2024

types of youtube videos
Explore and seek inspiration from the different types of YouTube videos along with real-life examples to keep your viewers engaged.

The digital marketing landscape is blooming. With hundreds of marketing platforms, tools, trends, and techniques, marketing has become a piece of cake.

If you’re still struggling, then you need to see what you’re missing out on.

YouTube is the most commonly used platform for video content marketing. You might be overwhelmed to hear this fact, but YouTube users spent 1 billion hours watching its content on a daily basis. This signifies there’s a huge audience pool that is still untapped.

If you haven’t started using this platform yet, it’s high time to level up your marketing game. Unfortunately, we have some bad news too. Don’t get upset, though, but do you know 500 hours of video content is uploaded on this platform within 24 hours.

So, there’s huge competition in this market, and you really have to produce engaging, informative, and interesting video content to stand out.

But how, what steps can you take to beat your competitors and attract audience attention to your video content?

Upheaval the types of YouTube videos you create. Don’t just create one type of YouTube video. Explore other categories, too, because this will help you in offering your viewers a variety of content on your YouTube channel.

Today, in this post, we’ll explore the 24 most popular types of YouTube videos every content creator should create to bring diversity to their channel. We have also added some notable examples along with the video types to help you understand each type in a more comprehensible way.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

The Different Types of YouTube Videos You Can Create for Your Channel

If you turn to Google and search ‘types of YouTube videos, you’ll be amazed to see the extensive results. To help you out, we have selected the best 24 ones from them, which you’ll be exploring in this section of the blog.

So, let’s dive in.

1. Ask Me Anything Videos

Let’s start our list with something fun and engaging. Ask me anything; also known as AMA videos are pretty fun to watch. It’s like you allow your audience to ask you different questions, and through a video, you answer all of them, which is quite novel as it gives opportunities for a fresh voice to bring their unique perspectives and opinion to the table.

Take a look at this fun AMA video session of Todoist Office Hours, a productive conversation between Francesco D’Alessio and Chase W.

2. Video Tutorials

Video tutorials, also known as How-to videos, are one of the most useful, effective, and appealing types of YouTube video that helps in educating people in a more engaging way.

This is the one video format that consumers love to watch. It’s part of human psychology. We all love to explore and learn about new things, and in this case, this video type is pretty beneficial.

To create this type of video, all you need is to focus on the pain points of your audience, find a valuable solution for them and explain to them how to solve that particular problem through a compelling and informational video.

Tasty is one of the most popular YouTube channels that create a lot of helpful how-to videos. Let’s take a look at one of them to seek some inspiration:

You can even use this YouTube video type of explaining the complex processes like how the software works. For instance, if you go through the YouTube channel of Shopify, you’ll come across many how-to videos that help users understand how to use this platform and how it can help them to establish their business successfully.

3. Whiteboard Videos

Because of their simplicity, they are quite popular. Record yourself discussing an idea or aspect of your product, and you’re ready to go.

When making whiteboard videos, it’s critical to convey a confident demeanor in order for them to be successful. You’ll need to shoot several times before you get the hang of it if you’re a novice at this form of video.

Let’s check out Rand Fishkin’s whiteboard video, as they’re pretty popular among the audience:

If you’re in search of companies that offer whiteboard animation services, then give a read to our blog: Top Best Whiteboard Animation Companies.

4. Product Reviews

Among the different categories of YouTube videos, this is my personal favorite. These are quite easy to make. Just find a popular influencer who has tons of followers and ask for their take on your product. Ask them to record a tutorial and review of your product, and later on, you can upload it on your channel.

Such videos work as social proof. This is the form of content that is subtly convincing, and often viewers end up buying your product because others like it very much and have good things to say about it.

Here’s an example of what a good product review video looks like:

5. Listicle Videos

Pretty similar to listicle blog posts, you can listicle videos on topics like ’10 best beauty products you should try on’ or ‘5 kitchen hacks you should know about. You can opt for this approach for your brand to get desirable results.

All you gotta do is write up a powerful, engaging, and informative script for your video and begin shooting. You don’t have to be in the video just in case you need a break in between.

So, what’s the alternate approach? You can use any DIY video maker like Animoto, InVideo, or Visme to create a listicle video for your brand.

6. Educational Videos

As human beings, what is that one thing we love getting? Any guess? Free FOOD. Just kidding, this is partially right because when people are offered something free, they enjoy it more.

Creating these types of YouTube videos helps brands to gain the audience’s trust and loyalty because they offer something valuable to them for free.

As per BuzzFlick’s video marketing survey, 69% of folks prefer watching video content rather than reading long blog posts when learning something new.

The bottom line? Educational videos, whether topic-related or product-oriented, are an effective form of video content to win the hearts of your audience.

If you have the budget, then you can go for an animated educational video. BuzzFlick is offering educational video production services in town. Contact them for more information.

7. Challenge Videos

Being too corporate can be pretty boring at times, and if you keep on uploading such type of content, people will get bored.

Showing the human side of your business is equally important, and for this, you can use challenge videos. Whether you are a large enterprise or digital marketing agency, take up a challenge, gather your employees, complete the challenge while shooting it and share it with your audience.

Watch the video below to witness the fun team Microsoft had while doing the ice bucket challenge:

8. Unboxing Videos

This is the type of YouTube video that receives the highest number of viewers. People love watching unboxing videos. Meaning: you need to buckle up and start creating unboxing videos if you haven’t started yet.

For inspiration, take a look at this unboxing video below:

9. Behind the Scenes (BTS) Videos

When you hear the work BTS, most of you think about the popular Korean group of singers. Well, by BTS, we mean behind-the-scenes video.

This is another useful YouTube video idea to showcase the human side of your brand to your audience. It’s like when we watch action movies, we think about how perfectly the actor plays the role, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes; it’s a whole different story.

Making BTS videos not only facilitates showcasing the culture of your company to your audience but helps in hiring and onboarding new employees in the organization and giving them a glimpse of how things look and work inside the company.

It’s not necessary to limit your BTS audience to your employees. You can show what goes around when an event is taking place, all the hassle happening at the back or the work that goes behind a particular project.

Fascinatingly, on YouTube, there’s a whole channel dedicated to the BTS of the movie industry. Watch a couple of videos to get a full grasp of it:

10.  Explainer videos

According to statistics, 96% of potential buyers prefer watching an explainer video from a brand to learn about the product or services they are interested in purchasing.

The number signifies how imperative it is to have an extensive collection of explainer videos on your YouTube channel.

To give it more oomph and grab the attention of the audience instantly, you can go for animated explainer videos. If you’re interested in animated explainer videos and looking for companies who’re offering this service, then give a read to our listicle blog on top Animated Explainer Video Companies.

11. Video Testimonials

Similar to video case studies, product reviewers and testimonials videos are used as social proof to build credibility among the audience.

Your other viewers are receiving drives the potential viewers to achieve similar results through your product or services.

BuzzFlick has an entire category of customer testimonial videos on its YouTube channel. Witness yourself what testimonial videos look like and why they are given so much value:

12.  Reaction Videos

If you’re in search of something very entertaining, humorous, and enjoyable to watch, go for reaction videos.

Folks these days love watching reaction videos. The nasty comments, the funny jokes, and the battle between YouTubers it’s pretty fun to watch.

As a corporate organization, you can also take benefit of these types of YouTube videos by building trust among your audience by showing them the human side.

13.  Webinar Teasers

Last month, Marvel Entertainment released the official teaser of Thor: Love and Thunder, and fans went crazy over it. They had literally put on alerts and waited for the trailer, which also launched last week. Now the excitement level has reached the sky, as the movie will release soon.

You can take advantage of this human trait of curiosity to get more people to watch your webinars. You can also post YouTube shorts or host them completely on YouTube.

Webinars are great for delivering information to viewers in an engaging way. You can also create a webinar content library on your website or YouTube channel.

14. Product Demo Videos

Demo videos are another type of YouTube video you should be generating, given that consumers enjoy viewing product videos to learn about things.

It’s crucial to add personality to your demo video if you want people to fall in love with your product.

Storytelling can be an excellent technique for this. How? PAS, or the Problem-Agitate-Solution formula, is a good starting point. As an example, consider what happens if:

  • Introduce an issue that your target audience is facing to get them interested in your message.
  • Rub or irritate the issue until it’s resolved.
  • As the last step, present your product/tool as a solution.

For better understanding, watch the Button Smasher demo video created by team BuzzFlick:

15.  Community-Based Videos

Similar to educational videos, but with a difference. How? You’re not the teacher. This is something that is done for you by members of your user or community.

The educational approach is paired with social evidence in these videos, tripling the chances of attracting viewers.

It’s Miro’s “Tips and Tutorials from Miro Users” category that achieves this best:

It’s a great idea to invite experts to your webinars and upload the videos later on your YouTube channel. BuzzSumo, known as one of the popular content marketing platforms, invited Ross Simmonds, a content marketing expert, to their webinar.

To get the insights, watch the video below:

A piece of advice: Remember, you can structure community-based videos in any type you like.

16.  Meet the Team Videos

The objective? To introduce the employees and broaden the pool of new hiring. It helps to build trust and credibility in the eyes of your audience.

17.  Employee Spotlight Videos

We all have shining stars in our organizations. These are some highly dedicated, professional, and loyal people who always give their 100% to their company. As a company, you should give back to these employees in different ways.

Either by increasing their wages, giving them a bonus or by highlighting their contribution and showcasing them through a video.

Watch Sprout Social’s employee spotlight video:

18. Business Results Videos

This is a sort of YouTube video that is a great medium for showcasing your quarterly or yearly achievements to impress your investors, potential investors, and employees.

For instance, at BuzzFlick, we created a video that highlights our yearly achievements. Take a look at it:

Bear this in your mind: we created this video to offer additional value to our clients and prospects.

19. Company Values Videos

If you want to show your customers why they should buy from you, these videos are ideal.

According to a study, 83% of millennials want organizations to reflect their own beliefs in their work. Then and only then do they intend to make purchases from businesses. Then you may cultivate brand supporters and devoted customers as a result of these efforts.

With the right business values video, it’s possible to create a convincing case for your firm to influencers or potential investors.

20. Company Culture Videos

These videos are vital for finding the best employees for your business. In the creation of business videos, there are two creative approaches.

Create a video that highlights the reasons why your business culture is exceptional, like this sample video from DocuSign:

21. Video Podcasts

It doesn’t take a lot of time to make these videos. The only thing you need to do is record yourself and your guest talking about the podcast. There you have it—the identical content is available to both audio and video fans.

Repurposing stuff like this is what the Joe Rogan Experience podcast does:

22.  Product Launch Videos

Create a product launch YouTube video to raise awareness of your new product or upcoming feature.

The goal is to get your major feature or message into your audience’s head as quickly as possible. This is an excellent illustration of the point:

See Also: 6 Brilliant Ideas For Product Launch Videos

23. Vlogs (Video Blogs)

Vlogs are video blog articles that cover a wide range of topics, such as productivity and passive income generation

Visme, an online video maker, makes it easy to add text, graphics, and other visual components to vlogs so you may feature yourself and alter them. Your vlog may include animated creatures using our tool.

Do you have any questions on how to get started vlogging? Find out what it takes to continuously post vlogs by looking at Ali Abdaal and Holly Gabrielle. In the meanwhile, here’s an illustration video:

24. Q&A Videos

Q&A videos are a must if you want to keep your viewers interested and establish your credibility. These sorts of YouTube videos are ideal for firms looking to promote themselves as thought leaders.

You can always collect questions for these videos by chatting with people in real time and answering their inquiries right then and then. Alternatively, you might solicit questions via social media and email before the event. Alternatively, you can combine the two.

Need Help with Your YouTube Videos? – Consult BuzzFlick

As YouTube is the undisputed king of video marketing platforms, so are the people watching videos on it. They expect to watch high-quality content. Meaning? Your video should be top-notch in terms of content and visuals.

If you own a video production team, this won’t be a problem for you. But if you don’t have one, you might have to struggle a bit in getting things right.

However, you can still outsource your video projects to any video production agency. Being a video animation company, BuzzFlick offers different video animation services.

We have a dedicated team of video producers and animators for each service we offer to our clients. Some of the services we offer include 2D and 3D animation services, motion graphics services, video editing services, video production services, and NFT design services.

Types of YouTube Videos: FAQs

  1. What type of YouTube videos get viewed most?

There are four main categories that get the most views by YouTube users:

  • Music
  • Comedy
  • How-to
  • Entertainment
  1. Which type of video is best for YouTube?

MP4 is the most commonly used and right video format for YouTube.

  1. What type of YouTube videos goes viral easily?

Comedy sketches, music videos, film trailers, and pet videos are some of the different categories of YouTube videos that go viral in a flash.

  1. Which type of videos on YouTube receives the most views?

Product review videos are the most watched videos on YouTube.

Start Creating Different Types of YouTube Videos Today

This completes our list of video types on YouTube.

But be careful; not every YouTube video you see here is suited for your brand. Regardless, experimenting with various video formats might help you keep your audience interested in the information you provide.

Moreover, the video production quality must be top-notch. No matter which video type you create, it must be informative, creative, and well-crafted.

If you believe you need assistance in this case then contact any YouTube video creation service-providing company as they have enough experience and expertise.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a start as soon as possible.

Then why don’t you get started? Make a start as soon as possible.

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